Rolley's Bachelor Challenge Day Two and Three


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Rolley's Bachelor Challenge Day Two and Three

  1. 1. Day two dawns. Today will be the half hour chats in the date room. Jill: “ZZZzzzcometoJillyzzzZZZ
  2. 2. Nearly everyone makes a trail for the bathroom.So far I’m pretty impressed how everyone’s looking after themselves. –Although they will have plenty of time to prove otherwise.
  3. 3. I’m not quite sure what the draw card on this particular loo is. There are four others yet they wait in line for this one. Scribal: “Hurry up Jo! I’m bursting out here!” Jo: “Then go use another loo.” Scribal: >whine< “But this one has my name on it.” Song: “Hi Jo! Ready to hop into last place?” Jo: “Leave me alone!”
  4. 4. The battle over the toilets soon turns into the battle over who gets what shower. Or who needs a shower the most. Esme >gag< “karima did you even shower last night?!” Karima from the stall: “Don’t believe in it mate.” Ashley “Ewww!” Jess: “Hi Scribal, hi.” Amuses me how they all wave to those already in the toilet stalls.
  5. 5. The bathtub is the most sought after ‘shower’ Cee: “Your toe is invading my space.”
  6. 6. Jessie: “Are you done yet?”Cee “I’m just getting in! Go away!”
  7. 7. Jess: “Help I can’t find the showers!”Maybe because those are the toilets?
  8. 8. Jill: “Someone moved the toilets!”I did at this point click on a stall. As fun as it is, I don’t think asylum style breakdowns really help in a BC.
  9. 9. Ani_Mei: “Ohw-ohw-ohw! I can’t find a toilet either!” Honestly you just came out of the bathroom. Ani-Mei “Well at least my bed is neat!” >clicks stall<
  10. 10. Scribal: “You know Song, in this hot weather it pays to shower at least once a week you know.”Song: “What does it look like I’m doing Scribal? Playing badminton? I’m queuing up for a shower like everyone else! Yes of course, because no one can use the three free ones! *head desk*
  11. 11. Once Rolley had showered and eaten-all by himself; and some of the ladies appeared ready I figured I’d get on with the half hour privet chats. Scribal: “Holley why are you still carting that knife around?!” “Its multi functional; not only does it slice and dice...
  12. 12. “I can also comb my hair with it.” Jess “Eep”Scribal *Back away slowly from the crazy lady* Lark “Who cares! Jill stinks!”
  13. 13. I was going to go in alphabetical order, but doing those who were ready first seemed a bit more practical.Rolley asked each potential wife how she would cope living in the outback and why she wanted to stay in the competition. They each had half an hour to make an impression. Cee had from 9 till 9.30
  14. 14. Cee: “I’ll jump up on the table and dance in a hard hat singing ‘I live in a land down under’ by Men at Work.” >cough< *I wonder if he really believes that...* -You expect this to be sensible? :P
  15. 15. Rolley: “Wow I hope we gain some more relationship points before elimination tomorrow Cee, there isn’t much time.” Cee: “That’s why I have to stay, eliminate me and you’ll miss it all!” Cee had a very nice talk to Rolley about hard hats and time clocks.
  16. 16. Cee: ”Well that was nice, but does his sister really have to have an identical pair of jeans and slouch as I do?”
  17. 17. Mystery went from 9.30 to 10am.Rolley: “How will you cope living in an Australian outback homestead Mystery?”
  18. 18. Mystery: “Well with kissing of course, what better way would there be to pass the time?”
  19. 19. “I’d be there to keep the house clean and kiss you when you came inside from all that hard work in the sun.” “Well that’s great, but I really need a wife who can tend the garden with me.”
  20. 20. “Tend the garden! I can’t go out in the sun; it would ruin my porcelain skin!” “Well that’s no good to me!”
  21. 21. Mystery “How about if I kiss you before and after you go outside?” Rolley: *sigh* A rather mixed talk.
  22. 22. Ani-Mei had from 10 until 10.30.
  23. 23. I figured you would have a good chat and looked away a few seconds...“Whoa, you watch parliament for fun! Those galahs are about as useless as an ashtray on a motorbike. Now rugby league, there’s a real pastime.”
  24. 24. “I think I’d rather watch knitting.”Needless to say it wasn’t a good chat, but you did manage a short dance together.
  25. 25. Jessie had from 10.30 to 11am. Rolley: “I sure hope you like something fun Jessie.”Jessie: “I was thinking of taking up pottery and sculpting.”
