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  • 1. To Whom It May Concern:Mr. Eduard TillPresidentAIESEC Craiova, RomaniaI have had the opportunity to work with Alexandra Coanda in the Executive Board of AIESEC Craiova,of which she is Vice President Talent Management and in this quality I recommend her for theposition of MCVP Alumni Development.During her entire AIESEC experience, Alexandra demonstrated qualities and skills which are hard tofind, these making her an important pillar of AIESEC Craiova and of the Executive Board. Her biggestquality is the dedication which drives her to do everything, even if this implies working late in thenight to meet deadlines or assuming extra tasks in order to achieve the final result. Not only once shesacrificed her personal time to fill in application forms or evaluation sheets for general purposes ofthe Executive Board. I could say that this spirit of dedication was the one that drove Alexandra totake all the opportunities that she could get in AIESEC, opportunities from which I will mentionAlumni Relations Manager, Chair of RoTMU duringher EB term, or OC VP TM andReception onRockMe2010 and OC Communication at RYLF 2010 when she was a member, tasks that shecompleted successfully.In my working with Alexandra, in the Executive Board, I saw in her a responsible person, a passionateteam player, a person who is not affraid of change, who is willing to take risks to achieve results, aperson who is grounded in the present but, even more important, knows where AIESEC must go, andwho can use all her abilities and qualities to make that push to get there. During my two EB terms,Alexandra was a great support for theprocesses of AIESEC Craiova. As an Alumni Relations Manager,she brought back some old alumni, engaged them in local events for them or in national conferences.Her work was continued after she became Vice President, but the close relationship with alumni thatAIESEC Craiova has right now begun with her term as ARM. Her qualitative work continued as VicePresident. The most intense periods in which we worked together were with no doubt theRecruitments and the Training Seminars. As Agenda Manager for Newies, she dedicated her time tounderstand a new and hardly deliverable concept in order to explain it to the facilitators, and duringthe conference she ensured that it went flawlessly. As Agenda Manager for Oldies, she broughtopenness to the national and international network, bringing external people from the MC, from ouralumni, from other Lcs and national teams, or from our local partners, to deliver the preparation forour members which meant a highly qualitative education program for them.On the interpersonal side, Alexandra is the kind of person who can challenge a lot, but who canaccept a lot. In numerous times my ideas were challenged by her, making them better and easier toimplement. Also, when proven wrong, she accepts and understands, proving flexible thinking andresillience, qualities highly important. Alexandra has proven this year that objectives and visions cancome true, that nothing is too hard to get, that the only thing that stands between you and yourplans is your dedication and the passion that you invest.Taking everything into consideration, working with Alexandra Coanda in the last two years andespecially in the Executive Board of AIESEC Craiova has been a priviledge that allows me to stronglyrecommend her as an MC member of AIESEC in Romania and as MCVP Alumni Development,particularly.Should you need more information you can find me attill.eduard@gmail.com or at 0764776115
  • 2. To whom it may concern:My name is Adina Dumitrescu and I am an alumna of AIESEC Craiova and I am muchhonoured to endorse Alexandra Coandă for the position of MC Vice-President AlumniDevelopment.I have known Alexandra for almost five years now and I can say that I am truly proud of howamazing she has grown and evolved both professionally and personally, mostly because ofher AIESEC experience. I have always admired how passionate she becomes when meetingissues and project ideas that can make a difference and have a clear impact on others andon herself as well.I have worked with Alexandra when I was the PR Officer for AIESEC Craiova and later on,when I was Team Leader in the Communication Department, where she was AlumniRelations Manager.The first thing that strikes you when meeting her is the fact that she is so downright andcomfortable to talk to. She likes working with people, she has a great ability of strategicthinking and she always brings added value to any project. She is an example ofcommittment, integrity and passion in her actions.As a PR, I was lucky to have her as the Alumni Relations Manager, because she was veryenthusiastic and proactive when organizing events that involved Alumni participation. Thatand the fact that she is detail-oriented and innovative turned every project we developedtogether into a successful one.Alexandra is effective when working alone, but in 2010, she proved me she can also be agreat team member. She would always care for everyone’s opinion and priorities and wouldalways offer her contribution to any task of the team, in order to achieve our commongoals. In addition to this, she never failed to meet a deadline, always delivering her besrwork and bringing energy and motivation in our meetings.In the period that I have worked with Alexandra, I also noticed her good ability of leadingpeople and implementing projects and processes and her eagerness for new challenges.Taking all into consideration, I strongly recommend Alexandra Coandă for the position she isapplying for, ensuring you that she would be a great asset to the AIESEC Romania team.Please contact me if you need any further details I can provide. I can be reached atadina.dumitrescu07@gmail.com or at 0760013483.
  • 3. To whom it may concern:Miss. Irina SimulescuTrainer in AIESEC CraiovaAIESEC Craiova, RomaniaIn my AIESEC experience so far, I had the great opportunity of working with AlexandraCoandă, current Vice-President Talent Management in AIESEC Craiova and I stronglyrecommend her for the position of MC Vice-President Alumni Development.When I joined AIESEC in autumn 2010, Alexandra was Alumni Relations Manager, a one-yearposition that helped her develop at a personal and professional level by connecting withAIESEC Craiova’s alumni and by creating a good relationship with them, relationship that hasimproved visibly in the last year.I have worked directly with Alexandra Coandă, firstly as member of the Talent Managementdepartment and then as Team Leader. Working with Alexandra has always been a bothrelaxing and productive activity as she is a very responsible and hard working person, asmuch as open and natural. That is why I can say that Alexandra is one of the few people thatare true AIESECers. Her passion for this organization, as well as her professional results arethe ones that talk for themselves.In her term as VP TM 2011-2012, her focus was on the H4TF stage and that is why I believethat her ideas for the alumni area will help AIESEC Romania to develop healthy processesregarding this issue. Despite the constant changes in the structure and the way of working inAIESEC, a growth on the alumni area has happened as we had many activities that involvedour alumni, such as trainings, preparation for the members in conferences and alsoinvolvement in all our projects, that Alexandra facilitated more than just once.If you search for a dedicated, hard working, motivated and fearless person, then AlexandraCoandă is the right person to take AIESEC Romania to a higher new level and that is why Istrongly recommend her as MC VP Alumni Development in AIESEC Romania.For further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at: irina.simulescu@gmail.comor at 0732 427 959.