A Gray Legacy: Genesis
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A Gray Legacy: Genesis



Introducing the Gray family, and the beginning of a legacy-slash-expansion pack challenge.

Introducing the Gray family, and the beginning of a legacy-slash-expansion pack challenge.



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A Gray Legacy: Genesis A Gray Legacy: Genesis Presentation Transcript

  • A Gray Legacy
  • Welcome to an Alien Patriarchal Legacy + Expansion Pack Challenge. For a description and the rules visit the “Blog of Doom!” (coag27.blogspot.com/) Unless, of course, that's how you found this presentation, in which case, let's begin!
  • Firstly, let us introduce our founder, Hyperion Gray, a Scorpio (8/3/8/3/3) with a Wealth Aspiration, memory wipe and unbeknownst to him, a mission of grave importance.
  • Naturally, he starts off with nothing and has to amuse himself via any methods available to him. Here he enjoys a folded piece of newspaper he just used to get a career in crime. Hyperion, your Queen-Mother couldn't be any more pleased.
  • Eventually the local menagerie arrives to welcome our foxy founder to Ravencrest. Ben Long, here, looks to be delighted beyond reason to see an alien in this humble little hovel. (Indeed, the neighborhood is bleak, only Hyprion's lot thus far.)
  • Time to scope out the local talent... Marissa... damn it, woman. Oh, it doesn't matter. Zero out of the three requirements for an incubation unit slash test subject. Heeheehooha, lazy-eye. XD
  • Brandi, here, is a much better option. For one, no lazy-eye, recessive eye color, and dark hair. All great attributes. We'll keep her an option for later. I do have someone specific in mind for my first townie spouse, though. In the meantime...
  • More paper airplane flying! Whew! Actually, now it's the waiting game until I catch my perfect specimen trod through the lot whilst our founder, here, is available. (i.e. not sleeping or at work.)
  • Oh, and focusing on Hyperion's aspiration: money-making. Work is always a great way to waste time, I find. Luckily, Hyperion's a Scorpio; his social demands are easily tolerated. I haven't needed to buy him a phone for days!
  • Thankfully, enough, our chaperone, who will remain known only as David for now, isn't much of a talker. (If his looks are any indication, I'm grateful. I don't really need a Komei Tellerman this early in my legacy.)
  • Hyperion: Hmm, five-letter word for extra-terrestrial life form. What? I told you he was brain-washed, didn't I? He hasn't purchased a mirror yet, let him be ignorant for a bit.
  • Oh! Want to see his digs? Haha, this is it! A 4x3sq shack the size of an outhouse. Hey, his aspiration might be money, but he's not made of out it, YET! And, yes, he's been throwing his plates away. The trash can is only two squares away from his front door!
  • What!? Already, Russ? Couldn't let him get settled in for a week at least? Russ: Hey, Hyperion should understand. After all, he's in this line of work. A man's got to make his living someway.
  • Hyperion: Hello, coppers?! I've been robbed! No, he's already gone. What do you mean there's nothing you can do now? What about my exercise machine? But I couldn't have called earlier! He was outside stealing my exercise machine and my phones outside!
  • Hyperion: -sigh- Serves me right for being a coward, I guess. I almost feel bad about this. He actually enjoyed working out. Must be all those active points. I can just get him another, though.
  • But life goes on, and eventually Hyperion needs more than just mech, body and creativity skills. He needs to start building friendships. Sandy: Laughing at my face isn't a good start, I'll have you know.
  • Hyperion: So, since I don't have enough money for an actual stereo, I play air-guitar like a fiend, and just play the songs in my head. Sandy: That's so sad I almost feel sorry for you, but then I remember how you laughed at my face just now.
  • Melissa: No, really, you're the only person who even has a house in this neighborhood. The rest of us just sort of mill around aimlessly until we have to go to work the next day. All you're really doing when you call us is tapping into cybernetic oblivion.
  • Hyperion: I still don't understand how I can't believe that, yet, for some strange reason, I can believe houses float around and travel through space! <.< Hyperion, don't be silly! Space traveling houses! >.>
  • Melissa: Pfft! Well, that's just retarded! If houses could float, what would happen to gardens? Yes! Completely unfounded! Who ever heard of a floating house...