  26. 26. Rolley: “That’s about the first sensible suggestion I’ve heard all day! So which side is my face is_” >bzzzzz< “Aww times up” An extremely good chat about sculpture and theatre.
  27. 27. Amylu had from 11 to 11.30Amylu: “Well if we run out of things to do we can always open up a six pack. I was the president of the ale society you know.”
  28. 28. “Then later I can think of some uses for whipped cream.” Rolley *Oh I’m liking this more and more* Another very good chat.
  29. 29. Esme had from 11.30 to 12. Rolley: “So what passes for fun on the planet Zorg Esme?”Esme: “My favourite time of the year would be the tree and rock festival. We dress up like purple trees and stand on our heads singing rock songs.”
  30. 30. “Then we all drink too much zingly berry juice, get stoned and lie around waiting for spring.” “Kind of sounds like Nimbin. Do they have fourX?” “No, but I’m sure they could get use to it.”
  31. 31. “There’s also lots of kissing...of rocks.”“You know I don’t believe a word of that Esme, but keep it up I like you.” “I aim to be noticed”
  32. 32. Karima had from 12 till 12.30Rolley: “How would you cope with moving from the coast to the hot dry inland karima?” “I figured I would bring peace to the outback by closing down all the pubs.”
  33. 33. “Hold on a minute! What are you, off your head?!“Booze is the reason the outback is in the state it’s in!” “Don’t you know, 4X is our gold out here woman!”
  34. 34. “Not listening to you!”Sorry karima, but you argued and then had a two minute dance.
  35. 35. Lark had from 12.30 till 1 and was the last chat before lunch.Lark: “Well I’m sure you know why I want to stay, you’re hot!” Rolley: ”Hey I am, aren’t I!”
  36. 36. Lark: “Living out there will give me lots of time to pursue law and political studies.”“Waht?! Woah, No way! Enough with all you woman with your learning and political time wasting!”
  37. 37. “No you woah! This is what intesrest me so learn to live with it or get out.” “Never in a million years!”Another argument. I have looked at Rolley’s stats now –one nice point, figures. Rolley can be a bit of an arrogant jerk at times.
  38. 38. Lunch brought lot’s of heartfarts and stalking.
  39. 39. Good enough to eat...yeah the food is too.
  40. 40. Actually I don’t think I would mind eating here at all.
  41. 41. I want some of the chocolate cake!
  42. 42. “Hey ladies, I’m available for stalking.”
  43. 43. I’m sure you’re beginning to see a pattern of who belongs to the stalking club.
  44. 44. Rolley being both a neat freak as well as outgoing takes forever to eat a meal with others around. The stalkers try and stalk him with ever changing things. Notice Jo watching Holley?
  45. 45. That is just plain creepy!
  46. 46. Cyborg voice “Yes commander we have our lazers tracking everything.”
  47. 47. Jo >blink blink< “What are you looking at? I’m just being my own sweet quiet little self over here. Eating my nice quiet jelly, before disappearing back to my ever so quiet corner.” Riiight.
  48. 48. Just who sat and ate changed around quite a bit, as nobody eats as slowly as Rolley. Have a guess how many neat points he has?
  49. 49. Ten! Which is what I guessed from his compulsive cleaning. At least if you marry Rolley you are guaranteed of no dirty socks being left on the floor. Yes they are laughing or eew’ing over Scribal’s appalling table manners.
  50. 50. Jess decides this close encounter can be used to her advantage... Jess “Want to...urm ...” “What?
  51. 51. Jess: “Dance!” “Sure.”
  52. 52. Jess is so excited she puts her arm through the chair.
  53. 53. Somehow it took until 6pm to get the chats going again.
  54. 54. Jess had from 6.30 till 7pm“I enjoyed that dance, you should come out of your room more often.” “I enjoyed it too, maybe we could do it again.”
  55. 55. “So how would you cope with living in the outback?” “I hear you have a computer now.” “Oh you’d go shopping for dresses” “Well actually-“
  56. 56. “And shoes, girls like shoes. Not that there is really any place to wear high heels you know.” “Actually Sherlock, I would write.” “Sorry, only joking. Writing would be a good past time.” You two had a slightly mixed conversation, but it seemed positive despite the face.
  57. 57. Song had from 7 till 7.30“So why do you want to stay in this game and how will you cope with the outback Song?” “This is way more than a game to me Rolley.”
  58. 58. “The answer is kissing.”
  59. 59. “Kissing?”
  60. 60. “Kissing! And lots of it!”A rather lively discussion was had mostly about kissing. ..and yes I’m running out of things to say for these conversations. *melts*
  61. 61. Scribal had from 7.30 till 8pm. “So you wouldn’t mind moving?”“I’m ready to pack my bags and move to the country, I won’t miss the city at all.”
