A Very Cheesy Asylum part five


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A Very Cheesy Asylum part five

  1. 1. Uh-oh
  2. 2. In the asylum since last time Skills were learnt
  3. 3. Well dang, there goes lunchHelp, saveus from theB.O! >cough< >gasp< Butterflies narrowly escaped.
  4. 4. Humongous aspiration points were gained for napping on the couch.
  5. 5. I must come back to this earthling resort again.Some people just look after themselves too well. <_<
  6. 6. Someone got a fork? Anyone?!Congratulationson finding yourinner hippy Gem! Gem got in touch with her hippy side.
  7. 7. Fights were fought.
  8. 8. With walls losing badly
  9. 9. I alwayswanted tobe a pirate!
  10. 10. And sim Jo continued eating as much grilled cheese as possible. “Hello! Real me are you there!?! I need a bed!”
  11. 11. Psst! Quick sim Jo, a bed just became vacant! I don’t want to zzzzz get up for the school bus zzzzz yet mum Hurry up you lazy thing!So as I can’t be passing out and all the beds were taken I grabbed the couch.
  12. 12. Possession isnine tenth ofthe law. “Fuzzy! That’s my bed!” That’s what you get for not being able to run.
  13. 13. Luckily another bed became available so I quickly took that one instead and ...is that smoke?
  14. 14. Some of us are trying to sleep here!No just the usual dust clouds. Gem and Chewy are constantly fighting, sometimes multiple times in a row.
  15. 15. Gem looks to be enjoying herself...a little too much me thinks.
  16. 16. Ohw ohw ohw! “Fuzzy there is a solution for that, it’s called the toilet” “Shut-up Gem! It’s both of your faults I didn’t go in the first place!”I really thought Fuzzy was going to be another pee on the floor; man did she ever sprint to the toilet after this.
  17. 17. Earlier...She’sbehind meisn’t she?Scribbles was in the toilet while Fuzzy and Gem waited outside.
  18. 18. “I’m sure I’ll be next.” >hand wring<Gem “Actually I think I’ll kill Scribbles today for a change.”
  19. 19. Chewy “How about you pick on someone else!” Gem “Like this?” >slapity slap slap<Fuzzy *Mm-mm my man is so hot getting slapped around*
  20. 20. “Looking good, no black roots, hair nice and tidy.”
  21. 21. “Could you guys keep the dust down! Sheesh it might get in my hair.”
  22. 22. “That’s better. Next time keep it away from the purple yeah?”
  23. 23. “Congratulations on making Chewy your enemy Gem, all the better to have no compition” Scribbles and Sawyer still not making any moves.
  24. 24. >kaching< Fuzzy “Gem hasn’t played yet.”Sawyer: “yeah, I’m waiting for some honky tonk tunes.”
  25. 25. Scribbles “That’s for being awesome anyway Gem.”
  26. 26. “Heck yeah! I’ll accept that!”
  27. 27. Earlier: “Chewy darling, can you move?” Gem >wack, wack, wackety wack<
  28. 28. Chewy “Just a sec” >slap, slap, SLAP!< “Gem...Chewy...” >sigh<
  29. 29. Sawyer and Scribbles continue their obviously unobvious relationship.
  30. 30. Then I thought where is Ani-Mei?
  31. 31. I found her Passed out on the roof.
  32. 32. She was still there come nightfall.
  33. 33. I was really glad when she finally woke up! I think she nearly froze up there.
  34. 34. This next bit is titled “And how the inmates prevent me from eating Grilled cheese”It was at this point I thought I could use the energizer, but needed some aspiration points to do so. It isn’t good to be the controllable and be in the red! I thought I had a screenshot of my pathetic want panel, but it didn’t have eat or make grill cheese on it. >slaps self< It did have gain a cooking skill. But cooking is a bit slow at this point; I needed to get energized soon.
  35. 35. So I thought cooking channel. No can’t watch while someone naps. Hmmm.
