DD RR 1.4


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DD RR 1.4

  1. 1. When we last left off Bebe was in the middle of birthing our third child who she hoped would be a sweet little girl. “Arrrghhhh!!”
  2. 2. My crack-pot mother-in-law had gone on and on about eating three watermelons and how it worked for her - yadda yadda. Bebe even made a special trip to the supermarket and bought three quite expensive watermelons. I did warn her that her mother had some strange ideas and maybe not to take her old wives tales too seriously. Bebe just glared at me and ate them anyway and started calling the bump Donna. I think she had quite a shock when out popped a blue wrapped bundle. She checked him over a few times, but unless girls are coming with new parts, Douglas is all boy.
  3. 3. Not to say she didn’t love the little feller; my Bebe is a good mum, but it did take her awhile longer to adjust. “Maybe if I leave him in the corner on the blue carpet he will just disappear?” Douglas is named after Douglas Mawson, Australia's most famous Antarctic explorer.
  4. 4. That night after I finished dinner I had a weird feeling... no not that one where you have to run off to the loo, the other tingly kind.
  5. 5. ...
  6. 6. I may be a little older, but I still got it.
  7. 7. Life with two toddlers and one baby boy went by in a blur of training, nappies and bottles. Much to our dismay, Darcy began to take toys out of the toy box and put them down the loo. He was a right little mischief maker. “Hide down the loo, mwhaha! They will be all mine!”
  8. 8. “Tankou mummy!” It was probably just as well Donald made up for it by being so calm and good natured.
  9. 9. As well as being downright adorable.
  10. 10. “So what do you all think of my swish undercover clothes?”
  11. 11. “It’s a burglar!” “WAAHHH!!”
  12. 12. “Heya squirt you appreciate daddy’s latest work clothes don’t ya?” >spew<
  13. 13. >sigh< We seriously needed a larger bathroom at times like this.
  14. 14. Then Bebe gave me some surprising news, I was going to be a father again. I really thought three children were all we were going to have. But Bebe had her heart set on a girl and really with just her against four feller’s I don’t blame her. She started eating watermelons morning noon and night. I’ve heard of pregnancy craving but this was ridiculous.
  15. 15. “Honey I made some pancakes.” “Take them away! Come to me my pretty.” I was a bit worried to tell the truth.
  16. 16. Our youngest son Douglas sparkled into toddlerhood while I was at work. At least Bebe bought him a cake, but oddly she doesn’t remember the day at all.
  17. 17. “Mama” “Who are you again?”
  18. 18. I was proud as punch of my three little boys. I knew they would all be smart as whips and best buddies for life. “Gween taste good.” “Blue better!” “Who on earth are you?!”
  19. 19. They didn’t get long to bond as toddlers though as Darcy turned into a child that night.
  20. 20. I don’t think he liked growing up in his underwear though.
  21. 21. *What a load of ninnies*
  22. 22. “Yes the xylophone, xylophones are eeeviiill mwhaha!”
  23. 23. “Want to play... xylophones Donald? It will help you sleep for a long, long time.” *I hope my boys will always be so close* I only noticed later that that orange pattern has butterflies in it. ^_^ I chose it because it looked ‘arty’
  24. 24. “What are you looking at twerp? Hot pink is my favourite colour because it’s eeeviil!” Yes hot pink really is his favourite colour!
  25. 25. “Play wit Donald?” “Suuure.”
  26. 26. “Hehe let’s play snatch the lollypop from the loser!” >snatch< “My lolly!” “Don’t ya know too much sugar is bad for little kids. >slurp slurp crunch gobble<
  27. 27. “Wahh! Mummy!!”
  28. 28. Then finally came the event we had all been waiting for, the birth of our youngest and hopefully last baby. I love all my kids, but this place is just too small for any more. “Owwch! >puff puff< *Labour sucks lemons but at least I get a cute view.* “You’re having another one?! I thought you were just fat!” “Darcy that’s a terrible thing to say about your mother! Apologize immediately!” “Why? She is fat!”
  29. 29. “Ahhhgg! This doesn’t feel right! I think I might need you to take me to the hospital!” “She isn’t!” “She is!” “Hello!” >Puff puff< “Pregnant lady in trouble here!”
  30. 30. 15 minutes later... If you want something done you have to do it yourself “Hey where did your mother go?” “Beats me.” I love the fact that Bebe used Deaglan’s police car to drive herself there.
  31. 31. Seriously this is what he did while Bebe drove herself to the hospital.
  32. 32. So I woke the bludger up and told him to move it! Sheesh you weren’t that tired.
  33. 33. “Waahh!” “Dang I missed it.” Will Bebe finally get her girl? Will Deaglan be in a lot of trouble for missing the birth? Find out on the next page!
  34. 34. Because I’m not so mean to do two birth cliff hangers! Meet Dawn, named after Dawn Frazer one of Australia best Olympic swimmers. “Bebe?” >Ignoring you!”