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Myspace Swagg V2

  1. 1. Myspace + SwaggMedia Submitted May 2011
  2. 2. Craig Nobles of SwaggMedia proposes to bring Myspace Live Music Streaming with up to the minute music and news.This brings global brand awareness to a universal market - Music.These three elements world wide web, media, and technology reach a vast audience.Our network includes the global youth market.“Swaggmedia" has been my virtual laboratory which led to the development of the Swagg Media Player. A working relationship between Craig Nobles and MyspaceMyspace is the future of digital distribution and it would be a great mistake to disregard the captive audience that could be revived if Craig Nobles and Myspace work together .Swaggmedia’s capability of streaming to mobile platforms, in 3D, and a cube which resides on your desktop (even when you aren’t connected to the internet) will allow Myspace users to have it’s social media platform at their fingertips all while engaging in the purpose of Myspace – MUSIC.The power of Myspace Music is that it still has over 100 million users in it’s digital distribution and social media platform. The forecast is that in 5 years CD and DVD will be obsolete. The media content will live on and be purchased via computers, gaming devices or cell phones. Now with platforms available like Groupon and QR codes all your entertainment needs can now be a commerce transaction via a mobile device. Via the digital world.Newscorp is the leader multi-media and I want to be a part of it’s team.
  3. 3. Highlights  Over 160+ million OPTED IN user database  3d capable mobile/web cameras  Proven track record of successful streams for high profile companies  Sponsorship opportunities for additional revenue streams  Product, Marketing, Promotions and Publicity in ONE brand
  4. 4. Once a DJ in Los Angeles, the California - bred music mogul’s journey began in 1973 entertaining the likes of David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen. Contributing to some of the most popular events in and aroundGreater Los Angeles, Craig Nobles fell in love with music as a DJ and began developing relationships withartists, promoters, and executives alike. Craig Nobles was determined to get the respect from the industry hisremarkable talent deserved, all while fine tuning his skills in the areas of marketing, sales, A&R, publicity, andpromotions.Joining Grand Jury Productions, Craig Nobles balanced his daily duties as A&R, Marketing, Promotions, Sales, Business Affairs, and Deal Negotiations on behalf of Grand Jury artists with major labels such as Interscope, Warner Brothers, and RCA to name a few.Currently Craig Nobles holds the title of Founder & CEO of SwaggMedia, Inc. operates as a web portal which provides content including the latest news,entertainment, music, lifestyle and sports information, as well as being a social networking site and offeringvoice operations, video sharing and streaming applications.  SwaggMedia Marketing is a forward thinkingcompany which aligns technology, information, lifestyle and entertainment entities and delivers informationto its end user in an easy and personalized manner. has had its finger on the pulse of technology and entertainment for decades. Fusing his experience in music and entertainment with technology – Craig Nobles has teamed up with Hip Hop SuperStars, Rock Bands, and partnering with some of the most influential brands to date.The internet music marketing boom has been growing exponentially for two main reasons, one of whichstems in artists themselves being more involved in their own marketing efforts and secondly the growth ofsocial media outlets including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and music blogs alike. On the forefront of this trend is SwaggMedia whose platform is about connecting listeners to unique content with premiumtechnology. Craig Nobles,’s founder commented, “The future of music is a combinationof technology teamed up with the artist to provide immediate and continuous content. Swaggmedia.comprovides just that, an opportunity to reach millions of viewers with their music, products and interviews fromthe comfort of their home or the convenience of their cell phone.”
  5. 5. Potential Artists
  6. 6. 3D Capabilities  Our international alliance provides
  7. 7. 3D Capabilities – WEB
  8. 8.   The Swagg Media Player is more than a media player; it’s a social media gateway providing secure access to the following functionalities:  Live Video Chatting  Broadcasting  Computer to mobile device chatting  Upload, store and share videos  Content distribution hub  Extended access on mobile devices  Seamless integration with popular social communities  Media Player (Streaming and local)  Much more...* Please note: The Cube DOES NOT require internet access and can reside on your desktop independently.
  9. 9. This is an example of what this campaign will look like including Mobile interface,Viral Web Example with App Usage Applications, and Video/Digital Downloads.
  10. 10. Starting Online Dialogue & Promotions SwaggMedia E-Card Social Bookmarking: A Blast: Activation opt-in network of 500 online message to promoters push membership database conversations Top Opinion lead er blog sites Opportunistic bl og Plant and mainten ging: ance of blog conversatio ns YOUR BRANDHER Blog Seeding: Sa m E packages from de ple dicated promoters to key opin leader bloggers ion
  11. 11. Marketing Outreach   PRESS RELEASES   Radio Giveaways and Promotions   Advertisements: Artist Twitter, Myspace, Radio Drop (promo), and on air mentions   Internet Promotional Blasts to over 200,000 opted in database within the designated event region  Over 100 Media outlets penetrated:   Television: MTV, BET, E! Networks, Style, Access Hollywood, VH1   Magazines: XXL, The Source, Vibe, Complex, and Hip Hop Weekly   Radio: Internet, Local radio and Satellite - Sirius and XM Satellite Radio   Web: Wire Image, TMZ, Getty Images, and E! Online,
  12. 12. Advertising/Promotions  Radio Campaign   On Air Mentions (including interviews) and Radio Website Presence & Contest Giveaways  Print Advertising   (Magazines, Newspapers)  Online Marketing Campaign   SwaggMedia: 2 month marketing/promotion viral web campaign  Text/Mobile Donations   Text campaign via mobile devices to allot for donations by texting “MYSPACE” to designated number
  13. 13. Promotion of Myspace would be done though our vast multi-media network through radio, print, public relations, and most importantly through the world wide web via our extensive online media partners, and our nearly 40 million person database! The promotion can also be enhanced by the Artist(s) themselves through their existing databases and online networks, as well as assistance from the Artist(s) Promotional Companies, and public relations representation.SwaggMedia has developed an International Internet Marketing and Promotions Team which consists of:•  Street Team in major markets via flyer distribution and grassroots promotion •  Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, and Chicago•  5 Promotions and Marketing Operations & Managers•  50 core team members ( That are filtered out & all over the world )•  457 Online Street team Email & Blasters (teams of individuals that send out bulletins, promo ads, etc)We have formatted and constructed Marketing and Promotions Groups that are dedicated to increasing our visibility, as well as driving traffic to our site via Social Community Sites. These small core groups are focus groups that strategically target certain high volume websites to enhance our Brand and sphere of influence.Our Marketing and Promotions teams have a systematic approach towards utilizing leadership skills and cognitive thinking to handle situations that may need fast, intelligent decisions. The teams work independently but also collaborate within the team and department. In addition, severe attention to detail is critical, as well as targeting and exceeding deadlines. Other tasks team members will be responsible for are: Organizing time lines and deadlines, execution of marketing plans, managing weekly meetings, and working as a team towards our fiscal goals to carry your brand and move it towards becoming an Industry leader.
  14. 14. ContactCraig