COERLL June Webinar 2 - The Practice of Adapting, Teaching, and Creating OER


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COERLL June Webinar Series #2 - The Practice of Adapting, Teaching, and Creating OER. Garin Fons, Nathalie Steinfeld Childre, Orlando Kelm, Carl Blyth, Amanda Dalola

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COERLL June Webinar 2 - The Practice of Adapting, Teaching, and Creating OER

  1. 1. The webinar will begin shortly.Right now, You should hear music.If you don’t, please check your audio settings.There’s a “help” setting at the top if you need it.Internet Explorer doesn’t seem to work great.Public Domain Content:, you are listening to “Lonesome.”music by Tymphony (From Istanbul, Turkey)-licensed under CC: BY-SA- available on
  2. 2. with Garin Fonsand NathalieSteinfeldChildre
  3. 3. Introductory NotesHashtag: #COERLLWebsite: www.coerll.utexas.eduTechnical HelpPublic Domain Image: Questions!email:
  4. 4. Opening RemarksPublic Domain Image:“hello, world.”
  5. 5. Last sessionthe changinglandscapeof educationCC: By-nc james gordon
  6. 6. Searching and Finding OER - Language Learning repositories
  7. 7. CCSome Rights Reserved
  8. 8. It’s Good to SharePublic Domain Content: content using toolsthat make it easy to shareShare what you create; licenseit using Creative CommonsEncourage others to shareSupport those who do share
  9. 9. the changinglandscapeof educationCC: By-nc james gordon
  10. 10. peopleResourcesideasTeaching
  11. 11. peopleResourcesideasOpenmusicopenResearchopentextbooksOpenSourcesoftwareTheOpen webOpenDataOpenEducationalResourcesopenstandardsTeachingOpen resourcesenhance teaching
  12. 12. CC: BY-ND gfpeck what you want
  13. 13. Cultivate LearningPublic Domain Content:
  14. 14. “something wrong,gentlemen?”
  15. 15. A Bvs.A Bcdef gh2418
  16. 16. Free, No cost.Free vs. OpenCC: BY-NC CodyHoffman to reuse, revise,remix, redistribute.
  17. 17. A Creative SparkWhat we believe about OERCC: BY-NC-SA Lotus Carroll
  18. 18. An Adaptable ResourceCC: BY-NC-nd de.laina we believe about OER
  19. 19. driver of improvementCC: By Robert S. Donovan h we believe about OER
  20. 20. an Investment in a new educational paradigmCC: BY-NC-nd jessica lucia we believe about OER
  21. 21. Property of everyoneWhy OER? WHY NOW?cc: by-nc Sarah Browning
  22. 22. CC: BY-NC-SA gravity_grave“A University educationis not a box of books.”- Larry BAcow (MIT faculty)Why OER? WHY NOW?
  23. 23. Public Domain Content: OER? WHY NOW?value in transformation
  24. 24. cc: by-nc-sa jairoagua in enabling connectionWhy OER? WHY NOW?
  25. 25. cc: by-sa theseanster93 in the game nowWhy OER? WHY NOW?
  26. 26. “check out thisopen resource!”public domain content
  27. 27. “it’s heresomewhere!”public domain content
  28. 28. cc: by-nc thomas hawk OEROER - Ready to Unwrap
  29. 29. cc: by-nc thomas hawk wide variety of stuffAvailable OER
  30. 30. OER is Evolving - Pretty FastCC: By Raneko OER
  31. 31. cc: BY-nc-nd Sindaas Madhavi OER to your contextevaluate the resource
  32. 32. cc: BY-nc-sa cobalt123 Content with Learner’s NeedsAdapt
  33. 33. cc: BY-nc-sa MAgs with curricular standardsAdapt
  34. 34. public domain contentDetermine ease of useAdapt
  35. 35. Degree of OpennessAdapt
  36. 36. Consider thereputation ofthe authorcc: BY-nc-sa Kalexanderson
  37. 37. find the appropriate editing environmentStandard office suite word / presentation tools work just fine.So do Google docs!
  38. 38. Be sure to add an open license
  39. 39. Share Your WOrkQuality Drives AdoptionCC: BY-nc niklas wikström
  40. 40. Share your work
  41. 41. #langchat#edchatForeign Language TeachingCreating an Open ClassroomPeeragogy in ActionFIND othersTalk with colleagues“let’s make something.”public domain content:
  42. 42. Hearing from The ProsAmanda DalolaOrlando KelmCarl BlythCC: BY-nc-sa FXTC
  43. 43. Teaching with OER
  44. 44. Brazilpod | Tá falado | Conversa Brasileira
  45. 45. putting the pieces together
  46. 46. LARC - Lesson Plan Generator