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Mobi promo advertiser overview 2013 1

  4. 4. Welcome to MobiPromo® Retail in a mobile environment is an exciting opportunity and as a decision maker its imperative to not only understand the shift to mobile technology for today’s consumer, but why as a retail advertiser Wi-Fi location marketing is the best solution. Wi-Fi proximity technology by MobiPromo captures and harnesses the mobile consumer revolution as our technology empowers retail advertisers with mobile technology like no other solution ever before it. Mobile is without question the now technology and Wi-Fi location marketing by MobiPromo is the now opportunity. Through the mobile revolution great fortunes will be made as retail advertisers develop a mobile consumer engagement platform via MobiPromo as consumer demand for Wi-Fi increases. As the leader in Wi-Fi Proximity Marketing, our parent company Mobile Network Marketing Corporation is the patent pending holder of MobiPromo Wi-Fi Proximity Marketing technology. For more information please visit our corporate website The following information reveals how MobiPromo technology delivers retailers a robust, scalable, Wi-Fi proximity marketing solution to harness the tsunami created by the Mobilution. We are confident the information will "get the wheels turning“ and convince you THIS is the technology and NOW is the time to be a MobiPromo Retail Advertising Partner. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  5. 5. Mobile Predictions "Mobile is ramping up faster than desktop Internet did and will be bigger with 5 Trends Converging (3G + Social Networking + Video + VoIP + Impressive Mobile Devices)….we believe more users will likely connect to the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs within 5 years." Morgan Stanley Report 2010…. That Future is Now Here INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  6. 6. 2011 Retail Industry Study Results The results of the 2011 Retail Industry Study have been released by the National Retail Federation whose over 28,500 participants from 15 countries revealed…… Fact 1: 76% of consumers feel retailers don’t communicate often enough with them Fact 2: Consumers are willing to provide details about themselves such as a. media usage (75%); b. demographics (73%); c. name and address (61%); d. lifestyle (59%); e. location (56%) for a more targeted and smarter shopping experience. Fact 3: 80% of respondents say the last time they shopped they visited the primary retailer with which they are most familiar Fact 4: 71% of consumers shop digitally using technology (e.g. website, mobile, social network, retailer website to co-create products, TV using remote control, social videos such as YouTube, electronic games) The findings were conclusive: “……..The consumer is truly the one in power” says Jill Puleri, global retail leader, IBM Global Business Services. Retailers can win over empowered consumers based on re-establishing trust and building loyalty through improving the store environment, product assortment and store communications." INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  7. 7. And There’s More….. A new report from e-commerce platform maker Demandware dug into today's mobile shopping trends and found retailers falling short of delivering the experiences customers want. • • • • • Fact: 23% of consumers download a branded shopping application, 50% plan to do it the future, but only 12% of retailers offer one. Fact: 54% of consumers want barcodes and smart tags in magazines to link to store catalogs or websites, but only 12% of retailers offer this feature Fact: 62% of consumers want to shop using mobile apps or websites, but only 32% of retailers offer such. Fact: 38% of consumers want to check product availability using their mobile phone, and 52% expect to do it in the future, but only 29% of retailers provide this option now. Fact: 51% of consumers want to add items to their carts via mobile phones and then complete the transaction later using a PC or tablet, but only 23% of retailers allow this now, consumers use the Web and mobile to do product research or compare prices, but complete transactions in a physical store. Mobile commerce will "transform retail," says Sucharita Mulpuru, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, Inc. “Because mobile empowers customers and makes pricing much more transparent big box stores will be forced to become much better merchants, with mobile its now “do or die." INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  8. 8. Retail Consumer Trends “Consumers are shopping on a variety of channels and devices simultaneously, with new technology” said Steven Kramer, president of North America at Hybris. “What we find is consumers have expectations that their favorite retailers will be accessible to them anytime and anywhere. Retailers who aren’t keeping up with the latest technology will find their customers moving to a retailer who will.” “We see a significant portion of online shoppers turned off by high shipping costs,” “Since consumers remain relatively price sensitive, retailers should consider store based fulfillment strategies such as buy online, pick up in store. In addition to omnichannel retailing strategies eliminating barriers to purchasing, they also present opportunities for retailers to sell more once they get customers in the store. These strategies also improve inventory productivity.” Closing the chasm between consumer expectations with retail profitability and bridging the gaps of where retail advertisers are today to where consumer demand is, that’s MobiPromo Wi-Fi Location technology as you will now discover……. