DD RR 1.5


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DD RR 1.5

  1. 1. “My boys are such boys, I’m sure it won’t be long and they’ll be playing Dutch ovens like I did with my brother. Beans and suffocation- Good times.” Douglas: “Mph” Donald: “Is dat da best you got?”
  2. 2. “Urrgh!”
  3. 3. “Nah ah I beat you!”
  4. 4. “Dats notting, me show Duggy ow it’s done.”
  5. 5. “While my younger boys bonded over the overflowing potty my eldest son was bonding with something else.”
  6. 6. “A canvas. Painting before school had quickly become Darcy’s morning pastime.” Darcy: “Pink minion number one hundred and twenty five. Mwhahaha!” “They looked purple to me, but I didn’t tell him that.”
  7. 7. “It was soon hung over his bed and he started on another one.”
  8. 8. “Seems like only yesterday Dawn was born...Oh yes that was because she was. Bebe said a large gap was not a good thing and grew her up early.”
  9. 9. “My Dawn is just the sweetest little thing. I can’t imagine life around here without her.” >Squee< I think she is the cutest kid I’ve had in this game yet!
  10. 10. Dawn’s favourite colour is... grey. Honestly kid, couldn’t you have thrown me something prettier then grey!
  11. 11. “Dawn has a good set of lungs on her, something that every swimmer needs. I’m sure Bebe appreciates how healthy she is.” “WAAHH!” Bebe: “Can I go back to work yet? Pleeeaase!” Dawn is named after Australian Olympic swimmer Dawn Frazer. She is athletic and loves the outdoors, a good start on her namesake.
  12. 12. “Then the next night while I was at work, amongst the homework and skilling Donald become a child.” “It tickles!”
  13. 13. “What was that Donald?” “Nothing mum, just my birthday.” “Righteo then.” “Not that Bebe didn’t care, she was just too tired to really notice what was going on with her older more self sufficient children.”
  14. 14. “On aging, Donald threw a disgusted face and ran to the bathroom. When Bebe told me this I thought he might have the chuck up bug.” Donald: “Must empty the potty.” “I’m not sure whether I should be happy or concerned that he doesn’t.”
  15. 15. “While my eldest son paints pink minions, my second son has some kind of fascination with toilet waste and rubbish... I really hope they don’t combine this fascination...”
  16. 16. “Not that he is tidy or neurotic about germs as he has been known to simply dump the trash all over the floor.”
  17. 17. “I’m afraid he is just downright insane. Who knew that raising normal kids would be so hard?” Donald empties potties, and the rubbish quite often and thinks about it too. A very strange child who if you hadn’t guessed rolled the trait insane. Which is why he is wearing his sport clothes to play in the sprinkler instead of his togs. He is also good and athletic.
  18. 18. Here he is after his makeover on his first day of school. All of his clothes have some of that striped ‘baseball pattern’ because if you remember Donald is named after Australian cricketer Sir Donald Bradman. I know baseball has nothing to do with cricket apart from them both being a ball sport. But I think baseball when I see this print. All his clothes will also have some black too as that is his favourite colour.
  19. 19. “I could hardly believe it when the boss promoted me to Triple Agent, now I am only one level away from my dream of being an international spy.”
  20. 20. Time for another house makeover. How the house is now. Douglas isn’t really asleep on the floor I was moving things with moveobjects on lol and toddlers do not come over in their cots.
  21. 21. Starting to look a little less shack like.
  22. 22. “Bebe really enjoyed the new bath tub. So what with it being her birthday and all, I gave her a rubber duck and some bath bubbles. Am I a good husband or what? Best yet they were totally free as I scrounged them from Landgraabs bin yonks ago.”
  23. 23. “I have a super busy work schedule, but I still made some time to teach Dawn her first words.” “Can you say prom queen Dawn?” “Pom keen” “Hehe, close enough, the boys will sure be keen. Err hang on, that might not be such a good thing!” “Pom keen! Pom keen!”
  24. 24. “No I meant to say studious and book smart!” “No! Dawn pom keen!” “How about a swimming pool?” “Swim pool and pom keen!” >groan<
  25. 25. “I decided to let Bebe finish off the talking lesson. I wouldn’t want the kid to grow up with a baritone or anything.” “Guess what sweetie, your brother is getting big tonight, it’s his birthday!” “Dawn get cake?” “I’ll make sure to give you a whole piece on your special plate.” “Yah cake!”
  26. 26. Darcy: “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, you look like a monkey and smell like one too!”
  27. 27. “Yum yum, I’ll have that!” “Wahh!!” *Poor kid, I know what’s like*
  28. 28. “Darcy mean to Duggy!”
  29. 29. “Douglas was very happy to grow up as he was now too old for Darcy to take his candy.”
  30. 30. Here he is after his makeover. I made his hair a bit more purple, because of course purple is his favourite colour. Seeing he is named after Douglas Mawson the Australian explorer, his clothes will feature maps, ships and outer space. Douglas is clumsy, friendly and easily impressed.
  31. 31. “Just because Douglas got older did not stop Darcy picking on him.” “Hey! I was going to eat that!”
  32. 32. Darcy: “Well it’s gone now!” Douglas: “But mummy made that for me on the new stove!” Darcy: “Too bad, so sad. Mwhaha!”
  33. 33. “My last promotion meant we could finally afford some more benches and a stove.” For the first time since she was married Bebe got to cook on a stove. Yeah, that only took all of eleven years. O_o
  34. 34. “My Bebe is a natural cook; she didn’t even burn that tricky box of macaroni.” If you are wondering, before this they lived on autumn salad, birthday cake and quick meals.
  35. 35. “Douglas also drew the short straw when it came to the bedrooms, having to share with Dawn.” Floor dividers do not work in the Sims 3! *grumble*
  36. 36. “Please go to sleep Dawn.” “WAAHH!!” I really miss having toddler mats here too.
  37. 37. “A couple of days latter it was Darcy’s birthday and I am hoping now he is older that he will get over his childish pranks on his siblings.”
  38. 38. “Darcy grew into a good looking young man. Maybe a little on the skinny side, but some working out should beef him up.” “Gees mum could you be any more embarrassing.” “Of course she could son; she could be in her underwear!”
  39. 39. Here is Darcy after his teen makeover. It will now let me add Charismatic which is the family trait. So our eldest is an evil, artistic, charismatic couch potato. I’m sure he will look forward to his father’s work out sessions.
  40. 40. Who of course set straight to work creating yet more purple hot pink minions. Next time, more birthdays!
  41. 41. Teenage Fonzie baby sitter: *What kind of dump is this? Not even a TV or ceilings* No they are too poor! Go home already jerk! Instead of putting Dawn to bed he went and stared through the telescope.