November	  2011	  Dorman	  High	  School	  Library	  Data,	  Summary,	  &	  Analysis	                                     ...
November	  Circulation	  Statistics:	                                                              Patron Types           ...
 24	  Faculty	  and	  Staff	  members	  scheduled	  activities	  and	  events	  in	  the	  library	  during	  the	  school...
 	  November Student Visitation Data                                                          Dorman’s	  library	  served	...
Major Instructional Activities/Collaborations   Media Center:   • English Department – Visual book reports w/ citing image...
ManagementBudget Updates:Current Status of Book Budget – 1222D101-9438                                                    ...
•   Cathy Nelson participated in the online Teacher Librarian Virtual Café Webinar “Rock    Star Advocacy: Proving Your Wo...
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November 2011 Library Data


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November 2011 Library Data

  1. 1. November  2011  Dorman  High  School  Library  Data,  Summary,  &  Analysis       Department Classes English 64 Foreign Language 1 Guidance 5 Science 4 Social Studies 21 Exceptional Child 4 Totals 99            
  2. 2. November  Circulation  Statistics:   Patron Types # Circs Faculty/Staff 178 Freshmen 6 Sophomores 492 Juniors 501 Seniors 384   The  Library  circulated  a  total  of  1609  materials   during  the  month  of  October.    (48  were   unassigned  by  patron  as  Overdrive  does  not   track  the  data  that  way.)            
  3. 3.  24  Faculty  and  Staff  members  scheduled  activities  and  events  in  the  library  during  the  school  day  for  November  2011.  
  4. 4.    November Student Visitation Data Dorman’s  library  served   With scheduled classes 2146 7572  students  during   During lunch (estimation: 19 days x 3 lunches x 40 the  month  of   students) 2280 November.   Visiting on pass from classes 771 Before school (estimation: 19 days x 110 students) 2090 After school (estimation: 19 days x 15 students) 285• November 2011 gave us 19 instructional days x 4 blocks = 72 instructional blocks• The media center conducted 96 classes. A media specialist visited 3 classes outside the library.Literacy Activities/Reading Advocacy • EBook/Overdrive Promotion o The library had announcements made and ran a looping informational powerpoint advertising the release of our school library ebook portal (Overdrive.) We gave out bookmarks and answered many questions as students (and teachers too) had questions or concerns. o Melanie Dillard visited the Dorman Freshman Campus for to consecutive days (Thursday and Friday, November 10-11) to meet with classes and work with students/teachers to introduce and review using the Overdrive portal for ebooks. This was done to assist the Freshman campus as they do not currently have a certified librarian on sight with Peggy McQuade’s extended absence due to illness. DHS is sharing our Overdrive portal with the Freshman campus. • BYOB Book Club Thursday, November 17, 2011; 24 students participated in the “Bring Your Own Book” club meeting where they interacted with the SCPL Headquarters Branch Teen Librarian to eat and discuss popular titles. Melanie Dillard acted as the DHS Library sponsor for the group/club meetings held during each lunch. • We moved our Hunger Games display from the display cases out in the hall into the library, and surprisingly it seems more students are noticing it.School/Community Involvement and Support: • Cathy Nelson attended the following sporting events: o Varsity Football Playoff Game vs. Gaffney High School – Friday, November 18, 2011 • Cathy Nelson and Melanie Dillard hosted a graduate student intern, Sheila Jones in a site visit Tuesday, November 1, 2011. Sheila, a graduate student at the University of South Carolina (Columbia) is a College of Mass Communications/Library and Information Science student interning at Boiling Springs High School. She chose the Dorman High School Library program as well as Dawkins Middle School Library Programs for her required site visits.
