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  1. 1. QUACK- someone who pretends to have RIGHTS OF CONSUMER:medical skills but has none. Right to safetyQUACKERY-a dishonest action of a quack. It is Right to be informedpurveying of health misinformation often in Right to chooseform of secret remedies directed to persons Right to be heardwho would believe in quack. Right to have problems corrected Right to consumer educationPOSSIBLE EFFECTS OF MEDICAL QUACKERY: GOVERNMENT AGENCIES: 1. Taking quack cure may delay/ lose the chance to be healed. BFAD-(Bureau of Food and Drugs) 2. The person may experience the so called placebo effect on trade and - Enforces laws and regulations relating industries (-improves for natural to food. reasons and not because of the - Responsible on how food is advertised substance that the quack provides. and labeled. 3. Loss of money DOH-(Department of Health) 4. Giving false hopes to the sick and the family - Inspects food disposing establishment 5. The actual damage done to the - Protects meat, milk, products, individual by using fake product and cosmetics and other consumer goods services - Implement laws and regulations relating to drugsHEALTH FADS AND MYTHS: DTI-(department of Trade and Industry) 1. Supplementary medicines-(vit and min) give extra strength and resistance to - Implement laws diseases - Protects consumers against false 2. Organic food is somehow better than labeling of products and other regular foods available in store fraudulent ways of trade 3. Wearing copper bracelet can cure diseases LEGAL PROTECTION OF THE CONSUMERS:EFFECT OF HEALTH FADS AND MYTH: RA #3720 (Drug and Cosmetic Act) 1. It causes a person to spend money on Ensuring safe and good quality of food, drug less important/ unnecessary products. and cosmetics. 2. It causes a person to spend money on Regulates the production, sale and traffic of the worthless forms of therapy. to protect the health of the people 3. It can harm our health 4. It leads to unwise consumer health Establishes the standard quality of the products decisions. and services.
  2. 2. Philippine Consumer Protection Law DRUG MISUSE-incorrect use of medicine which (Proclamation 3822) is taken for health reasons. It often occurs because a person lacks inFo/make decisionProtection of consumers against unreasonable based on false info. price increase/ fraudulent practices- concern of the government Example of drug misuse:RA#3740 -use of leftover medicine in order to economizePenalizes fraudulent advertising, mislabeling -prescribing a familiar drug for another and misbranding of any product because the symptoms seem to bePD #187 similar -giving yourself a drug you have beenPrescribes the use of metric system of weights taking every now and then and measures as the standard -believing is superstitions and hearsays measurement Effects of drug misuse:Act # 3740 Amended by Commonwealth #46 -delay in proper medical attentionProducts, commodities of any kind or make -overdose /under dose imported or locally manufactured shall be -damage to body and structure properly packed and labeled. -serious mental disorder -death DRUGS DRUG ABUSE- the excessive or persistent use ofSubstances other than food and water that a drug w/o to accepted medical practice; intended to be taken or administered for uses of drug where it infers w/health the purpose of diagnosis, cure and economic status or social functioning of the treatment, altering sustaining/controlling drug user the recipient’s physical, emotional or mental state Why do people abuse drugs?PRESCRIBED DRUGS -Peer pressure –for the sake of “pakikisama”-drugs requiring written authorization from a doctor to allow a purchase. -Weak personality-unable to cope up with stress/conflictsOVER-THE-COUNTER DRUGS -Frustrations- caused by personal, family , or school problem-non –prescription medicines which may -poor self-image –low self esteem purchase from any pharmacy w/o written -Lack of parental/professional guidance authorization from a doctor. -Boredom- to give themselves artificialDRUG USE-drugs used for health reasons boost -Curiosity-for experiment/experience
