Why Should You Constantly Add New Content to Your Blog?


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Why Should You Constantly Add New Content to Your Blog?

  1. 1. empowernet work.com http://www.empowernetwork.com/passion2prosper/blog/blog/?id=passion2prosperWhy Should You Constantly Add New Content To Your Blog?Why is it that people search the internet? To f ind inf ormation, bottom line. The whole concept of surf ing theweb is to f ind inf o on something of interest. Now the question is, can they f ind the newest and latest inf o onYOUR website or blog?Why do people search the Internet?If you wanted to get f rom one side of the country to the other, you’d more than likely take a f light. It’s easy,quick, and saves on time. This same concept applies to searching the internet. When you want to knowsomething, the easiest and quickest way to gain that knowledge is by connecting to the Web. It can be donef rom your Ipad, phone, laptop, or desktop. The point is, it’s right at your f ingertips.At times you will f ind that much of the content on some blogs are the same. It could be that the content isdated or pulled f rom another source.It could also be inf ormation that you have already discovered. If you want up-to-date content, you need to f inda site which constantly changes its of f erings.This is exactly what you need to do to keep visitors coming back. Being stagnant will cause you to be passedover f or the blogs who can supply what we want.Keep up with your blogHow do you keep f rom becoming stagnant? This will require you to renew the content on a regular basis. If youare not a writer, that’s ok too. You can outsource this task via a f reelancer f rom Odesk.com or Elance.com f oran af f ordable price. You don’t want to lose your f ollowing by having them read the same stale articles.Here are a few ideas to help you keep your blog fresh.Update your content on a regular basis – Depending on your niche, this could be daily or weekly. If you arein the entertainment business that might be daily, since breaking news is always occurring. For other nichessuch as home based business or service businesses, changing content every week or a f ew times a weekgives readers time to thoroughly become f amiliar with it.Archive your content – Once your content changes, archive it into relevant categories so that new readerscan look back and see what you have previously f eatured. Do not ONLY limit this to content on the blog. Dothe same thing with your emails, newsletters, podcasts and videos. This gives your new visitor a wealth ofinf ormation that they can f ind usef ul.Schedule your posts – If you want to make it easier to handle the content demands, schedule contentchanges. You can use a f ree plugin called Editorial Calendar f or this. Each week, upload the content that youwill use f or the f ollowing week, entering a specif ic day f or it to be posted. Doing this task a week at a time willf ree you up f rom having to upload it each day. If you can get this done on a Sunday night, you will be all set f orthe week. Also, always preview the content to see how it will look on the webpage bef ore it goes live.Purchase PLR – This is a time-saver! Order as much or as little as you need on the topics of your choice. Add
  2. 2. a little bit of your own verbiage to it and you are good to go.Changing your content will bring you a consistent amount of traf f ic. It keeps your visitors interested andcoming back f or more, which is exactly what you want. Remember that scheduling your content and outsourcingare great time saving options.If you want more inf ormation and tips just like these f or better blogging and prof its, Click Here!Stay Driven and Prosper,