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1894 10 11

1894 10 11



Corunna News 1894-10-14

Corunna News 1894-10-14



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    1894 10 11 1894 10 11 Document Transcript

    • THE JOURNAL. ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR. Corurna, Michigan, Oct. II, 1894 Volume XIV, Nun-jberAS ITEMS OF INTEREST, n—Roger Haviland home over Sunday. I For County CUrk. THE CORUNNA JOURNAL, BANC«OFT FAIR. mitrninp, at O' ill 1! —E Carr has some barn ens to sell y e t . J S ^ " " "' B"r°8> * * " " •*" > ™ W ^ i p - U i - . coun.y " —J. W. Yerkes, of Bennington, la • of the Rain, it Proved A the C+Htny !i»nt of £J№i«*M*r .J« . convention nominated Duane 0 . Cooper DtnttcA to the intern** if !*.«»! GOV, McKINLEY, town Saturday. a Grand S u c c e s s , a n d D e s e r v e * John Fatehel, of Vornon, called on for this important ofilce. At that time farty and tit* the Title of Being Called t h e B a n - 1 At Estev's Crossing, Owosso, on —Mrs. Mac Mazoo is vldti.ig her friends here Monday. j the JOUKXAL was pleased to say as fol- ner Fair of trn* County. ; Friday, Oct. 12, at 12:30 p. m. mother, Mrs, AlwimHnger. —The law flnn of ('handler and Frle- lows: •6]8SDM 4 1ELCH ! CONOKKSS.MAN I.IXTOX AXI) ITON F . I I . —Aldennao Thomas and S. S. Obapell ; WATSON. gel has been dissolved* —Koy Keith, of Mt. Clemens, visiting The eighth nuuuai -iiauurolt I'liion TB.HMX:—OuoYctir, *1..:V *1 tirty returned home last Saturday. Venice Town Hall, eveni.ig, Oct. 11. relatives here this week. Market Fair is now a thing of ths past, em*, three months twenty-five cents. —Mrs. Oscar Auisden was oo the sick- '.'Byron, evening, Oct. 12. —Isaac Frederick bus been appointed ! and the people have gone on their way A<1ver!ians>r rates made knmvii at th« list the latter part of last week. ; L. E. HA.MJLTOX. postmaster at Pittsburg. • FiRSfCLASS FACiLITlES FOR Morrice, evening, Oct. 12. —Mrs. JR. V. Hunt died at Bancroft, HON. W. 31. KH.I>ATKICK & HON. i l . II. last Thursday, after a long illness. —Mrs. J. 1>. l^lstul, of Sagiuaw, vi«- I tbers is any out fair in Central Michi- j gun where every depjrtiuei.it is socrowd- itiujf friends here this week. ' l*LXVKli. —John Henderson, of llusli, ami John | e<! with article-si that dcUght the eye of Fairfield Town Hall, evening, Oct. 11. Shaw, of Kerby, here Monday on pro- —Nearly 3.0U0 students will attend I persors who view thorn, it is the annual PRINTING. N'eff Haven Town Hall, evening, Oct.12 ! Vernon'evening, Oct.30, bate matters. the stale university this year. exhibition ueld in the beautiful village —The new Ut iff law has cheapened of BaiiL-ruft. i t WH« not nor has it ever ; Byron " * "• 31. " —•'ita. Chas. B. Othutcr is Vying very : Leiinon; " " 20. tli« price of clay pipes SO per cent. been u one-day fair, but in spite of the DIRECTORY. ill at her mother'•» residence, a lew i Bancroft " Nov. 1. —Boro, Out. «th, this city, u> Mr. and very (lis.t^r**a!jle weather which char- miles north. S. S. M'lMCU AND F. F. BUMl'S. Mra. Herbert Nickels, a daughter. acterized the three dayc, there were Jas. M. Goodell, j Kirker school house, Shiawassee, Oet.lG — Mrs. M. Wisght. of ralhn'wn, Mich., large VTOW'I.- prt*M«fit. who s^iiitd lu en- | New Lothrop, evening, Oct. 18, is visiting at the resilience of her broth- —Ezra Mason, of Owosso, looked iu joy t|i«iu*eU»-3 regard)*** of i h c er, AiKSoti I>eUeri«.*h. on the txmnJ ol supervisor*, Monday. CORUNNA, MICH. ! GRANT FKLLOWS. and tUv ui»i»iig*3Uriit nave MUM to cou- office.in Bank Block. Opposite tht Court; Vernon, evening. Oct. 1"». —Counly Treasurer (ieo. 1>, Manon, —Kx-^jheritt' Cole and Kalpb Perry, gratuiaie thetu*elvt> upon i u House Durand " O<;t. | visited hi* brother, K. U Harou, at of Vernon, among the callers here Mon- which wa* brought about by their iode- Byron ** Oct. 17. d«v. HON. jCharlotte, last week. FRKD A..XZAVNARD. **The duties of that oflic* are varied, fatigable ertbrU to nuke it the banner H WATSON OOEI.CHAPMAN —1>. M. Tillman will sooa commence but as the naine implies, are of tbe clerk- fair. Owofso, evening, Oct. 22. [ —John Waich, of Owo#*o, here Salur- WATSON & CHAPMAN, jday.a* cooiuii-wiouvr m the t*ta!e of K manufacture wagons and buggies at ship order. He is not only county clerk » Th« floral ball, wfaivhfirsMtattracted HON. J. W. G I M M M ; ? . Attorneys and Counselors at Law. iJosiab Ueuton, (lece&M^!. Byron. but is also clerk of the circuit court. our»«etitivo upon e-nteritijc thf ^rouuU», i Kancroft. eveniugy Oi*t. 25. o Second National Bank, Owoeso, Mien. I Laingsburg evening, Oct. Jti. W. W. Stuitti. of ^t, Catfearfov. —M-*. Hugh StcCur<5y aud Miss Edna register in chancery, c)erk of the board W«M «»ttK-Ktit in itxmtt to r*pay aay per- j A. E. Richards and $. S. Mineral Venice Is vUittug tier brother. Mr. c . M*r«*l»»h lit !>etrolt Tuesday and V ed- of supervisors and secretary of thej w n their ritae and expense if they had v .—6 W. COOPER,— j town hail, evening, Oct. 22. A. Youug. of thU oity. board of county canvasser*. He hi» i K*»< no farther, IN8URftNCEftGT.aND DEALER IN I A. KKicbarrts and F. F. Bumps, Shafts- ! borg, evening. Oct. '23. —Mr. aod M r i Kraok MHlxnl aa<! —Mr. Frank Task and Miss Josie more or le*s to do with ail of the vomity Tbeftrit<H*pj«y upon entering flora] offices. j b a U j y u that of sbelley Bros. A RDftL ESTftTE lion. W. M. KilpatTirk and S. S. Milter, Henderson, evening. Oct. 34. Mr*. Ed. ^buttle worth aUeml- - Rogers were married at Owosso, Satur- ] «d cbe Bai№roft Fair. day evening. 4 A successful clerk should be an ] lianlvare, awl a flue exhibit it was. est man, write a legible haud, be jj this booth wwn a <aue ol rare s CORUJTSA, MICH. i Hon. W. M. KlLPATRK-K AXI>H.f _M*s, Frank Cue of Ss^iaaw, viait-1 —Dr. W. S, Jom» may for the pres-1 painstaking and neat with h b work, as | ooikcted on tbe we*v co«*t ot Africa by »Ts. MINER, i Burton, evening, Oct. 25. ed her Mr, and Mrs. D. O. Ev!| wit be found at rooms 10 and 11 at thehe is recordiu^r for future Keueratiooe | ** L- SawJI*«l; oext came thet«autifttl here over Sunday t Grand Central. to read. Good-judgment and pleasant • display v I H. C. Moore, elhfhiting bi» OOceln William's Block,Owoseo, Mich. | New*Haven Town Hall, evening. Oct.27. j —Mrs. Ella Keith, of Mt. Clemens, is j- —Andrew Love; of Antrim, and Dr. manners iu dealing with tbe public are! skill as a nhotogr*f*er, which attracted I Hoa. H. H. Pulver *tsd A. E. Richards j visiting her sister, Mr?, C. I). Stuith..! I/ove, of Durand, visited with County also quite necessary. | much notice, as also did tbe collectioaa ; at Morrice. eveninsf, Nov. 2. i and other relatives here. Treasurer Mason Tuesday. 4i Duane C . Cooper pogje^ses all of | of D. Bryant and Mrs, Ida Missick. The Frank F. Bumps, —ML*s Mamie Currieand Kale —Dr. Cobb. of Perry, here Tuesday these qualities and would make an|hoota dedicated to the Bancroft high T -4W CIRCUIT t Ol?BT COMMISSIOXKR. | Criind V o c a l and InstfumentaTCon-j nosky retuTOed on Suturday after a ] working up a boom foi the office of su- ideal clerk, and a* his past training htm school, »oowed ««Hne excellent work of i o e r t for t h e Benefit of H e n r y j week's visit at St. Jobn<<. | perintenclent of the poor. beep right in that line be would take the scholar*, and reflects much credit Office in Shattuck Block. Owosso. bold of these duties like a veteran clerk. ] «pon Prof. McEweu ami the teachers of F . W ^ a c e Post, O. A. R. j _ M r S . M. Ormsby aud Mrs. S.Z.Kice. —-Have you seen the fine lin* of coal Mr. Cooper is a native of Shiawassee j the lower grades. ' ~~~— 1 of this t;ii>> visited with Mrs. E. B. and wood heaters a t Green & Petti- county, baying been born in tbe town-1 Directly opjrcsite was the tea booth of DOCTOR W. S» JOXES. grand vocal and instrumental cou* j j We!cb aid Mrs. Alice Lemon, at Byron, i'bone's? If noU call and pee them. I ship of Benuiugton iu 1*45. Jlereceiv- W. .J. CJould & Co., of Detroit, which pecial attention given to Dl*~a« o f Women j cert will be given at Opera If&Il, on Fri-(last Thursday. i — Forty-five joined the M. E. Asbury ; his education in the Utstrict and i attracted so much attention at the state •ITICCOTER -* igh Kchooi llaM always re- I fair, i t was managed by Watson Bros. of Henry F. Wallace Po?t, Xo. 160, G.A. fit, here last Sunday, Key. Ward being j hatiou. the result of a recent revival, n HIP wideil iu (hi« county except during the & Martin, and the steamiruj beverage, B., of this city. Eminent talent from called away on account of the serious i _^-Ren Hur" is soon to be produced PS, thi* city and *Vwo««o have consented t o illness of hjs father. civil war. he iserved bis country with brewed i*y a real Jap, was a much d t ^ | i n OWOSMJ. under the auspices of o n e hoaor as a sailor on the Uon Clad Ft. maud, the cold weather making it all tbe JT HOTOGRAPHER. appear on this o c *sion, and from the — R, J. Holmes, of Hazelton, calltHJ on j of the guilds of Christ Epiwroparchttrcb, Hindman, und«r Admiral Porter, on the more acceptable. jiame* selected we predict for the Post» cQ'.l» ,h«r« Saturday,. Mr. —>fethodlst ladiei*' eake #mte S«tnr*' niid Kivefiu He i»-»• The fancy g«ods_ department wa» large and overflowing house. Let us ;:.-..- M1G№ srlvR the old boys a good send-off apd been in pont health the past summer day afternoon at H&ugnton s jewelry respected member of L. B. Quackenbuch crowded with beautiful ai tides, useful but i» mending slowly. . store. Coni^ »od g«t your Sun<Uy din Post. OAK, of Otoii№. Mr. Cooper* and otherwise, but all of the most artis- help them on their march rejolctuir. A. E. BICHAHDS —(',№& Kee<f, of Vprnon, rai»e<1 good tier. service* to tbe public a* a school teach- tic d»»ljjn After the concert a dance w'll l>e given, 1 nnri ( ' o u i w l n r s t t t l.*w. <)<Boc which will help kill the monotony of c»rn this• vear. He ha* hu«ked over K. Walton has assumed the «r, sujwintendent of township school*, We never saw a better display of fruits —Fret! member of the board of county school 1 and vegetables than filled those e l a t e s , Xatkonal t№nk, Corunna, Mtch. OUT long, dreary eveiiii'tgt*. Prices wilt one-hall his crop and says it averages ! romnwn>roent of the Shlkwassee examiners, bis five years1 service as''asking It a great temptation to walk be a.* follow*: General admbsioii. 1?w'.', over one luindred luisht!^ of earn to the | er. V. M. Morean, the former publish- a r r c . • ;. . . " -, .• ! er, left la^t week for an extended trip supervisor of hU township, are too welt j through without sampling the platen aud w. a HUME., t-ew»rvt*il (••v.ttf'. ^r«'.; chiidrAit uitd<;r 15. —Commissioner of S<-hool?i. E F). l>i- through South Dakota, kuowu to ueed furthtt mention." case* of delicious fruit which tilled the 10c. Look nut for the program and inmid, <?esiir<"H all of thofe who desire ; —< ounty Clerk Co*»|>er was conftniM'l Mr. C0o|wr has now been in office for shelves. biUViu'x n»:idin^ circle work. To meet in the to his home last week by sickr-.es?. -^os. nearly two years. Thnt he has made mi Opposite the frmt department was the UlJicc. <irwmid Floor, and faithful olltcvr no one wilt t*ooth occupied by K. T. Stone with pi- 1 Fir«t l>o>>r WvM of th* School Huil<ling. Msoel building, on Saturday Oct. • Collins took his place irt"the office and anos and organs. From Int. !.»outh cuute BLSI->E>S WINTERS. deny, in honor of which the KepublU »w«:t Kouuds of mufic which filled the at '2 p. in. W now a^i«tlng hint with the work of i c&u county convention reuouiiiiatttd whole hall. When wo were able to edge itS«« llitiir*,— '2 t o 4 p. en. o n w<v*k i — Rev. A. <„'. M'arshall left Monday for the board Of supervisors. ,Foit SAI.K—A n«w milch .Jersey and ! Greenville, 111., to attend' the (juitdrc'ti- •lim by accJauutiou. our way throngh the crowd which was I! COW. W. M. f Altl.TOX, —Inza Clark, who lives with her The duties of tlie^llicc are « o varied attracted that way, we found it waspro- < Wiliiarq E. Godcher, idial ?*esiiion of ttho general <-oiiferenc« tluced by the ^kiiifut lingers of John (Joruuna. Mich. graudmotberl Mr*. P. Reynolds, of thi« that tiu:e it ireciiici to l*ec«me familiar Wh«lan. i of the Free Methodists of the Irsited i city. W»H recently stung by a bee asid with them. He hssnowmaHteredthede- He will be absent two or three From the floral hitll we went to tbe Oi&ce Second D»K>r norTb of I'ofltoRtee. at M. A •). Carland's. • "» erVs'fpelas set in. Although quite pain-1 tails of th« o№«x> and id prepared" to do stock shcil-s, visiting the poultry depurt- weeks. COKtJSNW. SlK;nt«J cents ful, no serious results are apprehended. l)t'tt(tr wrvlcc than ever. As his ac-tnent on the way. Here V. <J. Jo^tihaug, —Ex-Goy. Curtin, known as the "war quuinUuce with the [>cople lu» been cu- F. 0 . and N (J. Reynolds, J. K. Miller. Walter McBride !''<•!: SAI.K—Uue good f;i!iii!y horw. •governor,"-died at his home In- Phila- —Clark M. Buell.the eminent super- iarged, !*o has hit) ;>opularity increased. K. Jones, S. T. Bixljy and others exhi- on*: three year old Napoleon marti colt. delphia, Sunday morning, aged SO years. visor from Burns, came over last even- bited coops of tine-lookhig fowls ATTORNEY AXI> < O l N'SELOli. A greatly incrcaml majoritj7 shouh! t«j The chusee devoted to sheep and swine in one platform spring wagon, one carri- H« was the first governor that G, D. £ to h^ar Gov. Rich. Clark enjoys ,O,*Bce over KitiHf-'s Drujf Store op. court faou№ reward. were overcrowded. Tbe principal ex- age, light double harness and a single 'Moreau. of this city, voted for, which the distinction of Jx-ing the first Re- hibitors of sheep were M. it. Marsh, H.. liarnes*. all in good foudition. Terms was in 1853. publican supervssor from Burns in 1J —Dr. Dennisou, of Duraud, called oti Stewart, A.'H. Warren, K. S. Burnett^ ea?y. Inquire of.). C. Thomas, Coruu- years.—Owosso Argus. Or. .fonfcsj Tuesday. L. Euler and J. H. Lyiuau, all the o w n - irrmit Ce«rt C'(mwi«»k>ker. —M. Vfc J. Carl and are receiving their ers of fine flocks. 11. Merrill. E. S. Bur- na. -^__ v. . 30tf — Mr. and Mrs. CharlesBrewster visit- winter stock of goods, which is more —The lOfiT will have'a shadow social nett, E. A. Bush. A. II. Warren and J.Wfc Go to House's restaurant for a good then ever. Everything down at the home of Rev. C. Daniels, next ed the latter's brother, City Attorney Morris showed swine. The D'irack Jer- « • . SEWTON. a«O. B. UOLD is meal. to bed rock prices. Their reputation Monday evening, to which all are in-Richards, on Monday. seys of H. Merrill and the Chester White Newton *• Gold, A'NOTHKK CUT. rihoes at 25 cents a the best.quality of goods i? vited. This is a worthy society and —It is expected that Judge Long will of E. A. Bush, were worthy of the favor- able comment they received. Tbe rows ATTORNEYS AT LAW. pair at Collins' i well known. Read their ad. in another the young people in it should have your address the Shiawassee County B&tal- of sleek cattie attracted the attention of Office Fen ton Block, P U N T , MICH. column and be sure and give them a call ] hearty co-operation lion at OWOHSO the ISth lust. all. F, A. Braden and E. 8. Burnett Luke Cotter has opened bath rooms have reason t» be proud of the fine herds a* it w»H pay you. - O n Saturday p. m., Oct. 13th, the la- j -Congressman Linton and F- M. | o f shorthorns they showed, as did E. A. M. L STEWART & co. which will be open from 5 o'clock Sat- urday afternoon until nine o'clock in —A. A. Kinney will have an auction t ]i e s of t e Presbyterian church will hold ! Watson" addressed * large and enthus-1 Bush and L. E. Euler of their Galloways, ]i t es o f the y y, the evening and all day Sunday. 211f sale at Kerby, near the Thompson school an apron and provision sale at tbe store I'asfJc sudience at the operA hall, here,j John, Turnbell of his Herfords, B.B l b I'asfJc opeA h l l h j Herfords B B. J house, on Saturday Oct. 20. The prop- of Mrs. N. C. Dewey. and buy i yesterda>. ! ih Hardv of his lloi"teins and G J *;oleT Hardy of his HoMeiiis, G. J. *;c.- Mich. Wm. Rohrabiiclier and others of the Jer- >ST, on Tuesday iiftemoo", between e r t y consists of horses, colts, wagons, vour Sunday dinner and a new apron ! —M. & J. C&rland have iu their store seys they own. d j t ^ -Established ie Conmna and Vornon, a Mno and white bug^ici. harness, drags, drills, rol'cr, with which to serve i t < quite a curiosity in the shape of a clock Passing on to the horse stalls-we saw N.A. FINCH, CASH1EH silk waist. The finder will please no- J wind-mill and other articles too humer- ^ r, i ' A . , (., , . 4 rmade in the time of Coi'uaibus. Call some as fine looking animals as can be rmade in tify or leave at this ollice. i ous to mention. All sums under §5, found anywhere, the standard-bred trot- o A Conservative Banking Hu si ness, —On Sunday evening. Oct. 14th. the I and see it. ters of Richard Henry. James Heath, C. all parts of the World. Collins has received a fresh supply of caeh ; over $">, one year's time without Presbyterian clioir. James Olutterbuck, j —G. M. Wfsincr has moved his stock J. Gale, M. W. WilJoughbv. by their Eugone Wallace and assisted by Money to ioanoniRcai Estate Security the great corn cure. Every bottle interest if paid when due. . . % . t f jta-rin- iriifwiu tA-th'n nf.w R , , r n O f t I l o o k s ana a c t i o n s , g"ivtiiij t e s t i m o n y t o will fjive a pruiseservice at thesr church.) A f " ^ - ^ r K«>ds to the new Burnett, t h e X a c t o f t u e i r bavin A h e bluest of <> warranted. N o cure no pay. —A maiden from the city tripped A collection will be taken to defray [ l'"iUHng and will add a large stock of ] blood. A. A.Sutterby, Tuos^McK.eu/.ie.- BANK lightly 'initl the trees, she snlfl'ed a Sabbath School indebtedness. Services ! dr)T g°o<R which has already been i E. J.awrence-and Wm. Hohrabacher were A <;<.K>I> house to rent. Inquire at O O K - T J T S T N A. pungent otlcr that floated on thebreeze: ' a t ? o" flock i purchased. Watch for his ad next! { i r a o »S t h e owners .of the Perdiorons, W.D. OAKRISON, I L.W.SIMMOXS, First Xatlonal Bank, Corunna. <l "pray, tell me. sturdy farmer, with anus i i"vi*. . week ' ' Clydesdales and othoi- draft horses en- President, | VJce-Presideut l Cashier, . A. UOSESKRANS Extract honev at Chase's. so brown and bare, Mrhat is the fragrant The Bancroft fair held last week j ' ! tered, while C. J. Gale, A. C. Shephard, Assistant Cashier, W. F. QJOMXC.URH. ; was the best held in the county for years. —Mr. William A. Calkins, a resident! W. J. Loujasou, J, J, Davis and Knmli 10,()00 bushels of apples wanted at flower that scents thebalmy air ?"' ' Why DIEECTORS. bless you,' said the farmer with accent Floral hall, under the management of T. of Venice township for nearly forty i n f c n w e r e s o u i e o f t h o s e w h o l l a ( 1 horses Ow Corunna Evaporator. 37-47 vears. died at the home of his son Hpnrv j n g the (Spee/l e n O l ] g n twh.ieh were excir-- } ears, died at the home ol tiis son, llenrj an( c)oge contest, o h o h l t h e ^ ROGER SHERMAN | J. imiscot.L, low a ml meek, •• that air im be a pole H. Reeves, presented attractions worthy H A. N'iCHoifi. | A.GABHISON, Starch in bulk and packages cheap Calkins, on Monday, aged 8/ years. He j tbro«gh the rain of two afternoons, the ;S<JS, ] PAT KICK GAC.I*AOHER. cat. I've smelt it for a week. : '~Kx. of a state exhibit The races were above was a man of sterling worth, respected j 2:35 trot on Wednesday being as J?CKH1 a LI. W.SIMMONS, at Chase's. the average, while the candidates were by all. The funeral services were held ! r a e e a H w e w i s h t 0 s e e : taking six heat* andpromptlyretnltted —The fair ground ought to be moved currentrRtesof KichAng-e. That chicken food at Chases the most entertaining ever seen on the yesterday at tbe Venice M. 1L church, j to decide it. Deposit* bvapeciaij cures m i ( ] W ay between Owosso and Corunna. roup. grounds. On the same afteruooji Hon. Kowland sold to any part of the world . That fact was demonstrated this year. i Connor addressed th© people from the Try Chase's baking powder. With weather the finest ever seen the —There was a good attendance at the —The following is a list of the letters judge's stud, after which he held a pro- fair this year lost tbe association money. Republican meeting at the court house, remaining uncalled for, for the current traded discussion on the political i ^ Farms and city property bought, sold the day with an old lady, who seemed What would it have been had the fair Monday afternoon, to listen to Senator week. Persons calling for such letters MASONIC. and exchanged. W. It. C HA PELL, occured this weak? Move the grounds Patton and Gov. Rich discuss the issues will say "advertised," and pay one cent to hold her own with the congressional Insurance and real estate Agt* candidate from Saginaw, Meot inlMaaonlc T e m p l e over the ainl get the support of two cities inst«ad of the day. The senator handled the on receipt of letter: Mrs. LidaHurd, On the following afternoon Gov. Rich, r FlrstNational Bank. Wood Wanted. ! of one.—Owosso Argus. Likewise get tariff question in an interesting mann-! ^ ' . ^ 'y[& rv >ering, Mis< Eliza Congressman l.inton, Hon. Fred A. May- , .. {the support of the entire county. ex. His convincing arguments will dolph, Charley, A, M. Smith. nard, and nearly all the county politi- CORUNNA LODGE NO. US, Y. & A, M. Heg- 100 cords hard body v:ood, two certainly hear rich fruit, Gov. Rich cians, great and otherwise, were present^ ular communications, first Tuesday on or be. in length. Sealed bids will lie received —What.s the matter of Durand that part of them favoring the crowd with fore the full of the moon. ID each month. talked of state affairs In such a patriotic lire minute talks, which were appreci- CM VnACOCK. Sec. K. H.PKTTTBON*, W. M for the same by the Corunna school liquor can be obtained there from deal- way as to win him many friends. Marriage Ltcensi ated all the more for (heir briefness, a» board, on or before Oct. 20th next. The ers there on Sunday? and that a peti- it was raining steadily all the while. COBCNNA CHAPTER, XO. 33, R. A M. board reserves the right to reject any tion to stop this was given the cold —The republ leans of Shiawasace coun- AOfc| Friday the grounds held nearly as Rejrular convocations first Thursday in each .VAM*. KBSIDEJVCX. montta. C. M. PEACOCK, Secretary. W. A. or all bids. CHAKLKS H'OUCAN, shoulder by a number living there, if ty did well in nominating Frank We»t- K. Wtncbey, Owosso. many people as the day before, and not- H.P. Secretary. reports be true,—Byron Herald. If tbe cott of Vernon for representative. He Ruth B. Bartholuraew, Owowo 19 withstanding the tnaoy conflicting cir- Wm. K.Rask Byron «o curofttanceft, the society will pay ali pre- editor of the Herald has planned to get Is a sharp, shrewd, practical budnesa Llda A. Woiford, Byroa . j o miums, which will amount to more than OOHUNNACODNCTL NO. 39, R.&8.M, B » £Mrs. T. S. Hawkins, Chattanooga, tjUr aweiDblles tbi r<J Tbursday in eaofa month. his Sunday whiskey in Durand he will man—a man of the cleanest kind of Jotoa White, Falrteid. N usual this year on account of there being C. M. P«ACOCX. Hecoider. O«o. SHATTCCK, Tenn., says: *' Shiloh's Vitalizer Saved have to make different arrangements or character—who will <!*ays be wide Otroltne Prencb, KalrfloKI «r over 3,000 entries, considerable more JammFw, T.I.M. My Life. I consider it tbe best reme- J*u»s_F.TTMk, OWOMO awatre to the best interests of his coa*ti- Joe<« a. Bocert, Owowo 19 than ever before. dy for a debilitated system levernsed.1" nurse his appetite until Monday morn- toents. He is sure of election, and Shi- Tbo«. W.Wttaon,MkVU«bury 18 There was never a better exhibit in CORUNNA COMMANDERY, NO. 21, K. T. For Dyspepsia, Liver or Kidney trenb- ing, M Durand Saloons won't let even toAPU ^dteb Shiawassee county, the weather Stated coDcl«»e«. sfr»n<J Thursday in each l 2 aflythrough their doors on Sunday.— awaftoee is sure o'a creditable represent- Marttn W. Bearaa)eT, the only objcctlonal feature. month. W. W. PAIWIIAXL, W.fi.Bio«w>w, le. 75cts. Sold by i . C, Kinne. •"--•• B , C. Durand Express. ative.—Brighton Express. 2dD№ Baton, I*m«»bur*
