Video Distribution: 5 Key Elements | Webinar by coBRANDiT


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This webinar is a discussion of video strategy and distribution techniques, from the basics of uploading & optimizing to outreach, promotion, measurement, and content development. Learn some tips, bring your questions, and be prepared to re-think your assumptions as we break down the components of a successful video program.
Presented 9/16/09, WOMMA webinar series

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Video Distribution: 5 Key Elements | Webinar by coBRANDiT

  1. 1. The 5 Elements of Video Distribution Owen Mack, Chief of Strategy & Development coBRANDiT coBRANDiT specializes in social media video production, distribution and consulting services for brand marketers, agencies, and organizations of all sizes. We attended the very first WOMMA conference (and all the others too), members since 2005. The webinar structure is loose, with overlapping topics. Ask questions! Use the questions pane in the GoToWebinar control panel.
  2. 2. The 5 elements of Video Distribution 1) The Basics: Uploading & Optimizing 2) Outreach 3) Paid Promotion 4) Measurement: What is Valuable? 5) Developing Content with a Goal
  3. 3. 1) The Basics: Uploading & Optimizing Compression Quicktime H.264 is great right out of the box. All you have to do is change the Compressor Quality to Medium. See also as a starting point.
  4. 4. 1) The Basics: Uploading & Optimizing Metadata Title / Description / Tags index in that order. Write a long title! And drop a link in the description.
  5. 5. 1) The Basics: Uploading & Optimizing Tools Uploading to multiple sites: is helpful.
  6. 6. 2) Outreach Work the site's ecosystem: YouTube (for example, others are similar) Channel Pages / Individual Video Pages each have their own points of contact.
  7. 7. 2) Outreach Facebook Methodologies Posting vids to the Wall / Native player vs. YouTube link / Custom tabs, Widgets & Players / Landing Tabs Targetable Updates
  8. 8. 2) Outreach Identification of Audience Stats & Data & Insights help us get smarter: Figuring out Discovery, "surfacing", individual vids vs. series. Want to build an audience? A series gives you a lot more to work with.
  9. 9. 2) Outreach Annotations Annotations can tie together a video series, pop users out to a playlist, or request comments or response vids. Helpful when your video is embedded somewhere away from your YouTube Channel.
  10. 10. 2) Outreach Voice: What’s the right tone? Consider video channel management and how it’s related to your other social media efforts. PR, pitching bloggers, providing value: BIG TOPIC
  11. 11. 3) Paid Promotion Facebook ads, YouTube promoted vids: typically on a CPM or CPC basis. Promotions can be videos themselves, or can drive traffic to a page that includes the video and other offers/info. Have a single video? Jeben at YouTube says “Buy some search around it”.
  12. 12. 3) Paid Promotion Paid embeds in websites & blogs: Typically between 5 and 25 cents per view. The opportunity for these deals abound. Some disclose sponsorship, some don’t...
  13. 13. 3) Paid Promotion Guaranteed widget installs: available through companies like Gigya and Clearspring
  14. 14. 3) Paid Promotion White hat/black hat and the slippery slope: Anatomy of a video spam blog & other fake activities designed to get “real” traffic. First, embed the vid on a spam blog, auto hit it with a bot or network
  15. 15. Then game Stumbleupon and create fake YouTube comments with a network of profiles. Throw in a bunch of bogus video responses and likes for good measure. Stated goal: Use these fake techniques to bump the video up the “most viewed” lists, thereby driving “real views” How valuable is that big viewcount now? LG gets played by their agency.
  16. 16. 4) Measurement: What is valuable? The standard KPI's: Views, Comments, Ratings, Response Videos, Subscriptions, Click-thru's to other url's. All very measurable. What other measures of Engagement are there?
  17. 17. 4) Measurement: What is valuable? Compare Engagement: (StreetFire vs. YouTube) Streetfire viewers are more connected to the content. You could say a Streetfire view is about twice as valuable as a YouTube view. Specialized sites can be more valuable than the big guys. Don’t neglect them!
  18. 18. 4) Measurement: What is valuable? SEO benefits My promo video drove these results in 48 hours, with a TOTAL of 9 views across 7 video sites. I’ll swap out the descriptions/title with a link to the slideshare deck tomorrow.
  19. 19. 4) Measurement: What is valuable? Use video/social media to trigger offline WOM. Research indicates that most WOM occurs offline, and that advertising increases WOM. Give people (your fans) something to talk about! The anecdotals support this but it’s tough to measure.
  20. 20. 4) Measurement: What is valuable? What is the goal? Does the nature of the content and the distribution methodology support that goal? Really? Think like a real person now...
  21. 21. 5) Developing Content with a Goal Who is the audience? What do you want them to do? Include a call to action. A video doesn’t need to be “viral” to be successful.
  22. 22. 5) Developing Content with a Goal A video doesn't need to be viral to be successful. Goal: Demonstrate features of a new Viximo release for use by media. Result: Video embedded in TechCrunch article: 14,000 views (50% of YouTube vids get fewer than 500 views. Anything over 10k puts you in the top 5%) Goal: Drive traffic to sales site and increase conversions. Bring attention to and drive discovery of new and innovative products. Result: Daily sales videos drive Daily Grommet customers to purchase at twice the frequency of customers . Specific product videos have: attracted a new investor, gotten product into celebrity grab bags at the Oscars, resulted in placement on QVC, led to media write-ups. Daily Grommet videos: 2,600 average views Goal: Get a meeting with Narragansett Beer executives Result: Funny video seen by brewery President leading to a phone call and new business for coBRANDiT: 8 views
  23. 23. 5) Developing Content with a Goal A video doesn't need to be viral to be successful. But sometimes you do luck out. Chasing Bolt was a 4 week video series following PUMA sprinter Usain Bolt before and during the Beijing Olympics. One piece featured Bolt predicting in advance his record-breaking time in the 100m. All video placements contained links to, driving PUMA’s highest ever number of daily uniques on August 20, 2008. note: TrackShark/AP vid with 3mm views Prepare to be lucky!
  24. 24. 5) Developing Content with a Goal Know your audience: Working with fans to develop content
  25. 25. 5) Developing Content with a Goal Tiers of content: Ad-type "hooks", behind-the-scenes, detailed content for hardcore fans.
  26. 26. 5) Developing Content with a Goal Pro content, Distributed video and Flip-type cameras.
  27. 27. And then there’s user-generated video contests, and editing contests... Or you could partner with a top producer (Fred, Lisa Nova, or someone in your category) to create response vids... But those are topics for another day. 5) Developing Content with a Goal
  28. 28. Thanks for participating! Owen Mack [email_address] @cobrandit 617 823 9286 direct