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Jump! 10 ash appt

  1. 1. What do I need to make certain to do?CCCs At Last!
  2. 2. ASHA Guidelines!   Paperwork is ultimately your responsibility.!   Follow up. Follow up. Follow up.!   Who should you follow up with?!   Supervisor!   ASHA!   Send Return Receipt - trackable mail
  3. 3. ASHA Guidelines•  Getting your CF approved! www.asha.org/certification/GettingCFApproved.htm!   CFSI - Clinical Fellow Skills Inventory - worksheet forsupervisor (link to pdf)!   Must have a 3 or above on the identified core skills inthe final segment.!   CF is no less than 36 weeks of Full-time work experience!   Supervisor held CCC during the entire CF supervision
  4. 4. ASHA GuidelinesAn Application for Membership and Certification must be submitted at this time if youhave not already done so.!!►A separate SLPCF Report and Rating Form must be submitted for each change inmentor, location, or regularly scheduled hours worked per week.!!►All blanks and boxes must be filled in. Incomplete Report & Rating forms will be returnedand will delay the processing of your application.!!►A full-time SLPCF consists of a minimum of 35 hours worked per week and equals1,260 hours throughout the 36-week SLPCF. The SLPCF must consist of at least 36mentoring activities, including 18 hours of on-site direct client contact observations and18 other monitoring activities.!!►Professional experience of less than 5 hours per week cannot be used to meet theSLPCF requirement.!!►Use black ink only when completing this form. Print all information clearly.!
  5. 5. Alabama State GuidelinesCompletion paperwork to be submitted within30 days of the completion of theSupervised Professional Experience•  Licensure Fee $75•  * Mail Return receipt or Certified Mail*•  1. Undergraduate and graduate transcripts•  2. Results of the national examination (see below).•  3. A notarized statement from the supervisor indicating that theProfessional Experience (CFY) has been completed.! Number of hours per week worked! Place of employment! Supervisors name! AL license number or CCC or its equivalent.•  4. A letter from the director of training program verifying that Ihave completed the required hours of direct clinical experiencewith individuals with communication•  disorders.
  6. 6. Alabama State GuidelinesCompleon  paperwork  to  be  submi3ed  within    30  days  of  the  compleon  of  the    Supervised  Professional  Experience  •  Licensure  Fee  $75    •  Common  Omissions  when  SubmiGng  the  Licensure  Applicaon  Form:  •  *  A  le3er  from  the  director  of  the  educaonal  program  verifying  that  requirements  prior  to  supervised  clinical  experience  have  been  completed.    •  *  Notarized  le3er  from  CFY  or  4th  Year  Internship  Supervisor  containing:  number  of  hours  per  week  worked,  place  of  employment,  supervisors  name  &  AL  license  number  or  CCC  or  its  equivalent.    •  *  Undergraduate  and  Graduate  Transcripts.    •  Another  common  misunderstanding  is  that  there  are  TWO  SEPARATE  FEES:  an  applicaon  fee  (which  is  $200),  and  a  licensure  fee  (which  is  $75).  The  applicaon  fee  is  due  with  the  applicaon.  The  licensure  fee  may  be  paid  at  that  same  me  or  paid  once  the  applicaon  is  approved  for  licensure.  •  *  Mail  Return  receipt  or  Cerfied  Mail*  
  7. 7. FloridaState Guidelines! www.doh.state.fl.us/mqa/speech/!   Supervisor must complete Forms!   SPA-2B: Supplemental Eval forevery 3 months!   SPA-2C: Supervisor Report!   $280 (2012)!   Initial License Application
  8. 8. FloridaState Guidelines1. Complete the Confidential and Exempt From !Public Records Disclosure Form!!2. Attach a recent 2x2 color photo (above shoulders )!!3. Sign and date application!!4. $280 Fee (check/money order for application, !licensure and unlicensed activity fees )!!5. Proof of 1-hour HIV/AIDS course !(free on www.SpeechPathology.com or offered by !any healthcare profession ) CODE: COBB13!!6. Proof of 2-hours prevention of medical errors course (free on !www.SpeechPathology.com from an approved !Board of Speech-Language Pathology!and Audiology continuing education provider )!!7. SPA-2B Supervisory Evaluation for every 3 months (need 3 forms)!!8. SPA -2C Supervisory Report (summary)!
  9. 9. Georgia State GuidelinesAll documentation must be sent to theGeorgia Licensing Board within14 days of completion of the PCE.•  www.sos.georgia.gov•  Final Procedure once PCE is complete:1.  Fill out completion of PCE with Supervisor2.  Fill out permanent license application3.  Attach check to the top of application by examination4.  Send check made out to Georgia State Board of Speech-LanguagePathology/Audiology for $1105.  Mail Return receipt or Certified Mail.•  Completion application form: http://sos.georgia.gov/acrobat/PLB/10%20Documentation%20for%20Completion%20of%20Paid%20Clinical%20Experience.pdf
  10. 10. South CarolinaState Guidelines! www.llr.state.sc.us!   Report of CompletedInternship!   Application for License*Notarized*!   Fee $220!   Proof of Identity - PhotoID, Driver s license
  11. 11. MarylandState Guidelineshttp://dhmh.maryland.gov/boardsahs/SitePages/Home.aspxINSTRUCTIONS FOR APPLYING FOR A FULL LICENSE:1.    Website above click on Professionals Licensing Information Speech-Language Pathology License Forms Link download Speech-LanguagePathology Application For Full Licensure.2.    Have  completed application notarized.3.    Submit Form AS2 Verification of Supervision for Limited Licensure ClinicalFellowship Year for each place of employment during the period of limited licensure.4.    Submit Form AS3 Verification of Satisfactory Completion of Clinical FellowshipYear.5.    If you currently have or have ever been licensed in any other state, complete FormAS4. Request the State licensure Board of that state to return the completed form tothe Maryland Board office.6.    Submit $150.00 fee (make check or money order payable to Board of SLP).7.    Submit a recent 2x2 passport size photo8.    Completed Law Exam (see # 7 under Instructions For Applying For a LimitedLicense)9.  Transcripts,  Undergraduate Transcript, Clinical Fellowship Year Plan (Form AS2),Clinical Fellowship Year Verification (Form AS3), and Praxis Exam Scores.
  12. 12. Virginia State Guidelines•  Already have apermanent license!•  Congratulations!
  13. 13. Summer Thoughts...!   Organize materials!   Build Language Units!   Surf Therapy Websites to become familiar!   Build Therapy on a Dime materials!   Organize any computer files so they are easilyfound during the year.
  14. 14. Have a GREAT Summer Break!!Congratulations!