    • stove, fastened their eya» more intent- firmly on the handle of his THE REPUBUCAN POSITION. A PARALYZED INDUSTRY. A CORNER FOR VERSE. THE JOURNAL. ly on their newspapers. Several of the players, who had entertained an er, said angrily: "I demand that whatever accusation 4 Tariff Xavtslett oa Tree Protective B*«t rarmlnc Ktdn*d b/ the JUw I L*r# Ton So. I lore you so, my darling, every mlnut* opposite opinion of the position of the jon choose to make against me shn.ll Tariff u w . I t**blo.& to myself t i e wild, swe«t paia cards, suddenly shifted their bets to be made directly. Til have none of The esteemed Boston Herald thinks It looks now as though the Wilson- Of the old hsn<VcJup, and lore's rapture Is 1% COBUN&4, i i t MICHIGAN. your insinuations!" the republicans will be bothered as to Gorman bill would kill the beet sugar W&«a we Khali meet follow the venturesome young woman, their course regarding the tariff ques- whom they accepted as their mascot. It would have been very embarrass- industry, which for two year* past baa Wtaea we shall meet strain my 11 pa Till tremblt tion in the congressional campaign. been promising so well. This will be The turn was made duruig an almost ing for the sheriff to have been obliged It draws on the resources of its imagi- With all their welgbi of love's uaspokea breathless silence. The barkeeper to explain his suspicions at thai min- a great set-back to the farmers of words, POKER JOE'S BLUFF. paused in the center of the room with ute. He had by some power of intui- nation to evolve the following sup- posed republican quandary: Nebraska, Kansas, Utah and Cali- And silence, wkareln never hearts Olsssmble* fornia. Wiii follow afterward*. a tray full of refreshments. The, rat- tion connected Poker Joe with the •To affirm that a republican majority should The farmers decrare that there is Won It, But the Sheriff Had tle of chips ceased. The clock for once strange girl, and immediately upon be elected to the bouse of representatives at B«r such a moment would be far loo Toll at on a Show-Down. seemed to hold the monopoly of dis- forming this suspicion his impression- (becoming election la order lo prevent the not proflt sufficient on tho product to spieador, turbance. able mind reverted to the Denver democrats from disturbing business by further stand so sweeping- a reduction, and it With the soul hunger flushing la th4 cheek meddling with the tariff, aad la the samo now looks as though this industry, To trust lt&clf to woras, however tender, The king--queen had won. tragedy. It would have taxed the breath to denounce the democrats for not hav- That any toogue caa speak. The howlinff wind had sunjf its div A shout of approbation of the girl's skill of an intellectual Acrobat to iiff made rood tceir party pledges in changing built up specially for the benefit of the anal son? through the thorn limbs judgment broke upon the stillness of reason, upon the mare suspicion of the tariff as they said they were going to do; farmer, would have to go to the wall. But heart and eyea have las«uage that fa- «f th« quaking-asp trees ou the Poker Joe's relation to the girl, that and to further affirm that if the republicans Tho fanner will bo compelled to turn mystio. the room, affording Mr. Brick Geary, arc reelected another revision of the tariff will Ana* pierces the hashed momenta througte, mountains during the entire day, the genial red-haired dealer, an oppor- he was in any manner connected with his attention to some other crop aad aad through, spent its force and died with the gath- be made, at leust In 1SSC, which will glva the tunity to remark to the man in the the murder. But Sheriff Smith was protect>>o that is wanting In tLc existing law, the men who found employment in PUltagme with your rich love realistic, ering of the dark blonds that ushered look-out chair—without being over- not reasoning; he was merely actm? in to adopt so contradictory a course as to com- the mills will be forced to seek other iS I may look on you In the dreamy night With the hush- heard by others—that women faro- upon the impression that there was pel tno abandonment of one or other of its con- fields. Sag* of the wind a heavy fall of snow ttictlng features before election day arrives." The bounty paid on beet sugar last To loofc oa yon, oh, tM sweet rapture In 1*1 players were always a*'hoodoo" to his something- unusual affecting the gam- I wait In patience everywhere I go, «aiae on, threatening to blockade the game. bler. And this suspicion of an unusual That is the' bourbon of i t Trans year amounted to $352,174.84, distribu- And think of you, my darliat,', every inintiM,. roads. and shut in the little minirg The young woman who, by her bold affection of Poker Jot's mind im- lated into the plain United States ted as follows? California, 8053,708.84; Because 1 love you so. camp from the outside world. The piny, bad created a seusatlou among pressed the sheriff with the notion tongue, the course of the republicans Nebraska, 3118,664; Utah, 577,542. . —Alined Ellison, la Chicago BeeoM. awful stillness of the night was de- the faro players and shocked her fe- that the gambler was guilty of some is this; The strangling of this industry prwasings bat afforded relief from the They remind the voters that the busi- Sons or bight male companions, regretted her pe> crime or misdemeanor. means a loss not only to these states, "When bright aides seem far away, terrors of the day. formance, and, feeling a hot flush He was about to express this opin- ness depression, with its enforced idle- but to th* consumers of sugar through- Szalie, and think December's May] The we?'dressed gamblers and creeping across her temples, hastily ion, but he was happily prevented, not ness to tebs of thousands of working* out the country. It is collateral legis- When the snow falls day and nigh*. TOntfhly-ctad miners ^atij^rsd in the arose and moved to the door. Through by the belligerent attitude of Poker men and its reduction of wages to teas Weave it Into roses white! lation in behalf of the sugar trust of thousands of others, was the direct Never mind how dark tho sky, This product was not controlled by Varroofc of the Lake City hotel, spoke the glass of the upper half of the door Joe, but through the more exciting in- U you slug you'll never tlgh! 1& low tones over their cards and liquor, she could see the soft snow falling cident of the arrival at that moment of result Of democratic threats of tariff the trust. It supplied the local mar- choosing their language In deference gently to the earth. She pressed her Miles, the pony mall and expressman, tinkering; that, while the new tariff kets, the bulk being consumed in the Old world, as she rolls al^&c, to the presence of the ladies of the burning forehead against the cool from Hilverton. Badly frozen and ex- law is far less radical in its reductions Still makes mustc—sinsrs a song! immediate neighborhood in which it ojf duty th&a Cleveland, Wilson aud Every bird on every tree was made. The beet sugar mills bore house, who had fled in fear of the glass, and, seeking to shutout of hear- hausted almost beyond the power of Makes some sort of melody! •term to seek that association with ing any furthur murmurs of approval speech, he dropped into the most con- their compeer.-: wished, it is having an nearly the same relation to localities Can't you sing, or can't you try! nen, which, to the female mind in from the men or chance words of dis- venient chair and feebly demanded a unfavorable effect on our industries; that the old toll grist mills did and in If yon sing you'll never «i«a! distress, is equivalent to protection. approval from her friends, placed the drink of whisky. After drinking the that it increases imports, thus reduc- some sections still do in the east. Now Every way«lde has a rose; The ticking of the dirty-faced dock palms of her hands to her cars. In liquor, he roused a little and stared ing the quantity of g'oods manufac- they are wiped out ruthlessly by demo* Every storm a rainbow eboxn; orer the back bar, the rattle of chips doing this she cast a shadow on the vacantly about the room, until his tured here, and consequently there is eratic legislation in the interest of the When yon » e the aun decline. in the nervous fingers of the players, glass, thus aiding her exterior view. eye* rested upon the poor waif lying less work for American working-men; Give the stars a chabce to shins? most monstrous and heartless monop that the reduction of wages to a lower Bee tb# auo~t2t« stars on high— oly that ever cursed this country. Idle *nd the frequent blatter of the bar* The men at the faro bank had resume*! on the pool-table. ~~~"v level is thua made permanent; that Stag roar song aad never sigh! keeper's shoe heels on the uncovered their play. The rattle of chips and farms, idle men and idle mills in Utah, —Atlanta Conattoitlaa- "Praise God!" he exclaimed, and re- with less money the people cannot buy California and Nebraska will be mute floor as he served his patrons at the the ticking of the clock echoed lapsed ioto a mental condition &o an- gambling table, were the only sounds through the room; the barkeeper so much nor of the better quali- witnesses to the incapacity of the Ff«»d Mother*. noying to those who stood about eager ties* and that this condition of things, never, no, sever, wer* babtw Ilk* democratic party to legislate for the that disturbed the quiet of the place. clattered about; the routine of the for some knowledge of the girl, which ml»: place was resumed. being- against the best interests of the country, and will prove valuable cam* Maj. Downey, editor of the Lake City they felt he possessed, that the bar- country and the people, the voters Ctackx proud Mother Htu, as sha load* tlma> paign object lesnonb.—Boston Trav- Banister, and Clare Smith, high sheriff The unhappy young woman stood keeper suggested another drink, which about, should drive the democracy from pow* eller, fi«r Bufly sad puffy aad plamp little nine. of the county, entertained the ladies iikeastatne of pen&nce, the curved Miles accepted without the slightest er and elect republicans to congress Ofc, sweet UfU* cfeJcka from the shell'* prise* -with a diseusaion of the mysterious lines of her handsome figure marked acknowledgment of the courtesy. fcstead. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. murder of Mrs. Mary Josephna, com- in strong, dark otflline against the By and by he was sufficiently Secondly, the republicans point to mitted la Denver on Sunday night, door. She was of artistic mold—tall, soon as it becomes certain *TWk aot at »oar heautles," etita vain Mother aroused to be able to swallow a third the fact that the democratic party did that the republicans will be in con» Mare; - . : _ _ : _ _ _ _ discovered by the police on Tuesday lithe and graceful, erect and silent—a dram of whisky and relate a thrilling' aot fulfill the pledges made in its Lrol of the next house business will b»- "Jmt took at my eolv, with hl» rough eees cf- night, and detailed in the daily papers model for a sculptor. Instantly a score tale of his trip from Silverton with the frieze, of Wednesday morning1, which were of eye* were turned upon her as if by girL He told now he had lost the poor •i Aws him dear little feet, that arc cted xo g » being read on Thursday'night in sev- some common instinct; each person HO child within a mile of Lake City, and ban, eral of the mining camps of the San attracted had felt the inspiration of afterward found her horse, and then DESTRUCTION THREATENED. Dressed up in white stocking* half-war to- ttebneea." Juan district. The interest in the her presence and discovered the ar- pushed on through the storm to get «rime, so far as the mining camps were tistic beauty of her pose. aid in searching for her. After sub- " T yon want a long's treatnire come peepta. X the crib. concerned, waa centered in the opinion Almost simultaneously the company mitting t o a round of abuse by the My baby Is here"' says the qaeen with a expressed by the Denver papers that was startled by a scream, half of pity, company for undertaking- to conduct laogb. K the murderer was the husband of the half of terror. The woman shrank the girl across the mountains in tbe I might «iag yoa his woaderful charms, deer, victim—* migratory gambler, whose face of the storm, which, they de- MUgitb, back and, without turning her face Bat s year would go by. and I coold aot residence might be in any of the dozen from the door or uttering another clared, mast have been more severe at oaif." camps or towns of that district The sound, pointed with the straightened the SUVerton end of the road, Miles ••Margaret K. Sangsvcr, U Harper's police, with expressions of contempt forefinger of her left hand toward the bogged permission to explain. It was People- for the opinions of the reporters, main* glass, while her right hand covered reluctantly granted. To Ky Girt. tallied a contrary view and indulged her eyes, as if she would shut out some "The gal got a telegram from Den- If I should a*k you to b« mta«, In theories without submitting any unwelcome sight. She stood there ver to come home right away," he said, What would you nay? possible clew to a solution of the speechless while the men opened the •* *nd 's th' Silverton branch o' th' Eio Would ten my proffered hand decliM, Aad aay s>e nay t . yy door and lifted the half-frozen and un- Grande is blockaded at Durango, her Sheriff Smith opened the discussion conscious form of a girl, some seven- aunt, what th'gal w w visitln1 at Sil- Ow wonlA yon temporise, aa4 say teen years of age, into the room. The verton, begged me so hard to fetch her No* "No" nor ''Ye*?" with the sweeping assertion that the Ami nav» we. tortui*a by lilays, Denver reporters possessed a keener quiet barroom was instantly the scene over here 'nd send her out by stage to To try to goes*? , perception of tn« motive* and a clearer of most pathetic excitement Hough th' station on th' main line 'at I baud* gu iuvd by tf. uder hearts placed soulda't- ref us«, nohow. Ye see." he_ Or wonid JOB tell a e "Tea" to-day. comprehension of the methods of crim- You Uttle Olrt. inal* than the combined Denver police the wayfarer on an improvised bed of faltered, glancing pityingly at the AMS "No- to-morrow, J«»t In pity. and detective departments, with all coats and shawls that was aranged sleeping girl, "ye see, the gal's moth- To see it aanr their boasted reputation, were capable hastily on a pool-table, while the er's doad —murdered Sunday night!" ladies, with a keen sense of the re- Or wtfuM you grant me of. It was a matter of surprise to the A murmur of sympathy was ex- For good and at), ladies that the major, being a news- quirements, bent their energies to re- pressed by the listeners. The sheriff And make ate earnest answw, "Tea,* paper man, should take insue with the storing the girl to conbcioasnefts and turned his eager eyes upon the face of Without recall 1 aherin* on this proposition; bat the physical comfort. They were soon re- Pok«r Joe. who had returned to his I wi*h you'd tell me. dear, the truth major wa* no more m partisan of the warded by a sensible expression of ap- seat at the poker-table. He had been Without a aoasfc,- aity press than wan the sheriff » be- preciation of their kind offices. apparently deaf to the story told by Vvt tf you prouia* " V«a" In tooth. * liever In the infallibility of the police. Interest in the stranger, who was Miles, and though his face still bore a "Then you agree with, the reporter*," still too weak to account for her pres- death-like hue, he proceeded with his •aid the major, with & rbtcg inflection ence there and had fallen into a deep card playing as coolly as if nothing un- , Twilight. usual had occurred. " Beware the awful avalanche;" la the lane, we pouted to rest, of doubt, "that the incidents of the sleep, had taken such firm hokl on the I and my love, when the sun went down, crime are strongly fcuff?e»tive of the men that the faro bank was deserted Sheriff Smith was puzzled. He would It's booming right along. tbm «tty was the hue of toe dove's toft probability that it was committed by and the poker gamo was twice inter- have staked his life on the accuracy of And tb* woods were brova. . the woman's husband, who deserted rupted. This interruption was due to his suspicion, but there was not the Vermont and Maine have spoken, Only one star shone over th» fre«, tier several years ago?" the apparently car»}le*s playing of shadow of real evidence upon which And New York will go it strong.—Troy Times. Only on« binl-note thrilled the sir. "I certainly do," replied the sheriff, Sheriff Smith, whose official eye had to base a reason for placing the man Only one thought in our heart*, t i n been distracted from the £ame<by the under arrest. There were incriminat- Stood silent there, ••and am convinced that the motive platform in 1892, regarding the tariff, contemplated both revenge aud roU- appearance of a peculiar pallor on the ing circumstances, however, which, gin to revive permanently, for it will Bnt the seest of the briar wn* sweeter tha» face < f l'oker .!<>* bince the features of ? since the identity of the girl thus showing it* insincerity and uri- end all democratic induttry smashing. wor4, bery, while th* method employed was trustworthiness; that, bad as thing* the reaiUt of long and patient deliber- the etraug-e girl had been exposed to was made known, had imbedded —Iowa State Register. Aad our aoul* hid yearned through space •*> the viuw of the persons present. The the suspicion deeper and deeper into now are, they would have been still E y T h c mail who is fool enough to far ation, which involved a knowledge of worse, had the platform pledges been That their speech waa hid to the aoog of a bixft the woman's habits aud possessions sheriff was evidently permitting his the mind of the sheriff; Poker Joe's think that buying- cheap goods in Eu- Aad the light of a star. mind an indulgence in something arrival in town that evening, his dis- fully kept; that therefore tho unsound- rope will raise wages *t home ought to that could not have been acquired by ness of its proposed policy is fully And » y heart wa* glad—though the bird not* any other than her hush&nd, who, quite foreign to the gume of poker. play of large amounts of money occa- vote the tariff deform ticket.—Nation- •weet. The fact that, while Poker Joe's face sioned by his heavy loss at cards, his shown, and that the people, once de- al Tribune. •inee deserting his wife and two chil- ceived, should not trust the democracy And the pulse of the spring with Its promlc* dren—-one of whom was absent at the had assumed such an unnatural hue, agitation caused by the presence of £3TDemocratic meetings are not of years. his hand was a* »teady as a clock, gave the girl, and his excitement and anger again, but vote-for republicanism and Prom the star to the briar a-bloora at oar feet* time of the murder—has no doubt a restoration of the policy under which well attended this year because the the sheriff still more uneasiness. Mr. at the words of the sherilf. But there Held something of tears. been living within the state. That he the nation prospered so marvelou&ly men who helped to carry the election —Virginia W. Clond. In Boston transcript. fa a resident of this section of the state Brick Geary, finding his occupation at was one thing absolutely requisite to in 1S93 don't like to listen to the story dealing- faro gone, had turned, over his the weldixiff of these links of circum- from 1801 until the democracy were of the failure of their party to profit is by no means improbable. For in- atance, how many men are there in tills room whose rear name and past history are known to your 1 deal-box, transferred the bank roll to his pocket, and, after satisfying him- self by'cure'ul scrutiny of the sleeping stances into a chain of evidence. It would be a disastrous venture for the sheriff if he should faiL He turned fully installed in power in Lb99. Thirdly, pointing to the distress and stringency following the tariff-tinker- by its victory.—St Louis Globe-Demo- crat EsTThe operation of the new tarifl Distress in the Stomach **Ihad trouble with my stomach for a Ions; girl's face that she was not on his list toward the pool table just as the bar- ing already accomplished, the repub- time aad could not get anything that would dc The major admitted that there was licans view the declarations of Cleve- law has already closed half the refin- of acquaintances, walked over to the keeper.who was industriously engaged eries of the country, throwing the men me t*ny good. Lasa only one of whom he oould speak with poker table, and, in accordance with behind the bar rubbing the glasses, land and Wilson that this destructive February £ bad any degree of assurance, and that one course must be continued as meaning who worked in them out of employ- the ethics of that game, asked the priv- looked up, and, for the first time, real- ment, and it will probably close all the Inflammation he was proud to say was himself. He ilege of "sitting in." Poker Joe, with ized ihe significance of the sheriffs still further distress, idleness, and of the stomscfc, aix* further admitted the possibility, if further lowering of wages, and call on rest of them next week. This will was so bad for a an effort at such vulgar sarcasm as is recent remarks to Poker Joe. The mean putting at least ten thousand we*k, that even l not the probability, that the murderer indulged in by man of his class, sug- shock he received from this gleam of the people to stop those wreckers by f i woold cause of Mrs. Mary Josephas might then be returning a republican majority to men out of work. The price of sugar gested that, as there were already five intelligence caused him to drop a thin is below the cost of production. For enjoying the shelter of the Lake City "parties" in the game, Mr. Geary glass to the floor. The ringing of the the national house of representatives. Croat D!stre*a hotel or sweltering under the broiling Lastly, the republicans affirm their some time the company has been work* and vomiting. Th* might perhaps be contented with play- broken glass startled the entire com- ing the refineries at a considerable doctor's medicine did aun of an Arizona desert, according to ing Sheriff Smith's hand until that pany from the reverie into which they intention, when again put in power, to me co good aod so Z his preference for climate. revise the tariff on true protective loss.—Chicago Inter Obean. ihowht I would try gentleman should have time to recover had fallen. The sleeping girl awoke, HoooV Sarsaparula. The major, having failed of even the from a fit of nervousness that had sprang to a sitting posture on the pool lines, as laid down in the national re- £ y Nowhere are the tariff reformers When 1 had taken two opportunity to impress the ladies with overtaken him. table, and with a frightened look, as if publican platform of 1S92, in these more inconsistent than in discussing , bottles I could eat words: "We believe that all articles the duties on woolen manufactures. anything without hav- his proposed defense of the police she had awakened from some terrible ing the least bit of dis- theories—and inwardly agreeing with "Oare vorms more interested inthst dream, turned suddenly toward Poker which cannot be produced In the They wail over the vast amount of tress. I have only the sheriff—retired to the faro-table maverick ^irl than in this g-ame of United States, except luxuries, should shoddy that our people buy in cheap * taken five bottles tna Joe. She uttered a shriek of recogni- my goner*: &e«l;U la much better," Mas. Sn, and placed a two-bit piece on the high draw," he added with a sneer, as the tion and fell back, on the table, hiding be admitted free of duty; and that on blankets and clothes, yet plume them- CHAXrus, Orotoa City, New York. sheriff, acting upoa the gambler's sug- card, repeating the play until it had produced enough of its kind to enable him to purchase a stack of white chips at the regular price of two dollars. gestion, arose to relinquish his seat to the faro dealer. This last remark gave the sheriff a her face. The gambler arose instantly. He clutched at his belt nervously, and all imports coming into competition with the products of American labor, there should be levied duties equal tc the difference between wages abroad selves over a change in the law which will flood the country with that class of goods. The McKinley law was es- pecially framed to keep out the kind HoocTs^Cmes HOOcTa P i l l * thonld be In every household. Then the major sat down to the game, desired opportunity to test his sus- staggering to the door passed out, and at home." They point to the fact of goods into which shoddy enters which he rever indulged in with any picions. Maj. Downey, who by this time had that the experience of the past year largely.—National Tribune fully realized and comprehended the other motive than whiling away the dreary winter nights. Sheriff Smith, having recently become possessed of "You have my permission," he said, coolly, "to keep j'our mouth shut now until I call on you to say something." sheriffs suspicions, approached him and whispered: "Quick, Clare, or he will escape!" has demonstrated clearly that the tar- iff question is largely one of wages— that 'proper protection admits of the maintenance of the rate of wages pre- It H*lp* farAlffmen. The democratic tariff bill, in addi* tion to greatly pleasing the foreigners Two Stepping Stones an exceedingly large official fee, felt Poker Joe pushed back his chair to cottsumption are ailments we justified in indulging in the more ex- angrily, turned his cards down with "Wait," said the sheriff, calmly, lay- vailing up to the summer of 1893, and who manufacture goods with which pensive game of draw-poker. One of ing a hand on the major's arm. "It that a "tariff for revenue only" neces- they wish to display* the products of often deem trivial—a cold and his left hand, and dropped his right to our own workshops, has very much a cough. Consumption thus ac- the younger ladies, having tired of the the waistband of his trouser», from may not be strictly legal, but it will be sarily means a lower rate. revolting details of the murder story, which protruded the handle of a six- better for the girl. Wait" Then bend- Further, they point to the fact that disgruntled certain countries which ac- quired is rightly termed " Con- relinquished her paper to another,and, shooter, and sp&t his ciffar to the floor. ing an ear toward the open door as if in a revision of the tariff upward toward corded us valuable commercial priv- sumption from neglect*" anticipation, he motioned the excited ileges in exchange for the remission of Scott's Emulsion being less timid than her companions, With that bullying air for which he adequate protection does not involve ventured near the faro-table. She be- was noted, he said: persons surrounding him to maintain the danger of loss on stocks of raw ma- duties on such articles as sugar, co&ee, came so deeply interested in studying silence. terial and manufactured products, as etc These nations now jastly claim "1 don't know whether that calls to that the new tariff has deprived them the game that her sentiment against be official or unoflicial; but I'll bet you The soow had ceased failing. The the revision downward of the past gambling was considerably softened outer atmosphere was cold and still. months has done, and that therefore of every advantage they enjoyed in not only stops a cold but it is re- three to one you don't win it—either trading with us, and for which tbey by the time that period of the play des- way. You hear mej" The moon ventured out from behind a to vote for the republican candidates had mado concessions which enabled markably successful where the ignated as "calling th» turn" was The sheriff stood facing him, and shif+<Dg cloud and cast its glimmering weans no menace to business or trade, us to extend our trade with them, and cough has become deep seated. reached. In her enthusiasm she without expressing on MB faca the light upon the shroud of snow. and cannot injure, but rather will leaned over one end of the "lay-on V help, th« working classes of the na- now they ask to b« released from their shadow of his thought*, replied calm- The clear, keen ring of a pistol shot bargains. Of course we shall have to and placed a dollar on the king, draw- ly: "I'm inclined to tue opinion, Joe, broke the mental tension of the listen* tion; and on these grounds they ask Scott's Emulsion is the accede to their just demands, and by ing it toward the queen. She thus in' that it'll be an official call when I ers, who nodded significantly to each the support of all who believe in fair so doing we shall curtail our oppor- richest of fat-foods yd dicated, as the saw other players do, other. The girl on the cot started wages for American labor, and all who the order in which she was willing to make it, but there's no nuh. Keep nervously and drew the covering more are opposed to compelling It to com- tunities to extend our export trade, the easiest fat food to your seat for the present, and dou't which is rather an awkward thing to wager her money the bottom cards m get nervous-and don't try to run any closely about her head and lace. pete with European pauper labor.—To- have occur almost simultaneously take. It arrests waste the deal-box would come out. The bluffs." "Poker Joe wins hia bluff," Sheriff ledo Blade. and builds up healthy other lad'es, being duly shocked by with an invasion of our markets by the boldness of the novice, shrugged The gambler arose, *hit« with rage, Smith remarked, quietly; "but I had him on a dead square show-down."— HTWhen nomination* go begrgin|? foreigners whose goods when sold to flesh. their timid shoulder* and, hitching and shaking the long, slender index on the democratic side, it is a sign us will necessarily displace a cettain their chairs nearer to the big box- finger of his left hand under the nose of Lewis Henry Eddy, In 8a* FrancUV that this is a republican year in state quantity of the {irodncta of Americas Argonaut factories.—San Francisco Chronicle. grfMsay twtt * Iowa, K. T. AS the sheriff, whil«ais right hand rested politic*.—N. Y. Tribune,
