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MC Slovakia 14 15 - job descriptions

  1. 1. WELCOME Dear applicant, letter We would like to firstly congratulate you on the decision of taking the very special opportunity to apply for the MC team of AIESEC in Slovakia 2014-2015. You will have one year filled with passion, hard work, professional development and personal growth and in the same time, one year that will create long-lasting friendships with the people in your team. Slovakia is an AIESEC entity with great potential, active local committees, beautiful nature and glorious history that can be a part of your life if you have the courage and passion to take the first step, fill in the application and start your unbelievable journey! We wish you good luck in the selection process. Yours, MC Shockwave
  2. 2. General profile Competencies Skills Understanding/Knowledge Proactive learning Social responsibility Analytical thinking Long-term thinking Entrepreneurial outlook Facilitation skills Strategy building Cross-functional understanding Operations management Event management Customer centricity Understanding of AIESEC and the Clarity of Why Understanding the reality of Slovakia and AIESEC Slovakia FUNCTIONAL TEAM MANAGEMENT Coordination of local committee vice presidents and national support team Design and delivery of functional meetings Communication and downscaling of functional strategies and initiatives
  3. 3. Functional Outgoing Exchange job description STRATEGIES BUILDING Creation and implementation of national strategies in promotion, raising, matching, realization and reintegration processes, in order to support growth in both outgoing GIP and GCDP Downscaling global Outgoing Exchange directions and trends from AIESEC International and adapting them to national strategies Innovating processes based on analysis of national and local OGX performances Creation and implementation of sales and promotion strategies in cooperation with MCVP MKT Creation and implementation of integrated experiences strategies in cooperation with MCVP TM DATA ANALYSIS Constant analysis of RA-MA-RE results and pipeline in the system to assess growth or decline of the GIP and GCDP operations Constant analysis of subproducts performance to point out trends of the country Analysis of internship applications to determine efficiency of promotional channels Periodic analysis of supply & demand globally in our focused subproducts MARKET UNDERSTANDING AND USAGE Understanding and mapping profile and specificities of student market in Slovakia Stressing the particularities of GIP and GCDP programs and their specific needs Coordinating market research in local committees
  4. 4. Functional Outgoing Exchange job description PROCESSES MANAGEMENT Promotion: Development of national promotional campaigns for internships based on subproducts / issues in cooperation with MCVP MKT; defining online and offlin channels for national promotion Recruitments: Defining timelines and activities for national RCTMs of GIP and GCDP; creating and implementing tracking tools to follow up the weekly results during recruitments Delivery management: Supporting and tracking of the selection process; Preparation and delivery of the national Outgoing Preparation Seminars; Educating and supporting the matching process; ensuring conduction of reintegration processes in local level Cooperations and International Relations: Building cooperation and relations with other countries to support the growth; participating in regional and global summi for partnerships and for positioning AIESEC Slovakia; managing and tracking operations with country partners EXTERNAL FOCUS Attending external events for networking and positioning of AIESEC internships Organizing exchange-related national events in cooperation with MCVP PR Targeting and managing exchange partnerships with organizations along with MCVP BD CUSTOMER SERVICING Providing standards and ensuring proper servicing processes in local level: selection and raising meetings, EP buddy system, communication and support Implementation of NPS inputs in GIP and GCDP outgoing programmes QUALITY MANAGEMENT Ensuring fulfillment of XPP responsibilities in OGX side Ensuring implementation of national standards from promotion to reintegration processes Educating and tracking LCVPs OGX in NPS usage for processes improvement
  5. 5. Functional Incoming GCDP job description STRATEGIES BUILDING Drive AIESEC in Slovakia Incoming GCDP towards more growth and aligned it with AIESEC International target and initiatives Development and implementation of strategies to ensure growth in GCDP in AIESEC Slovakia Development of strategies to ensure realization peaks according to AIESEC Slovakia GCDPi timeline Adapt Global strategies in GCDP to the National level DATA ANALYSIS Exchange results analysis (national and local) Do supply and demand analysis, DAAL files analysis MARKET UNDERSTANDING AND USAGE Searching new markets - especially regarding possible development of new national project Market segmentation Analyzing trends in the third sector PROCESSES MANAGEMENT Promotion: - creation of promotional materials for GCDP projects - internal and external promotion of GCDP products and project Raising: - initiating raising waves in local levels while ensuring they have sufficient knowledge - checking TN forms in the system and being final responsible for putting them on status available