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  9. 9. Just How BIG Is Mobile’s Impact? Mobile users are 7x’s that of Facebook and 21 x’s that of Twitter Mobile users are 3 times the total of televisions worldwide Mobile users are 4 times that of all personal computers around the Globe! Mobile is THE most powerful COMMUNICATION medium in history!!! Snapshot of Just the Current US Mobile Market US mobile penetration: 98% US mobile content subscribers with Internet access: 267 million The US mobile is 298 million, 61%, 162.8M are smartphone owners 50% of consumers expect to increase time spent on the mobile web in next 6 months 75% say mobile Internet is the most important feature when considering a new phone purchase According to Nielsen Mobile, 65% of mobile phone buyers in the second half of 2009 bought a smartphone or web enabled phone. Smartphone ownership continues to accelerate, driven by price drops, feature phone user upgrades, and the faster, more appealing 4G network — which is 10 times faster than the current 3G networks. Right now 95% of US mobile subscribers are using web enabled smartphones. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  10. 10. Wi-Fi Location Mobile Marketing is HOT!!! INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  12. 12. MobiPromo The Mobilution Today’s world is fast paced and mobile technology has changed the way consumers communicate. Location based advertising is now poised to change the way retail advertisers communicate with consumers because via mobile, consumers readily respond to; Mobile Promotions Mobile Convenience Mobile Content Eco-friendly Incentives via Mobile MobiPromo Wi-Fi Proximity Marketing strategies are like no other medium before it for many reasons as our revolutionary technology busts open doors for Retail Advertising Partners. With MobiPromo retail advertisers ride a tsunami of new profits thanks to the mobile-revolution, the MobiPromo Location revolution. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  13. 13. MobiPromo Targets Mobile Targeted Delivery High Conversion Instant Track, Measure and Test Cost Effective Unlike traditional retail advertising channels, MobiPromo Wi-Fi Proximity Marketing creates a new way for retail advertisers to deliver and engage consumers in live responsive “real time” advertising. What’s the value of “real time” advertising? Standard ad production for print or TV takes at best days for development, often weeks, and even months before distribution is available, with MobiPromo Proximity Marketing advertisers create an ad anytime, set it live immediately, target response, test call to action, identify consumer response, and evaluate sales response metrics in real time! With MobiPromo immediate ad content delivery is what our platform delivers and response tracking metrics in real time is just the beginning of the power MobiPromo consumer engagement. MobiPromo is the new standard in retail marketing & advertising but there’s more! INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  14. 14. MobiPromo Dual Solution MobiPromo Wi-Fi Proximity Marketing is a seamless integration of pre-configured “plug n play” hardware installed in high traffic consumer location area’s and powered by the MobiPromo Platform in a seamlessly integration that communicates and facilitates Retail Advertisers with Consumers Consumers with Retail Advertisers in a one-to-one retail advertiser - consumer communication platform. Direct communication between retail advertisers and consumer is far more cost effective than search engine optimization, traditional advertising mediums, social media campaigns, e-mail marketing, text blasts, print, or any other uninvited advertising medium. Because MobiPromo is opt-in its free of federal regulation spam compliance because opt-in has no regulation. for The facts are MobiPromo Wi-Fi Proximity Marketing engages consumers with advertisers in an interactive environment that creates, promotes and encourages consumer engagement……. And via consumer engagement retailer advertisers improve profits and increase ROI like no other medium has ever delivered because mobile is changing retail…... The Mobilution?……that’s MobiPromo! INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  15. 15. MobiPromo Proximity Wi-Fi Marketing Delivers….. MobiPromo’s Proximity Marketing delivers a cost effective marketing channel as real time instant tracking and results significantly reduce advertiser waste. With MobiPromo advertisers reap high conversion rates which translate into “GROID” - Greater Return On Investment Dollar. MobiPromo is the future of advertising as it delivers data unavailable anywhere through any advertising medium……… 1. Real Time Tracking Metrics 2. Live Campaign Data 3. Strategic Location Dissemination 4. Device Specific Deployment via Remote Web Access 5. 24/7 Ad Delivery for One Price 6. Any Content Delivery (coupons, movie clips, images, games, redemption codes) 7. Advertiser Self Managed Platform 8. Communication w/Wi-Fi Devices; Apple, Android, Blackberry, etc 9. Dedicated Team Supports Advertisers 10. Powerful Database w/ Response Metrics & Contact Info & Capability 11. Free for Consumers And so much more! INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  16. 