    • THE CUHTAIN. "I have com* down to take care of' tfcatt&e k » g deprivation of Bxrou. A thrill'of raptvrous appUuw, probably on the balcony. We hare got to wait" This was the hardest part of all. On* whole how passed, and the captain you. YOB shall make a confidant of use. I'm your friend, No one here has the desire to harm yon. We must made everybody gloomy and doubtful. Up to within a week his men had all taken regular turns in the air. In this MICHIGAN STATE NEWS, His BoiQ?tne« Kndad in McCLURE'S Rom every row aaoeadiog; The mystery Rorrocndhig the suicide The actor gives » gracious p*ast. To those beforetowbending, Admired of all tbe Udlef rare, What compliment* they utter! swore that four had passed, but Qendrickn' repeated injunction was: "Have patience and keep silent." find out about your father. 1 dare sa*y you have neglected your meal* as respect they had nothing to complain of. They had gone out at tLe western | in Detroit of Corporal D. J. Morgan, exit in groups—had hunted and fished I United States army, was cleared away MAGAZINE •I cannot eat," she said. and enjoyed themselves and he had • by a blurred newspaper clipping found How many hearts amid the fair A n now set ta a, flutter? It must have been three o'clock when, in a moment of silence, all three of them heard a twig "Rut you know I told you that yon must eat If yon do not obey flbe, lost none of them. The privilege had I on his body. It told of the suicide in been shut on* as soon as the regiment • house of ill-fame of a beautiful For 1894. Tbe tlay goes on, the mrtain snap, and llendricks and Fenning put what can I do for you?" and the doctor got away and the one hundred men young woman who had deserted her Tn«5 editors of McCUure't Upon the act of splendor; hand* on their revolvers. The next ahragged his shoulders. A moment left behind, although mode up of the wealthy husband for a life of shame. "Kith heart emotional recall* aim to publish th* Its incidents so tender. instant the green leaves were parted Ut«r he said: "Here, tak: my arm workmen and help of the establish- The time was 188# ax>d the place Oh, *w«et the glamour of the aceM by a pair of white hands, and an equal- and let us walk about a bit You must ment, were becoming restive under the Texas. Capt Hall fcays the woman Best Literature With nothing ooarse to break W ly white face looked suddenly in upon keep your blood in circulation." restraint In spite of the fact that the vas Morgan's wite. Morgan was once maclaatloa rul«s serene, them, and its eyes rested upon tfcs cap* She let him assist her and passitelj ventilation had been improved very a wealthy stock raiser, but after his fancy's what we make It. BSSXSD., tain with a look of drewny hopel«6»- jtioaa and terror. reft ted her arm 1A hia. The»N whey walked out into the arena, tk.< /loctor much and the variations of temperature wife's desertion sold his property, gave were scarcely, appreciable in the ro- the proceeds to relatives and enlisted Most loterastlBi Koowlidp The leading lady, just deceased, "Miss Endicott,'1 exclaimed Fenning, talking to her in a iatherly WAV. It tunda, which was not only tho most ixx the ariay. •ad to make every line ia the Haa got a tit of laughter; between hia teeth; ~ was not more than seventy-five feet to spacious, but the most enjoyable part The leadingroao,Irom toll release^ the house where the dynamo and, en- of the Laran, the doctor found that he Attempt to Wreck a Clreas Trftltu •fae both fautrtictive and • sandwich boa sent after. Hindricks with a motion bade Mm be The engineer of a special train with tftintag. Tha pasteboard rocks are put aslda. silent gine were running. The big door stood vj&s encountering a new group of com- The lovely sylphs are yawning; The. girl stepped into the center of open. There was a common wheel plaiuts ana he had the good sense to thefirt-itsection of twelve cars loaded 100 r*m AND wenof FAMOUS M Tbe dancing girls ID plain clothes hide, the little space, her eves still fixed on chair immediately in front of the door. attribute them to Uie condition of con- with Cook A Whiting's circus, which U T E R A T W t B A N D ACHIEVEMENT wifl fc No tfv*u« ^r i played at Alpeos, when nearing th« the captain. "Sit down here for a moment," »aid finement VSBfMMiaA t a JHffhMi't M t a tfr The tunn j m<*n are scowling now, ( bridge over Au .Sable river discovered "What hfive you done with him?" the doctor, "and look at the wheel." The day after th<j failure of the doc- j a lot of ties laid across the track and And be who i?ol4 dust scattered TJpoa the scene with happy brow ehe said. She obeyed him. The almost har- tor's experiment with Miss Endicott, covered with wind. The intention was Looks doleful BOW arju ahattereA "You are to go to him," said Hen- monic buzz of the great iron circle was the general, who had been away on a evidently to throw the train into tho And so Ittothroughout the days dricks. "There is your horse. Get upon not unpleasant She looked /at the mission of importance, suddenly re- river. It was supported to have been Of this our life uacmaln; it" swiftly-revolving m&ss with slight in- turned. He came in at the bayou en- the work of boy.s and men who lost Stevenson's New Novel. To view it truly, you must gase "Yes," she said. "I must go." terest The doctor stepped buck and trance late at night, but he reported to j about fcW at Au Sable the day befor# A ROMANCE OP THS On both sides of the curtain. •CKJTM S8A5, Meredith, In N. V. Clipper. "Get upon the horse," repeated Hen- waited, llendricks had remained be- Hendricks, who got out of bed and the with the gamblers. sac drick, imperatively, and he took her hind. There w&s something in the two sat in consultation until morning. hand. motion that kept her gaze steadily Whatever the nature of their confer- Ownership of Far-im. She obeyed him passively. "Quick, fixed. Five minutes passed. Her ence was, its importance and the ur- A census bulletin haa been issued, now," he said to Fenning, "we must eyes lost their stare. The doctor gency of events were made apparent giving the ownership and debt of farms getaway." stepped softly up, looked into her by the general's words at its close. and homes in JJichigaa. It shows that "What would you do?" asked Fen- face, picked up her hand and let it fall "We have just three days to get the 8-2.09 per cent, of the farms are owned, ning. limp upon her lap. Then he beckoned rest of our men oat—that leaves them and of these 50.65 per cent, are owned "I would conceal our retreat," an- to Hendrieks. five days to assemble. They must be free of incumbrance. The debt on swered llendricks, in a hoarse whisper. "Help me wheel her back," he said. in St. Mary's on the 5th. You have farms amounts to 864,414,98(5, which is William Dean Howells "She is hypnotized. I never saw so no suspicion, have you, that the new 82.3S per cent, of their value. The in- CHAPTER fine a sensitive." move is known in any way to these terest rate is 7.10 per cent- Of the It was nearly nine o'clock at night When she was once more in the room officers above ground?" hoaits 53.49 are owned and 67.75 pet CHAFTEB Xt—Coimscran, when they got back to the Bayou from which the doctor had taken her, "I know absolutely nothing as to cent of these are owned free of in- Ben did s o t know the country any H&udricks watched the proceedings what these men suspect For some cumbrance. better than did IJiradricks. t h e y took house. The return had been a slow and difficult one, bnt th* rescue was with interest, but without the awe reason Mrs. Hendricks is reticent The to the woods and went north. Hen- which this phenomenon inspires in only thing to. do is to go ahead and dis- IT«*ith la accomplished. The girl was tenderly dricks and Penning riding on either «ide of the captain, and Ben following cared for, and the next morning Hen- some minds. regard them. They have got no posse During the week ended September 32 Short Stories drieks said* 'Our knowledge now, I "Have you got the hair?" aaked the In the neighborhood, for I have been reports sent in by sixty-four observ- *t some distance behind. doctor. over the ground." ers in various portions of the state to It was some time before they reached hope, of w/,iat is going on in the world is not entirely cnt off." Hendrieks handed him the packet At this point the doctor came in and the *tate board of health indicate that *n open conn try, and, rong-h as it was, and sat down expectantly. The dps- announced that Miss Endicott, who had cholera infantum and inflammation of they galloped away and soon left Ben Fenning confessed that he did not understand. lor took some of the dark locks and not been ont of her bed since the shock, tbe bowels increased in area of prev- far out of sight put them in the hand of the girL Her was in one of her trances and they alence. Typhoid fever was reported "I will show yon," replied Hendricks, "You are going1 to the Laran bouse," fingers closed vwtst them. " She stared might, he thought, renew the experi- at sixty-four places, diphtheria at **bntfirstwe must hear from aibere." eaid Fenning. who had recovered his ment in a guarded wav. thirty, measles at four, scarlet ffcver •pirits. Hendricks excused himself to the at thirty-two, consumption at 237 and Real Conversations. "Yes," replied Hendrioks, "Have general and went to Miss Eadicott's | smallpox at Detroit and Eives town- yon divined the rest?" bedside, where, after turning out the | hi "Jfo." negress, the two men sat down. The "Walt, I hardly know myself." G»ve Chary*. doctor then proceeded as before, and ; Cteorge Tann, a colored man about It was ten o'clock when the party when the girl's eyes were fixed upon j SC yeavs of age, was in jail at Lansing having toiled slowly np a long1 accliv- vacancy, he said: "Tell me what you ; on a serious charge, the alleged vic- ity, came ont upon a wooded brow of aee.". ,; ' > t a f a b t»» the hill looking eastward. It was a tim being his 14-year-old sister. T i e , »f Mr. Mooty* "Yes, I will tell you," she replied, girl gave birth to a child, and upou magnificent stretch of country and it as if in some terror of the doctor. being questioned charged hsr brother was radiant with the morning light. "Let me be sure. I see a woman. I with the parentage. The child died Bendricks dismounted and looked know her. She is standing in the cur- and the young negro wax arrested. through his glass. tains at thq window—sh'^—yes, she haa "If yon follow the top of that stone the curtain pullet1 about her—she L a Death *»f iui EdweMor. ledge, to the second green line of hills listening." Prof. Joseph Esterbrook, principal and look between those two ronnded knolls, jrust ander that white eland "took welL What is she listen- of the normal department of Olivet Ing t o r Philip D. Armour. college »nd one of the most widely that hangs down like a teat—you will "I cannot tell. Yes—some one ia known and influential educators in By AldlHMK iWAJtH^Rt ts tt*Afantf si m t i » H i BIIIT^** Hr. llmry cj aeo the Laran chimney." And Hen- walking on the balcony—the window Michigan, died At his home at the age dricks handed the glass t o Fennlng. is open—it Is Miss Laport and a young of 73 years. The immediate cause of "Yes, I can sec it," said Fenning. man, They sit down on a bench near his death was liver complaint , «a4 « n K fstty "How far is it?" tho window." "Approximately fottrmiles and a half. [tO SB COXTlXttBD.j tttwyftblp*>*nt«of Bismarck, We can get within a pistol shot of the Lumber shipments from Kay City for At Ms house from this direction. I know TWO KENTUCKY HEROES. the month of September exceed those every turn in the way. We'll wait her* for last year fn the same period by for Ben, get a bite and o drink, take Man of Whom the Old tpSmntty the extra home and leave him here to Well Have Mc*n Proud. nearly 10.000,000 test The total ship- ments were: Lumber, 25,80(1,000 feet; Ruskin at Home* wait for us." Thft Lexington light infantry, com- Inth, M. , < ) pii>G«N: fthingiex, 000,000 *f I t ** AHBLHAHt 'BBS. U SL'FFEOIXa FBOM SHOCK/ )*n K It was eleven o'clock before Ben eatae up and the captain wan the most monly known as the Old Infantry, was piect-sj salt 5,0:11 organized in 1789, %vhen an Indian in- Pierre Lotl, Impatient of the party, bnt Ilcndricks It was the same hour,, at which Mrs. into vacancy. Her mouth twitched at' vasion was threatened. It was one of in the Wood*. beguiled the time in telling Penning Hendrieks and Calicot had ridden the corners. Her face was rigid. the first Companies to volunteer in the p for work in the woods some of his earlier experiences in the nwny the day before when word came "Do j'ou see Mrs. Hcudricks?" the xwarof 1812, and the historian of Lex- of the northern peninsula are begin- place and Fctiti ing's remark a* the nar- from the doctor. doctor asked. ning earlier this year tliau for many ington, Ky.t records an incident of the rative ended was: "WVll, I wouldn't "Miss Endicott has disappeared," he An audible murmur came from the march to Fort Wayne, which, as he years, the wiile«preaii forest fires of doubt that woman either. JJut jTott said. "There has been a f^earch made girl. She leaned slightly forward. the summer compelling tlia companies never can tell what a woman will do." says, "speaks volumes for the princi- to cut their pine in order to save it for her aid the men report that an "Ob, there are so many men," she said armed force must have been in the in a plaintive monotone. ples which actuated the men." A from the borers. At half-past eleven, llendricks and Fefcninf*, with the captain between Woods last night, as they have discov- "What are they doing?" member of the company found himself Short ttut >>WHT It«m*. them, set off in the direction of the ered the fresh marks of horses' hoofs. "They arc soldiers. They are run- utterly overcome with fatig-ue on the dlAEQJSl A. DAKA Two of the marshal's men have been ning in all directions." last day of the march. lie sank into At the West Michigan fair in Grand a** tlM satiiacti W tut^w "Varan house, llendricks leading the Rapids the entries in every depart- j extra horse. sent south on the search, but I believe "Yes, yes," said the doctor. «'Do yon the prairie grass, and as his compan- meat Were more numerous & < varied ! nl • This part of the way was by all that is a blind." see any women?" ions passed him, file after flic, he was than at any previous fair and the dis- odds the most difficult of any. As "What does Mrs. llendricks say "Now—they are gone out of the a i r - seen to be weeping. play of live stock was the largest ever they descended into the valley they about it?" it is dark and light Yes, they come An officer stopped to help him into made in the state. had to skirt a primeval morass, its "She has not expressed an opinion to together. Ah, it is the fatal place. one of the wagons, and to inquire what pools inhabited by millions of wator- Romulus lost oa« ot her oldest citi- me. If the girl has been abducted, she There is the rail around it. The ground he was weeping for. For answer the fowL But Hendrieks1 knowledge of shakes. What is that awful throb? It man said: "What will they say in Lex- zens, A.•••S. Pullen removing to Milan will disclose everything." the country enabled him to pick his "Are you sure of that?" is, not pleasant here. I choke. The ington when they hear that James after a residence :u Romulus of sixty way through the labyrinth and about "Positively. She is a clairvoyant I light hurts my eyes, but it is dark." Huston gave out?" years. Famous Contributors. two o'clock, he said, as ho reached an believe Calicot has got her safely in "Do you not see a woman?" asked This year's reunion of the Soldiers' Inad*Uiaat»tl»ipccial During this war occurred the mas- and Sailors* association of northern almost impenetrable covert and dis- charge of experts. She is the only per- the doctor. "Look well. There w a sacre at Frenchtown, where the light mounted: "Do you know where you son who can describe your hidden oper- woman-—you must see her." Michigan was held at Cheboygau. infantry lost half its members. The are?" ation without being with you." "So many men,"''said the girL "Per- name of one of them, Charles Searles, George Stollan, sg-ed 50, pleaded Fenning looked about him and shook "Then we should not have permitted haps they will look for my father. should never lie forgotten- With sev- guilty at Manistique to the charge of his. head. her to escape." There is the sound of the train—there eral other prisoners he was sitting assaulting his 14-year-old stepdaugh- ter and was sentenced to eleven years' But the captain recognized the place. "Certainly n o t I wouldn't give a ar( more men coming—" Her face as- upon the ground when an Indian drew ! imprisonment- Damning his eyes, he remarked that farthing for any of your schemes if she sumed a painful immobility. 1 She a tomahawk and struck what;,was in- Ira Kurd, of Allegan, was kii'ied by he and Endicott had been there a hun- is in their hands. She says her father gasped, threw up her arms, uttened a tended for a fatal blow. Searles lifted dred times. was murdered by the captain and she i shriek and fell forward. The doctor, his hand and partially averted the unknown persons. His wife claimed to have shot him, but her story was "So has Miss Endicott," said Hen- can describe the captain in the act I who sprang to catch her, found bdth stroke, receiving it upon his shoulder ! not beUeved. drieks, "and now that yon are here I Don't it occur to you from what is go- her hands over her ears and her arms instead of upon his head. bope she will come again." ing on that there must be treachery were rigid. One of her hands still Then he sprang to his feet, snatched The blacksmith shop and warehouse Edge of the Future* Hendrieks fastened his horse and somewhere?" clasped the hair and he could not ex- the tomahawk from the Indian, and of the Industrial iron works iu Che- AnUcs aster tkls bMi will beckoned to Fenning, who stepped "It looks like ' it. To circumvent it, tricate it from her fingers. was about to take vengeance upon boyff&u were destroyed by, fire. aside out of sight of the captain. you must come down immediately." For quite an hour he worked with him. when Dr. Bowers, another cap- A team belonging to the Jackson the Probawtttan of Uft, BxpfantioM, etc A few paces away an J covered with "But Mrs. llendricks will know restoratives over her. Hendricks tive, called out if he struck the Indian brewing" company ran away, demolish- T Vrambles there was a. smooth crown of where I am and may take advantage of walked np and down in the arena and all the prisoners would certainly be ing a uuniber of rig's and badly injur- Foctnf* rock. Hendrieks parted the brush, got my absence." waited. killed. ing Patrolman HolzhopfeL • n , Irra^ir tkwt FfctfcA, wfck» ban pwwd down on his knees and searched a "Nevertheless, come down at once." At last the doctor appeared. "I've At the word SearJes dropped his Fred Cooper, a state patient at the . wfll moment with his hand. He then took "Very good." got her around," he said; "but it's the lifted arm., let fall the weapon, and the Michigan asylum, who came from Al- * small stick and dug the dead leaves most extraordinary thing I ever heard astonished savage picked it up and legan county, was hit on the head by The moment the doctor arrived at of. Ste it suffering from »hoek.n a falling tree and killed. ont of a depression in the rock and put the bottom oi the shaft, Hendrieks "What do you make of her talk?" with one blow dispatched him. IS cents * Copy. $1 Jo a Yeaa his ear to the spot. said: "I have got Miss Endicott here. The other hero was James Ilig-gins, Gus Kovig, one of the strikers a asked Hendricks, somewhat impatient* "Just listen there a moment," he You might have guessed i t If she can a man who had always been regarded Iroowood who resorted to violence e&id to Fenning as he got up. "What is it?" asked Fenning who be of service to the government, she "My dear sir," said the doctor, "I as peculiarly wanting in courage. A and was arrested by the militia, has can be of service to us. Can you put don't know what to make of i t But I largo number of Indians had taken been sentenced to three years in prison HOW TO SET THIS MA6AIBE. iiad put his ear down to the hole. her en rapport with Mrs. Hendricks?" am bound to tell you that these ex- shelter in a barn, from which they at Marquette. "It's the dynamo running- under* "Have you got any of Mrs. Hendrick*' traordinary creatures not only hare were pouring a destructive fire upon Rendered despondent by ill health, Wo H»T« M»4e Special Am&i«aMti aeath. It's directly under our feet. I hair?" char *i>jlit but at times pretdehct. It the whites. Albert Kuppenheimer, a tc^acco mer- irlta th bored that hole nearly two years ago "Yes, there is a packet of it. Tho may be tliat she saw and described "Let me go and smoke 'em ont," chant at Grand Kapids, drowned him' to see how thick the crust was. In all I made about fifty of tnem, bnt Laport hair was cut on* when she wore the something that has not yet taken said James Illg-gina. lig-ht wig." Permission was given, and he coolly self. William Miller, of Detroit, was ar- S.S. MeCliri,ltl, if 743-745 place. The great Zchokkc often did 1 stopped most of them t>ecause they After explanations from Hendricks it in very much the same way." picked up a big blazing* *»chunk" from rested for starting two fires in the N1C%V Y O R K , leaked. of the abduction which elicited un- "That may be very interesting to a camp fire, and walked through a per- business district, about which he was bounded admiration from the doctor, science," replied Hendricks; "but fect hailstorm of bullets up to the dancing. Whereby Wa Cse Offer thm •'We are then within two hundred 1 feet of the house,11 saW Penning-, with they proceeded to the rooms that had what we want described is the thing barn and applied th» blaze. The The striking trammers a*, the Tam- astonishment. "We are within twenty feet of the been set apart for Miss Endicott that is happening1 at present; that building was soon too hot for the In- arack mine at Houghton, such as were Hendrieks, it should be stated, had ought to be a much easier matter. The dians. allowed to, hive returned to work. Corunna Journal and leCbrc's l a g a n Btecl fence. You can touch it if you go provided his retreat with several ne- hair trick did not work." After that it war, unsafe for anyone The village of Eiinira, in Otsego gro servants. They had their own "There is no infallibility about it," to nay au#ht against Ilitfgins in the county, was visited by a fire which de- Ia OonstawtMa tvt Only through that brush; so speak softly. It is the wildest spot in the neig-hbor- quarters and several of them were said the doctor. "It may work four presence of the "Old Infantry." He stroyed iJraost the entire business por- booO, and to reach us the inmates must women, one of whom had been as- times and fail on the fifth." lived to a good old o#e, and was al- tion of the place. $2.00 t YMr, Paysblt Is icome round from the entrance. There signed to take care of Miss Endicott "Then by all means make the other ways known as "the man who smoked A company has been formed at is a corner of the road visible from that They foutd the young woman sitting four experiments immediately." ont the Indians."—Youth's Companion. Goodrieh, Geoesee county, to estab- opening. I'm going" to osk you to in a chair in a normal condition and "Impossible. I wouldn't guarantee lish a creamery. The capital is $4,000. rtMTHE indignant Not »c««Mf7. -watch it, while 1 give the captain his her life if she doesn't recover from Clerk—I can't live on forty dollar* Henry M. Kliven, J., a switchman, r«« O M Bawt This Instructions." "You have made mo a prisoner again the shock. She acts like a creature committed suicide at Grand Kapids by in this place," she said, "and it will who has been in a terrible explosion." per month. Fenning took his place at the open- kill me." Employer—I never insisted on y o u taking morphine. Finding that there was no moving lug, and almost immediately said: "There's somebody now." "My dear young lady," said the doe- the doctor from this decision llen- living.—Hallo. A Haucock lumber firm have con- tracted to furnish Chicago parties TritSi i«7$1.25n Ycir, sr IO>^ M u t t * quickly userl his glass. tor, "you arc not a prisonev. In a few dricks, with x% usual tact, immediate- 800,000.000 feet of hardwood lumber days you will be restored to your ly turned his mind to other matters. ADDRESS li'S. ilecdrichs and Calicot," he Angelina—Heavens! what an escap* j this season. friends, if you have any." Clone confinement underground was My heart west down into my boots. •aid. "They arc going fora ride, and The causing1 factory aft Traverse keep to tho road. There's only "£ must look for my father," she tolling upon all tho inmates and even Edwin—That m u t have (XMB4 U Citv will not be oi>erated this fall. of them left, and one OX them U said, ' l i e is the o a l j friend I hav*. «pon Hendrick* himself. He noticed —Harper's Btiar
