Employee Learning Week Ideas


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Ideas to help organizations, individuals and consultants celebrate Employee Learning Week (ELW). Employee Learning Week is an awareness campaign highlighting the important connection between learning and achieving organizational results; an opportunity for organizations, individuals and consultants to demonstrate their commitment to learning and development.

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Employee Learning Week Ideas

  1. 1. Big Things Count Little Things Count, too! Become a Champion of Learning!
  2. 2. Become a Champion of Learning!  Organizations  Individuals  Consultants
  3. 3.  Create AWARENESS of learning  PROMOTE learning opportunities  RECOGNIZE learning achievements  Show IMPACT of learning Become a Champion of Learning!
  4. 4. Email  Include ELW message in email signature (use ELW logos, banners)  Send an email each day of the week with a new learning tip, tool, quote or article  Company executive sends an email celebrating ELW  Send reminders about learning opportunities
  5. 5.  Acknowledge ELW on website (use ELW logos, banners)  Company executive ELW message on website  Showcase learning achievements on website  Promote learning opportunities on website Website
  6. 6.  Include ELW in newsletter (use ELW logos, banners)  Company executive ELW message in newsletter  Showcase learning achievements in newsletter  Promote learning opportunities in newsletter Newsletters
  7. 7.  Create ELW messages for website, emails, newsletters (use ELW logos, banners)  Recap learning activities and achievements for the year  Promote learning activities/opportunities for upcoming year Awareness/Promotion
  8. 8.  Institute an employee development recognition event  Publish a list of people who earned degrees or certificates on website and newsletters  Recognize employee coaches/mentors for their role in employee development and achievement Recognition
  9. 9.  Company executive discusses learning culture of organization  Show the link between organization’s learning efforts and organization’s goals  Identify organization issues and how learning programs successfully addressed them Impact
  10. 10.  Send a message supporting employee learning using email, website and newsletters  Show link of organization’s learning efforts to organization’s goals and success  Set up a ‘suggestion box’  Have an open door day Executives
  11. 11.  Promote ‘Employee Learning Week is coming’  Conduct or publish surveys on learning desires/needs  Introduce new learning opportunities  Recap learning activities and achievements  Promote upcoming learning activities  Get employee testimonials on learning Learning Department
  12. 12.  Hold an education fair, open door day or “lunch and learn” for employees to learn about  Organization, the various departments, the staff  Learning department and its services  Development opportunities Learning Opportunities
  13. 13.  Encourage participation in program to enhance skills  Declare ONE hour during ELW as “Professional Development Time”  Employees use the hour to learn something that will enhance their performance  Provide a list of learning resources Learning Opportunities
  14. 14.  Introduce or reintroduce learning opportunities during ELW  Training and development programs  Podcasts, webinars  Book ‘Club’  Coaching/mentoring program Learning Opportunities
  15. 15.  Recommend a quick book for staff members to read and then discuss at the end of the week (ex. “Who Moved My Cheese?”)  Create a list for employees and leaders to recommend books they feel have helped them succeed in their job Learning Opportunities – Books
  16. 16.  Implement a coaching/mentoring program  Discuss the appropriate skills for coaching/mentoring  Train on the skills to be a coach/mentor  Become a coach/mentor Learning Opportunities – Coaching/Mentoring
  17. 17.  Provide “What’s Your Learning Style” assessments to employees:  http://www.howtolearn.com/learning-styles-quiz  http://www.personal.psu.edu/bxb11/LSI/LSI.htm Learning Opportunities – Learning Styles
  18. 18.  Encourage employees to ask one person each day of the week for feedback on their behavior and/or performance  Provide tokens to those who  Provide guidance on how to both give and receive feedback  Solicit feedback on the value of the conversations Learning Opportunities – Informal Learning
  19. 19.  TEDTalks – select a short, idea sharing talk to view and discuss  Flash or Smart Mob – do a planned, quick assembly of people for a learning opportunity Learning Opportunities – Other Ideas
  20. 20.  Include an ELW message in your email signature (use ELW logos, banners)  Review your learning activities for the year  Create a plan for personal development for the upcoming year  Participate in a learning activity during the week (webcast, seminar, book)  Check into or reintroduce yourself to sources of learning information Individuals
  21. 21.  Include an ELW message in your email signature (use ELW logos, banners)  Acknowledge ELW on website (use ELW logos, banners)  Discuss ELW in your newsletters and on your blogs  Participate in a learning activity during the week (webcast, seminar, book)  Check into or reintroduce yourself to sources of learning information Consultants
  22. 22.  Send an email to clients each day of the week with a new learning tip  Hold a learning opportunity during the week  Introduce a new offering during the week  Remind clients of learning opportunities you provide  Request testimonials on learning impact Consultants - Clients
  23. 23.  Attend ELW Information/Planning Session  Attend ELW Program covering various aspects around showcasing learning  Participate in LinkedIn ELW discussions  Tweet/retweet ELW ideas/activities #cnyelw, @cnyatd, #cnyatd  Attend ELW celebration event  Become a CNY ATD member CNY ATD Activities
  24. 24.  http://cnyastd.org/elw1  http://cnyastd.org/elw_ideas  Past Champions of Learning ideas  http://cnyastd.org/elw_2014  http://cnyastd.org/elw_2013  http://cnyastd.org/elw_2012  http://cnyastd.org/elw_2011  http://cnyastd.org/elw_2010  http://cnyastd.org/elw_2009  http://cnyastd.org/elw_20081  https://www.td.org/About/ATD-Employee-Learning-Week Resources