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may be able to relate to the one you’re telling. You can write a story about how your of f erchanged someone’s lif e in th...
Writing a sales_page_can_be_annoying
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Writing a sales_page_can_be_annoying


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Transcript of "Writing a sales_page_can_be_annoying"

  1. 1. e m po we rne t wo m http://www.empo wernetwo m/passio n2pro sper/blo g/salespage/Writing A Sales Page Can Be AnnoyingHave you ever f elt this way? Coming up with the right words to write a sales page can bedif f icult f or those who are not really good at writing. You can even be a pretty good writerand still f ind it to be a challenging task.Sometimes we do a lot of over thinking which causes us to be overwhelmed and anxious,leading to a mental block. But ultimately, there are a f ew things to keep in mind when youare trying to create a f abulous sales page.Let’s look at the headlineT he headline is the most important part of the sales page because it’s the very f irst thingpeople read. Having an eye popping headline grabs attention and makes people want toknow more about what you have to of f er.Remember, this is always about solving a problem. T hink of the desired outcome thatpeople want. One of my f avorite headline f ormulas (and there are many), contains thebenef it and the promise in a specif ic amount of time.T he other f ormula I would highly suggest is one that digs in on the pain and promises anef f ective solution. Make certain that your headline is interesting and catchy enough f oryour readers.Your opening statementRemember back in high school when you had to write an essay and that f irst line basicallystated what the essay was going to be about? Well, a sales page is no dif f erent. Althoughin this case, the headline does this job and the next f ew statements have to back up yourpromise and keep the attention of your readers. It sounds like a lot but just sticking to thespecif ics will get you through this. Remember to keep your readers engaged by usingpersuasive words so they will stay on your sales page.Tell A StoryPeople love stories! T his cannot be expressed enough. As long as you are telling a storythat relates to your of f er, people will keep reading. Everybody has a story and someone
  2. 2. may be able to relate to the one you’re telling. You can write a story about how your of f erchanged someone’s lif e in the past and grab some testimonials f or a maximum ef f ect. Mosttimes, this does all the selling f or you. Look f or ideas on other sales pages that you’vecome across in the past.T he “limited time” offerI absolutely love this part of the sales page because it gets people thinking that theyneed to buy the product right away. T his is what puts the pressure on people to buy.Telling them they only have a f ew days lef t, a f ew hours lef t, etc., is a great way to get thesale quickly. Creating a digital product such as an e-book, can really work if you try the tipsabove.It may take some time f or you to know exactly how to write a sales page that sells, but ifit gets to be too mind boggling, you can always outsource it. It just takes a little more oftapping into your right brain f or creativity while also using the lef t brain f or logic. Get thosecreative juices f lowing and make your best sales page ever.As always….Stay driven and EMPOWERED!Cheryl