    • lu tu« aiatter ot James A. OaupbtslL Destroying $3,000,000,000 of prop- iosaue. Order issued admitting said in- Now is the time to buy.... COKUISN> JOURNAL erty values iii Mie cottony by delaying «aue pe*^on to tbe Eastern Mkh. Asy- cat C A N Vi E- °kvourEye ior o noment? to peculate it: the sugar lum. BICYCLES. RSPU3U 3AN 3TATE TICKET- For <Soverm>r-k>HS T. KICH, of Country. In the matter of Etisha E. Paiuter. a These are just a few samples, but minor. Jesse Painter having filed his they will alWtl an ul'ject lesion for resignation asks the Court to bear his **or Ltuu№itaut-•'!<. vonioi—ALI-*KB'> .y ILNE8, Hiiefligeiit aim tliougiilfii! voters, uuu of Vruiwh Comity, the list may be Haul accouut as guardian. Hearing Oct. tlii. The m VAlI read our Hittle piece? IU U come and see us and be convin- ced of the truth. (for SoorfUry «t stu«<—-Ilov. V.V Estate of Godfrey Shantz, deceased. G Aill^NI'Mt, of < iMhoun Cot.lily. if Lli^y ch«Mfse, Widow of deceased peti lions for appciu t~ For State Trevsunir-J. M. WILKINSON, of tuent of an administrator of said estate. Murq.Vue County. Board of Supervisors. For Auditor-("!eMonil-s;'vN;.L:i' W. TlMi- Hearing Oct. 2*Jth. NEK orK'W<*vnm'inO>uitry. for State lrfitui Co'HinUsioner—WILLIAM A. FKENVU. <f Pros jue Isle. County, For I'uperiutimdeut ol I'uVlie Instruction—H. 'the board commenced its aunual ed tbe roil, disclosing the fact that all were present. Estate of (,'harles V&ntiue, deceased. For Attohicy-'-enerrti-KUK.V A. MAVNAHD, session Mouday morning. It was call- Kinal %ccouut of Jesse Stone as special of Kent County. ed to order by Clerk Cooper, who call- admiubirator to be heard Oct. 29lU. Kstate of James Sayers, deceased. Pe- tition filed by Win, .Sayeis for appoint- WILL BUY GOODS CHEAf! You can buy more for oruvdotlar now, and g<,-t huttev goo.k, than ever H. PA'iTKNC 1 LI,, of Ir j$fcam County. On motion of Supr. Shattuek Supr. ment of au administrator. Hearing Oct. For Memix r of .Srnte Hoard'of Kdueation— Baklwin was made temporiry chair- 2dtb. TCllDE If) 7 before. We are icudy and willing to compare our froods and -prices. PEUKY h POWERS, of Wexfortl County. man. A ballot was taken for imman- EaUU'4 of Jerome ami Eliza Smith, I L If 11 L M I I • with an) cf the sr.riiQ kind. Remember that it takes you just as long For Ccngress-Elghth District, ent chairman, resulting as foUows: Os- deceased. Charles lloiinan, administra- WiLLEAM S. L1NTON. buru, 11; Bftidwin. 7; scattering, 2. tor o( &ud estates, to render liual ao- Regular price $100—and worth it I t o m a k e U]> d i e j t p g°^« »^ it.<loes the h^t We woti!..! <;«1I your at- For S t a t e Senator, 14th District, Wli.i.IAJt K1LPATR1CK. Supr. Oftburii was declared daly elect- on Xov. 5tb. R e p r e s e n t a t i v e t o tVie S t a t e Legisla- ed. KATMfcKINK K. KkLSEY, every cent,-—our price §50. tention to the fact that we buy our goods as cheap as uny merchant in ture, 14th District, The report of County Treasurer Geo. Probate HIGH GRADE,.. Shiawassee County. WE DO NOT EXCEPT ANYONE. We think FUANK WESTOOTT. Mason was presented aud referred to the committee on bettleuient with the TATE OF MLCHUJAN—Seveuth Judicial . . . . . FULLY GUARANTEED; we are entitled to a share of your trade. COUNTY TICKET. S M K GLAIIKH, I treasurer. The report showed that the J K NCircuJt to Cfauucory. For Sheriff, general fund was overdrawn £4922.12 Complainant,, I We sell the WILLIAM E. JACOBS. and tbe poor fund <r2!O7d.3&, vs. :• l'or Cierfc, CHARUE8 GLAZltll, I T! JANK C COOPER. Tuesday morning the chairman an- Suit ponding :h the jCircuit Court for «he Defendant, lor Rejrtater of Dced* WILLIAM H. B1GEL0W, F*x rroBocutlnz Attorney, nounced the following standing coin- County of StotawaSfte. in Chancery, lu Coruu- Kiitt«e<;: UWL.KS— Wa«bburR, BuelL, Crane. na. on tbe eighth day of October, A, J>. 1894. I» this cau«* jt appeaHng from affidavit on f.le, that thf defendant, Charles Glazier, is not QQODS FRANK H. WATSON. ARE GOM1NG IN EVERY BAY. Koixw—Burll, Parker. TruwbrkJ«e. n resilient of this state, but resides at Edve- For 'irwfturer, APPOKTiUKHiMT—ShaOuck, PuUer, Green. WOCKL in tbe State of Iowa, cu motion of J. G. KOAUS AXto BtatKiK*—Ttv>wtJTd*re, Green, Col- Knipht, complainant's solicitor, it in ordered KUDOLPH COLBY. by. tu&t tbv said defendant. Chart"* Glazier, cause For Surveyor, SKtTr.K3lEST WITH TfttASL'ttHK^F. G. Mor- Ilia appearcmoe to be entered herein, within rioe, Mttrdu, HveO. four months from tbe dateof this oi-Jer, and in We cannot mention half of our stock. You know what it takes to HOHACB C, MAIN. c&ae of ais appearance that because his ncawt-r FitfAiic*—BrousoD. Wkshburs, StanlaJca. Fir Circuit Court Commissioners, JONATHAN KSIttBT, CLAIILJASU ACCOCNTS—Ka>-, Baldwin, J. A* to the oooiplain«nf» bill of euinpluiut to be Morrice, filed, and a copy thereof to be ser>ed ou said make up a full stock or goods, it is useless for us to tell you. But we PiiiNTX.NG—F. H. Morris, Bruasoo,Shep*rd, complainant's solicitor, within twenty days af- FKANK F. BCMPS. PUBLIC iiuu*biMi4 AND GBOCSUS—fawoclt, ter service on bimof a copy of said bili and n<>- do insist that we can give you good value for you money. Would it For Coroners, H1KAM MONROE, Jjaldwia, ScougiUe. Ttce of this urder; and lhatlu default thereof, UiU£Cnsi> TAXKS—Swugale, Parker, Peacock. »«id bill be taken as confessed by the said non- ''Hammond Typewriter." be asking too'much of our friends to ask them to call and see as. AU A. E. HOLCOMB. i»KAtM> AND OJTCHK*—Stoepaixi, Puller, Craoe. resident defendant. . OrriCeifS' SAI^AKIES — Martin, Waetaburo, Heed. ABSTRACTS—Stanl&ke, BueU, Seed. And it i* tunaer ordered, tnat within twenty days the said compiKinant cause a notice of this order to be published in theCoruima Jour- Buy only the best. will be well used whether even if you will not buy. No Democrat calls Xew Yorlc a JCSTIOt, COKUKBB XliUCOHSTAHUiS' CLAIM*— nal, a newspaper pnutcd, published and circu- Ocecn, SU«*pard, Staalmke. lating iu said county, audtibttsucn publicaUun GEORGE HILSENDEGEN, doubtful state now. Everybody knows Beautiful Bats from 5 to 15 cts. "Xuitiis CBKTiwcATts—He«d, Colby, Wa«h- be continued tberein at least once in each-week, burn. tor six weeks in auoeessiou, or that she cause 310 Woodward Avcv it i* a Republican state this year. HKCOBDSIX C u » K ' s OITICK—Parker. Trow- a copy of tai» order to be pt*r*onaHr sirred on brklge. Slmtxuck. said non-resident defendant, at least twenty Detroit, - - Michigan. Vests Ueicuse of the Democracy is K g Cu A, , Scongale, K«y, Martin, days btlore the time above prescribed tor his Bronsun, F. H. JMorris, Cb g Cuiby. appesraocc, JWsted Oct. 10th, 1M. Learn AU the best makes of cottons {from 4 up to 28 cts. {sowE . A. Morricc, F. O. Mor- as good as any lawyer could make rlce, K. H. Morns. rlce, K. H. Morns. FRAJNK Ft BUMPS, Cfrcust Court Commissioner, .: UDJVOTG AcooCMs—Fullec Shsttuck. who knows Ids client to be guilty. Shiawassee co., Mich. riuprs. Crane, Washburu and Baldwin J. G. KSTGHT, Complainant's Solicitor. were appointed a special committee on I T would have been money in Mr.renewing contracts with the Detroit D. C. di*op>m. Beffister, SHORTHAND The nicest things in Underwear Wilson's pocket, politically speaking. House of Correction, aud the Eastern 3f he bad made his vteit to London Asylum. Committee reported R E P O R T O F T H E C O N D I T I O N OF t h e FIRST N A T I O N A L B A N K O F TYPEWRITING you ever sitw, incognito. in Jitvof ol renewing contract with the hou«c of correction but that the matter C O f t U N N A . t n t h e s t a t e of Michi- g a n , a t t h e c l o s e of B u s i n e s s , , o n October 2 d , 1 8 9 4 . AU our Ladies and Children's AT THK — STENOGRAPHIC INSTITUTE, Tufc general expression of the vot. of the gpnersilly is that Radolph Colby is {.sylutu was regulated by statute. K«port adopted. RE8OUKCES. L w i » and Discounts.. Ovcntrafts, secureii Kiid unsecured.. 148 ANNAHUOn. MICH. Cloaks and Jackets at Half Price. Su|»r. Kueli. uhairuiau of coininitt4se the light man tit county treasurer. on Uoi)«, reported tbe following rolls U. S. Bonds to secure circulation.... BMnkMig.bnusefurtt.turo and axtures 6,000 00 Over 100 student;* enrolled last year. If lioncHty nrA ability are the quali- correct: New Haven, second ward Other real estate snd mortira^es £gTThanking the people for their kindness to as during our 26 years ties sought; he is the Mtn to vote for. I'wunua, and Woodbull, and recom- * owned Due from approved reserve agents.. Uiecks asv) other cash items ftSO'W i,» ?« BEST SCHOOL IN THE STATE. in trade, we would ask all to call and see us. uteaded that others be referred hack to Notes of other Kational banks 0' Students assisted in securingpo*itf*n.ft THB more tbe people get acqnaitit- the wTerai supervisor* for correction. Fractional paper currency, nickels and oento. < 30 *& POOD M competent- A fir»t-cla#a of typewriHtiif nucbine <f!ven each ntadent M*&fJ.Garland. ' <O V '**"« k»i C* •Rapsit adopted Th? <^inmitt«« ' *u|>- LAWRII- MONKY i i t s t t i v e IN BA.^K, viz: who eiirclls with 1 5 for a complete 1 Jacobs the more votes I»c will receive. wvj(kintly r«port«<l all roJU correct. Specie7..... ..................97JSO0 00 Lis^aHtemler n o t e s . . . . . . . . . . . 8,000 00—10,300 < > X course. Lessons in ohdrtbaud by mail All business placed in his bauds is SuprT Green made A, motion that tbe Redemption fund with U 8. Treaeur- a ppeti»lty. Write for large catalogue. prornjitly attended too. vr, 6 | « r cent n( clrctilfttloa cum ui it tee on buildings and grounds Due f rum U. S. TTHU. uther than 5 Artdress, Stenographic Inst, receive bids for taking care of the per cent redemption fund 9XIM«0 WK give » SitYiH spswe in auothev county huitdiugs, mowing lawu. split- ;e -column to County Clerk Cooper, who tiug wood and other neceuaary work. »tnrk paiii 1n ANN ARBOR, - MICH, is'u:-';im iii tlie racf for «lerk. We Motiou carried Snrphm fund . The comniittirs are now busy at t*w Undivided pn>fli», »;,•) t;tkf J>W*<II C i" Having Unit there WHS regular routine work. - HXft »tkl bank mne- <Hiit»tainlirtir. never n man wow worthy of re elect I*?of. Sitnmon-*, of Oirosso, wa* re- than Mr. <"'oo|H*r. «»lefte«l comity ?chool examiner. The and bill* n-di«uuun№d p reit- vote aiood 13 for Simtuonis aud U for 7ti TiiE iicxt bossstt uf. Mllfonl Taylor. STATE OF MICHIGAN, will be Republican, hence the import- COMMOM 1 I, W. A. Ktrsenter*ti»,«.H8hk'r«) Dr. PEAL'S ance of ret urn ing lion. W. S, LiiiU>». vd i>*nk,t1"*«ilfinnO' ^wcurtbMt fbi- PENTHTROYAIJ PILLS, tueut ia true to lot- bosl of my ki and • C " IIK w ill be sent back by tbe largest B O O M . ,' C4>RUNNA. MlOB. ( Oct. 4, l W t . j f llk V. A. R O S E K K K A , Are prompt, fmtt •fid <Mrtatn ta lit Ine i Dr. F<ea!'9) nnver diMppoint. Sank plurality evt-r^g.'ven Jt candidate in the At a special meeting of the council, and'sworn to Uffore me this »ih For the TTjonth of September orjly we will give a Dis- day of (xitober, iw.*4. Eighth district. called to order b_v ih« major. CHAH. MO1.MAN, For sale by H.C. Kinne, Comnua, Mien- Present: Mayor Lowe and Aldermen N(-»dry Public Agn«w, Mumby, Wiicox, Ford andJarvi*. Attest: count of 15 per cert on our entire stock of W. I>. GAKU18ON, ) THK record of Frank IT. Watson as The following recomincndationt and A.GAKKISON, V re*oi»tion*from the committee on finance JOHN 1)KUHX>LL. prosecuting attorney stand* without a were r«a<i,a.'id on motion were accepted flaw. Ilia •experience-will save the and adopted: county many dollars in tii*i aext two The finance committee recommends that the contingent fund be increased for y«*j». Taxpayers look to your inter- this year, owing to part of th*: eitv hail «st<and vote for Frank II. Watseti. bonds becoming due the first of January, CLAS IS THE NOSOVCAKIMa Against Or damage to property by keeping wel nsured in some first class company Top Garriages, 1895, and to also furnish funds to pay 1,000 dollar* authorized by resolution*, •Y<TJ do not hare to get yoar ear April 16, 189*. AM other qwrfaMn toe Q—t It—ft. L*<UM, Bon W. R. Chapell is local agent for the following well known companys. ROftD WftGONS, SURReYS.&C. very-dote to the ground to Wars that Rnoived, That the sum of *ix. thousand The Commercial Union Assurance dollars ($£.000) be raited by tax for Out Company of London, tfee verdict of the people in regae4 to contingent fund of the city of Corunna Begiaicr of Dseds Will Bigelow is for the ensuing rear of the rereral wards, "he National Fire Insurance Com 71 that "be is all right. Hi* increased andordered to spread theb« and are here' that the uipcrrisor* pany of Hartford, Ct., The Niagara Fire Insurance Com- IF We have the Superior bj tame en the tax vote will be another complimenttoan roll* of their respective wards for the fcuftst 00 havte« W, 1M lpanyof New York. Missouri Grain Drills and accontodatiuf official. year i894. in proportkm to tbe amount • ! VealftftdperMiwi taxable property in each saoss, The Orient Fire Insurance Com- pany of Hartford Ct.. You are are selling them at Bock ward, as assessed by the board of review. THE honorable career HOB. W. Resolved, That the sum of 2o-ze* doi- M. Kilprtrick, together witfe his ex- U n on each one hunCred dollars of ttxablc Carrie & Clatterbuck Prompt attention given to business and the lowest rates at all times, c i in need of a Bottom Prices and on Hard perieoce in public affairs, oiake* him property in the city of Ceru»n* be assessed GRAIN DRILL. Time Terms. ashighwajtax for the highway htodef an ideal candidate for tbe state sen- said eity. and the supervisors of each ward ate. Elect -him and we shall have the * hereby ordered to spread the same on satisfaction^ knowing that ta 14th tax roils of 1894, as assessed br the >>¥< represented. board of review. aenatoriaJJdiatrict will be moat ably Kesolved, That the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars ($25o) be raised by tax for the sprink*:ng fund of the citj ot WISMEE'S 15AZAAB In a few days we will have in stock a №11 Coruona for the ensuing year, an« that FRANTC Wwrrcorr, candidate for the supervisors of the first and second For and complete line of Coal and Wood representatire team this county to the wards he and hereby ordered to spread state legislature, s canvassing tat the same and personal taxable property as on the tax rollsol i89i, on all Bargains. HEATING STOVES, the real county. We are pleased to say that assessed by the beard of review, situated whenever be goes ke makes a good im- within the following described limits: In the first ward, all real and personal taxable pression with tbe voters. There was property on Shiawasste arenue, com- COOK STOVES S RANGES. certaiuly no mi state made in nomi- mencing at the south line of lot u , block nating iiim for that honorable office. last and running block 4; to and the second 34, north including Don't fail to call and examine my stock of 100 feet of and in ward commencing at the south line of THIS following id a specimen of lot i t , line of west and running 3,north i2. block 25, to FALL MILLINERY. Democratic economy: north 3o feet of lot block W H. MUMBY, I have the largest and finest stock in town which we shall be able to sell at Low Prices. Fifty zaiilion dollars increase of boaded debt. CHAS. WILCOX, R. B. FORD, and prices to suit the times It will do you We also have a complete line of Committee, HARDWARE, Fifty milliou dollars reduction in Upon motion council adjourned. good to call and see all the the gold reserve. HUGH M. NICHOLS, Seventy-four million dollar* deficit for tbe year 189*. Probate Court. Clerk. GREAT BARGAINS Taxed sugar ana free wool. you can get for TEN CENTS. A fine line of winter Protection of trusU and reduction Estate of Harrison S. Bugbee, deceas- ed. Finftl account of executor allowed. underwarc just received. Fine line of corsets, mittens, TINWARE, ETC., of tabor wages. Executor discharged. Destruction of reciprocity and a hose, handkerchiefs, stamped linens and fancy goods. Estate of Jennie Scott, deceased. Guy incocoa tax. W. Scott appointed administrator of said Discharging soldier and sailor vet- estate. Fine crockery, glass ware, lamps and toys. GIVE US A CALL. GREEN & PETTIBONE. emus fiom the departments aud hir Estate of Sarah M. Wbipple, deceai>ed. politicians at increased salaries. License granted Wna. A. Woodard to, eel) real estate of deceased to pay debts. ftZftftR
    • SHERIFF JACOBS EXONORATED. SHERIFFSvirtue of N C»»H» t<>rforhert'by g I*- tiiftt b / 8 VLB—Not!** is fi.-ad <HI! of t&e Circuit writ Qerl fat-:**, the county of G- CouuiyAN'.S: of * .U , -is 111 Uiti I liAltCr SUUwaswe, :n favor of HI rum U*«nard, aipiinst ! of theosUrc nt r MD'.I Mik !•>• A . Report of Commissioner Filed. ! Kbaw, < :i№ Is hi- ylV.ttl I ii4i >n tiwt gwotl* IMMI ctuittaiaand tv«l estate of uwila o>-.i"r Potto, to aaid county, to ow ttiivcted «o-1 de- tvered, I have levied im and takwi all tb« rlgfet B. GoMstefn, Proprietor of tbe Phila- Conimissiontr title aw) interest of to* s*M U*?U* Pund, at before vvl.oru the exumiantlon of Sheriff J u d i f e f r f P r o i i i i r . o i n a . i l f-;r .-si;( t: ..in'.v, o u ' »ndto toe foIlo*ltiff<U.-!<ci1tKd reul • state; that delphia №c ttote, announces to the h№ t a e H t h d u y o f O c t o b e r , A i> I iiii, t u e c e w'ui b e te to «*y, lb« northwest ijuarU»r of th<- «outn* public that he will aotgive -ip toe re- Jacobs was .conducteil, has completed 8fJ<1 at public voiulncd) iUeliifih-.tiliUUh-r, aC weet quarter of aectiou lortw, in town live north nf range fuur e w , 01 the srnte of Micb- tail shoe trade until he has made as his summary of the testimony and t'oru..nsi, <Ji>or o f r i.untv.'m iMON'DA V, tbt-«th the front c c ' i i i : - ! i ' i u i c nitm >>.ty o f aim. wit or w'tiicn Iftb*llcx|K>8efor snleat pu tr- an opinion (.'xouorattn^ .Sheriti' , Insnidc y ite aut-tioM or vend at- to the highest, bidder, at much money us bis competitor-. B. at :c!i (j'oLxjk ia ! day of Novemujr, A IJ the ftvnt door of the t'ouit Hui:so. in the city Goldstein says lie will do auytlumj lu Jacobs from ,11 blaw, attached to him j of Curumia, Michijfaa, (tb.it bchi^r the pi*of j <iescrlbe<Uan<!s ajid pretniBefl",".situateft"iri tho wb?nv the circuit w>urt for tb« uounty of stiiu- his power mid will buy tbe biggest bar- in ,tbe .Sullivan matter. . • ! township of (JHUMIIMIH, county of Shiawa&soe, wa*»oi- U held) OD the 10! o «Uy or November. Uil will sell shoes every day in the complaint ngniitst the sheriff ; state of viahitran, tn-w:t: tho undivided two- A. D. 5&U, nt tfn o'clock iti ibe t>rc*m>on. Mitml September 1H, ltsrt. yet. The prices on rtoea must w«r*» net II -» ftl» Wiiiff i n . i sevenths of the norfh-eastrnwrter of the south .. were h^t up. o n e Deuig in- ; nwesi/niarier «( s.:«ii<,ti rteen. town se.veo I*CLI/*;.V ,s. iiiNKR, Wn,r,!A>j E. JACOBS, ortll Attorney. fneriff. b » knocked clown like the price of < coiupetent to execute proper]} tlie ' 7 » rH:iKe thnw east, Dated Oct. 8, lSi)t. ! JOHV L.SHAW, wheat—4£ vint» a bushel. duties of his oWee. The second alleges' , Ouaniian of said M iir>ra. him to be guilty of official misconduct i V-1" Schedule of Examinations. Afeij'ts **5 nhoee o n l y . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1 65 ilar.Corunriii, Auburn - and;?, inn, We«'s $i shoes only 1.40 in the discharge and neglect to dis- p>"OBATKORl>Ei{-staiecfKiiMifan,Coun- j , Bani-rcft. August :u and-'.'.; *'M. Men's #>.«>(> shoes oiily 1.20 S otiargft his olllcialduties, a»* the third | At a session uf 'th(j Probsite Court for t*ie Special; ()*<**o, October A3 »nd JT, 3*di. Boys* J?2 shoe* ouly <5J SpeviMl, Vermin, February r2 ««i<? &*• »ss.'>. wilful ntxrloft rtf ha rttif>& _-.•' OOiinty Of ShiawaS3f;e, Jl(>li)oii At th(> Prohntd KftfuUr, Comnna, Man-li a* and *<, 1 W . ? > Ladies' $5 shoes only 1.90 WUIUl neglect 01 His, duties »*•; Oilice in the city of Cor./urm. on FricUty, die Spetial, La!u>rsburir, Aj>rU 20 ami 27, l$£i. l.iitlk's' #{ shejes oiiiy i .1.40 ft'Of Shiawas^ee county. Of these 5 t h JaJ.' of ,October, in. tw year one thousand'- hpfvial examinations o w n at <>«ie p. m. stanr -,. .^ ,., ,. " '. , : f-'lMht hundred mid nlrmty-rowr. dard time. At rc^uliir exaiuiuaiioiig, appli No more prices ou school shoes. They' cnarges Circuit Court C o m m i s s i o n e r Present .[(»ttiiew yuan,.JuApe or Probate. tmie. Applicants'for the hitfber grades willbe- are so cheap as to bu aifcost given ; l'» the mutter of ti»e estate of Orseinus'l'rura- trin nt eight H, tu.. Standard tl'uie. TSiiis. three away. T i c k e t for tbe concert at the " A s to the first cliurge and tlife speci- j Onreadin^andfllinuthe i^ntion, duly veri- Rgyg. I half clays will tic allowed upplicsuits for third v, ^. ., , .. ., ,. : new, of Jotfti 0. Trmn.'le, utiiniitistnu.ur, pray- Kfa«U'. Thettrslhall du>i tfiographj, reading armory fro« to customers. ticatiOMS there under the evidence d l i - in*r Tbstt he may be authorized to purchase * penmanship. *IK1 theory mid art and school H. OOUWTKIN. Poor Man's Friend. closes that SherJtr Jacobs conducted his II ££$£ ^fdSed? n"'ri£ tb ° ;t ^ S law wjji t№ written; the second bait day, phy- siolopy, ortbcKraphy and grammar will be prisoner, Wiiliam Sullivan, from De- Tbeceuponit is ordcrwl that Monday, tne5t& wrltlvn; the third baJf day arithmetic. bistnrv troit to Oorunna and l o d ^ d him In the and civ M government wiJJ be written. Tne Hrsr half day of to« regular exKuitaattons, ap- •coiinty jail with as much care and skill i.SJw SSSvialil^WferKS? AVJKtS plicant* tor to* higher KI-&UUS wiii write Alge- bra and Physic*. AppUmnt* forflrfrtarade a the exigency of the case demanded;! tn said estate, ure required to appear at a ses- WriteK?K>inetry, gcneiitl h1str>rj'n»<J botany on that be did all that any careful, prudent i i^batc office""nth^cityor Corunna?anrt«how S*turday- NubrtiQchej cai> be written except la aocordawe with ibe above -cheduSe, and ap- STATE OF MICHIGAW, I „ man of his experience would have done plleants who «№ not ivn-^iit at the proper time must wait until tb* next examimuiori to COUNT* OK SHIAWASBEK. f under similiiir Circumstances; that the «uer ordered that ssaid pctiTinner Jtuve notice to complete tbrir work. , K. I>, DIMONi), At a session of the. Probate Court for aafd , i * , - • • , ! ; t u t j p e r s o n s ;nrere*te«lifj sj(i<3 c s r . ' t e ' i f ' b p D e i i - 4*4 i county, held at the Probate office in the eity of Oorunoa, on Monday, the I«t day of ()^tot>er. i» lbs year of our Lord one thousand elgi>t buitdred and ninety four Present^ Matthew Bufih, Judge of Probate. The Evening News, the crowd of people in (Jorutina ou the : oency of ««»fl pri;itioji.»;id ti»e hearii^'uHsretVr evening of Mav 23. 1803, was a good !.„,,.„,•.„,..,-. , •»- this order to be puMisbed 7 - ' * {of • ^ ' n» the L-omaua Journal a newspaper printed «yi'I0E- In tbe mutter In the matter of the estates of Jerome and S tt estate i>f Jobn H*-y»oi«is, di%x"«»ed. Eliza Smith, deceased. 60,000 natured crowd, Jargety composed of and cireulaied in ,«aid county ot Shia«-!W.se**. We ttai.- umU-rniinwd ti&xinjr b« i n appointed citizens of SblM«k»ee county, known j ^ y ^ h e ^ ^ i v e ^ K s ^" ^ Charles Holtnan, as administrator of sai<J es- b) tb*k Hon. Malta*'*- I;«*L, J«d<eof Frol.ate tates, cwmes iuto Court and repix-se its that he "The Qreai Daily of to he ]»w abiding and who were there i iiy K a t h e r f n e ^ ^ ^ p l « g | o f Probate, in am! for the eounty < f ^iana^si-e, state ot is now prepared to reader final accounts a« > 3<k*j|riin, <*>»r»liwtorH»r«r t«> receive, examine such administrator. and adjust all <riaitfcg aud dctnande ot all per* merely out of curiosity to see Sullivan : ' P ROBATE OKDEK. —State of Michigan Ounty of .Sbiawa**^, ss. At a session of Thereupon It is ordered that Monday, the Mb son* against said estate, do hereby *ive nwtiee day of November next, at ten o'clock in (tie » t t w e w i : l tn№t at Frank Wekb>oflk« to forenoon, be assigned for examining aad allow- tbe City of Corunoa. io s«M c^uury «o Monday, ing of such account*, and tljat the beira at law tbe tith day ot Sm *X>T, IXH. urdou tii« etta day of eaid deceased a&d all other persons interaet- THREE MONTHS that they conducted themselves in an ,.* *It ^ __ orderlv and peaceable manner and that *»e ^ j ^ t e Court,for uiewiiinty of sliiawa^ .. . . .. A see. hoidenat «tte iTobate Office, inthecitvof nothing was said or done that indicate Corunaa. on;Saturday,tne eth day of Oeto- of Febniaryji.D l(Wt,aruwtyclockintIt«r(>r« ed in said estates, are required to appear at a coatxao* * subscriber etl to Sheriff Jacobs or anybody else > ^!5_**«. i e * r o nBush. Judve eignt hundrede Preseou Matthew ^°***** of Probate. noon on «acb of said days, t»r the purpose of Marios of said Court, then co be hokfeu at the that an assault would be inade upon the tine, tbe matter of toe estate oi Charles Vnn- In receiving, examfniti^ and adjuwtiHer all claims protwte office, ia the city of Oorunna. and show deceased. •CAinK Mid estate, aod tb*t»Ji raootba from cause, tr any there be, why tbe, Mid accounts jail and physical violence done William On reading an4 filing the petition, duly veri- tbe athday of Adjust, 1*4, are allowed to abouid not be allowed. fied, of Charles H ins an, as admluLstrator crediton U» pre*ent tbelr daioM to said com- Aod it is further «rderod, that mid adminis- Sullivan. of sa'd e*i»te p y g for license to sell the praying mte«kmers for adjiistipeatandaUowaDce. trator a Jve notice totiiep^r?