December 2011 Library Data


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December 2011 Library Data

  1. 1. December  2011  Library  Data,  Summary,  &  Analysis    Library  Usage   December Department Usage English 27 Foreign Language 1 SC Best 3 Science 2 Social Studies 10  Circulation  Statistics  by  patrons:   Patron Types # Circs Faculty/Staff 79 Freshmen 4 Sophomores 232 Juniors 225 Seniors 157   The  Library  circulated  a  total  of  697   materials  during  the  month  of   December.        
  2. 2. Circulation  Statistics  by  material  type:    Circulation  Analysis  and  Notes:   • Fiction  and  (Nonfiction/Manga  are  normal  leaders  for  monthly  circualtion  data   • The  spike  in  300s  is  a  result  of  social  issues  and  argumentative  papers  in  English   • The  spike  with  the  900s  are  related  to  the  Social  Studies  classes  and  researching  customs  that   are  differnet  from  the  US     • The  introduction  of  IPADS  as  a  device  that  can  be  checked  out  in  the  library  has  gotten  some   attention  in  December  as  well.      Teachers  Utilizing  the  Library  During  December     15  Faculty  and  Staff  members   scheduled  activities  and  events  in   the  library  during  the  school  day   for  December  2011.  
  3. 3.   December Student Visitation Data   Dorman’s  library  served   3846  students  during  the   With scheduled classes 870   month  of  December.   During lunch (estimation: 9 days x 3 lunches x 40 students) 1080   On  average  the  library   Visiting on pass from classes 396 served  320  students  a  day.   Before school (estimation: 12 days x 110 students) 1320   After school (estimation: 12 days x 15 students) 180   • December 2011 gave us 12 instructional days x 4 blocks = 72 instructional blocks • The media center conducted 44 classes. A media specialist visited 3 classes outside the library. • The media center was closed 14 blocks for administrative purposes o 3.5 days (14 blocks) the media center was closed for EOC testing, leaving 58 instructional blocks/9.5 days Literacy Activities/Reading Advocacy • The book order from the end of October was a total of 302 books that needed additional processing. These books were spread out across the lower end of the library nearest the cafeteria for the first week of December. Laying the books out like this allows students to browse and gives every new book some “face time” which they do not get on the shelves. It felt like a book store in here. This last event made us re-evaluate the location of our barcodes. Starting with the next order, all barcodes will be placed on the BACK of books. • BYOB Book Club Wednesday, December 7; 18 students participated in the “Bring Your Own Book” club meeting where they interacted with the SCPL Headquarters Branch Teen Librarian to eat and discuss popular titles. Melanie Dillard acted as the DHS Library sponsor for the group/club meetings held during each lunch. School/Community Involvement and Support: • Melanie Dillard attended the Bill Drake Christmas Festival • Student library workers finished decorating the library Christmas tree after student council/leadership started it. • The library staff set up a Christmas Tree Angel sign up table after initial efforts to locate leadership students with the information proved challenging for those wanting to sponsor a gift or gifts. • The library donated $100.00 towards gifts for the support staff Christmas gifts. Major Instructional Activities/Collaborations Media Center: • English Department – Argumentative Research papers; Teen pop culture magazine; World Lit PowerPoints for A Long Way Gone, Senior Portfolios, Christmas webquest, Natural Disasters research, Decades research project; Media Themes class designed a
