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An Apocalypse of Ice; chapter 3
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An Apocalypse of Ice; chapter 3



Chapter 3 of An Apocalypse of Ice. In which Eowyn chooses her aspiration, Sansa chooses Eowyn's husband, and Addison wishes he was in this chapter more.

Chapter 3 of An Apocalypse of Ice. In which Eowyn chooses her aspiration, Sansa chooses Eowyn's husband, and Addison wishes he was in this chapter more.

(for disclaimer, see chapter 1)



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An Apocalypse of Ice; chapter 3 An Apocalypse of Ice; chapter 3 Presentation Transcript

  • Winter Is Coming: An Apocalypse of Ice
    Chapter 3, “Giving Up On Greener Grasses”
  • When it was time for Eowyn to become a teen, her parents and her mom’s friend Meadow gathered around to watch her transition. Sansa would have liked to throw a party for her daughter and invite her friend Daisy over, but the phone lines were still tied up, and it seemed like a bad idea to throw a party when so many people were suffering.“Wheee!” Eowyn shouted as she jumped in the air and watched the confetti falling over her head.
  • Eowyn landed, grinning. “I want to make a lot of money, just like you, Dad! Except I want to be a criminal mastermind when I grow up!”
  • Sansa and Meadow jumped in the air, though for very different reasons. Meadow was just excited because she liked birthdays. Sansa did not like what she had just heard. “A…criminal mastermind?” Sansa repeated, hoping she had misheard Eowyn.“Exactly! So no one ever breaks into our house again.” Eowyn glanced behind her at the white living chair, which was a replacement for the royal blue one that someone had stolen the night before.
  • “You can’t,” Sansa said automatically. “Eowyn, our family is better than that. We do not steal.” “But it’s my lifetime want!” she protested. “I’m not giving up on that!”“There are a lot of better things you could do to improve our quality of life without resorting to the mob,” Addison suggested.“Like what?”
  • “Are you sure I can’t be a criminal?” Eowyn asked during lunch the next day. If I joined the mob, maybe I could get a cell phone, she thought. They’ve got to have a way of getting that stuff Mom and Dad say I can’t have.
  • “Yes,” Sansa told her. “Eowyn, being a criminal is counterproductive. We’re trying to return order to Winterfell, not join the mob. I don’t see why you’d want to do that when there are so many other jobs out there.”“Like what?” Eowyn scoffed.“You could be a doctor,” Addison suggested, looking to Sansa for approval. “You could clean up the water. Wouldn’t it be nice to be really, truly clean?” “You’d still make a lot of money,” Sansa assured her.
  • Eowyn agreed, setting herself to build her skills because she couldn’t go to school anymore. Addison reluctantly did more yoga, trying to become a space pirate soon so he could tackle his lifetime want of becoming the law.Meanwhile, Sansa thought as she meditated. Eowyn would be of marriageable age soon, so she needed to arrange a match that would help their family survive the difficult years to come.
  • The selection of eligible men around Winterfell was atrocious. She would have liked to invite some of her college friends over, but with no space for a car and with the restrictions on travel still in place, Sansa resorted to befriending the townies. Kennedy Cox became bachelor number one and Eowyn’s most persistent suitor.
  • Since she didn’t have a job and didn’t have to spend so much time looking after Eowyn anymore, Sansa spent her time going from meditation to questioning suitors. “I’m really active and pretty neat,” Kennedy told her. “And I’m a drill instructor in the army.” That had some promise. Even though Kennedy hadn’t advanced very far in the ranks, this meant that he wouldn’t have to waste time searching for a job in the army. On the other hand, something was seriously wrong with his cheeks.
  • And yet, Sansa found him strangely attractive. They had two bolts of chemistry; she only had one with Addison these days. No. Maybe Eowyn would like him, too. Sansa had heard her talking about how she liked black hair on men.
  • Bachelor number two: Goopy GilsCarbo, who had a completely unsuitable career as a gas station attendant, but who could probably be a good friend anyway. Even though Addison and Eowyn were fortune sims, Sansa tried to make them understand the value of friends.
  • He also seemed far too interested in kissing for Sansa to feel comfortable with him.
  • “My daughter’s a fortune sim,” Sansa informed Goopy after he kept asking her questions about Eowyn. “How do you feel about money?” “Money? Money’s sweet,” Goopy gushed.Sansa thought he would have said anything to have a shot at Eowyn.
  • As Sansa chatted with suitors, Eowyn felt her dreams slipping away. Forget about her lifetime want; she wasn’t getting anything.“I’M NOT GETTING ANYTHING I WANT!” she shouted at the trash can, taking all her frustration out on it in what will become a Stark family tradition. “No private school! No college! No cell phone! No handheld! No money! NOTHING!”She proceeded to take it out on the dollhouse as well.
  • Sansa wasn’t oblivious to her daughter’s unhappiness, but she had to solve the problem of choosing one of the suitors soon. Seven of them had started off courting Eowyn, but lately Kennedy and AbhijeetDeppiesse seemed to be the only ones taking it seriously. Which one should she choose? Was it more important to lift the military restrictions or to do something about the lack of food?She went outside to ask Eowyn.
  • “So I’ve introduced seven men to you. I would have liked to marry you off to Benjamin Long, because he’s a mad scientist (and he sure does look like one with that nose), but, unfortunately, he’s shown little to no interest in you because he’s stopped coming by the house,” Sansa explained. “How do you feel about the suitors?” “Um…I really like Kennedy,” Eowyn said. “We’re best friends, and he’s a fortune sim, like me.”
  • “Really? Even though there’s something about his cheeks that makes him look like another planet?”“Oh, come on, Mom. I’ve seen the way you swoon over him.” Eowyn rolled her eyes and brushed her hair out of her face. “And black hair is totally hot.”“I do NOT swoon over him!” “Yeah, whatever. I just hope I have more bolts with him than you do.”
  • Sansa started to laugh. “I hope so too, honey,” she said. “After all, you’ll be marrying him, if all goes according to plan. And I hope that you’ll be able to love him.”“I’m a fortune sim with two nice points. Love’s not that important to me,” Eowyn reminded her.“But it helps to have someone beside you when times are bad, Eowyn.” Sansa smiled, thinking about how she felt when Addison came along. “It really does.”
  • Eowyn tried to put on a happy face, but it felt so fake. She didn’t even enjoy building up her skills. She had all her needs taken care of (except the occasional bouts of dirtiness), but her heart ached. Deep down, she knew that things would be better once she grew up and could get a job. But that seemed like miles away. Now, she was just draining the family’s money, and she wouldn’t even be able to go to medical school to become a better doctor. How would anyone take her at the hospital, with the job market the way it was?
  • “I’m sorry you couldn’t go to high school,” Sansa said over chess as Eowyn was about to grow up.Eowyn hung her head. “Whatever.” She tried to act like it didn’t hurt her, but the dread of going without an education grew like a pit in her stomach.“No, I really am sorry things aren’t better,” Sansa said. “I think we’re all frustrated—”“Mom, it’s your move,” Eowyn interrupted. She didn’t want to talk about her life sucking anymore. Her mom meant well, but it wasn’t like she could or would do anything about it.