«oslntereetf>d in "If any threats of violence were made real estate of daid dec«it*J iv>r the pu:-p<*se of rsated Aug.ftdk,A. D.. 19W. eaid estates, of tbe pe#deoey of said accounts y i g debt*. . FRAKK E. WKIJCB, and the bearioir tfeereoi, by <»using a copy of against William Sullivan it does not hereupon it ia ordered, that Monday, the JAT 0. R C tbte order i o be publiebtd tn the Coranna appear from the evidence that said 6th dav of NovTwrnext, at tfin o'clockof said in the Journal, a afcwsfmper printed and circulated forenoon, be a&igned for l!*c bvnr:ni( CommfasHitkers. ta said <y>untyt for three suowsslTe weeks pre- threats were in the bearing or come to petition, and Utat the heirs At law of said Ttooe to »«id day of bearing. dee'd, and all other persc.us (.^rested in said MATTHEW BUSH, the knowledge of Sberiff Jacobs. estate, ste required to apne&r at a session ot ELECTION NOTICE. Judge of Probate- By Katberlne E, K«ii№y, Probate Rtjdster. "It further appears from the evidence said court, then of Corunna. andtb« Probate oCKce, in the city to be hoMea at .show cau«, TTATE OF MICHIGAN, if any there be, why tbe tbe prayer of the pett* O m c » or SSCKBTAKT or STATS. that Sberiff Jacobs placed Sullivan in s Lansing, Mich., Any. 9 , J8N, tioner should not be ffra7iteo. TATR OF MICHIGAN. the greate** security that the jsii afford- A d it is f urtberordertxi, that said petitiooer To the Sberiff ot the County of Shfawtsee*. ed ; that ia pennitting tbe people to see notice to the tter=v>n8 interested In mid Sir—Vou are hereby ootinedthAt at the Gen- Sullivan, under the guidance of a trusty | estate of the -fjendone y ol pawl petition, arid eral Election to.be heldLin this state, on tbe At a nession or fbe l^ibnte Court for the • •. . , .. . .*. t h e h e a r i n g thereof, Ly 'gauging a c o p y o f tfeifl Tuesday succendihir tbe first Mo'no«jr~""f-;Jjw-" courtw of Sh»wttsee. hoidetr at t lie F r b s t e Sffd e x p e r i e n e e d ticpitty Sftujriff^ wass hmlcr t»ixIxrpublwh^j'Yi-. t h CV experienced t w p r t t y Sheriff^ w a h m k r to p u W h J i*i thy Cvrwami"JoTirnal, JL e*nb«r next, tbe folioving officers are to be el- o«ce In ibe city of Corunna. on .Saturday, tbe ected, vist: a Governor. Lieutenant Gov- 3Sd d;iy of September, In tbe year one thousand simply following out an establisbed i ^ ernor, Secretary of State, State Treas- eWbt hundred and nlnetv-fonr. urer, Auditor General, Commissioner of Preseotv Matthew Bu?4. Judge of Probate. custom at the Jaii. »nd that seeing Uiei *eek* previous to said day offh«iriw;" the State Land Office, Attorney Gen- In the matter of tbe estate of tjjwrge Bueli, prisoner had a tendenoy to calui and "* •• Probate, eral, and Superintendent of Public Instruction ' also a number of tbe State Board or Educa- i)n rcsiltoyani fllin* tbe petition, duly satisfy the people rather than to in- * K A t B * n i ! " E - tion ia place of Ferry F. Powers, whose term fled, of Kowaa K. Boeu, praying f«r. an aJlow- furiate them. of office will expire Dec. 31,18W. also a Kepre- It isrtfurl th;it tieurly »l reliable .wn'tatlve in Cotjjrrrs? for tbf Eighth Congress- Tbereupon it Id ordered, tbftt Mon4ay, Uto "It further appears from the evidence proprietary ineiiciiies wttis tirst used ional District of this Slate, towbicfa your coun- ; 2№ <J*y Oct. uext, at ten o'clock in »be forenoon, ty belooss; also a Senator for ibe Fourteenth be aMlfrned for the hearing of s*M petition, that Sheriff Jacobs took alJ reasonable ;tml tiioi'<>uu|i!y ttsttii in practice hy Senatorial District or this State; also one Rep- and tbat tbe heirs at law of «*k9 deceased, resentative in the State I^eKfeiature for tbe and all otbev person** Interested in e*W estate, Representative Dtettfcicomprtaiofr ShtawaM- are required to appear at a session of said AND and ordinary prwaatioos to protect j physician* «f more tlmii. HSIIHI' ability, the jail againrt .wauit and William I : i l l d . J' et soa;epJ.y»icU»s sii«er..at such ee county. ,, Court, tben to be holdcn at ibe Frobat? o o ,,, - , , « . ,. , . . i >nedicm<*s. The reason 13 plainly seen You are also hereby notified that at said In tbe Ctty of Cflrunna, and show cause. If election there will be submitted to the people there be, why the prayer of toe petitioner Sullivan from violence, that he took b v t a kin« li^nr.s Balsam for illustra- an mnwenduietit to Section 1. Article ». of the sbnuM not bo prauted. snch precautions a* any ordinary care- t i ; M L k l M ) r t l , «,v*rv where ; I S mliablH" Constitution :>fthJ* stale relative to the quali- And H i? iuntor ordered, 'mi aai'l pe- fications of elector* oi thi* State. titioner, give notice U; tbe peratc* inter- full and prudent man of like experience j iiTUj s l t , r UJ Ci;ifc c V f c j - v S u i t*>f laiigHixJ Ako an amendment to Hecrion f> of Article7. i e«totl In said estate, of the peiuli-rtcr of «atd under Hintillar cirt'uinsiain:e.t would j Un<Mt Ii'i:tti1«% tx^vpt I«sl stages of p g of tn« constitution or tbW state Authorising in- petition, abd too bearing tJwreof, by oausliur CorunnaJournal tnatefl of Soldiers' Hotnes to vote wbere Mich a copy of tbio order ti» be puWishfrt in the €o» have taken. Why is it not just us home Is located, ruina JOUITJHI, a newspaper printed andcircu- Id Testimony Whereof J have hereunto set Jot'HJ in said county or Shiipwaww, for tbrtw "Thd evidence further dipdoses that 1 1 toy hand and affixed the <»re«t Senl or tbeRucjesslve w^ks iin'vi.iu- - to ttikl day i«r bear* the №ven or eight depuHch i, which iiiiyiit cost three , State or Michigan, at Latulng.theday and year ing. MATTHEW BUSH, in and aWut the! o r ^Oil1' liwe*»»*'n»uh.iU»o»gl» u« surer first nbore written. Judge of Probate. Jacobs h«d aHtwiiibled to cmr? I'»rge 25 and 80 cent buttles WAHHINGTCTX OARnjfKR. 3 f KATHAmxr. E. Keltic?, 1 8*cretary c ; Htaie, Probate Reai»ter. night of >lay Zi wer« each of V. M, Notice Is also khereby {riven that on the Mine armed with a loaded revolver, nod that NOTtCK.— In the nwtt*,T date of the;.g*ni ral election, HINIVC notfccit.thc j ol tIn•<•»<(«11'iif AU«-rt T. Nicboif, dewHitMl, Cure is sold on a no instruction* were given by hherritl' roiluwiiiif cr>unry oflVerKaro if> !*• «le«>tf«i: * Clerk. Sheriff, r^n^ecutiiifr Attorney, KetrictiT byWo, ih«'iind^n>i>rtiM, havtriK l«H;no f Pn)bat<> apprtlntc-d It cures Incipi«ut Consumption It la to his deputien not to IIM; thorn. tlie be-* Ooiijrh ('ure, Only one c*»it • if LhtOs, Treasurer, TwoClictitt 4.'nmmiM<t< lit- in uii<1 fur tbi* coiinl)' BUHO. Juiijrc I ho Hon. MHUIII-W ers, .Surveyor and Two rwncrft. of SbiHw«F»so»*. state of It further aptHMira from the evid«i>c«* n do-w. ,2S Cts. aird $1 .(Hi. N>M by H. WM K. IACUUS Slurlff. Hi.dMdJurit (vniitniMfiioiiers<1fiuun<<)4 o t eallm|«-r- Mlcbimiti t > n.<cefve, x a i n e < that Sheriff Jacobs actcil in good faith 0. Kinui.. nil (-Ittimis ttrnl S D KFAULT navlutf bc-tu ma<li-in the tioitH i»f a cviiatti muriK*>r<* tw-»r) MMI« »>rnlnft Mid «Httat«*. 3<) h o w b y itive notice thar we will tiK-ct at the Probate office, in the- city nf t orunriM, in Raid county, oh Moii.irtv, tl»t^ lita ilny < r Novemtwr. » One Year in his retLwtaucc to the a^ault of the mob and under the cir- L'B. Midi., So. 1SJ893. W. Wimiecknectit, » weallhy f»rmef cumstance* aa they ap|>«ared to him Mnskegon Co., personally appeared bvtMivtind('my of ScpurolKT. A , It. 1^7, >-» th«- .lay if February, A. X>. l»«ft, at of noon of each of said day*, and to others coiupetent to judge, acted b v u t n l Uy Judium linrhvr awl Mary it»rf»-r, hi* wifo, o f tne township of Uu»b,Sa aw,n*t'Li)uh- i" <ii rcfrrivintf and auiJuatiriK all me, tuin <l«y, mui says; i y , Michigan, t o MK«>r«rti A, Kylt-,uf rortutun. II <i«ta(et and that tvix months with ordinary judgment and c&uliou in for the past year or so he was ufTticted of Autrustt.lHW, are allowed to' guarding the jail a* he did. with weakni-SH. jtr**mbling. heart fail- *lt further ai>j>e.it> from the evidence ure, extrcmt' >»<*rv<Misnt;ss mul <i*y of September. A. I>. l^->~. And Kttkl ratirTifagf wns on the "tecond day tit May, that the mob which assaulted tha jail aclie; that he consulted with Physicians JOMA' DKISCO1X, A. 1>. i№«s, duly R№iirr>ed t>y EUa Lotlin, Alice CoveU, NuJtk* B. 8c<>tt an J Mary A.Carlami, and took out tne body of Sullivan au<i but received no benctit. He WHS For S1.S5 Commissioners by x friend to try a soleht-irii of Margaret A Kyle, d«-№iwe<i, tit KOUATI-: LiltlfRK, — State oi K , hung in a tree that uight was an organ- Mary Murray of Corunna, Michigan, which »atd a««ignmi-nt wasaulv n'eordeJ in the office of P (.V»ut)t> of Shiaw«£<?ee, us. At a pe&iion of izetl party of masked men. none of i bottluofD'r, Wheeler's Nerve Vitalister (toe rvtriitferof denlA of aaM couuty uf Shiawa*- the l'n>l«ie Court for tbe County of Stuawnd- whom were kuowu io or recogniz- »nd he says the tremhlins? and nervous to recogniz-' « « in LiU-rfc>of Mort*a««s. on uaffeCSI.on th<' <,tb day uf September. A. D. 1«H. And see, bolden at the Probate office, in the city ot Corut>na, on Wednesday, the *1 day of October, etl by the sheriff or auy of his deputies; feeling svus itutuediately stopped by wbert-a* the amount claimed to be due aud un- paid uix.n Aaid tuurtaa** ^nd note arvompan}'" in tbe year one: thousand eiffht hundred and that a? soon as the masked men hadits use. Afterwards he used two hung the body of Sullivan to tbe tree bottles of the sume medicine and says, Diwtyfour. RE UHT the same at tbe date or tfei* notke. Is tbe Pri^'ni. Matihew Bush, J'jdjre of Probate. «Miki of two ftundred ao«l slxtoen d^JUr? and furry-ebrntcent*. principal aod interest, and deufacd.matter of tbeesuue of James Sayers, In the On tvmdina- and nlki* tbe petition doly veri- d they at once dispersed and Sberiff he is entirly cur«jd." WISDECKXECHT. Signed. W. Uw farMM-r s u n of r*«ity-o«* doUars aa ao at- fled, of wuiiam Say en, prayimr that adnjlais- Jacobs has been unable to apprehend Sworn to and aubscribed before me torney fe»- «Upoi«ted for in said BK>rtimge, and tration or said estate be granted to the peti- no proccedfn** at law - rin equity navtng bt*o tioner or to some other proper person. any of them although he has since made a notary public for Muskegon Co., taken to recover tke debtaocured by said mort* Thereupon it is ordered, that Monday, the reasonable March and inquUy; that Stateof Michigan. gmgf or any part thereof. Notice ts hereby given 9th day of October next, at ten o'clock in Wat by Tlrtucof rhc power ofMte la a«idMnn- the forenoon, be aMifftwd for hearlnie ot said Sheriff Jacob* recovered the body aa JAS. MORRISON. g*we eaumtntA t t e pwiwtana fluarta doaetibed, petition, and that the hein at law <vf «u£ de- This medicine is sold by Fred & L > much th*t*c»f as may be aeoHanry vomt- ceased, and all other persons interested in said soon as be had revived suffi«ieutly from mmi par H M Oebl, M e m t , attorney fee •state, «r* required to appear at a session of his fight with the mob. Kilbouru, COOUIIIIH. 4 at «rf ikte fotwctumrc will be a«4d at pub- •aid court, then to be bokten at the Probate lic au«nou or f^ndu»T to UH> hlckeat Udder, at oSee, in thecttyof Coranna, and show cause, Is the man who will sell you "It further appears from tbe evidence the frost <t*mr of t*« Court Mouse, la tbe elty if any than be, why the prayer of the petJ- B«v. R. N. Middleton. M, E. clergy^ «»f Comma, <ttet bdag tt* Ntlldtn* wfcer* tae ttooer should not be granted. that there was nothing ia the appear- Ctirult Cowrt tor tfce oooory of 8aiawani>ee to , Cedar Springs, Mich, says: Sleep h*t4T**&AUl*DAT.theh*yri>eotte. And it Is further ordered, that Mid petition- er (rive uottoe to the uenum Interested is crowd which as- and rest were strangers to me after .! A. O- )«M. at tno'cioct In theforeoooQof «aid •aid estate, ot the pendency of said petition •wmbled ID Corunna on the evening of p r e a c h i n i r till I used "Adiroada, Now day: ihe M c n i m described iti eeid mnrtnee and tbe hearing thereof, by caudinjr a copy of the 23 of May to indicate that an as- I sleep soundly and awake refreshed; wre an fottowa. to-«tt: The w«*t hair of the northeast quarter ot the northeast quarter of •srttoa twenty, ts town elfht, north of ranfe twom*M, fitttmmwmw enonty, Mtchiiran, coo- UiniBir rweoty acre* of lattd, more or lea*. this order to be published in the Corunna Jour- mai, a newspaper printed and circuiated lu said county of Shiawasee. for three succeedve weeks previous to said day of bearinc. MATTBBW BUSH. PURE DRUGS, l sault would be made on the jail and I can heartily recommend " Adironda violence done William Sullivan. dl Sold by F. M. Kilboarn. d OMeti Sept. Wth,im. ^ "There was nothing to indicate to tbe WALTER MCBHTDK, Aiuwney for M MAST Min»RVT,Mort«a«ee, By EATHERINB E. KKTJIXT. Judge of Probate. Probate Uetister. WINE LIQUOR? sheriff the necessity of calling out the There is uo medicine so often needed in every home and AO admirably adopt- military company of Owosso or the ed to the purposes for which it is necessity of taking any further of dif- intended, as Chamberlain's Pain Balm. ^ B A T K OEDEK —State of Michigan, coun- T ty of Shfawaseee. as. ATTACHMENT NOTICE.-State gan—The Circuit Court for the County of gblawaMce, Atasewioouftbe ProtMte Court for said JOOIAH DOWDIMO ) of Hlcbi- PAINTS & OILS. ferent precautions and means to pro-Hardly a week passes but some member tect tbe jail and William Sullivan ttaan of tbe family baa need of it. A tooth were taken. The sberiff advised with ache or headache may b* cured by it countr, hek) *t the ProtMte office In tbe city Tfl > of Corunna, on Monday, tbe 1« day of October. GFOROC OOWDIKO. ) the prosecuting attorney and other lead- A touch ot rheumatism or neuralgia AT hlVINti PRICES in tbe year of our Lord one thousand, eight Notice ia hereto given that on tbe 17th day of hundred and ntntey-four. September, A. D. l«&4, a writ of attachment wa» ing citizens and acted In tbe matter as quieted. Prewjut, Matthew Bu*h, Judge of Probate. doly issued nut or tbe Circuit Court for tbe any ordinarily, reasonable and prudent The severe pain of a burn or scald In tbe matter of the estate of Charles Van- County of Shlawassee, at ttnsuit of Joeiah tine, deceased. bowdinff, tbe above named pUinuff. against and reasonable man of his experience promptly relieved and the sore healed Jesse E. Stone, as special administrator of tbe lands, tenaments, gooda and chattels,moae> fcaid estate, comes into Court arid represents and under aimiliar circumstances would in much less time than when medicine and effects of George lK>wthng,the above named has to be sent for. A sprain may be that be is now prepared to render nnal account defendant, for the sum of Three Hundred Dol- have acted. promptly treated before inflamation M (tuch special administrator. . lars, which *aid writ wn» returnable on tbe sec- Thereupon It Is ordered. ?hat Monday, Tbe2»th ond day of October, A. t>. l&H. "As to tbe second and third charges sets in, which insures a cure in about day of October next, at ten o'clock in the fore- Dated tnia Ilth dayoi October, A. r». I8W noon, be assigned for examining and allowing AUSTIN E. KiCHAKDS, and the specifications thereunder, there one third of the time otherwise required such account, and that tbe heirs at Uw of Mid deceased and aJJ other persons interested in Attorney for Plaintiff. is no competent or creditable testimony Cuts and bmises should receive *ui- Mid estate are required to appear atstwston ot to sustain them. From a consideration mediate treatment before the parts »aid Court then to be hoMen at tbe Probate of* of all the evidence taken in the matter, become swollen, which can only be flee In the city nf Corunna, and show cause if Any tnerebe why tbe wid account should not a CARDIAX'S SAEB-State < f Micijrtti). > County of Shiawasaee, ss. In the matter of the estate of Grover Heud*rson, a minor. ALL THE LEADING BRANDS Oh GIGARS my opinion of the whole affair attend- done when Pain Balm is kept at hand, ing the arrest and lynching of William A sore throat may be cured before it A*nrt it is further ordered, that »aid special Notice is hereby Riven thut in pursuance and becomes serious, A troublesome coru administrator vIve notice to the persona inter- by.virtue of an order granted tr. ;h>; under• Sullivan, U that tbe sheriff acted honest- ) may be removed by applying it twice ested of inv pendency of r>«Wttooount,aod t«6 » > £ n e d v a * (fi)HriiiHn >>r the- c.-inifc o f »uS>'I uiliir.;" hearing thereof, by causinjir n copy of this orior by the Hon. Matthew Bus»h. Judge ot Probate ly and used such prudence and skill as a day for A week or two. A lame back to bo punlioned in the Corunna.fournal, a news- In «nd for said county, on tin; eighth day of paptT printed and circulatiujf in said county, October, A. I). 1H*!, there will l>e w>U1 at, i)iil>- forUiree succewfre weekgprevioiwtosald day Uc vendueto tbe hUtbtai biddst. at Ibe front Give him a call and you will never regret it. any ordinary man of like experience may be cured and several days of of bearing MA nrfiEW^USH.^^ dooi or the poatoffice iu Ibe villnfte of Ilender- under sirailiar circumstances would valuabl time saved or a pain in the sonville. in said county,on MONDAY, tbe «ith have used. It Is further my opinion side or chest relieved without paying By Katberine E. KeUey, Probate Register. dav of November, A. D. 1»W, at ten o'clock in tbe forenoon of said day, all tbe rijrbt. title and RESTORE that none of said three charges or any a doctor bill. Procure at once a 50 interest of said minor, jn and to tbe follow- Inu described lands and premise?, situated in of tbe specifications thereunder are | _ regret the township of Rush, county of Sbiawawee, sustained by the testimony produced." - lt For sale by Druggists, Fever is a Fire. Pot it out by usin* DR. BALL'S MAGIC State of Michigan, to-wit: an undivided one- eeventh, subject to tbe widow's rtirbt of dower of lots four aod five, Woe* five; lots five, six, seven and eight, block eight; blocks seventeen LOST VIGOR "1 would rather trust that medicine Xalr's Clover Root the great Blood than r.ny doctor I know of." says Mrs. PuriBer, gives freshness and clearne«s ITattie Mason of Chilton, Carter Co., FEVER D R O P S , whksh stop all kinds of eighteen, nineteen and twenty, all In tbe vii- rowt n l i o of Hendersonvllle, SbiawH8?ec co., Michi- to the complexion and cures Conatipa- Mo,, speaking of Chamberlain's Colic, Fever*, Aches and Paln», whether in Head, 7n, according to tl . recorded plot thereof, tion, 26c., 60e. $1.00. Sold by H. C p Throat, Lung*, Liver, Kidney*, Bladder or any ted. October W»h,18W. teo. ^ ^ MkNRY H. HBNDBBSOIC cur* M Kinne. . 1 Cholera ami Diarrhoea R l Remedy. For otberpartoftbebody. PRICE 3 5tf C E N T S Guardian of the estate cf said Minor. sale by Druggists. t * :1 I For MletoyH 0 Kiane, Coruina,
    • THE INDIANS. RUIN DOWN SOUTH. WEATHER AND CROPS. VETERANS MEET. MINOR NEWS ITEMS. W11L BE NO WAR. of the Aunnal K*port of C O B - Synopal* of Uu» ttorernment't We*fcl- fte- „ port—To Be bUcoatiaoMt. Vor the Week Ending Oct. B. mU*lo-«r Brownlac. A Cyclone Ra^ea In the Capital CHICAGO, Twenty - Ninth Reunion of the Mrs. Mary Sheehan died at the alms- England's Cabinet Meeting Not Oct. S. — The weekly WASHINGTON, Oct 4.—D. M. Brown- City of weather crop bulletin for the season Army of the Tennessee. house in Pottsville, P_., aged 101^ years. Aimed at France. ing, commissioner of Indian affairs, of 1894, issued from the signal aerric* An entire business block was de- has submitted his annual report for office in this city, will be discontinued The City of Coatw-U BlafT*, la^ Welcomes stroyed by fire in the village of Buck- Troop* to Be S*nt Chin* to Protect British the year ending June 30, 18*4, to the The I u u i « Auyium and the Penitentiary Baiter Omtly- BuUdJag* lit the Cen* from this time. Following i» a sum- hannon, W. Va. Svbje«t*-&iu*i- Said to Be In- secretary of the interior. A synopsis th« Old Soldier* — 4£ae*llon of ^e- is as follow*: tcr of th* TOWP DemolMhed— mary for the week past: male Memtterahtp — <*«?. Jack- Advices from Cuba state that the lit- trtgataf with Chin* tot A Four 14v«« Loftt. Illinois— Temperature normal, sunshine tle town of Dagua has been destroyed r BUe« of Cure*. Ttoe commissioner says special Advancement •on'a feas been made in Indian education. The ag- above and rainfall below; conditions unusu* and 900 lives lost ally favorable; corn cutting progressing and gregate enrollment fur the year has been 21,451, HAVOC' IS LITTLE ROC-. COVSADES GHKET KACH OTHER. Goaded by intimations of cowardice, THE CABJNKT MEETS. •witb an average attendance of J?,09a, against much in stock; wheat and rye in fine condi- LITTLE KOCK; Ark., Oct 4.—Never in tion; meadows, pastures _3d late gardens COTTNCIL HIXTFS, la,, Oct 4.—The Corbett has decided to accept the chal- r, Oct. 6.—The protection of 21,117' earolLment and ]C,30ts for tbe previous the history of Little Rock was there growing finely. twenty-ninth reunion of the Army of lenge i»saed by Fitsstmmoas. •subjects in China Be«x_Btohave year. enrollmenthas bee» an. increase, hj the There of government bo&rdlnff ituch a scene of wrecked and ruined InilLana-Cora all safe, most in shock; *h*&t been the cause for conveniuy the c*.U- schools on reservations a ad a falling the Tennessee opened Wednesday. Wr M. Br«ekeDridf« and Frank A. buildings as was presented Wednesday dose; tobacco ail cut: pasturage green;nearly Nearly 100 members of the Army Padgott lf.il Chiiiajfo for a two ye«urs' ana rye coming up luxuriantly; seeding frost inet council, and not France's move* off f.n ffofernmcat day schools. The «om~ morning. The streets were almost im- did no injury. of the Tennesee were in thoir bicycle trip around the world. ment* in Madagascar. misaloner notes an educational i wakening passable and great yawning chasms in Wisconsin — Weather f: vorable for farto- places when Gen. G. M. Dodge Six persons were badly injured in a The English newspapers have ap- amQng the Xavajocs which he attributed to a visit of a delegation to the world's fair. brick fronts told of the fury of the worit; corn-busking is general; fall plowing la called the society to order. On freight train wreck at Mansfield, O parently recovered from the bad scare The defect iu most Indian schools are be4 storm. The damage will aggregate well along and seeding been sown; pastures his right was Gen. O. O. How- Twenty cars were demolished. largo acreage of rye has about completed; a caused some of them by the hasty call- water supply and sewerage. Contracts for. almost §1,000,000. in splendid condition, and Ktock healthy. ard and on the left CoL L&wler, com- ing of the cabinet council. Wednes- ftchoollnj; of Indians have been declared The death list now known is hot so Minnesota—Good rains in all sections have mander in chief of the (ir*.od Army fifty-fivemisers without feed by a cave- Four hours who were entombed day the afternoon newspapers were or reduced wherever :children ofbe done without depriving the it could school large as was expected, but there are greatly improved pasturage; fall plowing and of the Republic. Following Gen. in at Carbondale, Pa., were resetted. seriously apprehensive of war with privilege*. The re<?u«ion for ta« last ye»f several persons missing and th«?ir sowing of winter grain progrcssiuR rapidly; Dodge's remarks, which were of a con- field crops about all secured; frost Sunday France. Now they are unanimous in has amounted to 157.715. The amount for names may yet be added to the roll of night. Six persons were injured, three of expressing the opinion that there is Roman CathoUc schools in reduced from gratulatory character, Gen. Howard them fatally, by the collision of a lo- the dead. So far as reports received Iowa—The week has been warm and dry, addressed the meeting in a good fel- not the slig-htest cause for anxiety a« *38».7« OoogrefeTttional. #10,»»> u> none. The aou^i to $350^15; Prtsbyt*rian $»,9» U> now indicate the dead number four favorable for maturing late crops and for lowship talk. CoL Lawler followed, comotive and street car in St. Louis. to a serious dispute with that country. field matrons have don« t?ood work, but there T*he annual reports of the treasurer mile Portland, Me., Directum trotted a At and the injured thirty-four. plowing and seeding: pastures are good and Troops to B* S*nt to Chin*. arc cot yet enough of them to carry eiviilsatloa forage for winter will bo more abundant than in 2:0S>iY defeating Nelson and Wreckage of Bulldln>j_ anticipated. and secretary were received. After Most of the ministers were present forward rupidiy. Indians realize they must Almost every building1 between Main Michigan—Temperature and rainfall below other routine work was transacted a lowering the record for New England. at the meeting, which lasted, from s.ecure ullot^itnts, at. mustbest landais dUftr- taken, and they the lead being and Markhain and Ti d and Main normal, sunshine above; tee end of the season a committee on the nest meeting place At the state election in Florida B. noon until 1:30. Sir William HarcOurt, ent mode or life or perish. Commis- streets was unroofed and in numerous finds late potatoes and corn doing well, potato was appointed and the convention ad- G. Lyddon (dem.) was elected justice chancellor of the exchequer, was ab- sioner Browaitic tiilces the ^ame position instances entire fronts were leveled digging and seeded; applebeing pushed; much journed until evening1. At 4 o'clock a of the supreme court without opposi- fail wheat corn husking picking progresses sent. It is announced upon authority as his predecessor—thai u!l Indians are under to the ground. On East Markham and pastures are good. reception was tendered to all the dele- tion. that the cabinet, after discussing agents to Cht-m is a vloiation ofih:ii ihe sale of liquor of the government, and law. He says street the destruction of property was Ohio—General showers in northern section. gates at the residence of Gen. Dodge. Jim and Marion Crutchfield (broth- the state of affairs in China, de- the character of the question auiMrs it Unpos- v greater than elsewhere. Several large but dry in other in shock; wheat plowing pro- portions; sll sown, and An informal meeting was held at the ers) and .Vill Mitchell, all negroes, cided to send troops to that country ibl to secure a derision fr<,as The United corn nearly all fall buildings vere leveled and not one es- gressing; potatoes small: apples falllog; pas- receptionand CoL J. C. Stone, of Bur- fought near Den ton, Tex, and all were in order to protect British interests. States supreme conn »hic-h he dt-f-nm un- caped injury. Windows and doors lures in excellent -condition; tobacco about all liugton, raised the question of female killed. Russia Grow in j Ufi-'j"' ' fortunate, ami "too (fOveraaieLt is htflpltss to were blown out, tin roofs carried away, cut and housed. membership by presenting a written Emma Jacobs, of Lamoat, la., aged The Evening1 News publishes a sen- reileveto VtyIndians of the attkade o: the IOWOT posed tbe i«;ison of the dinners tiscj* are ex- telephone and electric light wires Kansas—Warm sunshiny week with light request that upon his death his 7 years, saved a Chicago Great Western sational statement to the effect that courts toward thes* questions." blown to the ground, and poles twisted mitted much fallImproved and seeding; Moc* daughter be admitted to full member- train from being wrecked on a burned showers have plowing pastures MMI per- the cabinet council was called to con- off at the curbing. thriving on pastures; frost killed tender vines ship as his successor. A resolution b i d sider a dispatch received from Minister LARGE POPULIST GAINS. At the A»ylum. In central counties. was adopted unanimously granting the Near Pawnee, Neb., a cyclone killed O'Connor, at Pekin, in which it was May K n i w t tb« It was at the insane asylum where fall plowing has been done becauseamountdry request Nebraska—Less than the_usual of toe of John Nelson's. 9-year-old girl and seri- stated that Russia was intriguing to Vxtorglm frum 7O.OOO to 2 the most complete wreck was seen. condition of the ground; showers have been In the evening the delegates were ously injured five other members of assist China against Japan in return ATLANTA, Oa., OcL 5.