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Personal Brand Advice on the 5 Ps to Finding Your Brand Essence
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Personal Brand Advice on the 5 Ps to Finding Your Brand Essence


Published on Coach Tanya shares the 5 keys to discovering your purpose within your personal brand. Coach Tanya shares the 5 keys to discovering your purpose within your personal brand.

Published in: Career

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  • When you heard brand, you may have had other images come to mind – like Coke or Microsoft. But what about people as a brand?

    There’s a dry cleaner here where I live. He’s not the most affordable, he may not even be the absolute best cleaner, but from the first day I walked in he remembered my name, he never asked me since I first did business with him for my number or name. Always personable and friendly, checking to make sure I had no problems. I go to him because I know what to expect & it’s good service with a smile. He cares.

    QT is one of our fav gas stations – always consistent, same colors, recognizable & clean.
  • Pride – speaking with exaggeration and excessive boasting
    Confidence – stating something with assurance or confidence (not in yourself) but in the Lord’s definition of you

    PRIDE: -Pride stops learning because of feelings of "I got it" "I'm better than this“ "I've heard it before" -Pride puts blame elsewhere vs How can I get better -Pride focus's on our needs vs needs of others -Pride is the enemy of true confidence, Pride = False Confidence
    What is True Confidence? -Belief that you can do something -Strong in your identity--someone that really knows who they are -Someone that is honest with themselves, they know their strengths and weaknesses -Experience creates confidence--- a history of successes -Confidence is real--there are true reasons supporting a persons confidence The more we humble ourselves the more He can lift us up What areas do we need to push pride out and replace it with real confidence?
  • Brand Essence = Passions (What You Love To Do) + Preparation (Past Experiences) + Persona (How People Describe You) + Power Skills (What You Are Best At) + Purpose (What others need from you)

    Separate into groups of 3 and give each a couple of minutes on their own then 6 mins to discuss.
  • Think about someone you know who is fully walking in their gifts. What makes you know they are passionate? Happier? Excited about work? Any sports stars or celebrities you know who are working in their passion?

  • May help to create a timeline of each decade of their life and list key experiences from each decade to see what core stories emerge
  • Mention 360 Reach assessment – my website
  • Transcript

    • 1. The 5 P’s to Finding Your Brand Essence Keys to Developing an Irresistibly Attractive Personal Brand That Gets You Hired By Tanya Smith, MBA, PHR, CCMC, CLTMC Be Promotable © 2010 All Rights Reserved
    • 2. Overview • What is a Personal Brand? • Benefits of Recognizing Your Personal Brand • Characteristics of a Strong Personal Brand • 5 Ps of a Personal Brand Strategy Be Promotable © 2010 All Rights Reserved
    • 3. Objectives for Program • Introduce you to definition of a personal brand and how it can help you demonstrate value in today’s competitive environment • Share 5 factors to help you identify what makes you most marketable to the people you want to influence most Be Promotable © 2010 All Rights Reserved
    • 4. Brand
    • 5. What’s Brand Got to Do With It? • Definition of Personal Brand: the identity (reputation) you have established for yourself based on your unique combination of talents, passions, values, and expertise • Helps people know what to expect from you. • Sets you apart. • It can boost your credibility or completely wipe it out. Be Promotable © 2010 All Rights Reserved
    • 6. Other Distinctions • PR and Marketing are the things a company or individual does to communicate all the benefits of the product (or service). • Advertising builds brand awareness typically through paid, public, non-personal persuasive messages. Branding is the identity, Marketing is the set of activities to showcase it. Be Promotable © 2010 All Rights Reserved
    • 7. Why does this matter to me? • Before people will do business with you or hire you, they want to know who you are, how you can help them and what makes you different. • You must be able to clearly articulate this in today’s environment where there is a much more competitive, information-hungry workplace and marketplace. Be Promotable © 2010 All Rights Reserved
    • 8. Difference between boasting & personal marketing? • Difference between pride vs. confidence • Pride ▫ Does not learn because “I’m better than this” “I’ve heard this before” ▫ Exaggerates and is excessive ▫ Focuses on your needs vs. others • Confidence ▫ Strong in your identity ▫ Honest with yourself; know strengths & weaknesses ▫ History of successes & learning Be Promotable © 2010 All Rights Reserved
    • 9. Benefits of Understanding Your Personal Brand • Enhance your visibility in a positive, intentional way • Create a clear focus for your career or business • Boost your compensation opportunities • Thrive during economic downturns • Increase your confidence • Make better decisions about your future based on right fit Be Promotable © 2010 All Rights Reserved
    • 10. What makes a strong brand? • Memorable • Clear • Consistent • Resonant • Emotional connection Be Promotable © 2010 All Rights Reserved Clarity Consistency Constancy
    • 11. 5 P’s To Developing Your Brand Passions Prepara tion Power Skills Persona Promise Be Promotable © 2010 All Rights Reserved
    • 12. Passion – what you love to do • What do you love to do? • What was your biggest pain or wound in childhood? • Whom do you long to help? Be Promotable © 2010 All Rights Reserved
    • 13. Preparation – past experiences • List 3 character qualities you’ll need in your business that life has taught you along the way. • Think of an example of a difficult experience you’ve gone through in the last few years that you are consciously aware has prepared you for your destiny. • Identify 2 things these answers tell you about your life purpose. Be Promotable © 2010 All Rights Reserved
    • 14. Persona – how people describe you • List the top 3 single words that others use to describe you? • Which of these attributes would you like to apply in your new business/career? • How will you express these attributes specifically in your career or business? Be Promotable © 2010 All Rights Reserved Examples: entrepreneurial, creative, positive, spiritual, honest, intelligent, motivating, technologically-inclined
    • 15. Power Skills - strengths • List 3 – 5 of your power skills/strengths. • What special skills do you have that others rely on? • What are you consistently complimented about? Be Promotable © 2010 All Rights Reserved Example: I have excellent communication skills; I work well either leading or being part of a team and I am self-motivated and capable of working on several tasks at once.
    • 16. Promise – your unique value proposition (uvp) • What do you offer? • What results do you actually deliver? • What is your system or process to getting there? Be Promotable © 2010 All Rights Reserved
    • 17. Your personal brand statement • Look at your unique values and key attributes and you should be able to develop a 1-2 sentence brand statement, answering these three questions: ▫ What value you provide (what problem do you solve) ▫ How you do it uniquely (your UVPs) ▫ Whom you do it for (your target audience) Be Promotable © 2010 All Rights Reserved
    • 18. Be Promotable • • • For instant access to a free special report and branding templates, visit us online.