Details of Delegation, from Blog Owner to Personal Assistant
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Details of Delegation, from Blog Owner to Personal Assistant

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Many bloggers who have been in the business for awhile are ready to get help, but they get lost in the process of streamlining their work. Get an in-depth look at finding contractors, managing......

Many bloggers who have been in the business for awhile are ready to get help, but they get lost in the process of streamlining their work. Get an in-depth look at finding contractors, managing payments and tracking tasks. Here's how to keep things flowing smoothly - and avoid some serious pitfalls!

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  • 1. The Details of Delegation From Blog Owner to Virtual Assistant Chelsea Day @MillennialBlogs
  • 2. When to Hire a VA ● Change in personal circumstances. ○ Baby, marriage, illness, move, etc. ● Increase in workload. ○ New endeavors, more clients, expanded responsibilities. ● Work/life balance problems. ○ How much sleep do you get? ○ How’s your health? ● First and foremost, address your home life. ○ Housekeeper ○ Childcare
  • 3. What does a VA do? ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Syndicate content out to social media Grow social media following Email management Search Engine Optimization Keyword research Invoicing Photo processing Giveaway promotions Ghost writing
  • 4. The Right Tools for the Job ● Don’t ever have your VA do something that can be done by a robot. ● Embrace technology to maximize your dollar.
  • 5. Syndication ● Social Networks Auto Poster PRO: $50 ○ Auto-share posts from your Wordpress backend to G+, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and more. ○ Complete control over format and wording: you can create a template to send out title, excerpt, tags, short URL and tweak it on individual posts.
  • 6. Syndication ● Reporting back to the brand. ● Blogger support threads. ○ VAs can act on your behalf with “blogger tribes” for increased engagement in comments, Google+ conversations, pins, StumbleUpon and more.
  • 7. Syndication ● Hootsuite: $9.99/mo ○ Bulk schedule tweets for ongoing promotion.
  • 8. Grow Social Media Following ● Schedule Pinterest pins with ViralTag: $12/mo. ● Follow new Pinterest users with Pinwoot. ● Increase Instagram following with Followgram and Followers+. ● Manage Twitter followers with tools such as Twiends, Tweepi and
  • 9. Email Management ● Weed through press releases and negotiate sponsored posts. ● Assign emails as tasks with Todoist for Gmail.
  • 10. Search Engine Optimization ● Keyword research with Google Adwords Keyword Planner to see which terms are most competitive. ● Tweak upcoming and old posts with SEO plugins such as Yoast’s Wordpress SEO.
  • 11. Invoicing ● Keep track of money owed, follow up with sponsors. ● Paypal invoice creation. ● Payment to contributors and other contractors.
  • 12. Photo Processing ● Pull photos from a shared Dropbox, edit them in bulk with Adobe Lightroom and upload directly to your blog with the Dossier de Presse Lightroom plugin. ● Create pinnable images with Picmonkey.
  • 13. Giveaway Promotions ● Boost giveaways by listing them on Online Sweepstakes, Giveaway Promote, etc.
  • 14. Ghost Writing ● VAs can do research and place posts in drafts directly with your blog login or with a contributor login assigned limited controls.
  • 15. Task Management Basics ● Good Old Google Docs
  • 16. Task Management Programs ● Asana ○ Includes an integrated calendar that many bloggers are comfortable with. Best for repetitive tasks. ● Bitrix24 ○ Good for amassing docs/imagery and dividing projects by client. Well-suited for marketing and media agencies. ● TeamworkPM ○ Detailed, good at time-tracking. Can be overwhelming at first. ● Trello
  • 17. Where to Find a VA ● Word of mouth ● Virtual Assistant sites ○ oDesk ○ International Virtual Assistants Association ○ VAs for Hire ● Facebook groups ○ Virtual Assistant Tribe ○ Virtual Assistant Tips & Tricks
  • 18. What to Pay ● Typically, you get what you pay for. ○ You can outsource internationally via elance or Fiverr and pay minimum wage or less. ○ $10-15/hour is standard for basic blog support. ○ VAs often grow into in-house positions at $2025/hour or more. ● Consider a flat monthly fee or retainer.
  • 19. The Hiring Process ● Closely examine their previous work. ● Ask about current commitments and time constraints. ● Use a contract with non-disclosure and w9. ● Start with a trial period. ● Set expectations and develop a timeline for ongoing reviews.
  • 20. What to do After you Hire ● Communication is key. ● Maintaining infrastructure is critical. ○ You wouldn’t keep using a gardener if all your sprinklers were broken.
  • 21. Questions? @MillennialBlogs