—Later report* The buildings erected by the state at general the last of the week and very beae- entertained at the opera house. GOT. the family. for the ce&sion to Russia of certain from all OV«T Georgia shove that the a cost of $300,000 are located on a ncial to all farm interests. Jackson welcomed them to Iowa and Mill owners And opennti—es at Fall ports of Corea. If this is true, the populists hare mode «_ins in almost prominence 3 miles west of tire busi- Mayor Clever represented the city. River, Mass., held a conference, but Evening News adds, it will be a qnes- every county in this state and that the ness portion of the city and offered a FOR CONGRESS. tior. of sending first-class British men* , democratic majority will probably not OfBc«n Elected. failed to settle the strike involving splendid target for the fury of the Xomliu»tkM*» 9K*d« in Various Portion* of COCTJCIL BLUFFS, la., Oet. 4.-^At the 40,000 persons. of-war to China to thwart Russia's in- ] be more than 15,000. It was nearly storm. Thousands of people in bug* tb* Cotmtrj. morning meeting of the Society of the tentions. There is no confirmation of ' 70,000 at the last general, election. gies and on horseback thronged the The republicans of South Carolina The following congressional nomina- Army of the Tennessee the following will not nominate a state ticket, but these statements from other sources. ' Atkinson, the democratic nominee for road to the ruins this morning. tions were made Tuesday: officers were elected: President, Gen. Troops tram India. - # . governor, has been scratched in all The ruin was not complete, but Michigan. Fifth district, I_ G. Rutherford Grenville M. Dodge, of Iowa; corre- candidates will run in each congres- The Exchange Telegraph company ' parts of the state, and it is be* the damage is estimated at from (dem.): Eleventh, Mayor Anderson (pop.); sponding secretary. Gen. Andrew sional district. 1 says 6,000 troops will be sent from In- lieved bin majority will cot exceed $75,000 to S150.00D. There was one Twelfth, Ro.«h Culver (dem.). Ohio. First dis- Iliekenloope, of Ohio; recording secre- trict, H. D. Peck (dem.); Second, U. O. Oliver R. L. Peace and Ulysses Aaram dia to protect the treaty ports in 10,000. The democrats will have 30 death here, Dr. J. T. Ingate, second (dem.); Third, A. I* Harris (rep.); Seventh, tary, CoL Cornelius Cadle; treasurer, fought a duel at Canton, fta., for the China. The first rifle brigade will majority in the state nenate and 150 assistant physician. M. K. Gaatz (dem.). Illinois, Twenty-second G«n- M. E. Force. hand of a neighbor's daughter and leave Calcutta October 16 for Hong j majority in the bouse. Every con- At the Penitentiary. district. F. M. YcuDgbiood (dem.). Maryland, killed each other. Kong. The other troops which are ex- ; gressional district except Blacks—the CoL Fred Grant was selected orator The storm did damage at the state H.. V. Busk (dem.):C. Fourth, (dem.); Cowen for the next meeting, with Maj. Wil- Post office department officials hare ftfttond district, J. F, Talbot Join TMM, pected to be dispatched include the Tenth, or Watson, district—went fcr penitentiary estimated to aggregate (dcm.). Massachusetts, Third district, J. A- liam Warner as alternate. Cincinnati forbidden the Sunday parade of letter Northumberland Fosileers, two bat- : the democrats. The >'inth, represent- 830,000. The south half of the roof of Walker (rep.); Fourth, J. S. Desmond (dem.); was chosen as the next place of meet- carriers contemplated by Postmaster tallions of Ghoorkas and four regi- ' ed by Tale, is carried for the demo- the cell-house was completely torn Twelfth, district, Morse Hill (rep.). Pennsyl- ing and September, 1S95, as the time. Hesing, of Chicago. Elijah (rep.). Connecticut. ments of Sikhs and drafts from the crats by 7 majority, and the Fourth, Fourth F. J. G«u, F. M, Clark and CoL Fred » ^ y and carried outside the walls. vania, Sixteenth district, Fred Leonard (rep.). The reunion closed Thursday night Punjab. represented by Moses by 900. This is The windows were broken out, but The fallowing1 nominations for con- with a banquet at the Grand under the Grant are about to sell the secret of a Portv ITot lyiodcMtod* the first election since the war when little damage was done to the interior. gress werft made on Wednesday: auspices of the Iibyal legion. Two torpedo explosive to the Chinese gov- PORT Lours, Island of Mauritius, Get republicans -mi populist* have joads Many of the convicts were in their cells Illinois, Twelfth district. T. S. Donovan hundred were gathered around the ernment for SljQ0O,OOO. 5.—The statement that a blockade of complete fusion. Tbe negroes voted at the time and were not hart. The new (dem.). Wisconsin. Seventh district. Michael board, and many stories of war expe- Engineer Michael Ketchum, Fire- the island of Madagascar had been de- ' solidly with the populists. workhouse, chapel and kitchen were Griffin (rep.). Nebraska; Fifth district. W. A. rience were reciteit. man Thomas Warren and Brakeman clared by France was brought here by badly wrecked. The third story and the j McKeighan (dem.-pop.). Massachusetts, Sec- M. E Hummel were kilted in a freight L steamer from Madagascar. The report BUSHED TO DEATH. east wall of the second story were ond district. F. R. Preston Steveiaoo (dem.). Gillette (ret>.». New Jer- TORNADO IN KANSAS. wreck at Sorithfield, Mo. appears to have been due to a tntecoo- , Their IJVM is * Flf» blown down and are lying1 between sey, Fifth district, Charles E. Day, a lamp trimmer, struction of French measures taken to j at WU-rt, VTto. it and the house, a vast mass of brick Candidates for congrem were chosen Great I>*n»c* I>O«M» to Property la tbe prevent the landing of arm* and am- j Vltj or Wichita. was killed by »u electric light wire in , Wis., Oct. i — The tiutm and mortar. The west wall was a» follows on district. J. O. Yates (dem). Ohio, Tenth Thursday: WICHITA* Kan., Oct. 2.—The north- Boston and a man who attempted to munition for the Hovaa. of B. B. Pierce in the town of cracked at the floor and inclined to Michigan* EHevcntfa district. W. E. Hudson ern part of the city was swept Monday rescue Day was also killed. Wilmot, Kenoaba county, burned 8rm— tbe east 45 degree*. It wan in this idem.). Mirmesoi*. .Second dUtrict, H. 3. Kel- night: by a tornado. Buildings of ail The ship City of Athens sailed for Oct. 5.—Married Enrope- i day uight and four persons perished in building where the only death occurred. lOKK prtt): Flrto. T. Kelnstodt (pro.). Mary- kinds were demolished, unroofed, Vbe United Kingdom with the first an officials in ibe customs service at ] the flame*. The nnmes of the victim* J. R Griffith, a, white man, sent up laad, Fourth district. K. W. R. Ituil (rep.). twisted oat of shape and removed from cargo of wheat shipped from Tacoma, K. Smith (rep.). Peking arc with their families leav- ; were aa follows: William Pierce, aged , from Clay county, was descending the ArkaOMU. Third dUtrlct, North Carolln*. FUtb •district, W. Merrttt their foundations, and it is reported Wash., amounting to 1,800 tons. ing that city, owiojf to the unsettled 35. 'fhonuw P Th Pierce,, aged SO;" J o i n •tairway from the third story when (pop.). New Jersey. Third district, .11.. F. How- two unknown men wer-e killed. In g ; hn Daniel Kramer and Ellen A. l(all concHtion of affair* there, the recent l'ierw, aged 3S, and tt young woman, the wall caved in and buried him in cli (rep.). all, borae twtuty-Sve or thirty bub- were married at flockford, 111., as the assaults upon foreigners and the gen- aged 18. the debris, His remains, badly man- MILL WILL ACCEPT. fitantial buildings, besides innumer- result of a courtship conducted by let- eral anti-foreign feeling. ThelxxlWwof tbe four victims were gled, were removed from the ruins able barns and onthouscs, were de* ter. Neither saw the other until the Uit«l* 8»fs Well R-prwaeated. burned beyond recognition. The young Wednesday morning. The H*ti*tr>r «ay« He <lenrrmllj Win* nod uiolished or injured in a greater or wedding day. V_siiiXGTOii, Oct, 3.—Secretary Her- woman WJM» a daughter of John llope« to IX) So TfaU Time. bert haii been forehanded in taking Frank. XKW YORK, Oct. 5.—Scuator Kill lens degree. A. J. Licm, a wealthy resident of She was a member of SENSATIONAL WITNESS. Around each of these points at which Liemville, Pa. and his Wife were step* for the protection of the lives the Tierce household, (insisting in the #ftve his first interview to newspaper and property of American resident* in ho'jwiwork. Mr. Pierce i* one of th« V*ry Serious Chant** Mtute Ilefore men at democratic headquarters ut 11 the tornado dipped residences were killed by an explosion of nitroglycer- China, believe** now to be endangered oldest and beat-known resident* of L«>«w Conunttle*. a. in. Asked what truth there was overturned and outbuildings were car- ine iu their hotne. The perpetrators by rebellions and unrestrained troop*. the vicinity. The residence was ft VOIIK. Oct. .j.—At Thursday's in the rumor that ho intended ried away. Buildings were twisted of ttie deed were unknown. Three weeks ago the secretary »uiffr««t- coiiiPortable lwo-*tory house, but it of the Lexow investigating to decline the nomination, for gov- into ail kinds of shape and were tossed committee* in this legislative inquiry ernor ho tlmt the state committee could about in a rough manner and it is a ed to Admiral Carpenter to confer with wan of wood Hud old a^d dry. It into alleged.crooked methods of New offer it to Ju&tfce William J. (Ja3'nor, he marvel how the Occupant* escaped. PROSPEROUS FARMERS. the commanders of thefok'eig-u ships in burned very rapidly. York'olHciaha. woman testified strong- lau^hod .heartily and &hook his head Ow—trahtp and Itabt on f a r m s In Nort* Chinese waters and arrange to cooper- Kesuit lu Cuim««-ticuU Dakota &-d Washington. ate with them, if possible, in a plan THE S E A S 6 N ~ E N D S . ly against the police. She was the negatively. Ho said the suggestion HABTFOBI*, Conn., Oct. 4.-—Ueturns WASHINGTON, Oct. 5.—Census bullet- to have one or two tthipa at each of the C I O K of the Bauwtmll Vfkr of I8t»*— TOmt- keeper of a disorderly house on Kiiza- was ridiculous. Wh>»n asked hift 'bfct.ii street. Under threats of "pull- opinion as to the outlook for the fall from all except two outAof liH towns ins showing the ownership and debt treaty i>>--tii and other coast towns in;.'"" the house ex-Wurdinan Frank campaign Mr. Hill .said with signifi- in the ?ita.te that held elect-ions Mon- in North Dakota and Washington were where foreigners reside, to give pro- At the closo of thi? nineteenth .sea- AYilson got' from her about everything ] cant emphasis: "It hus always been day show a republican gain of twenty- issued Wednesday. In North Dakota tection to the citizeas or subject of cvn of the National 15as«ball league fch<j possessed. hhe furnished his ray fortune to enter a campaign under three towns. The majorities are 90 per cent, of the farms are owned by the nation's party to the agreement. In the clubs stood in the following orders house, bought A silver set, diamond a cloud, but I generally manage to not complete yet, but indicate the persons cultivating them and SI this way theeiffht United States vessels CLUBS. riii^s for his wife and clothing for his win in the home stretch. 1 hope to do a republican majority sufficient to per cent, are owned free of incuw- assigned to the station would be equiv- 33 children. Wilson resigned from the so this time." elect a governor without the election brance. The debt on farms amounts alent to many more for protection pur- Mew Yorlt. being thrown into the legislature to to#ll,ltiS,S>54, or SO per cent, of their poses. The Charleston has arrived at 4^ r^o the day the committee opened its p 71 55 •S69 New York Will*. be chosen at the November election. value, and bears un average interest of Yokohama. There are now five United Brooklyn 7V iir 81 .554 BALTIMORE, Md , Oct. 5.—The first Of the towns heard from 100 weitt re- y.54 per cent. The debt on homes is states warships in the east—the Cleveland Pittsburgh 68: " «I 0?> 65 .837 Prospectors Find a BUmcth Mine. of the series of baseball games be- publican, twenty-nine democratic and less than S£000,000 in thi& state. taMfctf Charleston, Baltimore, Monocacy, Con- Chicago 57 7S xan ASH Isni-EMING, Mich., Oct. 3.—"Weather- tween the lialtimore and New York twenty-seven were divided. Last year S t Loui*.. cord and Petrel—and this force will be CUtcUinaii 5*5 7fl In Washington 81 per cent, of the 54 75 AX* stou and Hopes, prospectors for goid, clubs, winners of first and second eighty three went republican, fifty farms are owned by the persons culti- increased to eig-ht vessels by the addi- •15 B7 have discovered a mine, the rock of places, respectively, in the National democratic and twenty-three were di- vating them, and of this number 73 tion of the Detroit, Machiag and York- which assays seven dollars in bismuth league, was played here Thursday be- vided. ____________ per cent are owned free of i_cu_i- town as soon as they can be made Vrll Into the Water. to the ton. Bismuth has a commer- fore an audience of 9,000 persons. New SUMUI H. Aathoay to Speak. brance. The debt on farms amounts ready. OABJ AND, Cal , Oct 3.—The local cial value of about two dollars per York won the game by a score of 4 to 1. EOCMKSTEB, _. Y., Oct. 5.—Susan B. to S«3.9t5U,lCK), or 2S per cent of their train of the Narrow Gauge road lo&» pound. There is no point known in Death of Prof. 8wt_«. Anthony will leave next Sunday for value, subject to an average interest one of its cars by the breaking of a the United States where it is mined. Lev! P. Morton Arcept*. CHICAGO, Oct _—Prof. David Swiny, coupling at a drawbridge near Web- Kansas, where she is to take an active of 9.S7 per cent It is also shown that RHIXE CLIFF, N. • Yi, Oct. A.— Ex-Vice part in the fall campaign. The popu 40 per cent, of the honvssare owned by the eminent theologian and preacher, ster Tuesday night Fifteen passen- A New Counterfeit. President Morton was ou Wednesday died yesterday afternoon at his home gers were in the car when it left tb« N, Oct. 5.:—A new coun- officially notified of his nomination as list party has put into its platform a those who occupy them., and 80 per in this city, a^ed 64 years. His death track and iell into the water beside terfeit five-dollar national bank cote republican candidate for governor. woman's suffrage plank, and Miss cent are owned free of . inc-umbran.ee- was painless, and hi* two .daughter*^ the track. Two men lost their has Wen discovered on the Citizens' CJen. Collis delivered the notification Anthony's purpose in visiting the west Thc debt on homes is $5,225,270. and others who stood at his bedside ' and several were injured. national bank of Xiles, Mich., check address. Mr. Morton replied, accept- is to speak in favor of that particular watching and waiting hardly knew letter B, series of 1882. The entire ing the nomination in a brief address. feature. CORN CROP SECURE. whether it was sleep or death nntilthe THE MARKETS. face of the note is brown instead of Havecueyer I» Indicted. Tbe Past Week a Splendid One a - 4 A physician looked up with the »tory in biaok. Wmterspoot Kills 150 I'erftObs. WASHINUTOX, Oct. 2.—The grand jury Yield A_iur*d. CHICAGO. Oct CARACAS, Venezuela, Oct. 3. — A of the Districtof Columbia has Indicted his face. LIVE STOCK—C»Ule *3 !» »*•(!«"* Srll AUT More G u n . CisrciNXATi, Oct. i —The Price Cur- Cut Hi* tUval'n Throat. 3 waterspout near Valencia last Friday H. O. Havemeyer and John E, Searles, rent summarizes t h e crop c o n d i t i o n s SUeep.. . . . . „ „ . 2 (10 S. :"i: AN (:f( a, Oct. 4.—The death HuJfTiNQTON, >V. V a . . Oct. &—On Ho»rs 5 «5 (if. 6 10 killed more than 150 persons and of New York, and Allen Loui-s Sey- for t h e past w e e k a s follow!*: FLOUR—Minnesota Patents. 3 10 o; : i-iH.-rick Kyan in the railroad ac- Beech Fork. 1*2 miles south of this city, City Mills Patents 4.00 to caused a loss in crops of S40O,0lX>. mour, of Seymour Bros. Jc Young, f '-The p**; was a splendid wwU for m-turing »:i.U-. ; r;o:ti- Voniiurs, X. Y., a few days Heavy rains continue. Many houses brokers of this city, for refusing to corn. There were some frosts, but so Injury. William Adkius and Tom Mays, two WHEAT—No. t iced. 4 a . . . iiiis made his daughter, Mabel No. 1 Northern and bridges have been carried away. IIJO crop is practically all secure. There are promineniyouog men, became involved CORN—No. £ 5&* Kjmi Kdwards, heiress to a large for- testify In the sugar scandal investiga- eoutinucd evidences of a better yield ttma ex- in a difficulty, wheu Adkins cut Mays* ' October tune. Mabel worked at the midwinter Public l>ebt litcr<Mt*t*. tion. pected. Wheat sowing is nearly completed. throat. Mays died almost instantly. OATS— No. 3. 32 TUc .situiUioo is propitious." RYE „ fs.ir as a gum-seller. WA9HIXGTO>', Oct. 3.—The monthly Robbed by a Pickpocket of 83,OOO. Jealousy was tbe cause of the trouble. PORK—Mess. New ]4 75 ^ 15 _» treasury statement shows that on Sep- PITTSBURGH, Pa., Oct. 5.—Farmer Killed at a Adkins is still at large. LAKI>—Western ... 8 The Grain BUTTER—WesternCreaiaery 15 d -» tember -29, 1S0-J, the public debt, less Joseph Matchet, of Bulger, Pa., was , O., Oct 5.—A special from Western Dairy is & n YORK, Oct 2.—The visible sup- cash in the treasury, amounted to Robbed * Rank. CHICAGO. robbed Thursday of $5,000 by a pick- De.shler, O., says half a mile east of ply of grain in the United States yes- S8U7,6445,61", an increase for the month TERRE HAUTE., Ind., Oct 5.—Profes- BEEVES—Shipping Steers.. 93 45 ® « 15 pocket lie had been attending the this town Thursday a Big Four freight Cows l •_» <$. 290 terday was: Wheat, 71,421,000 bushels; of September of 58,052,701. IJurgettstown fair and had taken the train struck at a grade crossing a sional safe blowers robbed O. W. StocVers * HO Q. 2 Wi corn, 4.303,000 bushels; oats, 8,'JS4,000 Shryer's bank at Bloomfield, Ind,, Feeders 2 80 ft 3 30 bushels; rye, :>30,lKK) bushels; barley, Blind When She Awoke. money with him expecting to purchase buggy containing Asa liriggs and his Butchers'Steers 3 15 Q 3 75 of £5.500 last night One of the thieves ROCK FORD, 111., Oct. S.~ Mrs. M. C. some of the exhibition cattle. wife and a Mi&s Hutchins, living near Bulls 'ISO ft 3 50 bushels was captured, with 51,100 of the HOGS -4 70 < 5 (5R & Giles, of iJelvidere, went io bed with Wubctl l p by the Sea. here. Mrs. liriggs lived but half an SHEEP 150 {$, S 40 Many Moonshiner* Azrfited. hour, her skull being fractured. Her money. BUTTER—Creamery 16 <& 'M good eyes Monday night and woke up NKW YORK. Oct. 5.—A special from Dairy IX & si Lotlsvir.i.j:, Ky., Oct. 2.—Within in the morning totally blind. The Key West, Fla., says: More than fifty husband was fatally hurt, but Miss His Failure In California. EGGS—Frenh ityiii I7y three months thirty-seven stills have physicians are battled. human bodies have been washed up Hutchins escaped with a broken arth. SAX FRANCISCO, Oct. 4.—The failure BROOM CORN (ncr ton) — been destroyed r.nd 125 moonshiners is announced at Tehichipi of S. Herman j Self Working po 00 ©100 00 along the reefs lear here in the last CxhUiitu to Be Returned. New Dwarf 11000 <d,ix f» captured by the United States ofiicers »od King Matcheri. two days, most of them being badly WASUIN«TOX, Oct A.—The navy de- &, Co., dealers in fruit and general j All Hurl 110 00 <rr!20 00 in the 15ig Sandy valley in this state. Cmi.MtoTHK, O., Oct. o.— The trot- decomposed. They were buried where partment has changed its plans rela- merchandise. Liabilities, $250,000 to !POTATOES (per bu.j POKK—Mess W 12 7S t« 04 ^ ]3 0t» Brought I5»ck from Swertm. ting Queen Alix, 2:0?.^, and trotting they were found. tive to the transportation of the #XH),0O0; assets unknown. L.AKl>— Meam 7 66 4*. 7 75 king Directum, '2;0*>i, have been FLOUR—^prinjr Patents' 3 H> (& » W LAX.^IXO, Mich., Oct. 4.—Kx-Deputy l>are ll«»torcd in llayti. Columbian exhibits, and has decided Money In Circulation. Spring straights S 20 ® 2 (B matched to race for S'2,500 A side. Winter Patents iW (ji 2 M) Secretary of State August V. Limi- JHF:W YOKK, Oct. 3,—A dispatch from to return them to Spain and Italy ou WASHINGTON, Oct 8. — The total 1 Winter Straights 2 40 @ 3 80 ho!m, arrived here Wednesday from Slain t>y a Hejected Suitor. Kingston, Jamaica, says: The Atlas the United States steamship Detroit, money circulation of the country on ! GRAIN—Wheat. No. 4 KcU. Corn. No. 'i Gothenburg, Sweden, in charge of B, Neb., Oct. 3.—Joseph line steamship Athos, which has just instead of on the Machias. the 1st was placed at }l,G35,0SS,aS2—a ! O*U», No. 2 . . . . Lansing officers. Knob shot and killed Lizzie Urabeck arrived here from Fort au Prince, re- per capita of $24.07, agairtyt 81,596,- j Rye. No. S 47 and then killed himself. He asked her Dropped the CUtanipkont. October 1, 189K. Barlev, No. i Challenge* Kverybody. ports that peace in Hayti has been re- CHICAGO, Oct 5.—The Western league LUMBER- to marry him and j>he refused. stored. Editor Mr<£Ul ftorvavod. PieceStuff 600 BOSTON, Oct. H. Champion — Corbett officials adjourned their meeting Thurs- Joists 1200 CHICAGO, Oot, 2.—Mrs. Joseph Medill, IS SO has issued a challenge in which he tiiven a Good WU1 day to November 20 without having Timbers 10 00 Hemlocks 6 00 1100 agrees to meet all comers in the prize ON, Oct. 4.—William T'ugh, NEW YORK, Oct. 4.—Mrs. Ilerman chosen a successor in the circuit to the wife of Editor Medill, of the Chicago Lath. Dry 1 *J t 70 ring next July, one each nig-ht until of Ohio, has been appointed superin- Oelrichs, of this city, having passed Sioux City club, the pennant winners, Tribune, died on Monday morning of Sningles 1 25 «00 all are, disposed of. tendent of income tax collections by her twenty-fifth birthday, will receive which was dropp<»d from membership. consumption* at Klin hurst, a suburb of ST. LOUIS. f2 5n 5 '3) Flying Jib a Secretary Carlisle. $1,500,000 from her ?nother'r> estate. r.old and Sliver Coinage. this city. CATTLE—TextiS Steer* 2 30 4 St HOSNati re Steers 5 -«o 5 30 CHILLICOTHK, O., Oct. 5.—Flying Jib Italy to l i s t * Xtelct-1 Coin*. " Kteph«n*or> Itoaorrd. WASHINGTON, Oct 2. —During Sep- Ail* Work* Rnrn«*I. SHfcEP s ao paced a mile here yesterday with a ROJIK, Oct. 4.—-The Italian govern- PKTEHftm:»o. 111., Oct. ?».-— A monu- tember the coinage of gold at the vari- Ricu«ONl>, Va., Oct 5.-The axie OMAHA. running mate in 1:5S^. The best pre ment has given to Krupp, of Herlin, an ment to Maj. It. V. Stephenson, found- ous mints amounted to &">0,033t<W2, and works o! J. i!. Johnson A. Co. were CATTLK—Steers Feeders oo 400 -ions rocoril at tins style of going was order for the coinage of 10J>00,000 of er of the Grand Army of the Republic, of silver $8.76,'»,S70, of which J67li,'2O0 destroyed by fire. Loss, $100,000; in- HOC.S nickel lire. was dedicated here ye.vterda/. were standard doilar*. surance, $20,500. SH