  4. 4. CD researching various types of music to represent the students, as well as creating a cover for the CD. • Exceptional Child - Book checkouts for class sustained silent reading (SSR) • Foreign Language project – Calendar Project • Social Studies – Creating a (NPO) NonProfit Organizations; Business in the news; company research • SC Best – Religion research and paper. Classroom Visits: • Cathy Nelson visited Michelle Dillard’s 3rd and 4th block Physics classes Thursday, Dec. 8 to show students how to download videos, edit for short clips, and insert into a PowerPoint for their physics projects • Cathy Nelson visited Lisa Richie’s World Lit class to review search engines and using Discus as a precursor to their research and PowerPoint for A Long Way Gone.Collection Development • We currently have one order out for 85 titles at an estimated cost of $1500 that should arrive mid January. • We are in the process of creating an Overdrive order that will include a few titles limited to adults (and setting up the system to be moderated for approval by us.) The system will email us and we will have to approve checkouts for the adult titles. These titles will be selected from recommended reading lists and target pop culture and current bestsellers that will appeal to our faculty and staff patrons (i.e Dorothea Benton Frank, James Patterson, Janet Evonovitch, etc.) • We have a second order ready as soon as the December order arrives to send in. It is 157 titles @ $2995.69 • Then we have a January order still in creation mode and plans are to include the annual award winners (Caldecott, Newbery, etc.) The February order will include the SC Book Award nominees for book of the year for 2012-2013. • Our Book ordering goal is to zero out our accounts by the end of March.Management Current Status of Book Budget – 1222D101-9438 Date PO# Name of Company Requisitioned Actual Balance $31,690.00 8/5/2011 53120072-00 Atlantis Subscriptions $1,325.00 $1,328.21 $30,361.79 8/24/2011 53120106-00 Overdrive $6,000.00 $6,000.00 $24,361.79 8/23/2011 53120100-00 Teachers Discovery $218.29 $235.29 $24,126.50 8/23/2011 53120099-00 Follett $822.44 $799.40 $23,327.10 9/13/2011 53120134-00 Carolina Biological Supply 90.45 $102.82 $23,224.28 9/16/2011 53120144-00 Follett $4,849.49 $4,840.38 $18,383.90 10/31/2011 53120221-00 World Book, Inc. $1,448.00 $1,448.00 $16,935.90 11/4/2011 53120218-00 Gale $2,500.00 $2,500.00 $14,435.90 11/9/2011 53120223-00 Library Video Company $368.72 $365.84 $14,070.06 10/26/2011 53120202-00 Follett $5,774.94 $5,774.94 $8,295.12 12/7/2011 53120246-00 Follett $1,652.69 Estimated Remaining $6,642.43
  5. 5. Current Status Periodicals and Supplies – 1222D101-9498 Date PO# Name of Company Requisitioned Actual Balance $9,380.00 7/1/2011 53120023-00 Spartanburg Herald-Journal $124.80 $124.80 $9,255.20 8/5/2011 53120077-00 Alini Magazine Services LLC $881.40 $898.12 $8,357.08 8/15/2011 53120087-00 Staples $974.15 $786.71 $7,570.37 8/16/2011 53120089-00 USA Today $178.00 $177.96 $7,392.41 8/23/2011 53120098-00 Camcor, Inc. $141.82 $140.78 $7,251.63 8/30/2011 53120115-00 Upstart $70.57 $70.57 $7,181.06 8/30/2011 53120111-00 ALA $116.99 $116.99 $7,064.07 8/23/2011 53120101-00 Destiney Express/Follett $433.48 $432.94 $6,631.13 10/21/2011 53120198-00 Staples $734.11 $576.57 $6,054.56 10/13/2011 53120187-00 CDWG $1,770.68 $1,775.90 $4,278.66 11/9/2011 53120224-00 Staples $584.95 $584.95 $3,693.71 11/14/2011 53120227-00 Staples $59.98 $71.10 $3,622.61 11/17/2011 Apple Inc. Education $2,495.00 pending Apple Inc. Education $29.00 pending 53120248-00 Staples $307.92 12/7/2011 Camcor, Inc. $464.24 $464.24 Estimated Remaining $2,850.45 • Needs: o Coin operated copier - We still have this need. o MISSING! The Library’s stand alone speaker and cordless mic. Last seen on security camera November 18, 2011 when returned by Alicia Cato after pageant practice.Professional Activities • Cathy Nelson participated in the online Teacher Librarian Virtual Café Webinar December  5th,  8PM  Eastern,  for  the  Learning Tools Open Mic/Smackdown/Karaoke   a  crowd-sourced presentation. • Cathy Nelson attended the Special Education and the Law for Classroom Teachers (district inservice) Thursday, December 8, 2011 • Cathy Nelson attended the Fiction Addiction Bookstore’s Author Signing for the newly released Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare. She returned to Dorman an autographed copy of the newly released 2nd title in the prequel series Infernal Devices. • Cathy Nelson attended the DISCUS Board Meetings in Columbia, SC on December 12, 2011. • The third DHS One Tool at a Time GBE professional development class in the series was Tuesday, December 13, 2011. The session covered Google Books (by Melanie Dillard) and Wordle (by Cathy Nelson.) The class is open to any interested teacher, not just those opting to use it as a GBE.