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Bite me!

  1. 1. The wind howled down the inner city ally blowing the trash around. It was a place of neglect and ruin with many of the buildings being nothing but burnt outshells or long ago abandoned to the mould and rats. A stray dog stood atop a dumpster and howled. “Shut up ya mangy mongrel!” yelled the hobo from inside the dumpster. He emerged from his warm trash bed and threw an empty beer bottle at the dog.Satisfied as the dog jumped down with a yelp he settled back pulling a sheet of newspaper over his face. Not a minute later he was once more disturbed by a trio of young brash voices. “Flipping tarnation! Can’t a man get any sleep around here?!”
  2. 2. Thinking better then to show his old grey head, He peered out of his spy hole made by the rust and a spoon the year before. “Wonder what those lads are upto?” he muttered. There was nothing for them down here apart from thrown out bread and other tasty treats to be found in the dumpsters. He would fightwith his broken bottle if necessary, but he didn’t think the lads looked like they were after dumpster finds; they looked far too well dressed and fed for that.He decided to lay low and just listen, he knew his old arthritic hands would be no match against the three of them.
  3. 3. “I really don’t think this is a goodidea” said Michael. He could feelmoisture beginning to gather onhis nose behind his glasses; a suresign of impending doom.Trent sneered at the shiveringblond boy. “It’s perfectly safewhatever the sign says. I was heretwo weeks ago and it hasn’tchanged a bit.”“Oww-owww!”“What’s that?!”“A dog idiot” said the other boy,firmly pushing Michael towardsthe opening in the dirty brick wall.The old hobo stifled a chuckle ashe watched the three of themclimb through the crack. Stupidkids, if they weren’t careful theymight just get more than theybargained for.
  4. 4. Trent flicked his torch around the old storage room. He knew it contained nothing but rubbish and empty boxes, what interested him lay much further away.“Man this place is creepy” said Nolan eyeing some very large cobwebs.“Want to chicken out do you?”“Of course not!” Nolan decided to keep his thoughts to himself. He wanted to impress Trent with how cool he was, not appear like a frightened little kid;Michael did a good enough job of that.
  5. 5. “This way” said Trent shinning thetorch on another crack.While all the doors were eitherlocked or jammed shut, most of theareas could be accessed via cracks inthe walls.The boys climbed over the rubbleinto a damp hallway. First wentTrent with the torch, followedreluctantly by Michael and bringingup the rear to make sure Michaeldidn’t do a runner was Nolan. The sound of their feet on the floorand water dripping from someunknown source were the onlysounds.“This place use to make coffins andtomb stones” said Trent casually.“Co-coffins?” stammered Michael.He wondered if girls were worthjoining a club that involvedcondemned buildings and coffins.
  6. 6. The boys emerged into one of thefront rooms. “Did I forget to mentionthe initiation involves opening acoffin?” said Trent shinning the torchinto Michael’s face.Trent grinned as Michael’s faceblanched. Watching him squirm wasa lot of fun.A faint scratching sound to his rightmade Michael jump and grab Nolan’ssleeve. “What was that?!”"You big baby!” scoffed Trent. “It’sjust a rat! There are probablyhundreds of them in here, so youbetter get used to it!"Nolan gave a nervous chuckle. He wasglad it hadn’t been him grabbingsomeone sleeve. While he tried toappear cool in front of Trent, theplace was seriously giving him thecreeps.You better decide right now what youare going to do Michael. Either you goon with us or you can leave now andwe will stuff you into a locker atschool. Take your pick.”
  7. 7. Michael’s thoughts were in turmoil,he knew the reputation that Trenthad and was in no doubt that hewould end up naked in a locker,which would probably be opened upin front of a group of girls. Trent hadalready done it to two other boys inhis chess club. The thought of hisnaked white body being pointed andlaughed at by the school’s populargirls made him go paler still.“Well?” said Nolan taking up what hehoped was a tough stance next toTrent. He knew if he could pull thisoff, his standing in the club wouldrise.Michael swallowed nervously andtried to act brave, although the wayhis teeth chattered together didn’tfool anyone. “Why would you everth-think such a th-thing, of courseI’m c-oming.” Seeing Trent smile wasnot reassuring.
