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O’Hare Modernization Program
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O’Hare Modernization Program


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Published in: Travel, Education, Technology
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  • Changes to animation: -Make runways match remainder of presentation -Coloring of the extensions issue -Speed up/cut out middle section that lags 6/13 Highlight western Terminal at end of morph
  • 6/13: Animation: 1. SDM Categories (Civil-Airside, etc.) Remainder of slide Perhaps we can reformat a little to make #1 more prominent?
  • 6/13: Animation: 1. SDM Categories (Civil-Airside, etc.) Remainder of slide Perhaps we can reformat a little to make #1 more prominent?
  • 6/13: Green airplane symbols: Move below and Animate with first line of text
  • 6/13: Green airplane symbols: Move below and Animate with first line of text
  • Slide #24: OMP Website We are managing one of the largest construction projects in the country at one of the world’s busiest airports We have always been committed to transparency on this program. So I invite all of you to visit our website at as well as to view the most up-to-date information on our program, including everything we spoke about today. I also encourage you to sign up for our “OMP Web Alerts” and join the thousands of registered users already being notified instantly whenever we: Post new information on our site, including the new SDM Issue press releases And announce dates for future events like our open houses, pre-bid conferences and green conferences
  • Transcript

    • 1. Presentation for Sustainable Streets for Chicagoland O’Hare Modernization Program June 17, 2009
    • 2. OMP Overview
    • 3. O’Hare Modernization Program – Completed Projects Runway 9L-27R Runway 10L-28R NATCT (North Airport Traffic Control Tower) November 20, 2008 Sept. 25, 2008
    • 4. Future of OMP: Runway 10C-28C Construction in 2009 Delays reduced to 10 minutes per flight Built to handle New Large Aircraft Design Group VI 10C-28C
    • 5. Runway 9C-27C Runway 10R-28L Western Terminal Planning Study Runway 9R-27L Future of OMP: Completion Phase
    • 6. OMP Sustainable Design Manual Sustainable Design Manual December 2003 A model for “green” building practices Invited to share with other cities
    • 7. Rating & Measurement System Green Airplane rating system 5 5 4 4 22 27 17 16 27 34 21 20 32 40 25 23 43 53 33 31 57 70 44 41 Total Points Possible Buildings - Unoccupied Buildings - Occupied Civil -Landside Civil - Airside
    • 8. Rating & Measurement System
    • 9. Balanced Earthwork Plan 15 million cubic yards of soil – Phase 1
    • 10. Balanced Earthwork Plan Over $100 million saved in reduced truck trips and fees for dumping at landfills
    • 11. Impact of Going Green – ULSD Fuel Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel (ULSD) for vehicles + 50hp 5 years ahead of Federal Government’s requirement Oxidation catalysts and particulate traps for cleaner emissions
    • 12. Impact of Going Green - Recycled Materials
      • OMP saved $2 million by crushing and reusing concrete and asphalt
      • Other Recycled Materials
      • Steel - contains at least 25% recycled content
      • Copper wire - contains 65% recycled content
      • Fly ash or other recycled aggregates for concrete mixers
    • 13. Impact of Going Green – Green Roofs Alleviate urban “heat island” typical at airports
    • 14. Mt. Prospect Road Guard Post 1
      • Vegetated roof atop the entire
      • Guard Post canopy
      • Captures rainwater runoff
      • Reduces water consumption 50%
      • Sign salvaged and reused
      • Existing Road & Guard Post
      • recycled & reused
      • Low VOC emitting sealants,
      • paints, and coatings
      • 50% of extracted materials
      • Local/regional materials
      • 50% of construction debris
      • diverted from landfill
      Design Phase
    • 15. Impact of Going Green – FAA Tower
      • Minimum 20% energy efficiency
      • 30% reduction from baseline water use
      • 50% of waste diverted from landfills
      • Low VOC emitting sealants, paints, coatings
      • Preferred parking for carpools and vans
      • Dual flush toilets
      • Building products at least 5% recycled content
      • 20% of materials from local sources
      • 10,000 sq. ft. Vegetated “green” roof
      Design Phase Construction Phase 100% Purple Board drywall - interior buildings Adding shrubs, trees, and planting beds to landscaping Recycling asphalt grindings from the job site for use on other OMP projects Applying for USGBC LEED Certification
    • 16. 130,000 sq. ft. “GREEN” Roof Strategically placed windows for optimum use of daylight 75% materials diverted from landfills through recycling/reuse “ Energy Star” compliant equipment Indoor CO2 monitoring - ventilation 10% of parking spaces for fuel efficient and carpool vehicles Use of refrigerants that protect against ozone depletion 20% Construction Materials with Recycled Content Low VOC-emitting adhesives, sealants, paints, and carpeting 10% Local and Regional Materials Future Green Roof: United Cargo Building
    • 17. Future Green Roof: FedEx Cargo Building 200,000 square foot Vegetated “GREEN” Roof 30% reduction from baseline water use Refrigerant Management: No R-11 or R-22 refrigerants 20% of building materials from Local Sources 75% of Construction Waste to be Diverted from landfills Low VOC emitting sealants, paints, and coatings Provide Preferred Parking for Carpools and Vans Pursuing USGBC LEED Silver Certification Administration/World Service Center
    • 18. OMP Sustainable Initiative Accolades US Green Building Council 2006 ENR Top 25 Newsmakers 2008 United Nation’s Environmental Programme for Liveable Communities U.S. Congress: “It has been a model project, and I would hope that other airports throughout the country would take a look at what Mayor Daley and the City of Chicago have done…” U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: “A unique opportunity to think creatively and look for innovation in design, construction and operation” FAA: “A visionary and effective initiative that provides a strong foundation for ongoing environmental stewardship”
    • 19. Future OMP Sustainability Initiatives
      • Issue revised edition of SDM based on lessons-learned and emergence of new technologies
      • CTE: Creating the Airport Sustainability Institute to certify sustainable initiatives based on OMP Sustainable Design Manual
      • Continue to build on O’Hare’s green initiatives in operations and maintenance
    • 20. Airports Going Green
      • Host 2 nd Airports Going Green Conference August 5-7 with American Association Airport Executives
    • 21. Visit our Web sites
    • 22. O’Hare Modernization Program Runway 9L-27R COMPLETE Runway 9C-27C Runway 10C-28C Runway 10R-28L Runway 9R-27L Runway 10L-28R COMPLETE Western Terminal NATCT (North Airport Traffic Control Tower) COMPLETE SATCT (South Airport Traffic Control Tower)