Rolley's BC Days Five and Six


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Rolley's BC Days Five and Six

  1. 1. Day six is the free, ogle the bachelor’s bum, do whatever you like to him happy hour.One whole hour in the private date room with Rolley, what will everyone choose to do? There was no direction for this other then they couldn’t leave the locked room.
  2. 2. Jo: “I thought I’d show him how well I boogie on down.”
  3. 3. Rolley: “And then my Grandmother’s ghost just came out of nowhere!”
  4. 4. Rolley: “I’m so scared; I really need a pair of Mel and Kim’s to hide in.”
  5. 5. Jo: “I don’t think our relationship score is high enough for that yet, do you?” Rolley: “Well it was worth a try.”
  6. 6. Cee: “I thought a staring contest might be fun.”
  7. 7. Rolley: “So Cee, how do you feel about spatulas?”
  8. 8. Cee: “Eww! Stop right there Mr.”
  9. 9. Rolley: “But I heard_”“I don’t want to know what you’ve heard!”
  10. 10. “Rolley: “Hey there handsome.”
  11. 11. “I sure am irresistible”Cee: “Oh my flipping grief, the man has turned into a bighead.”
  12. 12. Rolley: *Bust a move?* .....Rolley: *Friendly hug?* .....
  13. 13. Lark “Have I told you you’re hot?”Rolley: “First time today Lark, I thought you had forgotten.”
  14. 14. Lark “Have you read about what those mines are doing out there? Belching out Pollution! You should all be taking a stand and waving placards!”
  15. 15. Rolley: “I’d rather make a stand at the local pub for cheaper beer and wave my ticket down at the bookies.”
  16. 16. Rolley: *Hang out?* .....Weren’t those three fun...
  17. 17. Amylu: “Help let me out of here!”Um you’re meant to be interacting with the bachelor? “Oh so that’s why I’m here, okay.”
  18. 18. “You know a person’s music choices say a lot about them.” “Did you learn that in phyc class?” “Blogthings actually.”
  19. 19. Then you talked about movies, TV shows and computer games. A nice chat as usual.
  20. 20. Jess: “Can I just sit here and watch him?” Preferably not.
  21. 21. Rolley: *Chat?* .... *Hang out?* ..... *Chat?* ..... *Hang out?*Jess: “Why didn’t you say so?”
  22. 22. Jess: “So can we go skiing out there?” “....”Ah dear, it took Jess 40 minutes to decide she would hang out with him.
  23. 23. Ani_mei: “Have you been told you’re hot today?” “Only once.”
  24. 24. Rolley: “I can’t wait until we get to the kissing dates.”
  25. 25. Ani_mei: “Me either.” “So how about we start now?”“I would, but my face is glitched, how about a dance instead?”
  26. 26. So there was dancing and a lot of conversation, and that was all. You ladies are really going all out with this hour I can see...
  27. 27. Holley: “My knife looks good and sharp.”
  28. 28. Rolley: ”You should keep it away in case the local cop catches you Holley.”
  29. 29. Holley: “I doubt that, this place seems like the Australian version of the boonies.”
  30. 30. “We may be a bunch of ockers, but we do have a jail here in town.” An interesting conversation.*Ocker: an unsophisticated male Aussie that likes beer and sport and tends to be rather sexist. Stereotypically found wearing a singlet and *thongs with a *tinnie in one hand. *Thongs meaning slip on footwear, not underwear! >snork< They may be called scuffs overseas ...I think? *Tinnie- can of beer.
  31. 31. Song: “Hope you got everything ready, because I’ll be ready to move in soon.” “You have to win first Song.”
  32. 32. “You’ll soon see my score will be up the top. Not even Holley notices me racking up these sneaky pouints. She better watch her back.” Rolley: “Well you do gain those ten bonus underwear points every breakfast.” I’m going to check simSongs sleepwear, I’m sure she must have some, but she never wears it.
  33. 33. “Also you’re hot!” “Yeah I know!”
  34. 34. Rolley: *Scribal’s dancing makes me think of cheese*
  35. 35. Scribal: *Friendly hug?* ..... Scribal: *Brag?*
  36. 36. Scribal: “I’m a great kisser.”
  37. 37. Rolley: “You must all be hanging out to kiss this hunk of man.”Rolley seems to have become a bit conceated since this BC started.
  38. 38. Straight after the private date times end Rolley does a ‘bust a move’ to Song.
  39. 39. Song lines up a chat, but Holley who is always lurking catches Rolley first.
  40. 40. This went on for awhile.
  41. 41. Before Song decided she had better join in and put a lid on Holley’s plan to sail away with Rolley.
  42. 42. Amylu also joined in ...and thankfully Holley put her leg up so I could get a shot from this direction.If Song has been going for bonus underwear points Holley’s has been going for double bonus points here.
