DD RR 1.8


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DD RR 1.8

  1. 1. “So just what was that extra special thing my promotion brought me? No it wasn’t a rocket.”
  2. 2. “That’s just Darcy hoping to undermine some charity while he pretends he’s blowing up the town. We don’t pay much attention as really he’s harmless as a fly.”
  3. 3. “Dad!! What is this-this thing in my room!!” “Darcy’s room got a makeover and he also got a new bed because...”
  4. 4. “The simbot kind of took his old one. Let’s just say the family were more than a little surprised when Brian showed up.” “When you said Donald could move out I didn’t expect THAT to move in!” They all seem repulsed by the poor simbot.
  5. 5. Did anyone guess it was a simbot? Haha, first one for me. After Deaglan fulfilled his LTW I saw this as an option with his life time points.
  6. 6. I love how he flies along.
  7. 7. LOL! Flashback to terminator.
  8. 8. “I’m glad to say Nancy has been good for Darcy and his paintings have turned more to romance and less to screaming pink minions.”
  9. 9. “Of course his way of showing affection...” “Alien attack!” “Arrgghh!”
  10. 10. “Sometimes goes down like a can full of rubbish” “That stinks Darcy!”
  11. 11. “But he is his father son after all...”
  12. 12. “He knows just how to make it up suck-up to a girl to get back in her good books. Even with his mother watching on...” “Darcy?” “Not.Now.Mum.”
  13. 13. “Before I knew it, it was time for my baby girl to become a teenager.” *Hmm maybe I should wish for this dirty, noisy simbot to go take a long-long soak in a bath.*
  14. 14. *On second thoughts, I could turn it into an eco friendly bicycle*
  15. 15. Dawn grew up as a neat, athletic, environmentally friendly lover of the outdoors. She will gain the family trait of charismatic on her next birthday. She comes across as being the calm rational one of the family.
  16. 16. *It’s like feeding time at the zoo* >Gooble< >Snarf< >Fling< >Gulp< All four of the Discourse males gobbling cake while Dawn looked on made me smile.
  17. 17. “We gave Dawn a bicycle for her birthday and she would race the bus to school. Being athletic, outdoors and eco friendly the bike made her very happy.” You can just make out the white roof of the bus at the top of the hill.
  18. 18. She would beat it too. 
  19. 19. “Except a certain brother took her bicycle to work after school and left his sister to catch the bus home. She was not impressed”
  20. 20. “Then came the day I had been dreading. I know there is nothing I can do about it, but it’s kind of scary to say the least. I was going to grow old. Guess I got lucky that it was also my day off work so I got to spend it however I liked. I sat down to read and mentally prepared myself for the party that night.”
  21. 21. “So the party started...” “Eww a simbot!” “Teehehe Look it’s a simbot!” “Yuck, I hope you’re not the nurse here” This place is starting to look like a retirement village. O_o
  22. 22. Hot boy alert Dawn! Go talk to him!
  23. 23. Sam whatshisname grew up much better looking then I remembered. They got on well too.
  24. 24. Inside I had told Deaglan to go blow out his candles when there was quite a commotion in the corridor.
  25. 25. Then I realized one of those look alikes was dying! At my party! Frabbin nabbit! I said old folk’s home, not the morgue you lot!
  26. 26. *I wonder why no one is coming to see me blow out the candles?*
  27. 27. “Good party mate, don’t mind if I bust it with my scythe do you?” “Go right ahead, drinks are on the table”
  28. 28. “Hey look at my cool party trick everyone.” “Ahhhghh! She’s dead! She’s dead!”
  29. 29. *So what should I wish for...*
  30. 30. “Darn it now my scythe is stuck, could you people like move out of the way?!” *Well she was as old as a dinosaur* Nancy: “Oh cool, we can cut some really large slices of cake with that.”
  31. 31. “Yah! Now I get old and crusty!”
  32. 32. “Go Dad! First comes grey and then comes drag’ig and before you know it the morgue like carriage!” “Err hang on, that’s not worth cheering for!” “Oh goodie, someone else to join us for bingo, we seem to be one person short...”
  33. 33. “Yah dad you’re old with wrinkles and arthritis!” “And so my party ended like a deflated balloon.”
  34. 34. “My party wasn’t that bad was it Dawn? I mean there were some highlights don’t you think?” “You know how it goes Dad, some parties are diamonds and others compare roughly with a stomach virus.” And this... this is not happening again. You are not parading around in those horrible tighty whities in your old man body and scaring your daughter off men for life.
  35. 35. So before giving him a makeover I see Deaglan has the want to retire. I do try and give them what they want so I told him to go ring work while Bebe and the kids head off for school and work.
  36. 36. “Yah go me! Now I get a retirement party with the dirty laundry and confetti! Surely I throw parties to be remembered!”
  37. 37. LOl! I had no idea this would happen. The kids all poured back in to cheer for their dad and Dawn waved a yeti sign. “Whoo Dad’s like a great big furry yeti!” I have no idea what that means, but I figure it must be good seeing how happy they are. Now get your butts on that bus before you miss it!
  38. 38. I gave Deaglan some new clothes and a haircut. Prepare yourselves for the close up...
  39. 39. He still wears that same expression except now it looks like he’s wondering where he left his teeth. Poor guy. I’m still debating if I should put his old style back on as it did hide some of his wrinkles.
  40. 40. So as Deaglan didn’t have any specific wants I could fulfil right then I left him to his own devises and he chose to go spend his first day of retirement playing in the sprinkler.  Next time, how will Darcy look as a young adult?