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Evernote for Time Starved Solopreneurs


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Internet Coach for Small Business Tanya Smith shares tips for using Evernote as a document management system, collaboration tool, contact management assistant, and more.

Internet Coach for Small Business Tanya Smith shares tips for using Evernote as a document management system, collaboration tool, contact management assistant, and more.

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    • 1. Evernote for Time Starved Solopreneurswith Coach Tanya Smith
    • 2. www.tanyasmithonline.comTechie Stuff Recordings Mute & unmute Q&A Temperature check
    • 3. www.tanyasmithonline.comObjective For youto walk away with just one reason you should try Evernote as a productivity tool
    • 4. Overviewi. What is Evernoteii. Why it’s great for us time-starved solopreneursiii. Using Evernote everywhere for everything i. Research – e.g. swipe files, blog posts, etc ii. Contact management iii. Recall – training notes, brainstorm iv. Collaboration – team documentsiv. Examples
    • 5. www.tanyasmithonline.comHi, I’m Tanya!
    • 6. www.tanyasmithonline.comShameless Plug
    • 7. www.tanyasmithonline.comWhat is Evernote Evernote is a cloud-based document management tool. The websites says you can:  Capture images, audio, text  Access it anywhere  Find things fast
    • 8. www.tanyasmithonline.comWhy should I care? Solopreneurs are the EVERYTHING in their business In order for you to be successful, you have to leverage time as an asset. Automating your day to day activities allows you to do this extremely well and affordably.
    • 9. www.tanyasmithonline.comHow can Evernote help?  Affordable (FREE)  Simple to use  Flexible – can use across platforms  Saves time  Easy recall
    • 10. www.tanyasmithonline.com3 Steps to Getting Started Open an account – freeis fine for now Download on multiple platforms  Windows/Mac OS X  iPhone  iPad  Android  Blackberry  more… Use it everywhere for everything!
    • 11. www.tanyasmithonline.comWhat comes with a free acct? Up to 50 emails per day 25 MB is the largest note you can create 250 notebooks, 10,000 tags and 100,000 total notes. lets you have larger upload capacity, offline sharing options, view prior versions of notes, share editing, etc
    • 12. www.tanyasmithonline.comAnatomy of a Note Title Source URL Notebook Tags
    • 13. www.tanyasmithonline.comAdding & Tagging Notes Adding a note is easy –  Copy and paste  Type it yourself  Record audio  Add photos  Email yourself  Tweet a note  Scan a note
    • 14. www.tanyasmithonline.comWhat is a tag?  A word that helps you categorize what the note is about, so you can find it and other notes like it much easier  You can also further organize using “notebooks”
    • 15. www.tanyasmithonline.comWhat can I do with notes? Website clipping for a site you want to remember Clip an article or a sales letter you want to use as a template Ideas for new blog posts Enter new contact information Write notes from a training course Share documents with your team member or joint venture partner
    • 16. www.tanyasmithonline.comWait I’m not done… Create checklists Scan images of business cards Create an “on the go” brochure with pictures Capture important tweets And more!
    • 17. www.tanyasmithonline.comSetting Up the Web Clipper Internet Explorer auto installs Safari, Google or Chrome you have to download the Web Clipper from the Evernote home page Generally you will right click the image or use the clipper from the taskbar When using it, you can either:  Select just the content on the page to add  Or add the whole page to your note
    • 18. www.tanyasmithonline.comAdding Images There may be images you like and want to use in your Pinterest account You may have images you’ve taken of yourself for your biz Images may give you ideas for branding – ie, colors, characters, etc
    • 19.
    • 20. www.tanyasmithonline.comAdding Audio Welcome message to your online store Note for a presentation you’re delivering in PowerPoint Personal reminders Audio testimonial
    • 21. www.tanyasmithonline.comVery Cool Add-Ons Evernote Hello Evernote Clearly Skitch
    • 22. www.tanyasmithonline.comEvernote Hello
    • 23. www.tanyasmithonline.comEvernote Clearly
    • 24. www.tanyasmithonline.comEvernote Skitch
    • 25. www.tanyasmithonline.comIdeas for you Market research Swipe files Collaboration Contact management Training notes
    • 26. Come visit me online at www.tanyasmithonline.comor