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5 Determining Factors for Having a Success Mindset
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5 Determining Factors for Having a Success Mindset


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If you're not acquiring the right factors in your mindset to attract success, then you absolutely need to start with these traits today!

If you're not acquiring the right factors in your mindset to attract success, then you absolutely need to start with these traits today!

Published in: Business, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. 5 Determining Factors for Having a Success Mindset Cheryl J. Moses
  • 2. • It's the truth. Having a success mindset comes with a price. It takes time, effort, and discipline to say the least. Wanting to succeed in life and in business has about 90% dependency on your mindset. • With that being said, it's way more involved than just speaking about it and wishing for it to happen. • Unfortunately, many people do not understand just how powerful the mind works and why it is the determining factor in achieving success.
  • 3. • Let's look at the Network Marketing industry for example. This industry has the highest failure rate of all, simply because the successful mindset concept is undermined. Many people come into the business expecting to soar, but they don't want to put in the self-work that's needed to help them along the way. Here are a few success traits that are easily attainable and needed if you want to roll with the Big Boys.
  • 4. Above all, be determined. • This makes me think about the movie, "The Pursuit of Happiness" with Will Smith. It is such a powerful movie that showed the determination of a man that had gone through failure in business, marriage, and in life. Overall, nothing stopped him from reaching his goals and making a better life for himself and his family. He went through so much adversity, from being homeless, broke, and going through a downward spiral in life. However, he stayed the course and came out on top. That's what determination is all about. Successful people don't quit when things aren't going their way or things aren't working fast enough. But success does have a process of elimination. Those who are determined will be in a class of their own.
  • 5. Stay on Track, Through Adversity • Whether in business or in life, you're going to face obstacles. We all do. It's the way you deal with them that matters. Everyone deals with adversity differently, there's no question. If you feel as though you need help in this area, do some meditating to relax your mind and declutter. The more clear you are in your head, the better you can operate and handle whatever comes your way.
  • 6. Expand on What You Know and What You Don't Know • You don't have to be the smartest person in the world, but you will need to increase your knowledge to be a success story. Everyone isn't naturally born with common sense, but it's important to be knowledgeable in areas where you fall short. In your business, you solve problems and educate, so knowing how and what to do is essential.
  • 7. Invest in Yourself • When you are striving for success, you don't look at a price tag. You don't look at something that's going to educate you like it's too expensive. You simply look at it as an investment. Successful entrepreneurs spend thousands of dollars investing in their knowledge and are not afraid to do so. The best way to get to where you want to go is to gain the knowledge from someone who is already there. If that means investing in their resources, coaching, and training, then that's what is recommended.
  • 8. Overcome Any Fears • First, you want to get clarity on what it is you are fearful of. Some people are afraid to succeed. Others are afraid of failure. • What are you afraid of ? • After you determine that, you're going to have to reset and reprogram your mind to get rid of it. Saying affirmations daily is a good start. Once your mind starts to resonate with what you are telling it, you will internalize this type of thinking and believe what you are speaking. Speak life into your faith to overcome your fears.
  • 9. • Be consistent in doing your self-work. It's a process but it's worth doing. Your success comes with a price, but only you can do the work to afford it. • • • • • • • • ~Coaching~ Scholarships available for my I Prevail NOW! authentic breakthrough coaching program Connect With Me If you have any questions, write me!