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Cod Steaks specialises in creative design and construction for film, the arts and industry. This is a showcase of our public artworks.

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  1. 1. 3D Design A showcase of Cod Steaks Public Art works
  2. 2. ‘The enthusiasm and warmth for the project amongst Cod Steaks staff was apparent; this meant we formed an open and easy working relationship... We were extremely pleased with the final work, which was appropriate for the site, a good scale, sturdy, durable and very memorable - in fact it more than met the project brief and our expectations of the original design... Many people using the path have commented on how much it has improved the area, really putting it on the map.’ . We are strong believers in the importance of creating public artworks that sensitively engage with the local community. As well as creating beautiful and adventurous works, we understand the importance of creating a piece that will respond directly with the area it is placed and fit sympathetically within the surrounding environment. The following is a showcase of artworks from our portfolio to demonstrate the vast experience we have in creating site-specific installations, along with the breadth of our creativity and extensive range of materials we can work with to achieve the most stunning, yet functional results. All work was designed and built entirely at Cod Steaks’ workshop, before being installed on site by our own team…
  3. 3. Date: April 2009 / Media: Metal work, embossing and artworking
  4. 4. Date: Aug 2009 / Media: Hand sculpting and casting in cold cast iron
  5. 5. Date: May 2009 / Media: Metal work, casting, spray finishing
  6. 6. Date: May 2009 / Media: Metal work and artworking
  7. 7. (Bristol & Bath Cycle Path Commission) Bristol & Bath Cycle Path Commission: Cod Steaks was commissioned by Sustrans to design, build and install this landmark entrance for the Bristol to Bath cycle route. Installed in July 2007 and standing at 16ft high, the site specific artwork commemorates the site’s historical use as a railway line and celebrates its current use as a green highway for cyclists and pedestrians. The tree themed archway was designed to sit comfortably within the current landscape by continuing the avenue of trees along the cycle path. Locally sourced steel was used to reflect the sustainable values of Sustrans green highway and recycled RSJs from a local building site were selected to represent the parallel lines of railway tracks. Date: July 2007 / Media: RSJs, metal work and artworking
  8. 8. Date: June 2009 / Media: Sculpture and cast resin
  9. 9. Date: Jan 2007/ Media: Steel core shrouded in fibreglass with metal filings in resin to replicate a realistic steel finish
  10. 10. Date: Sept 2009 / Media: Steel stems and cast
  11. 11. Date: 2007 / Media: low relief sculpting, light and sound installation
  12. 12. Date: April 2008 / Media: Recycled formed plastics, steel framework and legs, resin cast, Corten steel stands
  13. 13. Date: 2007 / Media: Metalwork and artworking
  14. 14. Date: 2008 / Media: Rolled steel frame with cast iron leaf detail
  15. 15. ‘‘Cod Steaks were a joy to work with. I engage frequently with artists and my experience is that often the more talented an artist is, or thinks he is, the more difficult it is to work together. Not so with this company. From start to finish communication was excellent with Ruth providing wonderful images and co-operating fully with the demands of our P.R. department. The company took this commission very seriously and did exactly what they were asked to do in terms of research & community consultation. Theirs was a perfect fusion of artistic expertise and customer care! The final two artworks are the evidence of this energetic design process and have been finished to a standard that has surpassed what was envisaged. It has been a privilege for me to work with artists of such high caliber and professionalism and their wonderful pieces will enrich this border area for many years.’’ Roisin Connolly, Programme Manager, HEART Sculpture Trail, Strabane District Council
  16. 16. Main Contact: Renae Cronin Cod Steaks Ltd 2 Cole Road St Philips Bristol BS2 0UG t: +44 (0)117 980 3910 f: +44 (0)117 972 8999