Action Plan Wk 4 Edld 5352


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Action Plan Wk 4 Edld 5352

  1. 1. Action Plan- EDLD 5352 o Superintendent- Responsible for providing the right personnel in the district and campus levels to implement technology and professional development opportunities for staff to reach Texas Long Range Plan (2006-2010). o Director of Instructional Technology and Curriculum Resources o Coordinator of Instructional Technology (Assists the Director) These positions are responsible and can help with providing and training Instructional Technology coaches and Campus Instructional Technology Specialists (CITS), Benchmark Testing, Textbook Adoption, Acceptable Use Policy (IT staff development), and AEIS Database. o Career and Technology Education (CATE)- Provide classes and curriculum that are more career oriented that integrate technology like Multimedia, Computer Applications, Industrial Technology, etc. o Campus Administrator- Works with all personnel to ensure that technology is being integrated and implemented on a campus level. Provides staff with professional development opportunities to benefit student technology use. Models technology use and encourages it in the classrooms. o Technology Systems Department o Network Administrator o Assistant Network Administrator o Systems Administrator o Technical Services Supervisor o Senior Technician These positions work with the district and campus levels to make sure appropriate software, hardware, and systems are in use. They often diagnose problems with connections and are available to help and implement different programs. They also help with Data Information Systems, District Network, Internet, E-mail, Telephone system, Sound system, Copier integration, and Security systems. They can help plan and train staff in professional development opportunities on how to operate certain systems and programs like Eduphoria. o Campus Technician—Works with Administration and teachers to diagnose campus problems within the system. o Certified Teachers- Responsible for attending professional development opportunities in technology prepared by the district to implement in their classrooms. Provide various opportunities and experiences for students to be engaged actively in technology. Build computer skills for our 21st Century learners.
  2. 2. The principal plays a significant role in the process in making sure the organizational chart is implemented. They are responsible for modeling to staff and students the benefits and importance of modeling technology. How can principals encourage and expect staff and students to use technology when they themselves do not. The best way to have staff buy-in is to practice what you preach and lead by example. I think it is very important for administrators to make sure professional staff development opportunities are available and are content specific. The development should be able to help teachers feel more confident and able to integrate technology in their classrooms. The training should provide specific ideas on how to use technology as a tool to improve curriculum, instruction, and student learning. If it can’t do this, what is the purpose? The principal should also make sure that all staff knows and are aware of the policies, guidelines, and standards for technology. It is ultimately their role to make certain that students are being taught in an effective way that will be useful in making them better prepared for the world they will enter so they can attain success.
  3. 3. District Level Superintendent Director of Coordinator of Coordinator of Instructional Career and Instructional Technology and Technology Technology Curriculum Education Resources
  4. 4. Professional Development Planning Because of the times we are living in where technology is advancing and taking life to another level, professional development opportunities must be provided for teachers to raise their standards to ensure student achievement. Many teachers are already behind when it comes to technology and do not use it in their classrooms as frequently as they should. Incorporating technology can take instruction to amazing heights. The only problem is that teachers do not have the training or skills they need to implement. According to our Campus StarChart data we have consistently been Developing tech for the past 3 years in Educator Preparation and Development. I think it is time to see us move toward the Advanced Tech stage, but in order for this to occur there are certain things that must take place. My design for professional development planning would be to assemble the teachers together for a meeting on our Professional Development Day in January. I would ask representatives from the District level and Campus level to come and give us presentations. This sounds really simple, but it is so necessary. I think this is important because I have been in this district for 3 years and I still do not know the expectations of the district and campus levels for technology. There has never been any training or information provided besides the CIP on technology expectations. It is kind of at the teacher’s discretion. I have asked other teachers if they knew anything about a technology plan and they were not aware either. I think it would do some good for things to be established and policies in place so that teachers can be confident in what they are supposed to be doing and determine their progress as to what goals they are meeting. This meeting will be beneficial in making teachers aware of the importance of technology integration for our students and improve their instruction. The campus level representative would be able to assist the teachers in finding out all of the different programs available for their use such as Eduphoria, PLATO, Study Island, etc. and how to operate different systems effectively such as the Lynx gradebook/attendance. I think trainings are so useful for new teachers to the district and I do not feel I received adequate training when I first entered the district. There were a lot of things I had to learn on my own and figure out. I believe it was 2 or three weeks into the school year before I attended a training for the gradebook and attendance (that was when it was provided). I still do not know how to use the programs to their fullest extent because I have never been properly trained. At this meeting I would also ask the district and campus level representatives to be prepared to share and introduce professional development opportunities to the staff because I don’t feel they provide enough. In order for our system and district to be successful it starts at the top and works all the way down to the bottom with everything working together for the good of our students. We can not work together with everyone doing their own thing and not knowing or having clear guidelines in place. The set up could be a morning session with District representatives sharing district information and expectations. They could set up different stations for the teachers to spend time at to learn about different aspects of the district and campus responsiblilities and resources. The afternoon session could be kind of like mini training sessions for staff to learn and actually use programs
  5. 5. available and taught by campus technology coaches. Evaluation Planning It is important that evaluation takes place when implementing something to determine its effectiveness. Teachers are evaluated by administrators to see how effective they are as a teacher with PDAS. No one does anything really without evaluating so it is important to analyze and evaluate professional development. At the start of the professional development session teachers will complete a short survey checklist asking them to rate the following: 1-I don’t know what this is 2-I have a little knowledge of this 3- I can teach this to others I know my district’s technology plan. I know the Texas Long Range Plan for Technology. I am aware of my campus technology plan. I know what the Texas Starchart is and what it does. I know how to integrate technology in my classroom on various levels. I know where to find professional development opportunities provided by the district. I know how to use all of the campus and district programs. This will just be a preview to see what information the staff knows about the district and campus technology. After a session another survey would be given to see if the information and activities provided help in clarifying the information they did not previously know. They will also be asked to provide information about the Texas StarChart and Texas Long Range Plan. I think it would also be a good idea to find out if there is information that they would like to know more about that was not provided to give an idea of later professional development opportunities.