Dollars and Sense - How to Lock Down Your Personal Finances


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This presentation, presented by Building Bridges Chicago LLC, offers practical tips and advice for individuals, business owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to gain a handle on their personal finances to improve their cash flow and overall financial health and well-being for better decision-making ability where money is concerned.

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Dollars and Sense - How to Lock Down Your Personal Finances

  1. 1. Dollars & Sense How to Lock Down Your Personal Finances © 2014 by Building Bridges Chicago LLC
  2. 2. Overview  Become financially independent and self-reliant.  Take control of your money so it doesn’t control you.  Understand your true value.  Determine your financial needs for the future.  Develop a ready-to-implement action plan.  This presentation is not meant to teach you everything you need to know about personal finances.  Simple tips and suggestions are offered based on observations of the respected and admired for their successful financial habits. © 2014 by Building Bridges Chicago LLC
  3. 3. Disclaimer  Building Bridges Chicago LLC assumes no liability for any financial decision or action taken as a result of this free presentation. Any actual decision is your own and you are wholly responsible for any outcomes of such decisions. You agree and understand that no warranty, either expressed or implied, has been made by Building Bridges Chicago LLC regarding the content of this presentation. Before making any financial decision, it is always wise to consult with a professional financial consultant. © 2014 by Building Bridges Chicago LLC
  4. 4. Take the blinders off!  Most people are completely unaware of their current financial situation.  Do you find yourself…  Dodging bill collectors?  Screening phone calls for toll-free numbers?  Hiding from the doorbell?  Answering unknown callers in fake foreign accents?  Avoiding or ignoring your financial health won’t make your problems go away!  Always know exactly where you stand. Your creditors do! © 2014 by Building Bridges Chicago LLC
  5. 5. Your Current Situation Net Worth Credit Financial Health © 2014 by Building Bridges Chicago LLC
  6. 6. Your Net Worth NET WORTH = ASSETS – LIABILITIES  ASSETS (Income) are anything that MAKE MONEY   Licenses, degrees, and certifications  Rental property   Job or business Stocks and other investments LIABILITIES (Debts) are anything that COSTS MONEY  Primary home  Vehicles  Loans and other debts © 2014 by Building Bridges Chicago LLC
  7. 7. Your Credit  The road to good credit is paved with great decisions.  Any score less than 640 is usually considered high risk  Scores and information reported can vary from one credit bureau to the next  Request reports from all 3 credit bureaus  Regularly monitor your reports for inaccurate information*  Dispute all discrepancies  DO NOT apply for additional credit during any pending dispute investigation *Find out how to perform a full review and analysis of your credit report in the Money Madness Coaching Bundle. © 2014 by Building Bridges Chicago LLC
  8. 8. Your Overall Financial Health  Do you earn more than you spend?  Do you pay yourself first?  Do you have a sufficient emergency fund?  Do you have an investment portfolio?  Are you saving the most you can for retirement?  Do you have insurance (car, life, medical, home, legal, etc.?)  Do you have a will?  Are you protected against identity theft?  Do you seek legal counsel for important life decisions? If you answered NO to one or more of these questions then your financial health is failing! Time to adopt a new MONEY MINDSET. © 2014 by Building Bridges Chicago LLC
  9. 9. Your Money Mindset  How you view money is a direct result of learned values, beliefs, behaviors, and observances over time  This determines the outcome of every decision you make that directly or indirectly involves money  Uncover the environmental factors that have you stuck in scarcity, immobilized by fear, or paralyzed by the possibility of prosperity  Being POOR (Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly) is a mindset! © 2014 by Building Bridges Chicago LLC
  10. 10. Your Money Story  Every great success started with a vision.  What is the old, sad song you have been singing?  What will make you happy?  What does success look like to you?  Is this your belief, or someone else’s?  Rewrite the story! © 2014 by Building Bridges Chicago LLC
  11. 11. Your Money Mission  ACTION + TARGET + DESIRED OUTCOME  8 words or less  Use as an affirmation and decision-making tool!  Example – “improve my charitable giving among faith-based institutions” © 2014 by Building Bridges Chicago LLC
  12. 12. Your Financial Goals  SMART Goals   Measurable  Actionable  Realistic   Specific Time-constrained GROW toward success   Resources  Obstacles   Goal Way Forward K.I.S.S. Method – Keep It Simple Sexy © 2014 by Building Bridges Chicago LLC
  13. 13. Your Winning Solutions  There are only 4 things you can do with money!   SPEND  SAVE   EARN INVEST Develop SMART goals in each of the 4 money quadrants. © 2014 by Building Bridges Chicago LLC
  14. 14. Going Forward  Develop your strategic action plan 1. Your Money Story 2. Your Money Mission 3. Your Winning Solutions  Evaluate and assign resources  Schedule calendar reminders  Find an accountability partner  Review, Revise, and Reflect © 2014 by Building Bridges Chicago LLC
  15. 15. Diagnose & Cure Your Money Madness!  Comprehensive assessment and analysis of your money mindset to uncover the environmental factors that make up your money madness  Thirty-minute one-on-one coaching session to help you develop a customized cure for the money madness manifesting as a roadblock to your health  30 days of resources, how-to success guides, and special insights sent directly to your inbox to support you in your journey toward financial health $99 Click here to stop the money madness today! © 2014 by Building Bridges Chicago LLC