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this is from the ceo of swaggmedia mobile

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Up Code Usa New

  1. 1. UpCode Solutions USA@ 2009 -2010 All Rights Reserved By UpCode Solutions USA. This Presentation Is Confidential..
  2. 2. UpCode™ Overview….UpCode™ automates and optimizes tedious, complex tasks like.Automatic real-time alerts are generated and sent to authorized recipientsthat normally include personnel, supervisors, management and clients viaemails, cell phones, pagers, and/or PDA.With UpCode Businesses can also receive real-time alerts for self-correction while in the field, thus enabling fewer supervisors to manageand monitor more clients.Reports and logs are instantly available on-line, where your campaigns arefiled and easy-to-use UpCode™ business suites are also designed tointerface with all types of accounting and payroll systems
  3. 3. UpCode Supported Platforms….UpCode Web Cam in Browser UpCode Mobile Client
  4. 4. What Is UpCode? A Mobile Access & Interaction System based on an opticalWhat is reader that uses mobile phones to add any electronic information or system to printed products and to screens. SoUpCode? basically it integrates all businesses and all forms of e-Commerce, with print and screen media. The code could be 2D data matrix, QR-code, 1D barcode or color code and even better, other type of tag is pictures, giving to mobile phone users multiple access and interaction just by pointing their phone to objects. @ 2009 -2010 All Rights Reserved By UpCode Solutions USA. This Presentation Is Confidential..
  5. 5. UpCode Delivers Solutions…. Security A Housekeeping C Work Forces C Inter Content E -face Commerce S Logistics S Gaming Admin Education 5@ 2009 -2010 All Rights Reserved By UpCode Solutions USA. This Presentation Is Confidential..
  6. 6. Download Install the FREE UpCode™ software to your mobilethe Reader phone with just one click! To begin using UpCode download the free program: 1. Download directly to all mobile phones : a) Open the web browser on your mobile phone and go to www.upcode.mobi to download the free UpCode software to your handset. Open the UpCode application on your phone and then scan please follow the prompts. b) To download UpCode on an iPhone simply go to the iPhone app store and type in UpCode. Open the UpCode application on your iPhone and then point camera at the UpCode then capture the UpCode and follow the prompts.
  7. 7. Payment With UpCodeOrder your tickets directly from an Ad Read the code Choose the ticket type on the site that is opened You are directed to the e-payment system Pay for Your ticket and in response You will get Your personal ticket code. Show the code at the event.Pay Your bills through UpCode Read the code with UpCode on Your invoice You will get all invoice information to Your phone. Accept the e-payment when you are redirected to Your bank. No typing in account numbers, no ref. numbers and no computer!Couldn’t get any easier...........
  8. 8. Will Ramiele Survive? o Yes o No
  9. 9. INVOICE Invoice Ok INVOICE Ok BANK SERVER Ticketing UpCode DemoApplications Loyalty Coupons Wire Transfers Pay Pal mCommerce Google Checkout
  10. 10. Demo Mobile Payments Try Me!Also Access Show Times and Purchase Tickets
  11. 11. Demo Mobile Gaming Gaming 24/7 from the convience of anywhere you want Cleopatra Black JackVegas Bonus Poker Pirates
  12. 12. Upcode Security Copy protection Tracking counterfeiting. Preventing counterfeiting. Making counterfeiting impossible. Code security Linking security Security Solutions Content security  Copy protection  Invisible codes  Watermarking  Minimal geometric distortion in micro codes.  Visible when enlarged  Proprietary Code  Slump code  Area Codes for tracking  Controlling of transportation
  13. 13. Micro Codes  The UpCode codes can be printed in a minimum size of 0,5mm*0,5mm – 0,9mm* 0,9 mm.  Water/color balance in printing.  Codes are corrected with a special lens.  Can be scanned with a standard mobile phone.  No scanner can do proper copying. TEXT System 1Printed Codesize 0,5 *0,5mm- 0,9*0,9mm minimum Code Clearing www/ IP
  14. 14. Mobile MagazinesDraw new subscribers transform sporadicbuyers into subscribers, and allow users toautomatically subscribe to the magazineIncrease content download (video, pictures…)Allow readers to save articles and interviewsCreate games and interactionALERTSuser can set up alerts on specific content orevents: every time an article on that topic orevent is published in one of the publishinggroup’s media, users are alerted.
  15. 15. IntelligenceA. FunctionsB. Logistic FunctionsC. Gaming FunctionsD. Anti-counterfeit FunctionsE. On-line FunctionsF. Instant ActivationG. Promotion FunctionsH. Mobile PaymentsI. Virtual Reality Services 1. Automatic and/or designed Code Creating 2. Site Creating (mobile content) 3. ADMIN system (linking, statistics, traffic etc.) 4. Technical Academy (training) 5. Business School (training) 6. Help Desk 7. Company Client solutions
  16. 16. Packaging Solutions1. Promotions - CRM + tracking (discounts, Profiles, prizes). - On-line computing (competition, auctions, voting, etc. - Instant activating (gaming, collection, etc. - Auto payments - Virtual / reality activity - URL basic / advanced2. Transport Tracking3. Anti Counterfeit
  17. 17. Parking – Time – Payment - Control
  18. 18. Try Me!Communication for free
  19. 19. Direct Marketing Interactive and real-time Profitable adverts! Personalized information Real interaction with customers Competitions Product information Product demonstrations Videos, pictures…Collecting Feedback Makes it easy 15 times more feedback! Everyday statistics
  20. 20. Demo Mobile Loyalty
  21. 21. Logistics Copy protection Security/check/acceptance Tracking Information  Personalized  Right time and placePackaging Information  Language  Data  Young/old/elderly Order functions  Booking  Ticketing
  22. 22. Ordering/Inventory Collecting Direct server interaction Multi functionality
  23. 23. Watch Trailer Try Me!Also Access Show Times and Purchase Tickets
  24. 24. Interactive Logo
  25. 25. Make Your Coupons Work Like This Highest Profit From Mobile Solutions: Season Offers Coupons Men Exit u
  26. 26. eBusiness Logistics  Disability Education  Security Tickets  Control Direct marketing  Marketing (back-end) Counterfeiting Games/gambling  Integrated information Personal use/privacy  Intelligent systems Translations/travel  Money transactions Packaging  Multiple businesses  One-to-one marketing
  27. 27. CrossMedia All printing methods All printed products All screens All surfaces Any media - CrossMedia
  28. 28. UpCode Solutions USAJerald CavittCEO/President310.733.9512www.upcodeusa.comJerald.Cavitt@upcodeusa.com