  • Hyperion: No, Brandi, you're not following, there were TWO clergymen in the bar, one was a priest, the other was a rabbi. Brandi: Sir, I'm not Christian OR Jewish. If I knew this was going to be a religious war I wouldn't have agreed to listen to you.
  • Marissa: Oh, for Pete's sake, Hyperion, don't listen to them, come here and play red hands with me. (So that I may have an excuse to look at your juicy, kiwi-colored muscular chest) I said you don't fit the criteria, Marissa! Shoo! Shoo!
  • Hyperion: Thanks for coming over and filling my social and play bars. It's nice hanging out with someone without them getting mad at me. Marissa: Oh, Hyperion, there are so much easier ways to fill those bars. Marissa, leave this lot immediately.
  • Hyperion: This friend-making business might be a load of crap, but it works. From now on, I'm using the phone though. Women be crazy. Yes, they be, Hyperion. Yes. They. Be.
  • Okay, so alright, there comes a point when waiting for the perfect townie gets ridiculous. I've already wasted 2 Life-bringing-water-coolers, but I KNOW she's out here! Apparently, though, she has a day job, and only meanders on the lot after Hyperion leaves for work.
  • But I have a plan, see. Hyperion has some vacation days saved up, so I'll wait until the very last moment before he has to go to work, and if she happens to show up before the last second, he'll forgo a days work so he can chat her up.
  • Success! Ivy, you were hell to wait for, but you're so worth it; all three criteria met in one aesthetically pleasing townie. Hyperion: Hi there! I'm Hyperion. This may sound weird but I'm inexplicably compelled toward you.
  • Ivy: I know! I feel the same way! Wait, really? They actually hit it off great, despite Hyperion's failing social graces! Oh, I'm so happy.
  • Hyperion: Oh, fair Ivy, you're eyes are so icy, you're hair so luxurious; you are but the most perfect specimen of beauty to behold. Don't use words like specimen, Hyperion.
  • Ivy: Darling! I couldn't be happier. It's as if my life as been built up to this moment! Yes, I'm showing you this mushy stuff. I'm bewildered by their sheer attraction to each other. It's inexplicable.
  • Frankly, this was all too easy. It has me a little suspicious. In my experience, if something looks way too good to be true, it's because it IS too good to be true. But I've waited two adulthoods for this, and I'm not about to back out now.
  • You're a sly one, Ivy. Fantastic social skills, knowledge aspiration, the body and looks of a goddess.... and a whole two points in cleanliness. *headdesk* Ivy: You are pleased, no?
  • Yes, dear, I'm pleased. Now lets get you out of that career in food service and into Science! Ivy: Oh thank Go- Call me the Queen-Mother, Ivy. You'll make up for this later.
  • Knuckle-pound, Brandi, yeeeea-uh! I found this delightful and had to share. Maxis knocked out of a lot of stuff with their expansion packs; it's good to experience the game pre-eps. There's a nostalgic vanilla quality to everything. I highly recommend retro-simming.
  • Welp, as you can see, Hyperion made it to the top of his career track, and he's about to pop the big question to Ivy. Look at him. He's so happy, he actually looks at me.
  • Like he's saying 'thank you.'
  • Ivy: Oh Hyperion! You've made me the happiest sim in existence! -barf- I know this is all necessary for the sake of procreating, but there's a certain.. pain I get when typing this bullarcky.
  • Naturally, things go smoothly for our ever-blessed couple. Preggos on the first try. They know what they're doing. I hardly have to lift a finger.
  • Ivy: Hyperion, dear. Hyperion: Yes, my love? Ivy: This is good, right? This is what we wanted? Hyperion: I'm pretty sure this was the plan, as it were.
  • Ivy: Good to know. I'll be damned if I have to go through this and it ends up being something we regret. Regret it if it's a girl, Ivy, now give up the goods!
  • Hyperion: Oh, how abhorrent that my lovely, angelic treasure has to bear this pain alone! What cruel biological force tortures my love, body and soul? Because, Hyperion, you're pansy cuss couldn't handle this pain.
