DD RR 1.6


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DD RR 1.6

  1. 1. “My eldest sons’ obsession with his painted minions was getting to be quite a worry.” “Today I will paint my two hundredth pink minion! My army will be complete! Mwhahaha!” “Hey Bonnie lyke does he know we care only for lipstick and Gauche handbags?” “Make that Prada for me. Best let him dream on girl friend.” >Giggle<
  2. 2. “No more do you hear me?!” “But mum...”
  3. 3. “Those are just purple paintings, not minions!” “Hot pink mum, they’re hot pink!” “Whatever! I’ll have no more in this house!” “But I’ve got to do one more to _”
  4. 4. “No! Not even one!” “Arrgghh!”
  5. 5. “I’ll become a burglar, then you’ll be sorry!”
  6. 6. These two do not see eye to eye.
  7. 7. “Horns and sharp teeth and a mouth large enough to swallow them all! Then they will see how evil Darcy Discourse’s can be!”
  8. 8. “I’m glad my other two boys are so close.” “Douglas do you think Darcy meant it, about becoming a burglar?” “Nah! He’s just full of hot air and hot paint!”
  9. 9. “Beat you in Donald!” “Watch out below!”
  10. 10. “Want a breath holding race?” “Sure! Bet you tonight’s homework!” “You’re on!”
  11. 11. “Maggie, Maggie! Do you think those boys are alright?” “Poke one and see if it floats.”
  12. 12. >Splash!< “This one swallows so he must be okay.” >Splutter-gag-choke<
  13. 13. “We were all glad when Darcy started painting other things, even if they were called ‘Man chased by screaming pink minions’.” “Arrgh!” “Come back!” “We only want to try some eyeliner on you!”
  14. 14. “Having your candy stolen as a toddler seems to have become a rite of passage around here.” “yeah, nearly forgot to do this.”
  15. 15. “Good one Darcy” >Eye roll<
  16. 16. This is when I realized Dawn’s eyes are dark green and not black like Darcy’s.
  17. 17. >Creep alert!< “I was very thankful when the last day came that we needed to hire that baby sitter. Goodness knows what credentials the agency checks before hiring these kids.” “What! This dump again?!”
  18. 18. “This place is such a tip, I think I’ll add some more.”
  19. 19. “Here you go little girl, here’s a bottle with my free hand.” “He did eventually feed her. But if that kid ever comes near my daughter again I’ll chop his hands off.”
  20. 20. “We threw a party for Dawn and everyone enjoyed the new stereo I bought. Bebe said ceilings should have been bought first, but what fun are those?” I don’t know about teenage creepy baby sitters Deaglan, your dancing with that old chick is kind of creepy too.
  21. 21. “I couldn’t wait to see how my little girl would turn out.”
  22. 22. “Goodness this place needs a good scrubbing!” And the bed’s made, the windows washed and the toy’s straightening... Dawn gained the trait ‘neat’
  23. 23. “Rubber duckie, you’re the one; you make bath time lots of fun. Rubber duckie, I’m awfully fo-nd of you!” In fact she wouldn’t use the bathtub next morning until she had scrubbed it. “It had a boy germ bath ring, gross!”
  24. 24. Then she enjoyed a quiet tidy plate of leftovers while everyone else went to work and school. So obviously kids can be left at home all day long with no supervision. O_o I don’t know why, but it gave her the day off school.
  25. 25. “The following night was Donald’s teen birthday. We weren’t going to throw another party, but Bebe said something about needing one for a work opportunity. She had been told if she invited Virginia Wolf over for a good suck up grovel party she might just get a promotion. I’m not one to argue with a woman who cleans out the bed pans and if this gets her away from that area faster so be it.”
  26. 26. What do you all think?!
  27. 27. Those looks to be very uncomfortable pyjamas. If you remember Donald is insane, so these are the day clothes he aged up into and chose to sleep in. Time for a makeover.
  28. 28. Now he looks more like a high school sporting jock rather than a cross between dork and Harley rider. He is however a straight A student and not an air head.
  29. 29. Donald looks good in any hair. He has ended up being athletic, good, insane and charismatic. No LTW as yet, but I will choose a sporting one if it comes up.