    • "THE QUICK FEET." on the other hand I can see nothing tt is not necessary that wo do that, for Highest of all in Leavening Power,--Latest U. S Gov*t Report but rain, temporal and eternal, for God has put a throne in every man's those who go into the dissipations of soul, and I appeal to that throne to- Eev. Dr. Talmage Talks on the social life, dissipations which have de- day. When a man does wrong he Iniquity of the Princess Salome. spoiled thousands of young men and knows he does wrong, and when he young1 women of all that is noble in does right he knows he does right, and to that throne which Almighty God Baking of tto* World to Follow In the character and useful In life. footstep* of th« Ancieuta In AeU Of Biotoos Dissipation ana Q a w tlwiutbie Frivolity. Dancing is the graceful motion of and measures of musical instrument lifted in the heart of every man and the body, adjusted by art to the sound woman I appeal. As to the physical ruin wrought by or of the human voice. All nations haT<* the dissipations of social life there can danced. The ancients thought that be no doubt. What may we expect of The following sermon on the sub- Castor and Pollux taught the art to people who work aH day and dance all ABSOLUTELY PURE Powder . )AL BLACKING IS UffiQUALUOL HAS AN ANNUALSALE OF aoooroS Jtm ject: ''The Quick Feet," was chosen the Lacedaemonians. But whoever night? After awliiie they will be by Eev. T. DeWitt Talmapre for pub- started it, all climes have adopted i t thrown on society nervous, exhausted KAT—"Jack and Carrie were riding ou a TOUCH UP SPOTL ,*.*...+. lication this week. It is bused on the In ancient titles they had the festal imbeciles. These people who indulge "Hut then » lover," asked ha, tandem bicycle when he proposed to her." MAXES MO DUST, IN 5&KJ r CEKlttN text: "O mat«ten of the Rhine?" Edith—"I wonder what ahe did." May— TrE ONLY .PERFECT J ^ ~ dauee, the military dance, the media- in the suppers and the midnight revels Si»« bluAhed In street confusion, "Tumbted."—Town Topic*. ^ ^ When Herod's Iblrthday *as kept> the torial danee, the bacchanalian dance, and then go home in tbe cold, un- feugtuer of IIer<xUas danced before them, and Aad softly faltered: "Neln." C T f i n — V r striking re d " e y Morse pleased Herod.—Matthew slv., 6. and queens and lords swayed to und wrapped of limbs, will r.fter awhile be He telt reboff$d and Knew not woman, Mra. Van Snort" Mr, Van Bnort found to have been written down i a It is the anim ersary of Hsrod's fro in the j^urdens, and the rough backwoodsman with this exercise God's eternal records as suicides, as " What b*st to 8*y. and then A sudden thought cams to him; —"Yes: she hit me for ten this very morn- ing."—Judge, Burlington birthday. The palace is lighted. The He pleaded: "Make it t e a " highways leading- thereto are all ablaze awakened the echo of this forest. much suicides as if they had taken —Detroit Tribune, AT a young ladiea* academy.—Teacher— with the pomp of -invited guests. There is something in the sound of their life with a pistol, or a knife, or •'Who was the greatest conqueror I" Liaette Lords, captains, merehaut princes, the lively music to evoke the movement of: strychnine. Soras, government office.—Chief (to in- —"Don Juan.""-Xj'Illustratton. mighty Buen of the laud, are coming to Spread with all the luxuries that'royal the hand and foot, whether cultured or You know as ivell as I do/that the dusfcrious clerk)~T"Wfiy didnt you dot the '1'in the last word of your report last mingle in the festivities. The table is uncultured. Passing down the street dissipations of social life aro destroy- bigutP' Industrious Clerk—MI beg pardon we unconsciously keep step to the ing thousands and tens of thgusaraso;l »lr, but you see the clock struck four just at purveyors can gather. The guests, sound of thft brass band, while the people, and it is time that th<j pulpit* that point and I didn't care to work over- white-robed and anointed and per-Christian in church with his foot beat* lift their voice against them, for I now secretary in regard to allowance for extra fnmed, come in and sit at the table. time while his soul rises upon some prophecy tbe eternal misfortune of all tine." Chief apologises, and writestothe : EXCURSIONS SEmith, SFPUBtfi, 0CT.9ft Musici The jests evoke roars of laugh- great harmony. While this is BO in those who enter the rivalry. When time. ' B - ter. Biddies are propounded. Re- civilized lands, the red men of th,e for- did the white, glistening boards of a Kvwrybody t» Gob** Sooth Vow-a-Dsya. partee is indulged. Toasts are drank. est have their scalp dances, theirgreea- dissipated ball room ever become the fawners nave madeof the country where %> Tho onjy section any money toe past year corn dances, their war dances. In road to Heaven? When was a torch The brain is befogged. The wit rolls to is the South. If you wishtoebacge yon on into uproar and blasphemy. They ancient times the exercise was so ut- for eternity ever lighted at the chan- should g» down now and see for younelf Northwest, West and Southwest are not satisfied yet. Turn on more terly and completely depiavedthat the delier of a dissipated scene? From a The Louisvflle * Naaaville Railroad and light. Pour out more wine. Music! church anathematized it. table spread after such an excited and connection* will t*P tffk:?tt to all points LOW RATES Sooth for train* of Octobers, November 8 eoaoecOng noways win also ten Hams* Sound all the trumpets. Clear the floor The old Christian fathers expressed desecrated scene, who ever went horn* and December i, at one fare round trip. urstoji llckett. on «atn« term*, over tt& for a dance. Bring in Salome, the themselves most vehemently against t o p r a y ? • *" •• Aak ye«r th*et agent about it, and If he nmto, Tbe und«rsk&ed or any agent of B s In my parish of Philadelphia there cannot Mil yen excursion ticket* write to BurlmstoBKoute,&nd»ost ticket agent* of «Bfi>- beautiful and accomplished princess. i t St. Chry&ostom says: **The feet C. P . Atraore, General ffcweafer Agent, ng railways east of the Mlasfsslimi Xtvsr. The door opens, and in bounds the were not given for dancing, but to a young woman brill iaat as a roppJy appli«wt» withB * Ut ith Barrett E t o L u i i l l ffy.,or Louisville, ff giving M l particulars. dancer. The lords are enchanted, walk modestly, not to leap imprudent- spring morning. She gave her life to 0K> L. CBOM, 9. W. P. Chicago, SL P.«. EUSTl&flsri htfttBj &*tf *f«* fitaiid back and make room for the ly like camel*." One of the dogmas of the world. She would come to religious ••** CHtOAOO, tt. Iv the Adtroaflaeto—**If yon should Joee gyrations. These men never saw such the ancient church reads: "A dance meetings and under conviction would 7«ttr war, in tftese woo**, Jack, what weald ••poetry of motion." Their sottls whirl is the devil's possession, and lie that for a little while begin to pray, and v o a d * r "Walka&rmMit ahead," said Jack. KNOWLEDGE in the reel and bounds with the bound- entereth into a dance entereth into his then would rush ott again into the dis- t Tneworiai»raanded,and I'd be soreto Ing feet Herod forjrets crown and possession. As many paces as a man cipleahip of tike world. She had all the get back bone that way soenar or later.'*— tends l o personal enjoyment when Brinci comfort and improvement and nds By's Cream Balm throne and everything but the fascina- makes in dancing, «o raany paces does world could offer of brilliant social po- Harper's Yoang Feopto. dghtlj nswL H W many, who lire bet- tions of Salome. All the magnificence he make to hell." Elsewhere the bitkm. One day a flushed and excited of his realm is as nothing now com- old dogmas declared this: "The messenger asked me to hasten to her pared with the splendor that whirls on woman that si&geth in the dance house, for she was dying. I entered would not have your voyage marred by U«TNO«IW health, plc—uiu or ter than others and enjoy life moie, with lest expenditure, by more promptly aflftptjtig tbe world's beat products to CATARRH Price SO tiptoe before him. His body sways is the princess of the devil, and the room. There were the physicians, rirrnonnt Tbea take along with you Hos- tne newb of physical being, will attest feettex*s Stomach Bitten, and when you feel the valne to health of the pure liquid lrom side to side, corresponding with those that answer are her clerks* and there was the mother, there lay this th» tuuMA* try a winegbiasfuL It will effect the motions of the enchantress. Hi* the beholders are his friends, and the disciple of the world. I asked her some _ ~_igksl cbaiige for the better in your in laxative principles embraced in the in- remedy, Syrup of Figs. Soul is thrilled with th* pulsations of music is his bellows, and the fiddlers questions ID regard to the souL She terior, and a continuance of it will tare you d tiuance the feet and bewitched with taking are the ministers of the devil. For as made no answer. I knelt down to from further attack*. As a meant of over- Its excellence is due to it* presenting WEBSTER'S postures and attitudes more and more when hogs are strayed, if the hogsherd pray. I arose again, aad desiring ta coming malarial, kidney, dyspeptic, nervous In the form most acceptable and pleas- andrhennatie troubles tbe Bitten is - anttothe taste, tbe refreshing and truly INTMRNA TIONAXf flunazing. After awhile he sits in en- call one ail assemble together, so when get some expression in regard to hex equalled. beneficial properties of a perfect lax* tttwfrem, chanted silence looking at the flashing, the devil calleth one woman to sing in eternal interests, I said: "Have you DICTIONARY leaping, bounding- beauty, and as the the dance, or to play on some musical any hope?" and then for tbe first is advantage In making m good itive; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers dance closes and the tinkling cymbals instruments, presently all the dancers time her lips moved in a whisper as start in with but the young man who goes to and permanently curing constipation. life, cease to clap and the thunders of ap- gather together." This indiscriminate she said: "No hoper Then she died. •ay-scraper will sole ambition of knocking a the bat the likely get caught out on a It has given satisfactiontomillions and plause that shook the palace to abate, and universal denunciation of the ex- The world, she served it, and the By.—Yottog Men s Era. met with the approval of the medical the enchanted monarch Twcair£ to the ercise came from Abe fact that it was world helped her not in the last. An tteVteker'c Theater. profession, because it acts on the Kid- princely performer: "Whatsoever thou utterly and completely depraved. I tell the hundreds and thousands of Canary ft Loderer's supreme 'production beys, Liver and Bowels without weak- fehalt ask of tne I will jfive it thee, to But we are not to discuss the cus-young people who may r*ad this ser- from the Casino, New York, entitled "The etung them and it is perfectly free from the Half of *»iy king-iojs." Now, there toms of the olden times, but customs mon, the world will laa^h with you Passing Sboir," will begin Sept K>, one every objectionable substance. was in prison at that time a minister now. We are not to take the evidence when you laugh, and romp with you week only. SeaU •ecurea by mail. 8yrnp of Fics is for sale by all drag- of the Uospel by the name of John the of the ancient fathers, but your own when you romp, but. they will not STUB* Employer—"! hear you were at the gists in 50c and $1 bottles, bat it is maa- Baptist, and he had been making a conscience, enlightened by the Word weep with you when you die. ball game yesterday afternoon 1" OSes niactured by the California Fig Syrap deal of trouble by preaching some of God, is to be the standard. Oh, I I wish from my heart that I Boy—"Yes, air." Stern Emptoyer—•*! «n> Co, only, whose name is printed on every plain and honest sermons. He bring no harsh criticism upon the could marshal the young people poae yen w e n on tty» qui vlvef" OflkeBoy package, also tbe name, Syrcp of Figs, had denounced the sins of the kingand young. I would not drire out from in this land to an appreciation of the —"Ho, air. I was oh de fence," •ad being well Informed, yon will not brought down upon him the wrath of their soul the hilarities of life. I do fact that you have fin earnest work in A v s r i n n who had difficulty la keeping accept any substitute if offered* the females of the royal household. At not believe that the inhabitants of an- life, and your amusements and recrea- bis parishioners' eyes fixed soon him during the instigation of her mother, Salome cient Wales, when they stepped to the tions a?e only to help you along in that the w m o n solved tbe dlfflcnltyby placing a P k o n s are usually willing to do their takes advantage < f the extravagant sound of the rustic harp, went down work. At the time of a religious awak- dock directly behind httn.—Kanan* C&J duty, bnti thev do not Uke to do too much of > Star. promise of the king, And says: "Wring to ruin. 1 believe God intended the ening a Christian young woman spoke t It -AtotuWqiobe. tne the head of John the Baptist on * young people to laugh and romp and to a man in regard to his sours salva- HossAjm—"H'nv~er—what's tbe matter LxooTbeam* In aplep'tor on us propor- 1 dinner p!atr" play. I do not believe God would have tion. He floated out into the world. with this cakoP Wife«ajs n g the lmoat— f tionately aa wo shed it* brightness upon (a ri y) After awhile she became worldly in at aU. The cook-book lt'« de- D Hark to the sound of feet outside the put exuberance in the soul and exuber- her Christian profession. The man Uchm* cake that can be made. " P k door and the clatter of sword*. The ance in the body if He had not intend- said one day: "Well, I am as safe as T U K U would he fewer high monument* If Dtsxu—"Strange you should be o w - we had to buy teem oaxsetvea— Syracuse executioners are returning from their ed they should in some wise exercise 1 she is. I was a Christian, hheaaid she eome by the heat.' Dankle—"Great Scott, Courier. A. X. K-A 109O awful errand, Open the door. ThxJ' it and demonstrate i t It a mother was a Christian. She talked with me man! I lost tea doOlar* on it"—Buffalo enk'r and they present the platter to join hands with her children and cross about my soul; if she is safe lam sate." Courier. SaloHii*. What is on, this platter? A the floor to the sound of music, I see Then a sudden accident took him of! new jjhiss of wine to continue the up- no harm. If a group of friends cross HoaACE-4kbay, jrlmme ten cent* for a bed, will ver?" SergnoBkl—"Cer- without an opportunity to utter one deuly, a y freadt. Vere U der bedl"— Sura GiitforSpraiii, Bruit* or Hart I rott riims merriment? No. Nome thing and recross the room to the sound of word of prayer. red and costlier—the ghastly., bleed- ing- 'head of John the Haptist. the piano well played I see no harm. If a company, all of whom are known to Do you not realize, have you not no- TrutSt FOTTO IfGTKisa—"If you children don't be- death glare stilt in the eye, the locks ho»t &tul hostess as reputable, cross ticed, young men,and old—have you havejevincivea tweet medidna to-nif au"— and recrosh the room to the sound of not noticed that the dissipations of so* bit of that nice, better, you shan't have a SST.JACOBSOIL dabbled with the gore, the features still distressed with the last agony. musical instrument, I see no harm. X cial life are blasting and destroying a Indianapolis Journal. This woman, who hud whirled so tried for a long time to see harm in i t vast multitude? With many life is a Horehoubd and Tar with Hale** Honey of CtJBB your cough YND UM H Mmn hr 1 Ukt Shhw- gracefully in the dance, bends over I could her no harm in i t I never shall masquerade ball, and us at such enter- Pike's Toothache Drops cute In one minute. the awful burden without a shudder. sec any harm in that. Our men need tainments gentlemen and ladies put on She gloats over the blood, and with as to be kept young, young for mauy the garb of kings and queens or mounte- —"What are you raising a beard W. L. DOUCLAS ISTKCMST. (Mike ffia Dutch Prows touch indiffci'enue as a waiting- maid years longer than they are kept banks or clowns, and at the close put for in this weather!" Tomklns— **Ob, Just might take a tray of empty glassware young. Never Mflce ray boyhood off the disjnii.se, so a great many pass to keep out of a scrape."—N. Y. Herald. • 5 . CORDOVAN, No Alkalies out of the loom after an eotertain- days have I had wore sympathy their whole life iu a mask, taking off the . _* MCCH as we dislike trouble we are sel- Fft£«CH4DW<EUEDCALn —oa— tnent, Salome carries the dissevered with the innocent hilarities of life mask at. ueath. While the masquerade dom willing to admit that anybody elso has head of John the Baptist, while all the than 1 have now. What though we lull of life goes on, they trip merrily as much as ourselves.—Young Men's Era. Other Chemicals aiw used ta tb* banqueters shout with laughter, and have felt heavy burdens! What over tbe floor, gemmed hand i* i at though we have had to endure hard stretched to gemmed hand, and gleam* HzAurtt, comfort and happiness abound think it a gf*od joke that in so easy In homes where "Garland" Stores a&J W. BAKER k C0.9 and quick a way they have got rid of knocks'. Is that any reason why we ing brow bends to gleaming brow. On Range* are used. an earnest und outspoken minister of should stand in the way of those who, with the dance! Flush and rustle and the Gospel.« nnstung of life's misfortunes, are full laughter of immeasurable merry-mak* A MAX'S domestic relations do not trouble of exhilaration and glee? God bless ing. But after awhile the languor him as much aa tire relations of his domes* . Well, there is co harm in a birthday the young! They will have to wait tic—Truth. __^ leaMastGocoa wMrh U festival. All the kings from J'haraoh's many a long year before they hear me of death comes on the limbs tune had celebrated such occasions, say anything that would depress their aad blurs the eyesight. Lights specs behind him.—press.when he leavesbU A FIT sees just as well , ItbssMfve»«i№ lower, floor hollow with se- t*» atrenffth of Coeoa and why not Herod? No harm in kin-? ardor or clip their wings or make them twita Start*, -LrrowWC dling- the lights. Xo harm in spread- believe that life is hard and cold and pulchral echo. Music saddened into a Hall'* C*tarrb Cutt> 'Scar,aad Is tar w*V • waiL Lights lower. Now the maskers B«ea«««« we *rt> the tararft ta*auttsctanr* H naytical mSff » than ctu c**t * ing the banquet. No harm in arous- repulsive. It is not. I tell them, Is taken inter&aUy. Price 75c Ibis trsde of ««IOCT ta th* TTOTM. and gaanatet tiwta It to dsitrtoaa, anulsbiog, and ing music. But from the riot and judging from my own experience, that are only seen in the dim light. Now r&i» b>j gULmptog t»« B U M aa4 prte* on O* >>«om, which protect ym airate«t h%h prices and SsUsfCl wassail that cltxsed the scene of that they will be treated a great deal bet- the fragrance of the flowers is like the (B« middleman's proflM. Omr shoes «qoal castosi sickening odor that comes from gar- TAKE STEPS day every pure nature revolts. I am ter than they deserve. We have no not at this time to discuss the old right to grudge the innocent hilarities lands that have lain long in the vaults Jntime,If yon are a suf- jrort t* style, e**yflttfcsg-and >r«ariit« i]oaUttes W« bavs tlww sold e»erjwfcww attowerprtc« r<« »W ralw) give* 1 h«n sny other snaki*. Tak* no fob V.UCEItCO.,D«nkMlw, question: Is dancing right or wrong? of the young. of cemeteries. Lights lower. Mists ferer from that scourge Z t d C l but I am to discuss the question: i>oes gather in the room. Glasses shake as of humanity known as consumption, and 70a dancing take too much plaee and oc- As we go on in years let us remem- though quaked by snllen thunder. Sign can be cured. There is cup}' too much time in modern society? ber that we bad our gleeful times; let caught itx the curtain. Scarf droj» the evidence of and in uiy remarks 1 hope to carry us be able to say: "We had our good from the shoulder of beauty a shrou<L hundreds of liv- with me the earnest conviction of all times;r t let others have their good Lights lower. Over the slippery boards the fact thai, in ing* witnesses to thoughtful persons, and I believe I times. 1-Ct US w i l l i n g l y r*»«;5gj"Q OUT in clanoft of death glide jealousies, en- all i t s t i r ! y will. place to those who are coming after vies, revenges, lust, despair and death. stages, consanip-' You will all admit, whatever you us. I will cheerfully give them every- Stench the lamp-wicks almost extin- tion is a curable think of that .style of amusement and thing—my house, my books, my posi- guished. Torn garlands will not half d i s e acase, N o a se. t exercise, that from many circles it has tion in society, my heritage. After cover the ulcerated feet. Choking every but large percentage 0/ crowded out all intelligent conversa- twenty, forty, fifty years we have damps. Chilliness. FeetstilL Hands cases, and we believe, tion. You will also admit that it has been drinking out of the cup of life, do closed. Voices hushed. Eyes shut fully 98 per cent, are made the condition of those who do not let us begrudge the passing of it Lights out. cured by Dr. Ficrce's not dance, either because they do not that others may take a drink. Bnt Oh, how many of you have floated Golden Medical Dis- covery, even after the disease has pro- know how, or because they have not while all this is so, we can have DO far away from God through social dis- gressed so far AS to indnce repeated bleed- the health to endure it, or because, sympathy with sinful indulgences, and sipations, and it is time you turned. ings from the lungs, severe lingering congfe through conscientious scruples, they I am going to speak of some of them, For I remember that there were two with copious expectoration (including tu- bercular matter), great loss of flesh ana ex- must decline the exercise, very un- though 1 should tread on a long train vessels on the sea, and in a storm. It treme emaciation and weakness. comfortable. You will also admit, all of some popular vanities. was very, very dark, and tbe two ves- Do you doubt that hundreds of such case* of you, that it has passed in many What are the dissipations of social sels were going straight for each reported to us as cored by " Golden Med- cases from an amusement to dissipa- life to-day, and what bre the dissipa- other, and the captains knew it not. ical' Discovery " were genuine cases of that tion, and you are easily able to under- tions of the ball room? In some cities But after awhile the man on dread andfor i t diseasehave, inneed not take cos word fatal Tb*y ? You nearly every atand the bewilderment of the edu* and in some places reaching all the the lookout saw the approaching instance, beta so pronounced by the best eated Chinaman who. standing in the year round, in other places only in the ship, and he shouted: "Hard a-lar- i s 4 most experienced home physicians, brilliant circle where tiers was danc- summer time and at the watering boardr and from the other vessel tbe who have no interest whatever in mis- ing going on four or five hours, and places- There are dissipations of social cry went up: "Hard a-larboard!" and representing- them, and who wereagainst often strottgly prejudiced and advised the guests seemed exhausted, turned life that are cutting a very wide swath they turned just enough to glance by, a trial of "Golden Medical Discovery," to the proprietor of the house and said: with the sickle of death, and hundreds and passed in safety to their harbors. bat who .ave been forced to confess that Ho OTHER SOAP DOES ITS WORK 5 O WELL •'Why don't you allow your servants to and thnusauds are going down under Some of you are in the storm of temp- it surpasses in curative power over this do this for you?" these influences, and my subject in ap- tation and you are are driving on and fatal raaSady, all other medicines with which th*y are acquainted. Nasty cod- You are al-so willing to admit what- plication is us wide as Christendom. coming toward fearful collisions unless liver oil and its filthy "emulsions" and ONE TRIAL WILL PROVE THIS. ever ho your idea in regard to the The whirlpool of social dissipation is you change your course. Hard a-lar* mixtures, had been tried in nearly all these amusement I am speaking of, and drawing down some of the brightest board! Turn ye, turn ye, for "why cases and had either utterly failed to bene- whatever be your idea of the old-fash- cra't that ever sailed the sea—thou*- will ye die, oh, house of Israel?" fit, or had only seemed to benefit a little for sands and tens of thousands, of the a short time. Extract of malt, whiskey, ioned square dance and of many of the processional romps in which I can see bodies and souls annually consumed in and various preparations of the hypo- --Be a help, not a hindrance.—It was phosphites had also been faithfully tried THE POT INSULTED THE KETTLE BECAUSE no evil, the round dance is administra- the conflagration of ribbons. tive of evil, and ought to be driven said of Lord Eldon that he prevented inThe photographs of a large number of Social dissipation is the abetter of more good than he ever did l^azy vain. THE COOK HAD NOT USED SAPOLIO those cured of consumption, bronchitis, out of all respectable circles. I ara by pride, it is the instigator of jealousy, Christians prevent good. The best way lingering coughs, asthma, chronic nasal natural temperament and religious it is the sacrincial altar of health, it is not to hinder good is to do good. Take catarrh aad kindreu maladies, hav* been theory opposed to the position taken the denier of the soul, it is the avenue hold aad help. skillfully reproduced iu a book of 160 by all those who are horrified at play- of lust, and it is the curse of every pages which will be mailed to you, on f nines* on the part of the young, and town on both sides of the sea. Social —Many like to hear of free grace stamps. of address and six those who receipt Yo« can then write to cents in who think that all questions are de- dissipation. It may be hard to draw and a free pardon, who care noitohavt have been «*red and profit by their «x- cided --questions of decency and mor- the line and say that this is right on their heart* broken np by the Gospel pc rie uce. als—by the position of the feet, while one aide, ac4 wrong on the other aid*. plow. Addrtaa foe Book, WOILD'I GOOD COOKING DEMANDS CLEANLINESS. ASSOCLaTlO*, Bofialo, N. Y. SAPOLIO SHOULD BE USED IN EVERY KITCHEN.