16. Wi-Fi Marketing By MobiPromo MobiPromo is patent pending combination of proprietary hardware and cloud platform technology that seamlessly integrates tested, proven, robust technologies never before integrated into one amazing marketing and advertising solution. Through implementation of Wi-Fi technology, a technology that delivers 13 times greater bandwidth than Bluetooth (800 Kbps vs. 11 Mbps) to MobiPromo’s Wi-Fi hardware whose proximity reach is 40 times that of Bluetooth (1200’ or 400m vs. Bluetooth 40’ or 10m) Wi-Fi has no limits on data push and simultaneous device communications. Bluetooth has limited connection capability and unlike BT, Wi-Fi delivers seamless communication with any platform or provider; i-Phone, I-Pad, Android, Blackberry, smart phone, dumb phone, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon etc., Additionally, Bluetooth relies on the mobile phone having been set to discoverable, however all new phones no longer allow this and must have Bluetooth enabled and set to discoverable for the purpose of file transfer. This fact has ended Bluetooth marketing as a viable option. Wi-Fi is secure, fast communication consumers want. Wi-Fi is free (in most instances), familiar, in demand and readily accessible where BT has limited appeal to the population. Cloud platforms are powerful technology used by corporate giants; Amazon, Sun, and IBM, etc. who power their collaborations over the web and include mobile communication. Cloud infrastructure is scalable and robust, and both cloud and Wi-Fi are just 2 of the technologies integrated into the MobiPromo Proximity Platform which makes this technology tested, proven and like no other advertising medium. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  17. 17. Wi-Fi Demand & Usability Consumers love “Wi-Fi Hot Spots” because Wi-Fi means (in most instances) means free access online. And now that Verizon has eliminated its unlimited data plan predictions are other carriers will follow suit. Wireless data overages are costly and consumers who use Wi-Fi Hot Spots prevent overages from occurring. A growing demand for Wi-Fi Hot Spots increase, and consumer devices are set to detect Wi-Fi networks, with MobiPromo, “Wi-Fi” enabled is a retail advertising dream come true…... Why? Because nothing elicits consumers engagement like mobile because mobile is the “personal billboard”. As such mobile will be the most profitable real estate ever developed in our modern world. Why? Because mobile elicits response unlike traditional advertising that consumers increasingly block. Mobile empowers consumers with content when and where they want it and MobiPromo facilitates interactive consumers with engaging, convenient content. And Mobile has a 100% audience attention. But there’s more…… MobiPromo is a closed loop advertiser network where offers not found elsewhere such as discounts, promotions, incentives, etc., are placed and where consumers engage content. MobiPromo offers are specifically matched to the consumers interests and behavior. Statistically mobile coupon redemption is 20 to 40 times greater than print coupon redemption because mobile coupons are convenient, and are when and where consumers are ready to spend. With mobile, retail advertisers can deliver incentives, loyalty discounts, graphics, text, audio, video content and more in a “one-to-one” communication to create consumer engagement, the life blood of commerce because engagement is where the money is! Need Proof?......... INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  18. 18. Need Proof Consumer Engagement Works? For 4 decades Super Bowl Sunday ad spots remain the most expensive ad ad platform in the world. Why? Simply because consumer engagement defines the Super Bowl ad spot. So profitable is consumer engagement that the ad spend for Super Bowl advertising has increased 59% over the last 10 years …..Including the 2008-09 Global recession! In 2012 ad spend topped $7,000,000 a minute and despite the stiff price, Super Bowl ad spots sell out every year with advertisers being turned away…Why? Because the Super Bowl defines Consumer Engagement because consumers watch the game and gather for the commercials; Consumer engagement is where the money is and advertisers know it! Super Bowl Sunday delivers optimum ROI…. That is until now. Like the Super Bowl MobiPromo’s Cloud Platform delivers advertisers via the web, ad content deliverability and control which means content is controlled and deployed from any web browser to any hardware location. Advertisers can test, target or blast content because MobiPromo is plug n play hardware installed in high traffic locations, where the individual device is identified and managed by the platform, which means retail advertisers select to deploy content by device or simultaneously across a network of devices, its that simple. Empowering retail advertisers with target specific, or blast advertising options that engage mobile consumers is powerful marketing indeed and that’s what the MobiPromo platform solution delivers……..and more! INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  19. 