Dorman High School Library Media Center Annual Report 2012-2013


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Dorman High School Library Media Center Annual Report 2012-2013

  1. 1. Dorman High SchoolLibrary Media CenterCreatedby:Cathy Nelson, MLIS, NBCTMelanie Dillard, MLISAnnualReport 2012-2013
  2. 2. Total: 55,537Lunch: 20,340Morning: 14,225With classes:14,140Afternoon:3,495On apass:3,437Student Visitation AnalysisEnglish48%Math2%Science4%Social Studies28%ExceptionalChild3%FineArts3%ForeignLanguage5% Guid/Admin7%Departmental UseCLOSED102Blocks•Testing, TAC,AdministrativePuposesAvailable622Blocks•781 Classesserved duringthe 622available blocksLibrary Availability
  3. 3. DigitalReading, 76,1% Equipment,708, 6%Fiction -Reading, 6074,48%Nonfiction -Reading, 4631,36%Other reading,688, 5%ProfessionalReading, 16,0%DHS LibInstructionalVideos, 548,4%Digital Reading EquipmentFiction - Reading Nonfiction - ReadingOther reading Professional ReadingDHS Lib Instructional VideosCirculation Item Analysisfor 12,741 ItemsStudents checked out on average 5.4 items each during the 2012-2013 school year.
  4. 4. Freshmen, 60,0%Sophomores,3,144, 25%Juniors, 3,528,28%Seniors, 2,292,18%Faculty/Staff,1,592, 12%In libraryUsage*, 2,125,17%Circulation by User Analysisfor 12,741 Items*In library usage refers to books pulled for classes and used strictly in the library during class visits.Our top student checkedout 438 books (primarilygraphic novels) this year.Twenty-three (23)students checked out 50or more books this year.Seventy-three (73)students checked out 25or more books this yearNotable PatronCirculationFacts:
  5. 5. Studentsused theLibrary55,537timesCheckedout12, 741itemsRead6,841FictiontitlesRead1,836GraphicNovelsRead4,631Non-FictiontitlesMost “Read” Students:• Coroan Edwards, gr. 11 – 438 titles• De’Mycha Smith, gr. 12 – 251 titles• Marquces Littlejohn, gr. 12 – 175 titles• Lewis Dominguez, gr. 11 – 147 titles• Sarah Plemmons, gr. 10 – 110 titlesDorman Readinig Promotions/Advocacy:• BYOB (Bring Your Own Book) Club• Virtual Book Club (joining 8-10 schoolsfrom across the US)• Banned Books Week• Teen Read Week• Poem in Your Pocket Day• Nat’l Poetry Week• Cavaliers Read (SC Young Adult BookAwards)• Blind Date with a Book• March Madness Library BookTournament• YALSA Teens Top Ten• Books at the Movies• Twitter Contest• Judge a Book by It’s Cover – SummerReading Kick off Contest
  6. 6. Top Ten Circulating Books1 Legend (Lu) Fiction2 Blue Plate Special (Kwasney) Fiction3 Catching Fire (Collins) Fiction4 The Fault in Our Stars (Green) Fiction5 Walt Whitman (Bloom. Ed.) NonFiction6 Wake (McMann) Fiction7 Firestorm (Klass) Fiction8 British Writers (Scott-Kilvert, ed.) Reference9 Maya Angelou (Bloom, ed.) NonFiction10 The Complete Collected Poems of Maya Angelou NonFiction60%Fiction10%Ref-erence30%NonfictionLibrary Quick Facts:• # of items in the collection: 24, 617• Print Fiction = 11,502• Print NonFiction = 13,005• Ebook Fiction Collection = 77• Ebook Nonfiction Collection = 33• Current print subscriptions(magazines/newspapers) = 29• Average copyright date: 2000• Age of Nonfiction - 11 years• Age of Fiction - 10 years• Age of Reference – 11 years• Age of other types of library materials(professional, biographies, Easy, StoryCollections, etc.) – 9 years• Items added new this year: 1076• Items weeded this year: 1050• Typical class visits per week: 25• Typical number of individual (non-class)patron visits per week: 670• Typical number of teacher (non-class)patron visits per week: 35• Typical number of hours per week openfor library services to students and staff:44• Typical number of hours per week openOUTSIDE the normal school hours forstudents and staff (before & after normalschool hours): 7.5Computers & Technology in the Library:Circulation Computers 1Administrative Computers 3Student-accessible Computers 40*Student-accessible tablets 0Student-accessible ereaders 2*only 38 machines are functionalThe library’s student-accessible workstations are 7+ yearsold. The login time averages 9 minutes.Library Budgeting:Budget Funding SourcesLibrary allocation from school $39,550.00Fines $2,810.00$39,550TotalBudgetBooks$29,210ebooks$2,034Periodicals$944OnlineDatabases$6,000Supplies(A/V &Library)$1,237Equipment$125