    • Benson Bros, are erectlojf ft flue w u in town l««t Friday night. He was My Fall and Wiqter Stobk o f deuce of tfcs Queen Anne ntyte for Dr. . v^ called to Feoton a few day* ago on ac- &otton Graad River street. IVORY uouutof the death of his father, Mr. Will Barrett and wife are ffoiafc tQ Wui Tnonapsoii, an old pioneer of that housekeeping in J. D. Wert'a houw. place. Mr. aud Mrs. Art Hoisiugtod now of •UITS, Landing spent Sunday at the home of Mr*. '»). 11. Murrioe is outer tain ing au ! old lady friend from Cormma tula week. the latter"e parenU Mr. aud Mrs. A. Orr. AND, UNDERWEAR '<i «re piva«o<l to learn that Mr. Ms- t-^as jij.st arrived and AU< family will soon be with us Ujfaiji. They will work the same farm ! they did last year—the >! I It ill Letno farm. P r i c e s are l(! per cent lower than ever Before! The Misses Maud and Millie ^mich MYTEKDOL1.AKOVKRCOAT IB A BEAUTY. AXD A1J- WOOL SUITS spent Sunday ia Fremont. Mr. N. Cudney has sold his farm and I FKOM i*8 UP. ALT. WOOL MKX'S UXOKHWEIt KOJt .75 $1., -SI№ has bought a farm in Perry. Mr. € . ex- SHILOH*S CURE* AXl> (&.M. CALL AXDSKK THL'M. pects to leave us iu spriug, Shiawa-s^ee Tsos OBSAT OoooKCtnor ptotapay b f U 7 C a t i o loses a good neighbor and Perry gains BO r.val« ba* cured thouseoc!*, «md will CTTHB ; !T FLOATS' ! The Maple River Farmer's d u b that B yK.c.K»n n c 1 oor UB ., a . i . GLOVES AND •. • • MITTENS • . . . at Mrs. W. V. Moore's last wuek, *""'! »™" • "••• -:• In thosti goods I h:ivc the most complete line iiitlio county. D;m?t 20 ^ •••'.- • •r was reported to be a success, every .mem- Ul Iltd UJilil LL-i . ; with cold hands when you can buy a good glove or mitten for 25 cts, ber beiug present........ Mr. aud Mrs, ti, Martin spent Sunday "~"^~ ! ^ ^ ^ R e m e n i b e r the place, next door to jx>$toffice. with their daughter, Mrs.. George Ala- If so. he sure a.ml BEST fOR 3H1RT5. get the best. Then* THt PRQCTtR 4k GAMBLE CO., CiNTt. son, of Corimua. lUlob «;hase while attending the fair Heart Disease 30 YrsI "•-•"isr-but one brt that make* the antl that is last Thursday, was taken with cramps. Durand He was taken to hi* home, where be soon Short Breath, Palpitation; town Tuesday arranging .for the teach- revived- lie id able to be arouud at this Diraoncl was iu our j writiug. Mr. a W. MeKiiuey, postmaster of Kofcomct I H L ,ta&da ©rare ex-atddler, sftjs: "I had been seTerely trouWed Brewing (^o.1* & Glutterbuck's ers' reading circle. He also vUited in Morrice. wfth heart disease ever since tearing three of the rooms of ouj public school. t!M army *.t tbe close of th*» late war. PALE SELECT Miss Flora Goldwood visited in I was troubled with palpitation and Mr T>iinoud is a wide-awake and ener- getic school officer. Person* desiring to take the readiug circle work Iu Da- rrand will meet ia tiie school room Shaftsburg last Saturday. A. II. Kann h*s returned from hU visit ID Sew York 6i*te. Mrs. Ernest Robert* visited in Ferry, sbortaeas of breath. I eoold not sleep on my left side, and had pain aroond my heart I became so ill thai I was much alarmed, and for- tunately my attention was called to and Standard Ls^er Beer.*. iBottfetf at the brew- 20 pep cent Off above the P. O» at 2 p. in.. Saturday Tuesday and Wednesday. ery for Jait'.ily r.wi cx- next. Dr. Mites'Heart Cure port. nse. SALE Clarence Welch amf Frank Lawrie, Political speeches are now in order. of Byrou, visited in town, SuDday last. I decided to try i t The first bottle On Monday evening Hon. . S. Linton M. Ltelryuaple sad wife, of Montague, made a decided improvement in my '•* DETK01T. Midi. and Hon. F. H. Watson expounded the MicU., spent a few days].in town tnU condition, and five bottles bare com- doctrine of the Republican party; oo pletely cured me." week. Tuesday evening Hon. Connor, the Q. W. VCKIHSXT,P« K , Kokomo, txtd F. W. Burtoette, ol Chicago, who ba* M<n»poflttt«* Begun Satu'day Democratic;' on ' Wed:Wsit.iy. "Emeriok been visiting his parent* in Antrim, re- the Prohibition. turned to Chicago, Tuesday eteniog. Agent U'ilrieuYwife v;i* pleasantly Chas. Stevens will walk the floor these A h e v «ad Conqptots Trwtuent, ooulttls« oi remindwl that sho hai reached another chilly eights for a while- It came last Trri-OSITCElEsTxjaptck* ct Otatwent «t«i two milestone of life, Monday. Many friends ^ftfUiuf Cursft;tPilst Saturday night; a boy; 9 pound*. Mrs. y u c o M&i dvgTee, It ao*ies an 0№«Attcr grathered to pay their rfSpect?. rtti the ksite «• lnjeeikrtM of cuboUo aciS, wfe>i Stevens is doing well.—News. n^'j r&mfuJ «j]<3 seldom a peiiuanent core, and oftec ...... The L < «« -Vitl ^oci<-ty of the llap- k W;* rHtiiHsn ia death, mUKceas&m Why «ntfur« this tarrible d i « — n o ? W«. g w n m t M J B tist c?uircb x a v ( - f i l i oyster; .supper on Bancroft. boxes t o cur* rnnr ca«e> xtm osij pay An Tuesday evening, it was well attonil- F, M. VanTuyl ia quite seriously 111. TRAD! MARK » £ t W * i i * b 6 * | 5 b U a w f We guarantee the best values in the ed and the «ocie?.y ..deserves.1 the of all. Rev. AVood!iuu>e was I*, iirink, of Ovid,, in town this week. Mr. and Mrs. X. P . Harder entertain- Wheeler1* b& grwmvBS end STi>M caKEGUA SI TOD FUKICTEB. StMlL Diild «tkd ptooe«a. to a . county. ...Comeand See. with a very beautiful quilt. Prin. T. A. Johnson ina<!e : brief presentation ad- ed friands from Oakley, last Saturday > dre-*. io which tlic? Raw srraccfulJv re- and Sunday. Heart l , especl&Uy adastod for cMMreaV OM. OS t 5cnta. . OU ASASTKCS SMDsd only by l>]ie ! tnankiiig ibn.ladle* for the pres- Ed. Herrii;k and family, of Durand, ent ami *;' th;it he woiild long re- are visiting friends here and taking in Bferve TABLES- CURRiE & CLUTTERBUCK. inpmi>'»r Iii* thirty-ttr*t birthday. the eights of the fair. TAKING EFFECT ,Supr. !3.c«mgale is absent attendingf! Roy.Lemon was entertained at dinner POSITIVELY MAY 8, 18«4. the annurtl iiK^'tiui; of tho supervisors, j Jii^pey, Sf jit. 30, ia liOuoi uf >Ir. Scovigfllfc h:i* made a very elHefent bit! birthday, Heart Disease, Epilepsy, officer and i- "ffurlwiA when duty do- ! > I r Temile Wing, of Bayard, FU., »r- Nervous Prostration; ! rived lw?r« )a*t week to sjwnd the win- ! tttr with his cou«in, Teunie Sk'ribner. I Mrs. Arthur Keveett. of Koche*t«r, | "V. Y., i* visiting lurr piirentf, Mr. and and at! Derangements of tbt System. STATIONS PROTECT THE EYES !iOV !i-r <l;y Home W. K. U'&ttion, iu this place. Mri*. H, C. Fair, ul Purxnd, i.« • I! Is Uneiceiled for Restless Babies B m :t. in |) in 1*. M , o p e n e d iv. r:iu»p:iiyn lust vrt«k nt the PURELY VBGBTAHK,OUARANTBBD FREE o{>er;t ho»s«: v i t i t l < o ; : u i a their iji^f iUo wt'ck with ;v):ttive» in town FUOM OPIATES. 100 FIT LI* DOSES SO Cfc*. and attending the Bancroft fnir.—^<'oui- M, D. Itafley, KfH*ivin»rToller0rand Pen", in (V Jet I 7 DiJ 10 .V ,4 r:> '-< (•.*» . M. from Prof. K- E. t m n tie Emt on! ofew* t m p l c t l j furnlbed n,-d hu n o m i n e e foi 1 • ' o n ^ r i ^ s f t i i n thi district, " H '.1 i- '.' .VI ! with i-very nnr tnxihk- thiit BUT ei1»t In tn*m. f u r t c s t i n i r i h c oytx a m i 1 l i e niiirfi ;.! £<«><] ••Ic-norral !»• y iol* but i much in tuvor of "Aairuuda," U'hoclcr's Heart Holly ! 8 : V2 .'1i! S 'il' 10 l l h ^ - l b y <1<MV)'!* (1 >'v.-:<ttH«l <"'i« «№' iJl l M ' t Vernon. ua.<t STerve Cure. Durand 1 «.' e . i i 11 os ciirr all <^. p t i l u i t ! tiful »*•• n» • • 1 i i i " «^yes, (r »nd rcltcvo kh §tmJn t o JII» .'nuJiein.-i* nut t ' X t w d i n g H'I. •i 3T on tbc eye . tirw% t h e |>Httt li' ' i i <1i; y » ' r <;,:'.ftfr rmMMmr tor A time? LVi 1 1 .Hft'/fOiiic I'mc (/iioio,-. of l l i a i i k M'est- by WHKELEHmid FLILfiiMEl> Junct'iii lit i.'i a i.'i; 7 IT :i IT, T>> t h ^ y ft'U d u l l . . t -n!ii ^ V M .. ^ h tv '- .1 »V trouble with your «j*»:i'. Mr. Frank Tumylln, of (fowell, Sun- loniw 1 U 49 3 3l! 8 .V> c o t t repittiican e a i : d i d a t l o r t h e s t a t e IClNE CO., Tedar Springs,MJch. P r o f . '?•!. I'. M c i n Mi. tin- O p t i c i a n . <laye<l with (Jeorgc Tickuer. b>- P. M. K1LBOURN, UtweU ' 12 17 * Oil; i)->i if, l*^Hi:if'ure in Shiuwjii^vee '.•ounty. 1 ; rofmy Mr. and Mrx. Orla Kcnyoi* vi.*ite)l 15yl Mich. . . . . . . 1 W 4 iV» IU > J V intr&uy Hilment f b e e y « i o f i j > h o p e t h e iuiiinrnr** of Kiituk's f i i e n d e G. K . & l , J c t I 1 rtfi S <*) 1<I 10 within thrrtf >'«*»r« it wll! !K» inndi-fr*-*.1. J*'•rn;ti:uii>n mxl ii*«H'il(mirtn free. it -£i ab!c and satisfaction ^tiamiirc fl Oculis's' p r e s c r i f l l t l Prlct« re««ori- rolaiivcs in < onnnia, i * a> Kerryslnirsr •_'<>f> S T<5 i l m a y h^ b l o n n ;UM. ui ihu n'v mi vikntiou Grand ItHven •£ 10 6(1 11 d a y . Jte s iii alily till ilie fiutioraMe p o - Ji". uiul Mrs. (i. V. (joss Fiauk Cook s iu Sh(aw;ts.s«e, Ust Tues- Milw, by Str, ar.[ u. 111. it in. i 1; 0 M. EL. M O N R E A N , Optician, sit ion., SAMPLE BOX FOR 1OCTS.| Wft E*st Comstwk Stre«t. day. <)>u e(ii:;rly f:-ir Wfi* <juite :i s u v c e s s l>avid Corrin reports the best yield THE SILVER DAJDROFF CUBE COZY au'd o n ••>CIJ*>O1 i >uy" it vyas tiootuiu^. of be:uiN in tfiia locality this season. Is Wmrrmmtet to CURE all Skin C Conni>' c<>i!;ui>sU'iu:r I>iiiioi»il of JSbia- tf you dos't b«Uev« it wiH, Try It. One From " acres he threshed 100 bushels. ;> Morale box wMI be tent to aay addreu oo i g rccctpt of Ten Cents (silver) to cover post* i . Mr. .John WmiuworU;, wne of quite a John Swain left Wednesday evening j aye, etc iartjfc iumilv ol Uood worths, died at the for Olivet, where he relieves the telu- J S!l¥ER DAIOR^FFCBBE Cfl., I? what the average mttn struggles through life to obtain. The first botuecl'hi'* s«u James last S a U i r d j i V i >?^ph <>|>erator at that place for avvl.ile. move in the direction of attaining i happy, cheerful place of arxxie, is J! is funeral takt^ place to-day.' Mrs. Mary Hilderbrand, of Grind « a. m a. t« p. m.j 1'. M. to have your house nicely furnished. This is not a very expeusive Tmverse,souie years a^o a resident of G'<i Haven I.v £ = S W 0 Of u'10; 9 05 f matter as ; aa 5 * f y i ^ j 2 13; 9 1^ sometime t»»U iu UU prime was an active thij- place, is visiting with relatives and 6 ;r: K)lY> ;i 1 2 : 3 */l'ISl U v o ? Wlllll ?lllM friends iu tbi> vicinity. G. it « I . J c t S~ ' ° ^ ' KapuiS •- ^-;'•-••'< 6 4 V 10 2 0 : ii S ' ,U * 1 V a property. Mrs. McFariamJ, who has beeu with 55 ; T .15' 10 55, *IW; 21 53 her daughter, Mr?. Cad Winan*. at Mt, Has the largest and most complete stock of the Ionia ^C * 4i> II 2T>; 4 2-:: Iu' 'iS Pleads tit for some time, was home over a. m . p. ni A. M. ,„, , Laingsburg. , ,., .,. i, lh>' i£v<) i>:-r<'!.'ioi Mr>. Ininond h a v e r rtUBday. Mrs. "VViuaujj rtiiuaius Very low with cotii-uuiutioit.—A i^^,^. OwrtssoJct Corunna Dumnd Holly • . ', , • 5 J0 0 :iT) f sv i 1"' * * i'~ ? 2>*; 1 47 '> <y<~ c I.- r u ' > :; ."^, ost Elegaut ami Modern Designs in Fine Furniture, in the county, which he is selling at prices which will make the tight f roiu May viiie u> ?i>eud the winter New Lothrop. Pont lac ct i : i ) il ;£i ;'; *> o ^>: •* a 3ti est person loosen his purs** strings. A visit to hi* v>'areroons will am- WiLh Mr. and Mt>. i>. Detroit .Vr' 7 40' 1! 5» - o." i) •:.")• 7 iV' ply repay anyone for hi.s time Jind trouble. Mr. K, K. .Men lias been seriously ill; S. J). Wilson lias been nursing u si»raiti- witli pcritouitii-r, ^uit is now w n v a i e g - : ed ;uiUe t h e pavt wwfc. OOIJt- . Mrs. C.feor^c atuJ Mrs. Krne.d McCariy V. K. lif.aity is ypoinlin^ the week in i:ii!ay i'Uy u i t l i r s . CDuirCsr, lluilct C:*r,. . g- Car S<-rvice. A Handsome Funeral Cur Prof l l o y t ha,-, o r ^ n i z c - d Eastward No, 12,ha.s Palltnun Sleeper, Chi- are iu :it«oin!;uK:('-at tlte Stli district A j V cago to t>c-tn)it, Daily. No. 14 tins Wn^tsor (J. 'I', i . convention at Sc. f.oui^, Mivh.,| iiuui w i t h about r-buir and buffet car, Grand Sluveii to D<;r:viit; Mr. Ely realizing that the last No. 18 has ohair car attached. as (le!f<;att:.-i. : >!iss A l i c e r)iuili:im. of Moiitro.-e, the JVo. 81 h«? sleeper to Grancl Hapids. s?<<l ritess of this life s>houl<l l)edone . oT Lansing, was ] u o t of her .-i-icr Mrs..). 11. (.'lark on V'cstvvardN<t. 11 has chair oar, iittjichefl. Mi;*^ b'loetu No, 55h«s Wanner parior bnsref. c;ir, IVliuit decently and in order, lias recently tl^e ^ut:>t of Mi.-.s i.iii.-ui (>ulick over to GraiKi Haven. No 1* bus iJuiletCar, l>e- Sunday. Mrs. Ttleyis a new roof put | troir to Cbi'CHsro, Daily. udded the most elegant and elafK>r»te funeral car in this section of ! No. 81 h«si slct-per Detroit to (inmr! Knpids. i i e v . Mr. Gulick, of Allnori, was the 0!) her store. JXO. W:LOLT). B FCfiTCHKK. Michigan. Hence should you want anything in the furniture line Tue gri.st mill whi<;li !ius been umler- Traffic Manager. Truv, t'jsss. .»vt. guest ol (.'has. Wicks 3a.«c week. wh'iu- ttive, or a handsome casket for a lamented friend, give Mr. going repairs for the past six E. H. CO^PIV, lineal AffOtu-. Mr. Lviniin and Octa Frain, of Ovid, 5s was in town ou a business trip last Mon- again running to its full capacity, h.y a call. diy. much to (lie satisfaction of the farming Miss Nella Phillip* accompanied J[r. [ community and Mns. iSilas Grwu to the St. Johns fair !i!>t week. Byron. ICONOMV RWAHMNO OtfTFTr, roo*ty Where is Lige? Dr. Scott a/si] familj' 8{>eiit Sunday with Dr, Scott his brother in Owosso. Miss Minnie IJarnum, ones of Uvrou, Mrs. S. K. l*ein:e gave a t'limble party now of Morrice, is visiting friends here. TIME TABLE. In effect Xarch 25th, 1894. bard U ways. Th« outfit erer for horn* q«y si* HE HAS MOVED TO THE to a number of lier friemls hist Thurs- day. Word has been received here of the •s. J. D. Royce is visiting relatives; Trains leave Corunna, at Marshall. (Congressman Linton and Hon. K. If. NORTH. i*4« A. M. SOOTH. coats, wire COM ODDFELLOW'S BUILDING safe arrival of Mrs, J. U. Korabaclier Watson are expected to open the cam- H:5H A. 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