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When to use word press multisite wordcamp nepal 2012
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When to use word press multisite wordcamp nepal 2012


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  • 1. How, why and where to useWordPress MultiSiteExtending WordPress
  • 2. About Me:Utsav singh @rathourWordPress Enthusiast, A wannabe entrepreneurCEO/Founder Code Pixelz Media (@codepixelzmedia)Blogs at
  • 3. What is Multisite? Multiple Website. What else? So what is WordPress multisite? Obviously Multiple Websites hosted in WordPress. So whats the catch? All of these sites are under single installation of WP
  • 4. The Origin >>
  • 5. Ba dum tsss..... MultiSite
  • 6. Regular v/s Multisite Regular WordPress  Single Site  Each new site needs new installation  Multiple Installation of Plugins, Themes  Single set of Users
  • 7. Regular v/s Multisite WordPress Multisite • Multiple (Network of) Sites • Single installation for n number of websites • Single installation of Plugins, themes for all. • Multiple set of Users • Super Administrator to control the Network
  • 8. How it works?
  • 9. When?1. You have a number of sites running on WordPress2. You are looking for an easy way to maintain your network of blogs3. Want to allow people to run their websites/blog on your Installation4. Save time from installing same plugins, themes over and over again.
  • 10. Where to? Personal Multiple Blogs, websites Academic Different sites focusing on different faculties, courses or academia. Organizational Team or division based information site or blogs. Regular Blogging Network of blogs Hosting Sites Host different sites of client under one roof, easier to maintain.
  • 11. Where not to?Just because you can, doesnt mean you have to Diffierent Post Type of same niche. (Try custom post type) Users Need To Install Themes/Plugins Single Website or blog
  • 12. Whos using this? WordPress ( BestBuy New York Times (
  • 13. Did you know? New York Times has 60+ blogs covering a wide range of topics has 17000+ small business websites hosts 57,600,799 (while creating this presentation) blogs
  • 14. How do I get started?Open up wp-config.php and add this line/* Multisite */define(WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE, true);
  • 15. How do I get started? Go to Network Setup Menu on Dashboard Choose Sub Directory or Sub Domain Detailed installation instructions:
  • 16. Data Handling Creates new set of tables for each Site New tables added _blogs, _registration_log, _signups, _site, _sitemeta New tables for every new site/blog
  • 17. Should I be using it?Are you kidding me?I spent my 10-15 minutes explaining why you should.Go aheadTry it.Build it.Make wonders.Conquer the World.
  • 18. Thats it, Me Lord!Thanks for bearing :)
  • 19. Still got questions?