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eEk and eCtsay: Incorporating eReaders and eBooks into Your Curriculum Jennifer Chesney, Powdersville High School

This presentation was a part of the SCASL 2012 Annual Conference held in Greenville, SC MArch 14-16, 2012.

Session Description:
Scared or unsure how to jump into eReaders, eBooks, digital magazines and online databases? I was...but did anyway! PVHS has eMbraced these eMerging formats and made them a big part of our core collection. What’s worked? What needs tweeking? Learn from our successes and ‘eEks!’ to make your transition smoother.

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The e ek & the ecstasy

  1. 1. The eEk & the eCstasy Incorporating eBooks andDigital Media into our School Library’s Core Collections
  2. 2. Top 5 Issues Libraries Face When It Comes to Using eReaders & Tablets in Schools…Platform lock-in andlack of interoperabilityAdministering devicesAvailability of the titlesteachers and studentswantIntegration of theeBook catalog with thelibrary catalogCOST(!!) of bothdevices and eBooks“The Truth About Tablets: Educators are getting iPads andeReaders into Students’ Hands but It’s Not Easy.” Illustration by DaveCutler.
  3. 3. New PVHS Library Decisions• How much content should be print vs. digital? Fiction? Nonfiction? Magazines?• Should we go completely virtual with nonfiction?• What technology would be needed?• What would be our back-up plan when technology was down?• What vendors were offering the best deals? Were there ANY deals?!• Nook vs. Kindle for eReaders?• How best to distribute titles across devices once the publishers changed the game? How would I manage them all?!
  4. 4. Quotes from My Very Scientific Facebook Survey If the network is down, then Honestly, print research is stopped. – Misty, material doesn’t evenI pretty much only use online resources. With school librarian cross my mind when some print resources, I find it takes longer to it comes to researsh – find information, whereas in a PDF, etc. I can Greg, SC State college use CTRL+F to find a phrase of interest... – student Joey, college post-grad I asked my son Daniel (7th grader) if he preferred using print reference materials or e-based, and he said he I did every bit of didn’t realize people used printed research for my materials when they did research… - masters degree with January, a mom online databases… - Andrea, Library Science student I only use internet sources in high school like Google and DISCUS. – Delayne, high school senior I only used online stuff in high school, but I agree with Mrs. Dicey about having recreational print books – In grad school I did TONS of research and most was especially about more visual subjects like cars or sports from journal articles and databases, experiments, or principles of design, stuff like that. I think it would be things like that. I did use books as well, just not nearly good in high school if students were forced to learn the as much – Maddie, Speech Pathologist grad ins and outs of databases, cause it’ll certainly help them in college. – Tas, USC senior
  5. 5. Nonfiction – Infobase/Chelsea House With book get free eBook that could be used by multiple users (IF purchased directly from Infobase not thru another jobber) MARC record for each book BUT no barcode ie. no existing copy until you add it yourself I added a copy by individually typing in a barcode for each Destiny search now yields a record for each print and eBook Click link, sign in, use book as HTML or PDF
  6. 6. MARC record screencap
  7. 7. Student Search w Infobase book
  8. 8. Chelsea eBook via Site
  9. 9. Nonfiction - Marshall Cavendish Online High School Database  Requires flash - can be accessed on a Nook Color but not yet on an Apple device  Login  Link from website  No record of individual titles
  10. 10. Marshall Cavendish Subscription
  11. 11. Website Databases on PVHS Webpage
  12. 12. Marshall Cavendish Site
  13. 13. Marshall Cavendish eBook
  14. 14. My Nonfiction eEks and eCstasies…eEk – platform access because multiple steps are a put-off to studentseEk – how do you remember what you have when it’s virtual – especially if it’s not a record in your collection?eEk – one-time perk thru Infobase (typically $15 for an eBook if you purchase print too)eCstasy – multiple users per eBookeCstasy – less weeding/collection age
  15. 15. Nonfiction feedback• Now let’s hear from YOU…• Experiences?• How can we make this work with Common Core?
  16. 16. Fiction NOOK v. Kindle – I went with NOOK…why? Barnes & Noble Management – due to number purchased at one time Personal service – repairs and questions (I’ve had 2 Nook Simple Touches replaced due to technical problems) NOOK Color – Magazine subscriptions and Flash capabilities (Marshall Cavendish database requires Flash)
  17. 17. Devices are sorted bygenre and/or series – kinda sorta pretty much… $1066.02 for 123 books 15 NOOKs - $139/$2085 15 Lautner Covers $29.95/$449.25 8 Film Shield Kits $16.95/$135.60Approximate Cost - $3735.87
  18. 18. Nook Page on PVHS Website
  19. 19. Currently circulateNook eReaders butNook Colors stay inthe library
  20. 20. eReader Copy Record
  21. 21. eBook Fiction search
  22. 22. Title catalog info
  23. 23. Copy record details
  24. 24. Copy details
  25. 25. Tracking Form for FictioneBooks
  26. 26. Fiction eEks and eCstasies… eEk – it sucks that we lost platforming the same title across several devices for check-outs eEk – initial set-up and mgmt is time-consuming eEk – titles don’t show up in circulation records unless you do it yourself eEk & eCstasy – malfunctions and service/B&N replaces faulty Nooks and corrects download issues eCstasy – kids are drawn to them, especially my ‘non-readers’ eCstasy – new titles are immediately available upon release (Crossed, Inheritance, Pandemonium, Insurgence, etc.) – email order with P.O. number and bill later eCstasy – by setting them up by genre and series, they’re little mini- “read-if-you-likes”…
  27. 27. Fiction feedbackNow let’s hear from YOU…
  28. 28. Edmodo Poll about eBooks v. Print