Fair dinkum flamingos chapter 13


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Sims 2, OWBC

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Fair dinkum flamingos chapter 13

  1. 1. Wow it’s been a long time hasn’t it? I really want to get all my old challenges done and thought what better family to dig out of the attic than the Wonglepong’s. I really like this shot of Rolley’s and Holley’s wedding. This house has more photos and paintings than any other. So to recap, I am doing base game, Free Time and OFB as my three Ep’s with the side challenges of One bad apple (except there are currently three residing in this house) Simself mania (there are two living here) With, bug me not, scrapbook, the Boolprop naming scheme and club house. I’m really pushing at being able to complete these this generation.
  2. 2. Of course I had to take out all of my new hacks such as double ageing (that would kill me here) But I thought I had been smart and saved at 6am. Wrong, it was the middle of the night so everyone was reset. Although 6 or 2am doesn’t make a whole lot of difference around here as everyone is on their own sleep schedule. I play on speed one most of the time, to prevent toddlers from being taken out of bed to be given a gazillion bottles by overzealous sevos and grandparents and bad apple children from overheating. This hood is set to have no winter and right now it is hot, very hot. It’s also buggy.
  3. 3. Very, very buggy. “Did you know that Australia has more than 100 million sheep, but only 20 million people?” Precocious buggy toddlers aside, (If you can’t tell, he is actually floating) I really want to finish this challenge before the hood goes up in a fire ball. I found all these pictures tossed in a folder called chapter 13. I haven’t actually opened the house for a year so I have no idea what is going on, or why I took half of them. So I thought I’ll make it up as I go along from those that I kept. Sounds like a plan... right?
  4. 4. Going around before I unclick pause and let the madness commence... We have the two elders. >check< Opal is my bad apple first generation heir and Chewy is her simself hubby. Both are on eight commands per day, but as they have both fulfilled their challenge requirements they get to enjoy their retirement years doing whatever they like. That is mostly stalking each other, dancing or doting on the grandchildren. Opal has always looked after herself really well; apart from wearing no clothes. I never have to worry about her starving or doing anything stupid. When called to a meal she will often eat two platefuls...unlike some others I can mention. -_Broken basin >check< Wouldn’t be an OWBC without some plumbing spouting water.
  5. 5. Parental unit >check< Rolley is generation two’s bad apple and current heir with his simself wife Holley. Both on eight commands per day. Neither one has completed a single challenge requirement and I’m sweating on it. If they would stop stalking each other and stick to what I tell them to do it would help. Holley, while not looking like a suicide case is trying to starve herself, Rolley too sometimes. If not eating is Holley’s method of weight loss, then it ain’t work’en!
  6. 6. Two children by blue flashing bed >check< This is the eldest Ozenkadnook... try saying that while drinking coffee. He has been nicknamed Oz for obvious reasons. He is only three days off turning teen. I’m interested to see how he will look. With him is Beverly, the adopted child. She was adopted in to make up the sixth spot for Holley’s LTW to marry off six children. She is only a day younger than Oz, so is second eldest. Of course the whole six children thing was complicated by Rolley’s alien twins not counting towards that.
  7. 7. Standing by his extremely bright blue flashing bed is Paddington. He is third eldest and the older twin of the bad apple. >check<
  8. 8. Standing in the living room is Paisley, who is generation three’s bad apple. >check< I’ll say she is looking fondly at the painting of her Grandma holding her twin brother. My two bad apple girls really do have an affinity with each other, and I often find them spending time together.
  9. 9. Alien twins, Coal Point and Clover Park at the other end of the living room. >check< They have two more days before ageing up and really it can’t come soon enough. Not because they are any trouble, but the adults and servos are being a pain with getting them out of bed and trying to feed them the entire town’s dairy supply.
  10. 10. The two servos >check< Mingo had the want to be a warlock, which I fulfilled, and he of course immediately rolled the want to be cured. Well too bad Mingo, I can’t be bothered! Plus it’s easier to tell them apart with the hat.
  11. 11. At this point I was trying servo defaults but I kind of missed the silly lipstick so this will change again later. Flo and Mingo are named after the very large flock of flamingos stretched galahs behind Flo. There are 3 per every sim in the household.
  12. 12. Which is something the garden club won’t let me forget. They are not impressed with the bushes, statues and healthy garden. All they could see was the “Trash on the lawn.” Hello garden club, there aint no lawn! I think for the dry outback they have an outstanding garden, but I think I will give up the idea of trying for a well.
  13. 13. Lastly the cat who is undisturbed, and the sanest one in this house.
  14. 14. Then I realized I had forgotten Peach... “I’m used to it.” Poor peach, she.... “Is Rolley’s sister; the one holding this place together with sticky tape and *Blu-Tac. Overworked and underpaid, I’m used to distract grandparents while being a plumber, gardener, cook and chef bottle washer. I am also often chased by bees with not even a boyfriend, or a day off may I add.” Yes, all of that. >slinks away< *American’s might call this sticky tack, but I’m not really sure.
