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Presentation given by Jane Galsworthy at Coast to Capital's High Growth & Innovation Event, held on 21st June 2012

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  • Talk about: New approach by Government Why Government interested? 1 - SMEs core to driving economic growth (?NESTA found that they create up to 50% of new jobs) 2 - NESTA research shows whilst x% of SMEs want to grow, only 6% actually grow 3 - Service aims to grow percentage of SMEs that achieve growth, so delivering national economic benefits 4 - CORE is working with all relevant stakeholders (including you) What is it (overview): 1 - A national Service, delivered locally 2 - Targeting 26,000 companies over 3 years, companies with ambition to double turnover 3 - Discovers individual barriers to growth and matches experts to facilitate 4 – Will deliver over £2.2M GVA
  • New approach by Government Focus on HG SMES as they are key to driving economic growth (Nesta) Overview 1 - A national Service, delivered locally 2 - Targeting 26,000 companies over 3 years, companies with ambition to double turnover 3 - Will deliver over £2.2M GVA 4 – Virement model – if you can help us find more businesses we will direct resource to meet demand
  • GrowthAccelerator has been designed to help business leaders who are passionate about growing their business, and have the intent to double their business in three years to achieve those ambitions. We do that by matching businesses with proven business experts to define a tailored growth plan that will realise controlled and accelerated growth. We open doors to external funding, seize new business opportunities, boost your innovation and leadership and connect you to a community of organisations and fast growing businesses that will add value.
  • This is all about supporting businesses which are serious about growth. Ongoing, sustained growth. Very focused Many KPIs – including turnover growth, employee numbers, quality of delivery, customer satisfaction etc
  • No sectoral restrictions No turnover restrictions Must have growth ambition Must be able to demonstrate that there are real opportunities for growth Must have the capacity for growth
  • Business coaching from expert business coaches who ensure your learning stays with you - not consultants, not mentors Designed specifically to help the business to overcome the existing barriers to growth Access to masterclasses and workshops where you will also meet like-minded businesses with whom you can share your experiences Building your networks for the longer term Contact with a community of 800 business experts across the country All about high growth : fast, ambitious, sustained and achievable growth for businesses that have potential and are determined to achieve it. Not a one-size-fits-all approach, but a highly customised service focusing on the specific needs of your business A constructive, practical and accurate idea of where your business’s potential lies thanks to the well-tested GROWTHmapper and other tools.
  • Plus VAT (£700)
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  • Growth Accelerator

    1. 1. What it is, what it isn’t &how C2C businesses canbenefitJune 2012Presenter: Jane Galsworthy, Strategic partnerships
    2. 2. GrowthAccelerator matchesbusinesses with proven businessexperts to realise controlled andaccelerated growth
    3. 3. What it is • A new service being delivered by a consortium of private sector companies on behalf of BIS • Designed specifically to support high growth companies across England • Service resource will flex to meet demand
    4. 4. What it is (2) • Here to help businesses overcome their barriers to growth through output-oriented business coaching interventions • Business Development • Access to Finance • Help to Innovate • Combined with relevant masterclasses &workshops • Supported by leadership & management training
    5. 5. What it isn’t • For everyone…….. • Businesses must be suitable, i.e. they have to satisfy their Growth Manager that they have: • ambition • opportunity • capacity • Just another government scheme
    6. 6. The Client Journey (1) e Client Journey - 1Eligibility • Registered in England • Independently owned • Less than 250 employees • Under £40m turnoverSuitability • Ambition • Opportunities • Capacity
    7. 7. The Client Journey (2)e Client Journey - 1• GROWTHmapper®• Face to face meeting with Growth Manager to scope requirements• Introduction of Growth Coach with defined outputs agreed in scope of support• Access to Leadership and Management support for any number of individuals within the business
    8. 8. Business investment Micro and start-up businesses - £600 (up to 10 employees) Small businesses - £1,500 (10 to 49 employees) Medium-sized companies - £3,000 (50 to 249 employees)
    9. 9. HUMAN TOUCH Company video diaries
    10. 10. How to benefit?• Get in touch if you have ambitions for growth• Follow us on twitter for news and insights• Check the website for updates• Follow the YouTube channel for business inspiration and updates on participants
    11. 11. Working with youHelping you achieve your objectives through…..• Scaling up businesses in the C2C LEP area• Using our dynamic task force of business coaches and Growth Managers to achieve local priorities ……we need your help to connect to the right businesses
    12. 12. Contact detailsName: Steve Wood (Growth Manager)E: 07710 261186Name: Max Adam (SE Team Leader)E: 07795 601230Name: Jane Galsworthy (Stakeholder partnerships)E: 07930 957955