19. MobiPromo the Mobilution….. Imagine the ability to deliver unlimited 24/7 ad content to unlimited mobile devices in unlimited locations simultaneously where and when consumers want it, that’s what MobiPromo delivers. Instead of ad content in an ad spot, mobile ad content is delivered in real time, anytime and can be deployed by device, by location, locally, regionally, nationally or globally all managed remotely as part of the convenience and power of the MobiPromo Platform. MobiPromo powers advertisers with target specific demographics tracking that enables advertisers with data to test content in one or multiple locations at any time or simultaneously across a network. MobiPromo is a turn key solution powerful and robust enough for the largest of enterprise advertisers. “I think mobile is going to save retail,” Ash Evans, director of corporate strategy at Verizon said. “The notion that we can help a consumer who is walking past a store and engage them with information that is helpful to them via mobile is amazing. The ability to identify someone is important – brands know less than seven percent of the people visiting their site.” 7% is a metric that’s about to change thanks to MobiPromo technology….. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  20. 20. MobiPromo Platform Functionality With MobiPromo advertisers streamline advertising dollars and eliminate expensive ineffective mass marketing blasts because Wi-Fi Location Marketing engages consumers in a responsive forum providing consumers with the power of two way communication, creating a type of “retail advertising conversation” consumers respond to. Compare MobiPromo Platform to any technology and you will find no equal because only MobiPromo delivers real time consumer engagement, tracking, database creation and results, its the “Mobichasm”. But there’s more………. MobiPromo metrics capture and deliver real time, live consumer response data such as…….. Advertisement response rate Total device prompts Consumer response rates Consumer response predictive analysis Advertiser ROI Date and time stamp of interactivity Location Device connectivity Total time of interaction Consumer redemption rates Consumer Name, Address, and Email Consumer behavioral search pattern Most responsive Categories and Keywords Unmatched Keywords Campaign response rates and more… INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  21. 21. MobiWallet Tracking Capturing valuable consumer data metrics, MobiPromo delivers and identifies consumers through our MobiWallet technology. When capturing preliminary data as consumers browse the Wi-Fi Network, when a consumer opts to redeem an offer the consumer creates a MobiWallet account where offers are stored for redemption. Once there the MobiWallet tracking associates the mobile consumer to all activity where through the MobiWallet the consumer sees; 1.Pending Redemptions 2.Total Spend 3.Favorite Merchants 4.Savings & More But through the MobileWallet retail advertisers receive critical real time data; Consumer Activity including Predictive Analysis of Trends The What & When of Redemption Activity Location of Redemptions Advertisement and Redemption Response Statistics And most critical; keeping consumers in the sales cycle because advertisers have sales history and contact info to keep them engaged But There’s Even More! INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  22. 22. MobiWallet Integration The MobiWallet integrates popular social media networks so consumers can “share” promotes on social networks, creating a frenzy of even more sales opportunities when “Mobile Only” promotions are shared with a social networking circle. MobiPromo incorporates social media integration with all the major social media platforms. Statistics reveal it costs advertisers 6 times more to attract a new customer than to re-sell the same one. MobiPromo tools and tracking eliminate this statistic and expense by delivery of a cost effective, powerful, and long past due advertising platform that keeps advertisers engaged with consumers who purchase empowering them with the ability to at significant expense the solution of selling over and over to the advertisers customer base. But there’s even more……. Ancillary tools are integrated in the MobiPromo platform including; text marketing, email marketing, and a newsletter tool to keep consumers in the buying loop. Because the Mobile Wallet is accessible from any PC, mobile or tablet, once a consumer is out of the proximity location the consumer continues to engage “favorite merchants” and spend from any computer anywhere. Create….Communicate….Captivate….Dominate………. Its time for MobiMonopoly Mobilution! Retail – Events- Entertainment - Theme Parks - Sports Stadiums - Hospitality Restaurants - Tourist Destinations - Transportation Hubs - Transportation Modes - Campuses - Public Facilities - Major Events - and more! INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  23. 23. Advanced Customization Options With MobiPromo retail advertisers have the option to integrate mobile mapping where consumers without an App, see on their mobile device store categories and subcategories which are imported and an in-store map provides consumer location, pricing, savings, features, specials, for in-store merchandise. In a national survey nearly 84% of shoppers have difficulty finding products on store shelves and more than 20% leave without full purchase intent. MobiPromo resolves those demographics without increasing labor costs and enhancing customer service solutions as mobile device consumers leave your location satisfied vs. frustrated not being unable to make a purchase when items were not found. Custom features also include a White Label opportunity for retail advertisers who want the power of MobiPromo branding platform and who seek to engage consumers in your retail branded Wi-Fi Zone……And so much more!! INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  24. 24. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Join Us Today Before Your Competition Does Tomorrow