CES 2013 overview


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CES 2013 overview

  1. 1. The Automotive Industry Descends onConsumer Electronic Show (CES) January 2013Please visit www.autotechinsider.com as ourCES 2013 Report will be available 1-21-12Once again the automotive industry will pay homage to consumer electronics technologyby recognizing CES as the biggest event on the calendar. According to the ConsumerElectronics Association (CEA) the organizer of CES, there will be a record number ofautomotive industry companies at this year’s show: Audi, Chrysler, Ford, GeneralMotors, Hyundai, Kia and Subaru will join more than 110 automotive tech companiesdisplaying their technologies and services. Importantly the key infotainment suppliers,such as Delphi will increase their on-the-floor presence. Why this emphasis onautomotive, because according to the CEA “sales of factory-installed vehicle technolo-gies will increase by 11.3 percent in 2013 to nearly $8.7 billion.” The connected car isthe revenue growth area as defined by mobile apps, infotainment, OnStar, Ford SYNCand now new V2V safety applications.Accordingly there will be an increased number of automotive focused technical sessions:Connect2Car:Optimizing the Connected Driver Experience SuperSession and the In-Vehicle Technology Conference Track that includes panels titled: • Are Automakers Running the Aftermarket Off the Road? Our Dave McNamara of Autotechinsider.com will be a panelist • Dashboard Tech: Five Hot Trends Coming Down the PikeWe agree that all mobile and consumer technology will end up in our cars. Here are afew Techzones we must visit with convergence in mind:  Specifically auto focused, are the GoElectricDrive TechZone, which will showcase electric drive technologies, products and services for homes, and public facilities. The Safe Driver TechZone will focus on technologies that help drivers to use their in-vehicle electronics responsibly.  The Digital Health and Fitness zone will be 25% larger with 41 exhibitors.  The Robotics Tech Zone will grow to include 22 exhibitors.Expect several vehicle demonstrations of new technology showing what is possibletoday. For example, the QNX CAR application platform will be showcased, a full-featured infotainment ecosystem advantages with automotive-grade reliability, featuringand supporting seamless mobile and car integration, in-vehicle app stores, third-partyapp SDK, and software update, HTML5, cloud services, and social media, andimportantly user interface personalization for customers, OEMs, and app developers.The 2013 CES will offer the largest gathering and broadest range of apps in the world,from manufacturers, software providers and other developers.Expect to see new display technologies, such as LED LCDs applied to automotive dashboards. Other technologies to watch is 3D printing and ePayment/mobile paymentapplications. A wide arrange of tablets, which according to the CEA market researchnext to a smartphone is the Christmas gift of choice.
  2. 2. Consumer Electronics to see: More Tablet and Smartphone technology,Entertainment and Cloud Based ServicesThe future of TV will be unveiled at CES 2013, as if we thought HD TV was it. What istermed Ultra-HD, which quadruples the resolution of existing HD TVs, is here. Both 4Ktechnology displays with more than 8 million pixels of resolution and 8K with more than33 million pixels will be show cased by leading manufacturers Samsung and LG.  Apple  will  of  course  have  its  impact  on  CES,  but  expect  Google/Android  and  cloud  based  services  to  steal  the  show.  Microsoft  will  be  highlighting  their  latest  “Surface”  line  of  products.    We  anticipate  displays  that  highlight  a  variety  of  applications.    With  the  increased  focus  on  connectivity,  Qualcom  has  captured  the  pre-­‐show  keynote  spot  from  Microsoft.  Don’t  miss  the  Telematics  Update  CTS  to  hear  from  and  meet  the  Industry  Insiders    The  automotive  and  supplier  leadership  and  industry  insiders  will  again  unit  upon  one  day  before  CES  at  the  Telematics  Update  –  Consumer  Telematics  Show.    “Leaders  and  trendsetters  from  the  consumer  telematics  industry  will  unite  in  Las  Vegas  on  Jan  7,  2013,  one  day  before  International  CES,  to  discuss  how  to  create  a  dynamic  IVI  and  HMI  system  to  satisfy  the  consumer’s  demand  for  a  cutting  edge,  seamless  driving  experience.”     Thank  you  for  your  interest  in   Autotechinsider  and  our  reports   Dave  McNamara