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  1. 1. Alexandra, or let’s call her Lexie, was born on a warm spring day, on the 9th of May 1990 in Craiova,Romania. She came out to the world in a quite unique way, after ten, not nine months. Ever since shewas a child, there was something special about her. She was very friendly, but rather shy. She’d bequiet for hours, but if she started talking, there was no stopping her. And she had this awkwardpassion for England and its language, ever since she was five, so her parents sent her to a tutor andshe managed to speak English before she even learned how to read.She was a bright girl since she was small so she had no problems in school and she managed to enterone of the best high-schools in the county – „Carol I” National College. That is where her lifechanged, because that’s where she met her best friends, friends that she managed to keep close toherself up to this day. High-school itself was nothing special, and Lexie became the average studentthat goes from home to school and from school to home and that was it. That is, until she decided totry the Cambridge Test for Foreign Students, which she managed to pass with a B.After one year of philosophy tutoring and a final decision to not move to Bucharest to studyCommunication and following her passion for foreign languages and her two best friends, she wentto the Faculty of Letters, Translation and Interpretation in French and English. Nonetheless, whatseemed to be an interesting faculty, turned out to be the biggest disappointment of her life. But oneday something changed. She had heard, from a friend, about this organization where you can spendtime working on interesting projects and being bored of not doing anything in highschool she wentand applied to be a member in AIESEC Craiova. The plan was set: she would be in AIESEC for one yearand then leave, together with her friends for one year in Erasmus.After she entered AIESEC she immediately fell in love with the organization and what it standed forand she was one of the most actively involved members of her generation, so much that she becameOCP for Spring Recruitment after only two months of AIESEC. And she managed one of the bestSpring Recruitments AIESEC Craiova had seen.It was clear for her: she would not go in Erasmus anymore. She figured out she wanted somethingelse: Talent Management. So, leaving her friends to go without her to France, she started sinkingdeeper and deeper into what AIESEC was. She entered the OC of RockMe 2010 and it was one of thebest experiences she ever had. So she wanted more, and she got it: OC of RYLF 2010. And after oneyear of being a dedicated members she decided it was time for her to take the big step: EB of AIESECCraiova 2011-2012, as VP Talent Management. And it was a hell of a year, where she challengedherself and pushed her limits, where she felt part of a team, where she managed to reintegrate hertwo best friends in AIESEC, in the TM department when they came back, where she learned morethan she ever thought she would.And one year later, she’s looking back to everything she gained: know-how, responsibility, courage tospeak her mind, integrity, excitement, resilience and at least ONE friend for a lifetime. And after anEB that did its best to be part of a network, to open itself to AIESEC Romania, she’s come to see thatthis is the place she needs and wants to be. So, in the end, it’s not about what she’s done so far, butwhat she’s capable to do next, for AIESEC Romania. Because not only AIESEC Romania is right for her,but she is right for AIESEC Romania.And for the next chapter, see you at MCC!