  8. 8. “Good. Pass the initiation, ditchthat stupid cardigan and you cancall yourself a Bunyip.”“But my Gran knitted it.”“Aww isn’t that sweet, don’t youthink Nolan? Said Trentsarcastically. “His Gran knitted it.”“Oh very sweet, brings tears to myeyes it does.”Trent rolled his eyes and proddedMichael forward with the torch.“Come on Granny’s boy, the coffinis this way.”The boys went down a long hallwaypassing a few doors until they cameto another large crack in the wall.“We’re here.”Nolan felt a chill run down his backand it had nothing to do with thecold.
  9. 9. “Could we maybe take araincheck on this? I justremembered I have to go visitmy Gran!”“Get in there” growled Trentpushing Michael through theopening and towards the coffin.Trent wondered why they hadeven bothered bringing thissnivelling coward. He wouldhave a lot of fun come Mondaymorning when he shoved himinto a locker.“Is it supposed to look like that?Asked Nolan, staring infascinated horror at the coffin infront of them.“Like what?”
  10. 10. “Like that fog and fire...”“Big deal, its cold and some fog formed, and they have some fake flames. Who cares?” “They don’t look fake to me...”
  11. 11. “I...I can’t do this!” Yelled Michael turning to run.He was quickly grabbed by Trentand Nolan. Wriggling wasn’t a bit of good as the other two boys were far stronger than him. Nolan easily pinned him to the floor. “So what now?”“I knew he’d do a runner; where did you stash that rope?”“Right jacket pocket.” said Nolan tightly holding Michael down. Trent fished out the rope grinning. “I’ve thought of a place even better than a school locker to stash this one.” With his hands tied behind hisback and Nolan holding him frombehind, Michael could do nothingbut squirm and stare in terror as Trent went up to the coffin and bent down to lift the lid.
  12. 12. Turning back with a grin Trentsaid “You thought lifting the lid on a coffin was bad; just wait until you’ve spent the night in one!”“You can’t do that to him!” burst out Nolan. “Shut it Nolan! Unless you want to join him?” “No; it’s just I was just reading this book about vampires and_”“Pht vampires! Give me a break! I suppose you’re going to say you believe in werewolves next.” Nolan just shook his head and shrugged. He wasn’t really surewhat he believed in, but he had avery bad feeling about the coffin. At the same time he knew how crazy Trent could act and didn’twant to be on his bad side for no reason at all. How embarrassingwould it be if the coffin contained nothing but dust?
  13. 13. Turning back with a satisfied smirk, Trent hefted the lid. It took quite a bit of force to crack it open, but once there it seemed to almost fly out of his hands.
  14. 14. What happened next was the thing of their worst nightmares. With a roar Nic came up out of his coffin at the boy. Last time the kid had poked around the warehouse Nic had hidden behind some boxes until he had left. This time he wasn’t hiding. He was tired, angry and hungry. Very, very hungry.
  15. 15. “All I wanted was to be left alone to hibernate, but you couldn’t leave it, could you? Now you’re going to pay.”Trent stood rooted to the spot in terror as the vampire climbed out of the coffin with his hands raised like claws towards his face. He must be dreaming, because vampires weren’t real; they were like werewolves, witches and aliens, just things people made up to scare little kids.
  16. 16. “Feels good tying up nerds to terrify does it? I’ll show you the meaning of the word terrify boy!”
  17. 17. In the blink of an eye and far swifter then he could ever run, Nic grabbed Trent and sunk his fangs into his neck to feed.It wasn’t Nic’s habit to feed off humans, but while his anger burned at being woken up, his hunger drove him to be satisfied.
  18. 18. After some minutes Nic withdraw and Trent lay deathly still on the floor. The other boys had run as soon as they had seen Nic grab hold of Trent. It would be a night none of them would ever forget. Nic sighed and got dressed; his plan to hibernate for 100 years was obviously not going to work.
  19. 19. Nic made his way out of the warehouse andtook in some deep breaths of the cold nightair. While his hunger was satisfied, his head was pounding from being brought out of hibernation in such an abrupt manner. “Need a beer? Cause I could sure go for one.” “You’re still here? Rasped out Nic. “I was hoping you were long dead old man.”“Well now, you had best be making it a pint of stout than” replied Fergus with just the hint of an accent.Nic tried to grin but grimaced and held his pounding head instead. “Although looking at you, I think you be needing a stiff coffee more than a pint.” “So long as we are away from here.” The old hobo cocked his head to the approaching siren. ”Coppers?” “Ambo’s.” “You’re a softy.” “Shut up.”