  43. 43. Meanwhile Scribal can’t resist the buffet.Scribal “But it’s salad and fruit, healthy right?”
  44. 44. Scribal >nom nom nom<Peach “I tried to stop her really.”
  45. 45. Day six, I thought I’d see how the bathroom antics were. Jess: “Cee, you’re always using the bath!”Lark: *I’ll just hide in here and grab the tub next, no one will notice.*
  46. 46. But lark decided not to wait.Jess “I’ll just use the shower, the only shower in this whole bathroom.”
  47. 47. “Eeeek!”
  48. 48. Amylu” Why can’t there be more showers in here?!”Nope, nothing has changed. Cee still nabs the tub and everyone lines up for the first shower. Please jess go and use another shower!
  49. 49. She didn’t.
  50. 50. Amylu: “Jess, please for the love of Plumbob put your arms down!” Jess “It isn’t me! It’s these burnt croissants!”
  51. 51. Song “Good morning everybody!” *Bonus underwear points kaching*
  52. 52. Rolley: “Todays scores are as followes_”Jo “Oh I can’t look, I know it will be me.”
  53. 53. Rolley: “ Ani-Mei 156, Holley 149, Song 142, Lark 138, Jo 77, Amylu 75, Jess 52, which leaves Cee on 42 and Scribal on 40.” Jo: “I’m still here?!” Cee”You are, but I’m not.”
  54. 54. Ani_mei: “Think of it as escaping from the country.”Scribal “Shut up Ani-mei! You wouldn’t say that if it was you going!” Jess: “Um help, how do I stop stinking?!” Peach “I heard an invention called soap could help.”
  55. 55. Song >bo-ing!< *Great, minus ten*Rolley: “So who wants to move on to the handcuffs...?”
  56. 56. Bye Scribal
  57. 57. And Cee.
  58. 58. Rolley “Oh Holley you’re my best friend” Holley “I’m over here”Ani_mei “Please don’t make me want to hit you again” Lark “Wahh! I want to be best friends!”
  59. 59. So I bought them an expensive telescope which made a number of the knowledge sims happy, but unfortunately not Lark -although she was the first to go check it out. Afraid I can’t buy best friends, marriage or love.
  60. 60. So I sent Rolley back to the private date room and Song for a swim. Song: “Bonus underwear and swimwear points back!”
  61. 61. Today is the first of the flirt dates, one flirt and then a test.Rolley “You want me to charm them?! Come on when do we get to the handcuffs?” Just do as you’re told.
  62. 62. Amylu went first. Charm accepted.
  63. 63. The test is a ‘talk about grilled cheese’ Rolley’s secondary is grilled cheese so it seems like a fair thing for him to ask. Rolley is doing each charm and talk but I am not counting this in the eight.
  64. 64. Grilled cheese - accepted.
  65. 65. Jo – charm accepted.
  66. 66. Cheese– rejected!
  67. 67. Song –flirt accepted
  68. 68. With mutual crush hearts.
  69. 69. Cheese– rejected.
  70. 70. Ani_mei– flirt accepted
  71. 71. Cheese –rejected!
  72. 72. Lark– flirt accepted.
  73. 73. With bonus points, kerching. Crush hearts and best friends made.
  74. 74. Cheese –also accepted. Good point rack in lark.
  75. 75. Holley –flirt accepted and mutual crush hearts.
  76. 76. Cheese- rejected!
  77. 77. Jess – flirt accepted
  78. 78. Cheese- accepted.
  79. 79. Outside Lark and Song both had fun spying on Cyd whatshisname. Song: “Eww I can’t believe he does that to peanut butter!”
  80. 80. “But I must see more!”
  81. 81. Lark “He’s going to interrupt my quiet time I can tell.” Maybe Cyd is a twin?
  82. 82. Cyd: “Hey you, quit looking in my window!” Lark: “I’m so bothered, yawn.”Because while he berates Lark, Song is still spying on him. Maybe he has supersonic speed.
  83. 83. Fun, fun, fun.
  84. 84. What wasn’t quite so fun-depending on your point of view- was the red monster Rolley unleashed with those simple charms. Stalk-flirt-kiss--flirt-slap feast. That romance mod didn’t work quite as I had hoped.So I’ve decided to do a post and let the remaining players decide. All out slap feast or first to the red heart? A kind of choose your own ending. Right now there is no red heart and no slap feast because I exited without saving on finding that mod only works on a crush and not love.
  85. 85. “Congratulations on getting your first kiss Rolley!”Interestingly enough the person who kissed him on the exited play through also managed to give him his first kiss next time I loaded the lot. But as yet we have no red hearts. Who gave him his first kiss? Find out on day seven!