  62. 62. “Plus it’s not like you live on the moon Rolley, we could drive to the city if we had to.” “True, but would you miss it not being so readily available?” “Nope, I can do whatever I need to online. Who needs that smog anyway.” You two had a nice chat.
  63. 63. Holley went from 8 to 8.30“I’m ready to hop on a train and move out there whenever you want me too.” “That’s good...ah Holley that knife looks rather uncomfortable” “It’s in my special pocket” I’m sure I had another picture...
  64. 64. Oh yes...“See I pull it out like this on men that try and muck me around.” “Honestly I swear I’m not curvy!”
  65. 65. Then there were conversations I didn’t get at all. Jilly went from 8.30 till 9pm “Ani-mei is hot!” “I agree!”
  66. 66. “But whatever she can do with wipped cream I can do better!” “Right on!”
  67. 67. “Also your curtains didn’t graduate college, I thought you should know.” “Thanks Jilly” “Any time” It was a lively conversation though.
  68. 68. Jo went from 9 to 9.30 “Jill is hot!” “I hadn’t noticed”Another ‘hot’ conversation?
  69. 69. “You’re the second to say they liked sculpture, maybe you could make a sculpture of Jill and put it in the hall” “Umm?” It was a nice conversation though.
  70. 70. “How would you cope with less income Ashley? Seeing you are the only fortune sim here.”
  71. 71. “I may be a fortune sim, but I know friends, good friends are far more important than money.” And with that heart warming answer we have finished our half hour chats at 10pm!
  72. 72. The simselves spent the day playing pool, blowing bubbles and making friends.
  73. 73. Karima amd Amylu spent hours hanging out in front of the stero.
  74. 74. Not even Scribal dancing on top of her ankle could dissuade Amylu. “Do the ankle boogy, step, step crunch; step, step, crunch.”
  75. 75. Lark and Scribal prefer to play chess, racking up two logic points each. Rolley made some kind of sneering sound as he watched. He must think your lousy chess players.It was 12am by this time and I decided to have Peach talk to each person to see if they would head to bed.
  76. 76. When this happened! Jessie had been hanging around and came up and did the shy flirt. Jessie: “About your face....I think it looks just as cute from both sides.” Holley no doubt wants her head on a platter now.
  77. 77. *bouncy* Apart from the fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shy flirt before I’m excited that one of the shy simselves would actually do this. Plus it’s seriously cute.
  78. 78. Everyone made for a bed.
  79. 79. Leaving Lark the hammock.ZZZzzzKenedysohotzzzZZZ
  80. 80. Instead of lunch time I decided straight after breakfast would be the best time for the eliminations. Which ended up at 10am anyway due to Rolley’s slow eating. Stalkers came to stalk.
  81. 81. Jess did some more of those super faces that always make me think she’s very shocked to be sitting next to or talking to Rolley. You actually took the seat next to him. Jess:”You think maybe they could supply bacon and eggs one of the mornings?”
  82. 82. Rolley: “Good idea Jess, I’d love some bacon and eggs, maybe you can cook some up.”Jess: “What! >squeak< Well I could try” *I wonder how that goes with zero cooking skills.*
  83. 83. Rolley: “Can I just say it’s been great having you all here and that I don’t want anyone to go. I wish it could be longer, but the creator person says we have to get started on these eliminations, so today two of you lovely ladies must leave.”
  84. 84. “The scores from highest to lowest are as follows,Ani-mei 79 friends, Lark 69, Holley 63, Esme and Jess tied on 31, Amylu 30, Scribal 28, Jo 27, Jessie 25, Cee 24, Song (this was a shocker) 22. Then we had a three way tie with Mystery, Ashley and Jill all on 16.”
  85. 85. Ashley: “Oh this isn’t good.” Scribal: *Thank goodness it isn’t me.*“Checking the scores the other way with how they feel are Mystery 14, Ashley 16 and Jill 18. Ashley and Jill you get to stay another day.” Ashley: “Phew that was close.”
  86. 86. Jessie: “Sorry Mystery.”Mystery: “Oh well, I’m disappointed, but that’s how it goes.”
  87. 87. Karima: “Do I even want to know my score?” “You came in last on 10 points karima.”“Ouch that is bad. well It was fun playing and I hope the other ladies have much better luck then me!”
  88. 88. Gosh I hate eliminations. Bye Karima and Mystery.I’m sure you had a fun little holiday for a couple of days even if you didn’t get to stay long.
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