  20. 20. Nic sat in the booth at Barry’s diner and closed his eyes. The flickering signs advertising beer and greasy fries did not help his sore eyes. He tried to recallwhat had happened the night he had been turned into a vampire, but his memories were hazy at best. All he knew was he had walked along drinking from abottle of whisky. He had just wanted to get the heck away from everything, but women in particular, they were nothing but trouble. His face clouded as hethought about the three main ones in his life.
  21. 21. First up was his ever cantankerousmeddling mother. She had prevented himbringing friends home because of heraging experiments; well unless theyhappened to be townies, but he knewvery well what happened to townies inhis house from a fairly young age. As if hewould have brought one of those home!He knew his father was in a right pickle,growing hair all over due to drinking oneof her potions. Well he wasn’t about tobe her next guineapig.Then there was that stupid girl who gother kicks from biting indiscriminatepeople. Didn’t they have some kind ofcode or rules about that?!Lastly he thought about Vicki. It painedhis heart to think about her. The love ofhis life had flirted with a cow mascot!Right in front of him! She deserved hiscontempt.He or she had flirted with Vicky said thesmall voice in his head, there was adifference. “Oh shut up!”“You all right laddy?” Asked Fergus, who sat watching him with concern. Nic remembered where he was and peered at the hobo. “Yeah, just resting my eyes.”
  22. 22. "The waitress placed a cup of coffee before Nic and a slice in front of Fergus.Nic cupped his hands around the strong hot coffee. Not that the heat warmed up his cold skin, but it was familiar and comforting. He owed his life to this oldgeezer and as such would always be in his debt. The hobo had found him lying in the alley at sunrise, smoke beginning to waft up from his body. The lastthing Nic remembered was a burning smell and his eyes stinging. He felt his body being dragged over something rough into a cool dark place before blackingout. Later he learned the burning had been the sun on his skin and the cool place had been inside the warehouse bathroom. If the hobo hadn’t moved him hewould be a pile of ash now.
  23. 23. “How long was I asleep? A year?” asked Nic hopefully.The old hobo shook his head silently as he took some rather fast overlarge bites of the vanilla slice in his grubby hands. Nic watched as pieces of thecrumbling pastry fell out into the hobo’s beard and some of the filling oozed out of the corners of his mouth.
  24. 24. Pushing the rest in, he then licked off each grime caked finger of the sweet filling. Nic wasn’t the cleanest man himself, but he couldn’t help but watch indisgust as Fergus polished off the slice.“Now that” said Fergus ignoring the paper serviette provided and using his sleeve instead “Was the best bit of pastry I’ve had in a long time.” He cracked alarge grin showing his yellowed gap filled mouth.
  25. 25. “So how long-““One week and two days.”“What?!” “Aye laddy, a whole nine days. Don’t think your plan of forgetting her and waiting on her to kick the bucket will work.” Nic stared at the old man. He hadn’t told Fergus all of that; had he? Nic struggled to dredge his thoughts of that day to the surface not even noticing the clumsy waitress whomumbled apologies as she slopped his coffee while refilling his cup. If he’dbeen paying closer attention he wouldhave seen it was because she had tried to kick the old hobo’s shoe under the table with her own while giving him a look that spoke volumes as to her thoughts on his choice of words. “I must have been really out of itbecause I can’t remember telling you any of that.” Said Nic frowning.“Sure you did Lad...well you told me itwas a girl and you were going to sleep her off for a hundred years. I justfigured you were waiting on her to be long gone when you awoke.”
  26. 26. “Oh my that’s so sad, unrequited love” sighed the waitress whobrought up a stool from the bar to sit at the table with them.Nic stared at her like she had growntwo heads. “I take it you two know each other?” “Oh sorry laddy; this here is Marcy. Marcy this here is Nic.”“How are you doing?” asked Marcy, tucking her gum into the corner of her check and offering her hand. “Okay I guess.” “Oh I don’t think so. You get turnedinto a vampire, nearly die and try and sleep off your one true love for a hundred years. That’s just tragic. How many sim couples in this universe have three bolts? “Well...” “Exactly! The creator here isn’t exactly bothered about finding soul mates you know, and here you are ready to throw a three bolt relationship away!”
  27. 27. “Now hang on a minute, you don’t know anything about me or what she has put me through.” “I know you two have three bolts and that’s worth hanging onto. Just imagine what she is going through; why I bet she isout there somewhere crying her eyes out over this whole misunderstanding.” Nic was rather taken aback by this overly forward waitress who seemed to know all abouthim and his life. It also appeared her and Fergus were playing footsie under the table; which given Fergus’ current stateseemed rather odd, if they were indeed a couple.“Eh don’t mind us. And no we’re not a couple! I can see ya cogsworking there boy so take them thoughts elsewhere. I’m oldenough to be her father and she ain’t my type anyhow.”
