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Sir Lowrie's Pass Case Study

Sir Lowrie's Pass Case Study



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Sanral Document Transcript

  • 1. CASE STUDYIP-Surveillance no longer hindered by limited bandwidth.Visec® Stream on Demand™ (VSD) developed specifically for Axis network cameras. Organization: SANRAL Location: Cape Town Sir Lowrys Pass, South Africa Industry segment: Transportation Application: Remote monitoring of national roads Axis partners: CSS&I, ITSEMission ResultThe cost of bandwidth in South Africa can be somewhat The monitoring of Axis cameras in remote sites need noprohibitive when implementing an IP-Surveillance solu- longer be limited by costly or inadequate bandwidth.tion. As a result of this, a South African-based systems Visec® Stream on Demand™ allows the user to experienceintegrator, CSS&I (Pty) Ltd, using the ASTII Consortium the absolute potency of Axis network cameras and en-Consultant team lead by Peter Bullock, was tasked with coders in full live stream, when required, instead of autilizing 3G/GPRS exclusively to stream live video from frustrating reduced stream. Visec® Stream on Demand™remote sites to a centralized control room for a specific also allows remote real-time access to the recorded videoSA National Roads Agency project. Visec® International data stored on the internal SD cards of the Axis cameraswas approached to develop a module that could inte- and encoders, thereby eliminating the bandwidth neces-grate with Axis products and circumvent the necessity sary for offsite storage.for exorbitant monthly bandwidth costs.SolutionIt took the development team 25 days to create a world-first, ground-breaking basic module that offers an in-genious solution for Axis cameras in low bandwidth de-ployments. Visec® Stream on Demand™ allows MotionJPEG images, refreshed at specified intervals, to beviewed until an incident or event occurs, at which pointthe user can switch to a live view mode for a predeter-mined period of time.
  • 2. www.axis.com 38761/EN/R2/1003“The high cost or ineffectiveness of bandwidth no longer hampers the implementation of an IPsurveillance solution, the application possibilities have become far more extensive.“Gary Scagell, CEO, Visec International.Saving money without compromising on Experienced partners – effective solutionsquality Visec® is a leading developer of IP video surveillanceVisec® Stream on Demand™ provides a unique, cost- software, access control and license plate recognitioneffective solution to enable the efficient operation of systems. It prides itself on its cutting edge solutions de-Axis cameras and encoders in environments devoid of signed with the utmost software engineering standardsdedicated bandwidth mediums. Gary Scagell, CEO of known today. Visec has offices in South Africa and theVisec International, acknowledges that Axis Communica- United States. For more info visit: www.visecintl.comtions, as the market leader in IP video surveillance, wasthe ideal match for the development of the software. CSS&I (Caddic Security Systems & Integration) provide“We are proud to have developed a revolutionary and yet innovative security solutions through strategic partner-practical offering for such a highly regarded and innova- ships, promoting safety, security and peace of mind. Theytive provider in the video surveillance arena.” currently maintain the complete camera system and the control rooms for Strategic Surveillance Unit consistingSuperb quality, low bandwidth usage of more than 280 cameras in Cape Town CBD. CSS&I hasThe objective of this project was to use as little data as also been awarded the Freeway Management Systempossible while still maintaining a fully functional video contract for the supply and installation of cameras on themanagement system. The system deployed adequately N2. For more information, visit: www.css-i.co.zameets its requirements to monitor each of the remotesites around the clock, automatically record MotionJPEG images, provide live video streaming and play backremote video archives. The H.264 video stream offersuncompromised image quality as well as higher framerates and superior resolution.Simple conversion from analog to digitalThe AXIS Q7401 Video Encoder was selected to convertthe existing analog dome pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras,installed at the various SA National Road Agency sites,to a network video stream, thereby transforming thesolution into an IP-based video surveillance system.AXIS Q7401 is a high-performance, single channel en-coder that is capable of delivering superb video qualityand multiple, individually configurable video streamssimultaneously at full frame rate in all resolutions. Itsupports Power over Ethernet thus enabling the unit, aswell as the analog camera that it is connected to, toreceive power through the data transmission cable,making for an easy installation since no power outlet isneeded.©2010 Axis Communications AB. AXIS COMMUNICATIONS, AXIS, ETRAX, ARTPEC and VAPIX are registered trademarks or trademark applications of Axis ABin various jurisdictions. All other company names and products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. We reserve the rightto introduce modifications without notice.