Codesion's Live Webinar: Cutting Edge Cloud Development Tools for


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Would you like to witness the industry's first end-to-end cloud development solution for For the first time see version control, project planning, project management, and one-click deployment integrated into a single environment, designed specifically for teams building for the platform. Join Brian Matthews, the founder and CTO of BrainEngine, and Willie Wang, VP Product and Services of Codesion Cloud Services, as they introduce a new and innovative way to build and deploy cloud applications for

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Codesion's Live Webinar: Cutting Edge Cloud Development Tools for

  1. 1. Cutting Edge Cloud Development Tools for BrainEngine Founder – Brian Matthews Codesion Cloud Services – Willie Wang
  2. 2. Webinar Logistics• Webinar is being recorded• We’ll email you the slides & recording• Ask questions using the Q&A panel• Answers to Questions will be posted in a blog (
  3. 3. Cutting Edge Cloud Dev• Goals – Cloud development and deployment madness – development best practices – Be a happy developer• Takeaways – Use Source Control to your advantage – Leverage IDE to shorten development time – Deploy with traceability – Start Now
  4. 4. Who We Are• Willie Wang – VP, Products and Services Codesion Cloud Services• Brian Matthews – Founder, BrainEngine
  5. 5. Previous Life• Former Integration Specialist• Former Siebel EAI/UAN Product Manager – Member of Siebel’s integration expert group whose mission was to: • Support Siebel’s Top 10 Must “Succeed Accounts” • “Fix Projects gone totally wrong” – Siebel SWAT Team From this experience, BrainEngine was conceived
  6. 6. So What Did I Learn?• Over 100+ projects, I constantly saw the same issues over and over again. Issues like: – Poor Team Communication – Inefficient Processes – Redundant Configuration – Disconnect Tools – And many more…
  7. 7. Problem Solved?• Traditional toolsets were already addressing these issues, while enterprise software development wasn’t. Apex Explorer Apex Data Loader Migration Tool force.ide MS Excel Text Editor Bug /Issue Tracker IM PHP .NET Ruby Java
  8. 8. Development IssuesWhat are people working on? Lack of Reporting Reactive Process No Version Control Disparate Asset Stores Zero-Accountability Manual Tasks Sequential Deployments Error-Prone Process + Lack of Insight + Difficult Troubleshooting = Higher Total Cost of Ownership
  9. 9. BrainEngine Platform• BrainEngine is cloud based development and team collaboration platform built from the ground up to empower development teams. Developers Project Business Managers Analysts BrainEngine
  10. 10. BrainEngine Architecture Project Managers/Business Analysts/QA DevelopersDesktop IDE Online IDE TeamForge salesforce BrainEngine powered by CollabNet Developer Team Agile Tools Subversion Tools Collaboration
  11. 11. BrainEngine Deployment Manager Deployment Assets Deployment Manager Target Instances ProductionMetadata Files Classes Triggers Dashboards QA Reports Layouts Etc. Build Deploy Monitor Unit Test
  12. 12. Solution Demo• ACME Financial needs to update their Customer Check-In form to include additional fields.• Focus Areas • IDE Overview • Source Control • Code Deployments • Team Collaboration
  13. 13. Codesion Publisher for
  14. 14. What is Publisher?One Click Deploy your Code to Cloud Servers
  15. 15. Recipe Product Mgr Dev Ops Codesion• Lead Dev / Prod Mgr • DevOps, Sys Admin Get Zip Add Add Click Publish Deployment Publisher Target API Credentials Package Publish Zip Meta API Add TeamForge Deployment Login into Add Release ID Login Package Credentials Publish Log Save Recipe Finished
  16. 16. Publisher Demo• One Click Publish• Setting up a Target
  17. 17. Tools Used
  18. 18. Codesion Dev Tools• Enterprise grade SVN, git, CVS• On Demand Agile Mgmt Suite (TeamForge)• Open Source Task and Bug Tracking (Trac, Bugzilla)• One Click Deploy (Publisher)• Commit Ticket Integration to other Agile Mgmt Tools• 99.9% SLA• Enterprise Support• Trusted Vendor
  19. 19. The BrainEngine Toolset• BrainEngine allows developers to work in a way that bests suits them. Integration Development Environment Data Management Testing and Monitoring Object Modeling TeamForge ALM Scripting Editor Subversion Integration
  20. 20. Webinar Promotional Offer All participants in today’s Webinar are invited to start trying the tools immediately-free for thirty days and a 20% discount for the first year if you decide to purchase an annual subscription. BrainEngine Developer Next + CollabNet TeamForge
  21. 21. Questions and Answers