  6. 6. Functional Incoming GCDP job description Matching: - creating CY2CY partnerships for supplying AIESEC Slovakia TNs, their account management - tracking matching processes on local levels - process optimization strategies Realization: - ensure proper impact showcasing - EP LEAD implementation for trainees Project Management: Manage National Incoming GCDP projects and initiatives Monitor local projects and ensure their sustainability and quality Ensure knowledge on the local levels regarding national projects and their timeline Creation and implementation of national projects supporting growth in GCDP Ensure education of project management to members Supporting resources, raising partners and coordinating national GCDP projects within the LCs Supervising and coordinating of projects run by the LCs EXTERNAL FOCUS Research grant opportunities for the national projects together with MC VP F QUALITY MANAGEMENT NPS tracking and follow up on comments GCDPi standards tracking and implementation Co-delivery implementation Ensuring XPP knowledge on local levels and its fulfillment
  7. 7. Functional Incoming GIP job description STRATEGIES BUILDING Drive AIESEC in Slovakia Incoming GIP towards more growth and aligned it with AIESEC International target and initiatives Development and implementation of strategies to ensure growth in GIP in AIESEC Slovakia Do supply and demand analysis, DAAL files & AFT analysis, other country´s best case practice understanding DATA ANALYSIS Analysis and research of business trends in Slovak market management & matching tools External trends analysis MARKET UNDERSTANDING AND USAGE Market research Searching new markets Market research with trend analysis External analysis of Slovak market Internal analysis of supply and demand Market segmentation Packing JDs based on national segment Segmentation development Segmentation tracking
  8. 8. Functional Incoming GIP job description PROCESSES MANAGEMENT Selling and raising Approaching companies and selling GIP partnerships Creation of proposals for companies New sales Account management Assuring account management for national GIP partners Assuring and supporting account management & service processes on local level Re-raising of current GIP partnerships Responsible for delivering GEP partnerships Selling education Creation of the selling education at national level Delivery of Selling education Selling materials creation Matching and realization Tracking of matching and realization on local level Managing and tracking of matching and realization of national TNs Organizing matching manias Country to country cooperations
  9. 9. Functional Incoming GIP Development and education of members Provide support/knowledge on using of regarding GIP CRM - communication and development National education cycle for ICX members National R&R system development and implementation Promotion Promotion of GIP TNs within the network Building international co-operations for supplying AIESEC Slovakia TNs Promotion of AIESEC towards companies EXTERNAL FOCUS Representation of AIESEC in Slovakia at business events Account management and new sales CUSTOMER SERVICING Coordination of interns’ care processes in every local committee NPS quality management QUALITY MANAGEMENT Measuring satisfaction of interns and companies Ensuring fulfillment of XPP job description
  10. 10. Functional job description Talent Management & Local Committee Development STRATEGIES BUILDING Development and implementation of the LC coaching system and LC services Development of strategies regarding the recruitment process (planning, selection, allocation) Design and tracking of strategies regarding the Customer Experience Management process Design and tracking of strategies regarding the educational direction of the country (LEAD programme, conference cycle, members’ education cycle) Development of strategies that ensure the implementation of integrated experiences and EP LEAD programme (cooperation needed with MC VP Outgoing Exchange) DATA ANALYSIS Analysis of the strengths of our organization and the factors that may influence this position Usage of internal tools such as SONA, and recommendations on how to create clear communication around them Analysis of ELD programs data, determining growth and decline factors Analysis and interpretation of the Customer Gauge platform data Identifying key drivers for growth in the national network and outline of how to capitalize on them Preparing periodical analysis about the performance and health of AIESEC in Slovakia Evaluation of the state of the actual organizational culture and providing inputs for culture shaping