  5. 5. Major Instructional Activities/Collaborations Media Center: • English Department – Visual book reports w/ citing images; Chaucer/Canterbury Tales Research; Argumentative Papers; Poetry Criticism papers; Media Themes designing CD (music, cover art, etc.) • STEM Classes - Research using DISCUS, Ebsco; Potential end products for research • Exceptional Child - Book checkouts for class sustained silent reading (SSR) • Foreign Language – Calendar Project • Social Studies – Facebook projects for notable characters of World War II; Business related articles for Business project with Economics classes • Science – Chemistry/Household chemicals research Classroom Visits: • Visual Book Reports: Cathy Nelson began a string of sessions with 10th grade classes doing sustained silent reading to give the student s some ideas for how to present their book through a visual book report. Ideas included collages and, and time was spent modeling various components of the project including how to find appropriate images, how to cite the images used in the project, and how to layout the project. Cathy created the rubric classroom teachers will use for assessing. Cathy is pulling together the completed projects to assist students with their in class presentation. Cathy volunteered to assess parts of the projects. (Teachers included Lori Moore, Donna Mayes, Mary Jo Floyd, and Kelly Bailey) • STEM Class: Cathy Nelson visited Ashley Atkins to do an overview of potential end products and vehicles to gather and contain research; visit included a SKYPE visitor, Dr. Chris Craft from Columbia, SC, who talked to kids about using Skype as a tool to meet with experts in the field. • Prezi: Cathy Nelson visited Rae Danielson’s Integrated Apps 1 class 2nd block to overview Prezi as a presentation solution. Students were shown tips, tricks, and ideas for using Prezi as a substitute for a PowerPoint.Collection Development • Submitted and received a large Ebook order to supplement research (see budget info.) The service, Gale, sent us a representative to help select resources that would serve our curriculum. We are also getting a huge deal, acquiring $40,000 value of electronic/digital resources totaling 20 multivolume sets at a discount. The special was 10 for $2500. • Received our October order submitted end of October. We received 296 new books and 6 A/V resources from Follett • Atlantis book order – 12 paperback books
  6. 6. ManagementBudget Updates:Current Status of Book Budget – 1222D101-9438 Requisitioned Actual Date PO# Name of Company Balance Amount Amount Starting Budget $31,690.00 8/5/2011 53120072-00 Atlantis Subscriptions $1,325.00 $1,328.21 $30,361.79 8/24/2011 53120106-00 Overdrive $6,000.00 $6,000.00 $24,361.79 8/23/2011 53120100-00 Teachers Discovery $218.29 $235.29 $24,126.50 8/23/2011 53120099-00 Follett $822.44 $799.40 $23,327.10 9/13/2011 53120134-00 Carolina Biological Supply 90.45 $102.82 $23,224.28 9/16/2011 53120144-00 Follett $4,849.49 $4,840.38 $18,383.90 10/31/2011 53120221-00 World Book, Inc. $1,448.00 $1,448.00 $16,935.90 11/4/2011 53120218-00 Gale $2,500.00 $2,500.00 $14,435.90 11/9/2011 53120223-00 Library Video Company $368.72 $368.72 $14,067.18 10/26/2011 53120223-00 Follett $5,774.94 $5,774.94 $8,292.24Periodicals and Supplies – 1222D101-9498 Requisitioned Actual Date PO# Name of Company Balance Amount Amount Starting Budget $9,380.00 7/1/2011 53120023-00 Spartanburg Herald-Journal $124.80 $124.80 $9,255.20 8/5/2011 53120077-00 Alini Magazine Services LLC $881.40 $898.12 $8,357.08 8/15/2011 53120087-00 Staples $974.15 $786.71 $7,570.37 8/16/2011 53120089-00 USA Today $178.00 $177.96 $7,392.41 8/23/2011 53120098-00 Camcor, Inc. $141.82 $140.78 $7,251.63 8/30/2011 53120115-00 Upstart $70.57 $70.57 $7,181.06 8/30/2011 53120111-00 ALA $116.99 $116.99 $7,064.07 8/23/2011 53120101-00 Destiny Express/Follett $433.48 $432.94 $6,631.13 10/21/2011 53120198-00 Staples $734.11 $576.57 $6,054.56 Needs: • Coin operated copier – We have asked Christy Chessire to assist us in getting a new contract for a coin operated machine. We still have this need.Professional Activities • Cathy Nelson attended the South Carolina Association of School Librarians November 5, 2011 Board Meeting, 10:00AM-1:30 PM, in Columbia, SC.   • Cathy Nelson attended the South Carolina Association of School Librarians Annual Conference Planning Committee Meeting, Saturday, November 5, 2011, 2:00PM- 4:15PM, Columbia, SC
  7. 7. • Cathy Nelson participated in the online Teacher Librarian Virtual Café Webinar “Rock Star Advocacy: Proving Your Worth In Tough Times, featuring Jennifer LaGarde November 7th• The second DHS One Tool at a Time GBE professional development class in the series was Friday, November 18, 2011. The session covered Google Documents and Google Presentations as collaborative tools for group work. The class is open to any interested teacher, not just those opting to use it as a GBE. Both Melanie Dillard and Cathy Nelson are conducting sessions. The class met each block as follows: o 1st – DTV Studio Lab o 2nd – DTV Studio Lab o 3rd – English Department Writing Lab o 4th – DTV Studio Lab• Cathy Nelson attended a Discovery Education Network Webinar twice during the month of November. These events are scheduled in the evenings, and cover a wide range of topics. o November 15, 2011 – “Discovery Education and IPADs in the Classroom” o November 30, 2011 – Steve Dembo/”iThink iNeed iPads in the Classroom”.• Cathy Nelson attended the South Carolina State Library DISCUS Board Meeting Tuesday, November 29, 2011 for the purpose of finalizing the 2012-2013 proposed databases changes what DISCUS will offer SC residents. Cathy serves this appointment to the board as one of three k12 representatives. The board is made up of the State Library Liaisons Amy Deurenbeurg and Ruth Thompson, three public librarians, three k12 librarians, and three academic/higher ed librarians.• Melanie Dillard attended the Spartanburg District 6 Class “Googlicious” Tuesday, November 29, 2011 from 4PM-7PM