  • Ivy: -gasp- She's beautiful! Worth every moment of unbearable pain and agony! Yeah, yeah, great. Everyone, welcome Mnemosyne to the stage. Isn't she cute? You know, like all babies. >:
  • I've got to ask: How do you like the outfit I picked out for Hyperion? I think it's amazingly befitting. Rather pleased with myself, believe it or not. The natural lack of color, the techy bits and bobs, and over all simplicity of the alien suit is just... perfect.
  • I created a masterpiece here, ladies and gentlemen. I just want you to recognize that. It's rather a shame I have to sully his genes at all. It's too bad aliens can't asexually reproduce, like plant sims. I can just imagine fields of this gorgeous creature. -sigh-
  • Anyway, back to business, we're not done yet. Face noms lead to:
  • Alien pregnancy, after which comes:
  • Hurriedly making room for a second sea-foam colored bundle of joy, immediately after which comes:
  • One rushed baby birthday, the results of which:
  • Don't necessarily displease, though... 3 whole cleanliness points could bring a tear to ones eye. Not in a sentimental sense, I assure you.
  • Directly following this succession of events Ivy goes into labor! Ivy: Eiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!
  • And Bingo. We have our first Gray Legacy heir. What did I name him? >.> … .. Atlas? Yes, Atlas. Everyone, Altas now joins the stage. -yippee-
  • But let us not be hasty. After all, a baby heir can't enjoy the Nightlife expansion, nor a toddler, so we'll wait until childhood. In the meantime, Hyperion: Could you not pick your nose, and just say 'Daddy?'
  • Ivy: Atlas, my darling, you look just like your daddy! Yeah minus the pointy ears. >:( Oh, and guess what? Two. Freaking. Cleanliness. Points. Way to go, Ivy, it looks like your sloppy genetics will be haunting this family for generations.
  • Mnemosyne: Baby grow up now. Me no baby if lil broder baby now, too. You're aren't allowed to speak like that in the presence of your Queen-Mother, is that clear? It's degrading to aliens everywhere.
  • Mnemosyne: Yes, Queen-Mother, I will not offend you again. Good. Ahh, you didn't turn out so bad now, did you? Mnemosyne: Yes, Queen-Mother. Thank you, Queen-Mother. No I don't have her brain-washed, she's just an obedient lil jewel.
  • Welp, I figured it was time to substantially upgrade the family's domestic establishment. It's nice, yes? Quaint and cozy. :3 The flowers died soon, though. No one could 'get' to them :
  • Goopy: So, you being a criminal mastermind, and my being a mad scientist, well... a partnership just seems natural, wouldn't you say? Hyperion: But you aren't a mad scientist, you're a science teacher.
  • Atlas: Listen you mechanical piece of pox, I already know what sound a sheep makes, what I want to know is at what velocity this heap of rock rotates. I know you know the answer! Spill it, Mr. Bunny, lest a grave mishap befall your cold, metal innards!
  • Ivy: So-mmfmarmf- how was school, dear? Mnemosyne: Adequate, though children are unpredictable with short attention spans, and easily excited by the prospect of sugar. Also, the teacher drinks a lot of coffee and smells like cigarettes.
  • Ivy: So, using space times time, and max body skills, I predict a sim can, indeed, break the barrier of space instantaneously. I'm thinking of calling it the Electronic Space Sphere. Mnemosyne: I don't see how this helps me with my homework.
  • Ivy: Hyperion, dear, you have max body skills, right? Hyperion: It's not max, but pretty close, my love, why do you ask? Ivy: Well I'm in the process of constructing this machine, you see, and I need a sim in prime physical cond- darling, where's Atlas?
  • Atlas: Right here, breaking the barriers of toddlerhood. Ahh, witnesses. Here to gaze upon the brilliance of my transformation, no doubt. Mnemosyne: It's not what it's cracked up to be, Atlas.
  • Atlas: Oh dear sister, I beg to differ! I am amazing, no? Hyperion: Riiight.... >.> Mnemosyne: Oh, let him have his moment, Dad.
  • Alright, alright. I've spent enough time on this. I'm still not ready to discontinue experiencing the original game, but I must. One would think I'd look forward to the expansion packs. :
  • So okay, Nightlife. Here I come. T_T I don't want to see Hyperion as an old alien. This message has been brought to you by your Queen-Mother. END