  11. 11. Functional job description Talent Management & Local Committee Development MARKET UNDERSTANDING AND USAGE Conducting Market Research to other cities in AIESEC Slovakia, in order to establish new expansions or Specialized Units Understanding and usage of the students’ market for ELD programmes recruitment Understanding and usage of the students’ market for ELD programmes development Understanding of the stakeholders’ market for Net Promoters’ Score management PROCESSES MANAGEMENT Programme-based recruitment Creation of internal analysis and student profiles based on GCM and organizational structure Working with MCVP M&E for programmes-based Recruitment implementation at local level Providing education and support LCs in order to ensure a highly qualitative recruitment Creation and downscale of allocation and induction frameworks for LC level Leadership Development Design and delivery of LEAD programme for EBs and TLDs Involving leadership development to the conference cycle Internal promotion of leadership positions and leadership in every experience Transition Education of EBs on how to do transition with the help of national level Design the Transition Frame for Local level and tracking according to membership criteria Knowledge management MC transition delivery
  12. 12. Functional job description Talent Management & Local Committee Development MC application process design Promotion and applications Create MC selection system Pipeline management Talent Tracking and Pipeline Management Manage the pipeline of the MC with the MCP Educate LCs on how to manage the talent pipeline Support LCs on how to conduct the AIESEC XP packaging to increase the results management and audit with TMP & TLP Membership development Creating and Implementing National Member's Education cycle aligned with TMP&TLP including functional, organizational knowledge as well as ensuring hard and soft skills development Design Local Trainers Team with LCVPs TM and National Trainers Team, in order to deliver quality education and training process Work together MCVP Business Development to establish national learning partnerships and coordinate with them the topics to train the membership Ensure Competency Model Management and implementation at local and national level Ensure all talent management processes are aligned to TMP/TLP segments Career planning framework creation and downscale for LC level Expansions Design of Expansion strategy Running Education Plan in the expansions created Driving Recruitments in the new established entities and ensure pipeline management for these Initiative Groups Drive the new entities in the Global Direction – 2015
  13. 13. Functional job description Talent Management & Local Committee Development Support the development of Specialized Units in new universities or other cities Support in driving structures that would contribute to growth in results of the LCs responsible of expanding Create education plan on how to establish a Specialized unit Coaching Adjust and support the implementation of a customized coaching strategy (LC Visits, etc.) Planning and tracking the implementation of LC growth strategies Drive education plan for MC coaches to deliver the sessions in LC Visits Track MC coaches on the delivery of LC Visits and implementation of LC Coaching strategy EXTERNAL FOCUS Communication with and coordination of National Trainers’ database Cooperation with MC VP Business Development regarding educational partnerships Presence in external events regarding engagement with the students’ market CUSTOMER SERVICING Implementation of Net Promoters’ Score inputs in ELD programmes Release satisfaction and needs assessment surveys to assess the development needs of the members of AIESEC Slovakia Coordination of the customer-care process during Recruitment QUALITY MANAGEMENT Creation and tracking of ELD quality standards Tracking and usage of the Customer Experience Management strategies and Net Promoters’ Score platform
  14. 14. Functional Marketing & External Events job description STRATEGIES BUILDING Responsible for the internal and external communication Deliver relationship management with current organizations and generate new relationship for external promotion Guarantee the correct AIESEC brand implementation in national and local level by education, coaching and support Supporting nationally the execution of each program strategies, together with MCVP BD, OGX and TM&LCD, to increase local performance Downscaling global strategies to the national and local level DATA ANALYSIS Tracking the online customers engagement Conversion rates analysis MARKET UNDERSTANDING AND USAGE Responsible for brand audit Market researches together with MC VP OGX and MC VP TM&LCD Tracking trends in online & offline marketing PROCESSES MANAGEMENT General: - Run national strategies to support the increasing of the applicants to each programs
  15. 15. Functional Marketing & External Events Web management: - Developing and updating AIESEC web page - Updating fan pages on social networks - Responsible for Alumni management: - Responsible for the communication with alumni - Creation of strategies involving alumni in AIESEC job description EXTERNAL FOCUS Creating media partnerships Establishing cooperation with other youth organizations, NGOs and other parties Attending networking events - define AIESEC’s participation in external events in order to improve the sales of our products Conference management of the event Youth to Business: - OCP election - OC team management - Tracking of the OCP - agenda management Conference support of the event Talents of Tomorrow CUSTOMER SERVICING Responsible for grow, reach and smart conversion rate QUALITY MANAGEMENT Responsible for response rate and showcasing of NPS