  28. 28. Macy snorted, her laughter ringing out through the empty diner.“Me with him?! Oh my! I’d have tobe darn far gone and desperate to take on him.” “Hang on, I’m a right good catch Iam. I was feather weight championin the army. The ladies thought my physique very fine they did.” Marcy laughed again at Fergus’ affronted face. “And pigs might flyFergus. Anyways we’re here to help Nic, not argue over what a fine specimen of a man you are.”“How about we do both” growled Fergus, which only made Marcy laugh harder.
  29. 29. “It’s all very nice of you to takethis interest in my life, but I can handle things just fine on my own.” snapped Nic. The two of them were getting on his last nerve. While he might oweFergus his life he owned nothing but ten dollars to the annoying waitress. He should pay the bill and go.Marcy just smiled and patted his hand like he was a silly misguided child. “So you’ve made some plans than?”Nic frowned and rubbed the still pounding spot between his eyes. “Of course; I have places to go and things that need seeing to.” He lied.
  30. 30. “Before you head out could you do me a wee favour?” asked the hobo, showing his yellow gapped teeth again.“Anything Fergus, just quit smiling at me, okay?”Fergus grinned showing even more of hisbad teeth. “I need you to give this letter to the blond barmaid at the Crypt O’ Nightclub. Would mean a lot to me it would.” Nic eyed the rather pink letter, but managed to contain the chuckle at theback of his throat. Fergus appeared to be quite the ladies man for a grimy old hobo. “Sure, but why don’t you give it to her yourself?”“Come now lad, look at me. Do you think they even let me in the door?” “You have a point.”Nic’s was very curious to what the letter contained, but he slid it into his inside coat pocket. It was a small favour to a man who saved his life.“Make sure you go tomorrow night, she’s only there on Wednesdays.” “It’s as good as done Fergus.”“Good lad. Now it’s getting close on 5am,you best be heading back to that coffin of yours.”
  31. 31. Fergus and Marcy watched Nic walk back across the road towards the old warehouse. “Well this is going just as I had hoped” said Fergus. “Almost too easy, he bought every word we said. Let’s hope he doesn’t do anything stupid like disappear on us.”“Nah he owes me one, just wish I could see it all go down. Yes siree, there will be some fireworks at the Crypt O’ tomorrow.”
  32. 32. The next evening Nic set out for the Crypt O’ Nightclub. He took pride in keeping a fit well toned body and lying in a coffin for a week would have donenothing for his muscles. Breaking into a jog, Nic found he could move rather effortlessly now he was a vampire, it almost felt like he was floating. Not hearing his footfalls he looked down to realize his feet had gone and in fact so had his body.
  33. 33. Not that he was given much time to contemplate exactly what he had turned into because an air current knocked him sidewise and he landed with a thudonto somebody’s windscreen. His own startled eyes looked into a pair of equally startled brown ones. Rather pretty brown ones he managed to notice. Not that he minded losing his pants in front of a pretty woman, but being helpless and furry wasn’t quite what he was into. He would have given her a cheeky grin, but she was already applying the brakes with some force and he found himself once more tumbling through the air, this time onto the road.
  34. 34. “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry!” yelled the woman jumping out of her car in a panic. “It’s nothing” said Nic getting up off the road. “But I hit you with my car! I should take you to a hospital.”Nic felt the grazes become less raw after only a couple of seconds. Maybe there were some advantageous to being a vampire. “Really, I’m fine.”
  35. 35. “But I...”“As you can see, I am not hurt at all” said Nic, taking the lady by surprise when he kissed her hand. “Thank you for your concern.” “Oh my” she breathed weakly, staring first at her hand and then after him as he disappeared quickly up the road.
  36. 36. Nic arrived at the Crypt O’ in good time and made his way to the bar. The hurried blond barmaid was easy to spot as she was the only one tending bar.Although it was still early people were already lining up for drinks and tables; while others were dancing to the thumping beat of the latest top ten sim hits. “Excuse me.” He said loudly over the sound of the music. “I’ll be right with you sir.”
