Lesson 14 improving memory 2013
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  • 1. Lesson 14: Improving MemorySunday, 19 May 13
  • 2. Lesson 13: Forgetting Curve: The Work of EbbinghausExam QuestionTextTaken from VCAA 2011 Mid YearExamSunday, 19 May 13
  • 3. Model Response:TextSunday, 19 May 13
  • 4. Lesson 14: Improving MemoryObjectivesExplain how mnemonic devices including acronyms, acrostics,narrative chaining help improve memory and retrivalSunday, 19 May 13
  • 5. Watch Crystal’s Podcast on acronymsSunday, 19 May 13
  • 6. Narrative ChainingLinking otherwise unrelated items to one another (‘chaining’) to form ameaningful sequence or story (‘narrative’).Make up a story to help remember the following words: Dog,ball, house, petrol, supermarket, party, chairs, box.Sunday, 19 May 13
  • 7. The playful dog retrieved a ball that was thrown towards a house. The ownerof the property worked at a petrol station on weekdays and a supermarket onweekends. His wife was planning a party for their five-year-old son. Thegames planned were musical chairs, and Jack in the box.Sunday, 19 May 13
  • 8. Sunday, 19 May 13
  • 9. Acrostics function by taking the first letters of each word in a sentence, or thefirst letter of each line in a poem, and using them to create a new word orsentence.AcrosticsSunday, 19 May 13
  • 10. The classic mnemonic device for remembering planets is another well-known example. Take the firstletters of each planet in order and make a sentence with them as the first letters of each word.Although slightly modified of late it still works.MyVeryExcellentMotherJustServedUsNachosMercuryVenusEarthMarsJupiterSaturnUranusNeptuneSunday, 19 May 13