  36. 36. >ding< Order groceries so the doorbell will wake Chewy up.
  37. 37. “Oi! Esme! You weren’t supposed to take his place!”
  38. 38. “Hmmph so I’ll wake her up with a little jazz-a-size on the telly.” >smirk<
  39. 39. “Did you have to?” “You think I want to look like a purple berry?”“Does the resort have a schedule of activities that I’m missing?” “Oh Esme”
  40. 40. We pillage, we plunder, we rifle and loot Drink up me hearties, yo ho We kidnap and ravage and dont give a hoot Drink up me hearties, yo hoSo seeing she missed out on exercise class Esme went to spend some quality time with the bath tub alien pirate ship
  41. 41. We extort, we pilfer, wefilch and sackDrink up me hearties, yo hoMaraud and embezzle andeven high-jackDrink up me hearties yo ho
  42. 42. We kindle and char, inflameand igniteDrink up me hearties, yo hoWe burn up the city, werereally a frightDrink up me hearties, yo ho Yep, Esme doesn’t have a care in the world.
  43. 43. After gaining my cooking point neither did I, as I could just use this contraption. I’m sure it’s fuelled by potato home brew-powerful stuff. Jess I did not set your outerwear to the leaves! Some people’s outerwear changed after I did some file sorting.
  44. 44. Lol now that is funny. I think this only makes the second time I’ve ever tried this thing. But seeing it appears to work like Maxmotives I thought it would really help. It wasn’t until some days later I realized that the use of aspiration rewards is against the rules. *Head desk*
  45. 45. Other ways the inmates stop me are blocking doorways. “Come on Gem, can’t you cry inside?” “Noo! Wahhh!”
  46. 46. They shoo me out.“Come on Sawyer!”
  47. 47. “La la la”
  48. 48. They steal my cheese.“Watch out! Coming through!”
  49. 49. And generally make a nuisance of themselves. (Walls down so you can see both fights)
  50. 50. The energizer was helping a lot. My simself seems to be enjoying herself a little too much, although the slippers don’t look happy. *Why has this got slower?*
  51. 51. Oh that... THAT!!For some reason the normally quick energizer seemed to take forever!
  52. 52. “Hey scribbles did you hear the one about the chicken?” “Which one?” Urk somebody ring the fire department!
  53. 53. .....“Is it just me or is a little warm?”
  54. 54. *Sawyer is so hot he can light the stove on fire* “Ani-Mei, get back it’s a fire!”
  55. 55. “Hmm so it is” >wacks Fuzzy in the face with her wings< “Urrk”
  56. 56. “Scribbles get out of the flames, even though it gives me another 3,000 points!”
  57. 57. *Ah that feels good.* leisurely stroll back inside.
  58. 58. ...
  59. 59. “So what’s all the drama about?”You might want to move away, even about an inch Dr Cheese.
  60. 60. And everything goes back to normal. Scribble >worry hands<Fuzzy “I hope that fire didn’t singe my hair” Sawyer and Ani-Mei >gouging eyes<
  61. 61. That is the first time I’ve ever had a fire destroy an object in the game.
  62. 62. “How many grilled cheese have you eaten Jo, you need to step on it. We only have 9 days to becoming elders!” “Well apparently those last 70 or so were illegal, the rules state no aspiration rewards.”
  63. 63. “So can’t you recycle them or something?” “Recycle?”“Like a cow, re-chew and you’d be done!”
  64. 64. “Thanks for the advice Fuzzy... I’m sure that will taste just like factory waste.” “Any time.”
  65. 65. “Please tell me the end of this nightmare is insight.” I’ve eaten 130, with about 70 of those thanks to Mr Energizer, which will now not be used again. I also think I need some kind of penalty so I’vedecuided when I play it next I will swap the couch for a chair. Although seeing Esme’s lives on it, it may be more of a penilty to her. I’m open to better sugestions.