  37. 37. She turned around pushing the hair out of her eyes and his heart nearly missed a beat. She had changed her hair, but it was her. “Vicki” he said flatly.“Nic!” she squealed and ran around the bar. She would have hugged him, but something in his face stoped her. “Nic?” Nic swore under his breath. “This was a set up” he growled angrily.
  38. 38. “Nic, what happened to you? I don’t understand.”“Come on Vicki, I was right there when you flirted with that cow, obviously the two of you hadbeen having an affair for awhile.”“Oh Nic, I didn’t even know her.”“Is that supposed to make me feel better?! That is was a girl!”“I meant I really didn’t know whothat cow was. She just came from out of nowhere; I wasn’texpecting it and I certainly didn’t want it. Please understand I would never cheat on you with anyone.” begged Vicki. “Maybe if you had pushed her away it might have beendifferent, but you sure looked like you were enjoying it to me!”
  39. 39. “Well I wasn’t!” snapped back Vicki her own anger rising. “I didn’t know what to do, so I probably just stood there a moment too long and shethought I was agreeable to it! It wasn’t my fault!”“You know what I think? I think that’sjust a pathetic excuse!” He refused tolook at her face, at the tears he knew were sliding down her cheeks. He refused to be played, like his fatherhad played his mother all those years ago. He would end it right here andnow. He just needed to clear his head which had begun to spin.“Nic?” He heard Vicki’s worried voice come from a long way away. “Can I get a drink down here?” complained another patron. “Get your own sodding drink!”
  40. 40. Nic felt like he was walking in athick fog. There was a laughing cow who he wanted to throttle but couldn’t reach and he knew Vicki was there and crying, but he couldn’t find her. “Are those paramedics coming yet?” He heard her yell.“Please be okay Nic, please! I can’tlose you! I love you so much, even if you don’t love me anymore.”Nic felt something wet drip on his cheek and managed to open his eyes. “Nic! Thank goodness you’re awake!”“You love me?” he rasped and triedto get up. Already he could feel hisheadache going and the cuts to his face healing. “Just stay still. Sorry about the cushion but I had nothing else. I think you might have a concussion.”
  41. 41. Nic tried to sit up, even while Vicki tried to push him back down. “It’s okay, I’m a vampire.”“I figured that, but what does that have to do with it?”“We heal ourselves, see I’m nearlybetter already” smiled Nic weakly. “You scared me so much!” “What did I do?”“You turned into a bat, flew around in circles and slammed into the drinks cabinet!” “Did I break anything?” “Yes, a bottle of wine, the owner wasn’t impressed.” “Hope it was a good year.” “In this place? I doubt it.”“Miss Night, if the patron can sit upand talk, you can go back to work!”snapped the red haired women on the other side of the bar.
  42. 42. “Yes miss.” “Hang on a minute.” said Nic quickly recovering. “My woman doesn’t need to work in your crummy bar.”“Is that so, then she can hand over her apron and leave.” “Nic!“She will. She doesn’t need the likes of you telling her what to do; shehas a well provided home with me.” “I do?”“Better watch yourself vampire boy or you’ll never work in this town again!” snarled the owner of the club. “The name is Nic Mobacy, and we have no need of your money; you’re the one who better watch herself.”The red haired lady narrowed her eyes and stalked off. AnotherMobacy! It was time to fix them for good.
  43. 43. “Am I really your woman? I thought you wanted nothing more to do with me?” “I was a fool and a cow in a fog told me so.”“What?” Laughed Vicki. “Are you sure you don’t have concussion?” “No I just have you, if you’ll have me? I warn you now, Itend to be rather arrogant and fall into glass a lot.”“Then you will need someoneto fix you up, vampire or not” said Vicki smiling.
  44. 44. ~~~Is that enough with the romance already? *gags a little*
  45. 45. The two simselves watched Nic and Vicki leave hand in hand, well satisfied they had saved their relationship. “I’m glad I don’t have to stay that way” said Sawyer. “Yeah me too, you were really on the nose!” “Tell me ‘Marcy’, what was all that stuff at the diner about?” “You tell me! I’ve never seen anyone eat so grossly, and feather weight champion indeed.” “That was Fergus, not me. I was in character.” “You’re first great acting role. You nearly gave the game away telling Nic things he hadn’t even said!” “He would have done, if he could.” Also that line about “Not your type” laughed Holley. “Anyone in a skirt isn’t your type Sawyer! Come give me a kiss!” The EndHope you enjoyed this somewhat different style from me and the twist at the end with Fergus and Marcy really being simselves. ;)