A very Cheesy Asylum part 4


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A very Cheesy Asylum part 4

  1. 1. That’s cheese?
  2. 2. Let me sit on your porch, let me drink a beer Let me scratch that hound dog’s ear Let me rock in your rocking chair Gimme peace, gimmee peace, gimme peace.And asylum life carries on as normal.
  3. 3. Show me your garden, Ilove to hoeLet me walk in a fertile rowI got some seeds that I’dlike to sowGimme peace, gimmepeace, gimme peace.
  4. 4. And when that eveningsun goes downDrive me into yourhometownLet me buy yourfriends a roundGimme peace, gimmepeace, gimme peace.
  5. 5. Let me drink waterfrom your wellTell me a story thatyou’d like to tellI think you’ll find thatI’ll listen wellGimme peace, gimmepeace, gimme peace.
  6. 6. When you’ve had all of methat you can takeSay so long with a stronghandshakeDon’t get to drinkin’ andask me to stayGimme peace, gimmepeace, gimme peace.
  7. 7. And when that evening sun goes down Drive me into your hometown I’ll catch that next truck outward-bound Gimme peace, gimme peace, gimme peace. You can find out what time that bus leaves for cincinnati.Gimme Peace by Tom T. Hall
  8. 8. So err what’s going on?Sawyer: “I’m so hungry I could even eat Esme.
  9. 9. Jess continues to hold onto every crumb of her grilled cheese. “Jess I need that grilled cheese!” “I need it more!” “One bite?” “No!”
  10. 10. “Hey Esme you know the one about the alien eating cheese?” “No, tell me!”While Esme is always willing to hand hers over to the cause. Hehe.
  11. 11. “Jess!”“Washing plates now.” “But...” “Too busy.”
  12. 12. I can’t find the food?We are also getting several cases of ‘I can’t find the foodittus’.
  13. 13. Urk urk give me food!Gem you’re a grilled cheese sim in front of a fridge and a stove!
  14. 14. “Something seems wrong here!”
  15. 15. “A sleep should fix things, right?”
  16. 16. “Umm hello, someone needs to use maxmotives!”
  17. 17. “Playing catch didn’t help either!”Ani-mei was a worry. She got in and out of bed three times before going to play catch and finally going to eat.
  18. 18. I’m starving andit’s making my leghurt!
  19. 19. That would be because you’re standing in the door Scribbles. Again right in the kitchen.
  20. 20. No our aim is to be as trying and difficult as possible!Fuzzy was another who I thought might starve. Honestly can’t you lot get hungry when I’m awake?
  21. 21. Food, food where are you?!Get up, make a meal, call to meal... (walls down so you can see)
  22. 22. Jess: “What’s that purple thing over in the wall?”Ani-Mei: “maybe it’s one of those cute fluffy pets!”
  23. 23. Whoever saidthis wall wastasty is a liar!
  24. 24. “Maybe some exercise will help”
  25. 25. Hey you know this seat is rather comfyCall to meal, call to meal, call to framming meal!
  26. 26. Maybe someone could peel and feed me some grapes?“Fuzzy for the love of plumbbob would you eat something!” Thankfully Fuzzy did finally grab an instant meal.
  27. 27. Sawyer was also in some major trouble.
  28. 28. Sawyer “Doesn’t anyone have some milk and cookies for Santa’s elf?”As you can see Ani-Mei was doing her hungry dance at the same time as sawyer.
  29. 29. “Who needs milk and cookies when you can boogie on down!”
  30. 30. Then he went to bed and got up again.
  31. 31. Finally sat down to eat...
  32. 32. Kerspalt!And became our first pass out! Sawyer wins a sleepy time bear that plays six lullabies.
  33. 33. Gee, grilledcheese doesn’tstay fresh forlonger than aminute. He slept for ages.
  34. 34. I don’t think Ishould havesneakedSanta’s eggnog.
  35. 35. “It was the invisible water elves!”Which also made him our first pee on the floor. Sawyer wins a year long pass to ‘Wet and Wild’ He’s doing pretty good as far as prizes go. *Wet and Wild is a water theme park over here.
  36. 36. Fuzzy “Gees Sawyer that smells worse than Scribbles or Dr Cheese!”
  37. 37. We also had a genie lamp drop off-of course! Every house I play gets a genie at some point. That hardly seems fair to use, so it’s staying in inventory.
  38. 38. Come err ya wee varmint!We also had our first telescope peeping. It’s certainly taking them long enough to get into trouble.
  39. 39. And just who is getting into trouble?
  40. 40. “How dare yee be a spying up me kilt” That’s the stairs...“Knew I should have grabbed me glasses”
  41. 41. “I’m gonna prod yee and gain 1000 aspiration points for et”
  42. 42. “Oiy! Get your hands off!” “Ouch! Yee cut ma little pinky ya did!” “I’ll cut more than that off!”Gem might not be the one you want to pick on Leod.
  43. 43. She’s scary even to her friends.“You’d look good with a nose piercing Sawyer.”
  44. 44. If you remember a few pages back I said Fuzzy ended up grabbing an instant meal, well it didn’t last very long. So after complaining Fuzzy decided to cook.
  45. 45. “So there was this astronaut”“Did he have dark hair and glasses?”
  46. 46. “No but he was loaded!” The stove ladies?
  47. 47. “Let’s go play catch.” “Sounds like fun!”
  48. 48. ...
  49. 49. The first to set the place on fire award goes to Fuzzy! She wins an all expenses paid holiday to pyro camp and a fire extinguisher.
  50. 50. “My lovely croissants!”
  51. 51. “Hmm I feel compelled to get out of bed and ring emergency, now where is that number?”
  52. 52. *A wonder what that hot looking firefighter is doing here?*
  53. 53. “A fire!”
  54. 54. So not exactly hot, but look my new grey eye default!
  55. 55. Chewy “There ...A little crispy?” “Just a >gag< bit”
  56. 56. “Still beats eating the cockroaches like we did on the Black Perl, did I tell ya all about the day we...” “Chewy!”
  57. 57. Gag, gag, swoon,The fire has left a lot of stinky, hungry inmates.
  58. 58. Gem tries the sink.
  59. 59. Other go to bed.
  60. 60. While some of us try for the bathroom.
  61. 61. Of course while being clean is nice a bath does take awhile.
  62. 62. Which may lead to other consequences...
  63. 63. “It was the monkey I swear!”*Pippi Longstocking has a pet monkey.
  64. 64. Poor Jess and she doesn’t even win a prize as she wasn’t the first. But look! Pretty default eyes!
  65. 65. And sink time!
  66. 66. Scribbles got fit
  67. 67. Fuzzy and Chewy finally started acting like a couple again. They kind of ignored each other for a few days.
  68. 68. I was beginning to think maybe Esme was going to pull something on him as they had been spending a fair bit of time playing games and pillow fighting.
  69. 69. Although maybe Esme can’t make up her mind.“Oh Esme how could you think Sawyer is hot!”
  70. 70. Gem is not amused.
  71. 71. “This lovey dovey stuff is killing me! I think I’d rather stab myself in the head!”
  72. 72. “How about you eat more grilled cheese and get us all out of here!”Scribbles may be right, we are about 18 days from elderhood and the grilled cheese total stands at 54!