  3. 3. -Escapism-desire to escape from reality Effects:CLASSIFICATION OF DRUGS -similar to amphetamines but is more intense but it last shorterStimulants-drugs that speed up the work of -confusion, anxiety, headache nervous system -vomit, chill, sudden rise in tempEffects: Long Term Effects -can increase mental alertness -can kill by stopping the heartbeat -reduce hunger -no dosage is safeLongterm Effect: Caffeine-present in coffee, tea, chocolate and cola drinks, -narcolespy(overwhelming desire to sleep) Shabu(“upper speed, poor man’s cocaine”) -heavy abuse may result in deep and suicidal depression -chemically known as Metamphetamine Hydrochloride-a colorless crystalineTypes: powder w/bitter taste -“meth”-crystal formAmphetamines-(grp of strong drugs) Effects:Effect: -hallucination -change in mood -meth mouth -wide awake feeling -insomnia -nervousness -palpitation -loss of appetiteLongterm Effect: Depressants-(downer) -weight loss Drugs which suppress vital body function. -strong psychological dependence Effect: -personality changes -brain damage It dulls the mind and slows down body -mental disorder reaction -death(overdose) -relieves tension and induce sleepMMDA(methylene/dioxy/metamphetamine Long term Effect )-ecstasy -loss of physical coordinationCocaine-taken orally /injected to achieve -disorganized speech euphoria or intense feeling of “highness”(“coca scrub”) Types
  4. 4. Barbiturate-drugs for inducing sleep in person Effect: w/ anxiety, mental stress and insomnia -larger doses can cause hallucinationTranquilizer- drugs that calm and diminish anxiety. They are used in treatments of Narcotics- is a substance that produces lethargy nervous state and some mental disorder and stup. It includes sleep and relieves pain w/producing sleep. by depressing the nervous system. Use:Alcohol- the most abused drugs/depressants -ingredient in potent medicine like pain killers,Effects: cough depressants, if as an active Irritation of the lining of the mouth, component of anti-diarrheal preparation. esophagus and stomach which may Opium-15th century cause nausea and vomiting 16thLong term Effect 17th -cirrhosis of the liver Opium warNarcotics- medically, they are present pain killer and cough depressant China-BritainEffect Narcotic -can relieve pain and produce profound Effects(Abuse) sleep A) To one’s selfEx. Anesthesia -drowsiness -Failure to eat and sleep wellHallucinogens- mind altering drugs -failure to maintain personal cleanliness which distort reality, thinking, perceptions -drastic loss of weight which cause severe and sensation malnutritionEffects -having diseases like hepatitis, tetanus, and AIDS from contaminated needles -change in mood -difficulty of breathing -irritable and confused -red and watery eyes with pinpoint -pupils dilated pupil -excessive sweating -psychological and physical dependence -increased pulse rate and blood pressure Psychological dependence- craving for theTypes experience a drug providesMarijuana- its botanical name: Cannabis Sativa
  5. 5. Physical dependence-it exist only when treatment and the rehabilitation of drugwithdrawal symptoms occur and when the victims.person stops the use of drug 3.Dangerous Drug Board(DDB)-Tolerance-ability to resist the effects of drugs It was created under R.A. 6425, now under R.A.over a period of time 9165Withdrawal Syndrome- is experienced by apersom who is physically dependent on drugs 4.Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency-and abruptly stops taking them works under the dangerous Drug Board and replaced the PNP Narcotics Grp or NARGROUP.B) To Family -Neglected responsibilities -difficulty to keep a job -financial difficulty due to cost of rehabilitation -shame and embarrassment to other family member -disorganized and unhappy familyC) To Communtiy -increase incidence of crime -occurrence of diff kinds accidents -presence of rampant stealing -economic destabilization due to less manpowerAgencies responsibilities for the treatment and rehabilitation of drug dependents:1.Drug Abuse Rehabilitaiton Network(DARN)-It provides comprehensive rehabilitation program, DARN prvides integrated medical, psychological, occupational and spiritual services.2.National Bureau Investigation(NBI)-Thisagencies is engaged in law enforcement in the