  16. 16. Functional Business Development job description STRATEGIES BUILDING Ensuring financial sustainability of MC team Fund raising Planning and tracking raising plan in national level Working closely with VPF to monitor progress towards securing fundraising target for current and following year’s budget Setting products pricing (in cooperation with MC VPF) DATA ANALYSIS Analysis and research of CSR activities in Slovak market Research among companies to find patrons of each functional area Product portfolio feedback External trends analysis MARKET UNDERSTANDING AND USAGE Market research and segmentation Attending external events relevant for AIESEC Slovakia and for the MC team PROCESSES MANAGEMENT Project Management Initiate new issues for GCDP IC projects based on CSR research Cooperation with companies on co-organization of national projects
  17. 17. Functional Business Development job description Account Management Partnerships delivery and Partner care Resigning of current partnership contracts Selling of products to current partners Assistance in selling to LC ERs Employer Branding Product Development Development of AIESEC Slovakia Employer Branding product portfolio Strategic management of Career Days Strategic management and final responsibility around: Talents of tomorrow and Youth to business selling part Talent Development Product Development Strategic management and final responsibility of Partners involvement in education cycle (national conferences, international conferences, functional meetings, LEAD program) Partners’ involvement in selection processes (Newbies, EP, MC selection) Partner structure Creating AIESEC XP products Selling Education Final responsibility for education of sellers in AIESEC Slovakia National Sellers team management EXTERNAL FOCUS Management of corporate external events (NDK, Youth to Business, ToT) – selling and account management External representation of AIESEC Slovakia
  18. 18. Functional Business Development CUSTOMER SERVICING Account management and new sales Delivery of national partnerships QUALITY MANAGEMENT Customer satisfaction Re-signing partnerships job description
  19. 19. Functional Finance job description STRATEGIES BUILDING Creation of sustainable processes in FIN area, Ensuring legality and transparency of LCs and MC, Proper planning and tracking of the budgets, Suggestions and recommendations to other FAs in order to improve processes, Strategic leading of Finance area nationally, LC development in finance area, Creation of Finance awareness in the country, DATA ANALYSIS MC budgets analysis to ensure sustainability of MC, LC budgets analysis to ensure sustainability of LCs, Conference and events budgets analysis, Regular reports evaluation on monthly basis, Analysis of internal LC data during AUDITs, MARKET UNDERSTANDING AND USAGE Knowledge about possible sources of financing Market research about possible grants and donations, Fundraising activities in order to ensure sustainability of projects and MC activities, Knowledge about changes in legislation,
  20. 20. Functional Finance job description PROCESSES MANAGEMENT Accounting - advanced double sided financial accounting, accounting principles, bookkeeping and reporting, creation of financial statements, physical accounting, Budgeting - calculations and budget creation, cash flow creation, tracking of budgets, cost cutting, Reporting - basic reporting methods and extraction of relevant information, recommendations for process improvements, Finance management - managerial accounting, finance analysis, management of bank account, payments, invoicing - creation & payments, Legislation - legality of processes, creation and review of contracts, internal legislation creation, financial standards and rules settlement, compendium changes, legislative assemblies preparation and reports creation, Process optimization - creation of finance tools in order to increase efficiency, AUDIT of internal LC processes, recommendations for better finance management Fundraising activities - market research for possible grants and donations, filling the application forms, creation of project budgets, creation of final reports and accounting of projects, EXTERNAL FOCUS Cooperation with external companies that provides financial grants Cooperation and communication with authorities and municipalities CUSTOMER SERVICING Regular communication with authorities and municipalities Regular communication with organizations that provides grants Creation of final reports from the project and final report of MC QUALITY MANAGEMENT Regular AUDITS 2 times per year; Control of all necessary legislation and processes Advices and recommendations to the LCs; Process optimization
  21. 21. Good Luck with the application process!