  15. 15. I can’t remember the last tour, so here is the short version. Just look at that marvellous bathroom.
  16. 16. Now this is an OWBC bathroom to be proud of. Broken shower, algae, clogged overflowing grungy toilet and lots of puddles.
  17. 17. Plum: “Bleeding plumbing!” >whack wack< Rolley &Holley in unison “Creator person! Ouhhweee!”
  18. 18. “Urgle gurgle, we’re so hungry!”
  19. 19. “And we’re too silly to know where the fridge is!” Peach under her breath “I have no idea what those two are on.”
  20. 20. “Gosh honey, you’re so hot when you’re starving!” “So are you! Maybe we should do something about that?” >eyebrow wiggle< Plum “Fraggle, maggle, flabbinrabbit plumbing!”
  21. 21. Haha, yeah right. No.
  22. 22. “Mummy, Daddy, Mummy, Daddy!” “Shoot kid, whoever you are.”
  23. 23. “Stop playing and look at my A!”
  24. 24. At least someone knows how to look after herself.
  25. 25. Now for the bad apple boogie, brought to you by Opal and Paisley “Shake it, shake it, shake it.”
  26. 26. “Point it, point it, point it.”
  27. 27. “Turn around and clap.”
  28. 28. “Point it, point it, point it”
  29. 29. “Turn around and clap!”
  30. 30. “Oh yeah baby! Shake your booty.” See girl bonding stuff. We’ll just have to ignore that Opal is teaching her granddaughter the smustle, which is kind of a dubious dance for a child really, and also the fact that she dances in her underwear. Opal is not a huge believer in clothes.
  31. 31. Did that break again or didn’t Peach fix it? The slacker.
  32. 32. “What ahh!!” >swipe< “What did you just say?!” Nothing, nothing! Notice Oz catching bugs behind Peach? He is the bug me not of generation three.
  33. 33. There was some work towards the OBCW goals. Peach was chased by bees, Rolley made half a robot before going to bed and Holley played the violin off and on towards her music enthusiasm plaque. If she would just stay there she could make some progress, but she leaves way too soon to go stalk Rolley. I’m thinking we need to invest in a piano of death err of fine music! I’m hoping once there are no toddlers I might be able to focus on this a bit more.
  34. 34. Although they are very cute. “Kitteah!” “meow?” >squish<
  35. 35. No favouritism going on here, nope, none.
  36. 36. The grandparents don’t neglect the older kids.
  37. 37. It’s all sweetness and light around here.
  38. 38. Although Paddington is a right little monkey. “Wasn’t me, honest! Hehe”
  39. 39. While the other kids tend to play together, he prefers computer games and stuffing his face before running back for more computer games.
  40. 40. Opal did manage to prise him a way, although she may have not been too keen on the results as he covered her in bruises. Paddington be a bit gentler with your grandma!
  41. 41. This isn’t so cute. My biggest concern right now is keeping Paisley from overheating as it seems to be a super hot summer. At least I can direct Oz. Paisley likes the fishing hole but it’s rather hard to get her away from it. I think when I open the lot next that pond is getting filled in.
  42. 42. Finally it was the twins birthday! No more grabbing children out of bed, no more bottles being given to non hungry tots!
  43. 43. Oh Rolley... ^_^
  44. 44. Cole is still a cutie.
  45. 45. And Clover has the largest eyes of any alien I’ve ever had, but she’s awesome too.
  46. 46. I thought that was all the photos I had, but I found a few more in the story telling folder in game. We went down to the club.
  47. 47. Look, it’s Esme and Kali. Esme who looks like she just stepped off the Star trek set (wearing what she did in the BC) And Kali, who is Blyth’s alien daughter and Opal’s niece. Buying a ticket takes a lot of thought.
  48. 48. Kali doesn’t think much of the competition.
  49. 49. Although townie guy should be glad that she won. If Kali had lost, she might have dropped the bowling ball on his foot. I don’t have a picture, but if you’re wondering, the back of her shirt says ‘Be under it’ Which sums up her 0 nice points pretty well.
  50. 50. Simselves seem to prefer the bar and poker.
  51. 51. You have an admirer there Esme. Wonder how he dances. I thought I had some pictures of a few simselves playing poker but can’t seem to find them. 
  52. 52. “Ahh, at last, a sit down, now I just need a drink.” This is Peach’s time to relax and do whatever she pleases. The servos pretty much run the place now. She looks like she really needed it.
  53. 53. Oh well, can’t sit around for too long. “Please, no more bugs!” I feel bad for her. She has been worked since she was a child, doing Rolley’s homework daily all through school, as her sister Olinda refused to lift a finger to help due to her low fun bar. I do plan on giving her some kind of life after this is done in another hood. At least she is permaplat from her wish on the genie lamp.
  54. 54. No, no bugs just some elixcer before you age to elder! And whatever is going on there I don’t think I want to know about.
  55. 55. It was also an important birthday. Oz is teening!
  56. 56. Not that anyone paid any attention. I guess he should be happy everyone came to the kitchen.
  57. 57. Hopefully he will grow into the chin. “Whose child is he again?” “Yours?” “Oh right!” I don’t know what relationship Holley has to Oz as I didn’t see them interact when he was a child at all.
  58. 58. Another momentous event must have happened. Peach finished her bug box! I say must, because I don’t remember.
  59. 59. They are kind of gross close up. But I found these in the chapter 13 folder with a proof pic of the smallest spider. So I’m claiming bug me not for generation two! .
  60. 60. “While I’m glad Peach caught the Redback in here, can you all please go away!” Until next time!  Note: A Redback is a well known Australian spider. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjDAiq2-xeU