International incorporation


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  • Legal documents (Static) which don’t change, but govern the companyAccounting Records / Meetings / Minutes (Dynamic) which change on monthly, yearly, quarterly basis, and need to be maintained
  • International incorporation

    1. 1. Incorporation and Offshore BusinessDisclaimer: Not legal or tax advice foryour situation. Talk to a tax attorneybefore taking action.
    2. 2. Essential PartsLawGoverning the jurisdictionSpecific to that State or Country• Paper– Registered Office– Legal documents (Static)– Bank Account– Accounting Records / Meetings / Minutes (Dynamic)• People– Secretary– Director– Shareholders / Members– (treasurer, vice president, BOD, etc.)
    3. 3. Why Form a Company?• -ability to open a corporate bank account• -privacy• -strong asset protection• -professional appearance• -debts, assets, licenses, contracts, can bemade or held by the legal entity• -liability is limited, and you distanced from theactions of your business
    4. 4. More Benefits• -banking/investment opportunities otherwise notavailable• -planting of a flag in a strategic location• -mitigation of sovereign risk• -protection from bankruptcy, lawsuits, divorce,civil unrest, and other ‘worse case scenarios’• -access to higher risk merchant accounts• -access to funding or investment capital• -visas, Passports, and more…
    5. 5. Legal Entities• C- Corp (Company limited by shares)• LLC (company limited by partners interest)• IBC International Business Company• Pte. Ltd. Company limited by sharess– With NO liability protection: sole proprietorship,– Others not covered… LLLP, APT, Trust
    6. 6. JurisdictionsWyomingDelaware---------------BelizeBVI | HKSingapore
    7. 7. Wyoming LLC• No state tax• Simplicity• Privacy• Strong asset protection• Cheap• Key Components– Operating Agreement– Good Standing (access online)– Articles of Incorporation
    8. 8. Delaware C-Corp• Best State in the US for Corporation• Fortune 5000 companies start here• Ideal for raising money in Silicon Valley• The only company for going public– Americans can elect S-Corp (limited to 100shareholders)– Foreigners can only elect C-Corp (corporatetaxation)
    9. 9. Belize LLC• No country tax• Simplicity• Privacy• Strong asset protection• Cheap• Key Components– Operating Agreement– M&AA– Articles of Incorporation(very similar to Wyoming LLC’s)
    10. 10. BVI IBC + Hong Kong Bank• Why a British Virgin Islands Internationalbusiness company? Not a Hong Kong Co?• BVI Company– Paired with Hong Kong Bank AccountOR…– Singapore Bank Account
    11. 11. The Best For Last…• Requires local director• Requires local secretary• No tax on first 3 years (<100k turnover)• Employment passes and visas possible• Banking Opportunities• High level of credibility
    12. 12. Singapore: The Best Place in the Worldto Start a Business.
    13. 13. • Singapore Upsides–Entrepass–OPM–Company Law–Quality of Life• Downsides–Beer = S$5 = $4 US Dollars–More Expensive to Baseline
    14. 14. Entrepass• Citizenship within 4 years is possible– Entrepass– PR– Citizenship and Passport• Incorporate Company– Capitalize with 50,000– Spend 100,000 per year– Hire 2 Singaporean Employees
    15. 15. Liquidity
    16. 16. Venture CapitalAngel Investors ($50,000 to $250,000)Incubators ($15,000 to $150,000)• Government Money– Numerous Grants $50,000– Spring Seeds $250,000– Spring TECS $250,000 POC $500,000 POV– TIS NRF $589,000• Private Equity ($1M to $5M)
    17. 17. SG OPM PLAYBOOK• Every Investment Firm In Singapore• 30+ Angels• All NRF TIS Incubators• 15 Seed Funds• Private Equity• All levels of Venture Capital• All Contact Details including personal names andemails of directors as well as linkedin• Template Emails – Well Organized with specific noteson typical size of investment and particular areas ofinterest
    18. 18.••