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After the hunger games trilogy slideshare3






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After the hunger games trilogy slideshare3 After the hunger games trilogy slideshare3 Presentation Transcript

  • I Just finished the Hunger GamesTrilogy! Now what?
  • “Hey man, it doesn’tmatter if you didn’tread the first one. Duh.Just jump in with thesecond one.”
  • By winning the annualHunger Games, District12 tributes KatnissEverdeen and PeetaMellark have secured alife of safety and plentyfor themselves and theirfamilies, but becausethey won by defying therules, they unwittinglybecome the faces of animpending rebellion.
  • “It was cool how Katnissvolunteered for hersister. I can’t stand mylil’ brother, but I’d killsomebody to protecthim.”
  • Seventeen-year-oldTeddy Anderson, who isknown on the streets asT-Bear, decides to seekrevenge on the personresponsible for his littlesisters death, which wascaused by a stray bulletfrom a semiautomatichandgun.
  • “I looove Peeta, yet I loveGale, too. Mrs. Nelson &Mrs. Dillard, I knowyou’re married and I knowyou said it’s not at alllike Twilight, but whowould you choose?”
  • Cassia has always hadcomplete trust in theSociety to makedecisions for her, butwhen she is beingpaired with her idealmate, a second faceflashes on thescreen, and Cassiabegins to doubt theSocietys infallibility asshe tries to decidewhich man she trulyloves.
  • “That was crazy how theCapitol was, like,brainwashed and wentalong with it. Thosepeople were excitedabout kids killing eachother. That’s some scarystuff! How could you evendo that?”
  • A photo-illustrated lookat the youthorganizations AdolfHitler founded and usedto meet hissociopolitical andmilitary ends; includesprofiles of individualHitler Youth members aswell as young peoplewho opposed the Nazis,such as Hans and SophieScholl.
  • “I just wanna keeprereading the series overand over. I love how mildlydemented Panem is, and Ijust want to stick with thisbook forever. “
  • In a future Chicago, sixteen-year-old Beatrice Prior mustchoose among fivepredetermined factions todefine her identity for therest of her life, a decisionmade more difficult whenshe discovers that she is ananomoly who does not fitinto any one group, andthat the society she lives inis not perfect after all.
  • “I wanna know all the hardvocab in this book, becauseI am Katniss. She’s gotta beso tough. I just wanna learnfrom her mistakes, so Idon’t have to make them.”
  • Trying to make sense ofthe horrors of World WarII, Death relates the storyof Liesel--a youngGerman girl whose book-stealing and story-tellingtalents help sustain herfamily and the Jewishman they are hiding, aswell as their neighbors.
  • “Nuh uh, I didn’t jump at allwhen the mutts appeared…The thing is I didn’t like how their eyes weren’t like in the book; but still, the muttations were the best for sure.”
  • In an alternate 1914Europe, fifteen-year-oldAustrian Prince Alek, onthe run from the ClankerPowers who areattempting to take overthe globe usingmechanicalmachinery, forms anuneasy alliance withDeryn who, disguised as aboy to join the British AirService, is learning to flygenetically-engineeredbeasts.
  • “You didn’t cry when Ruedied? What are you—made of stone?”
  • Sixteen year oldHazel, who hascancer, meetsAugustus at a kids-with-cancer supportgroup and as they fallin love they bothwonder how they willbe remembered.
  • “Isn’t it awesome when youdon’t exist in the realworld but only in theworld of your book?Especially when thecharacters think it’s anEthiopia, and it’s not.” “Dude, it’s Utopia, no t Ethiopia.”
  • Todd, one monthaway from animportant birthday,learns all the toughlessons of adulthoodwhen he is forced toflee after discoveringa secret near thetown where he lives.
  • “I loved it, but I readthe whole trilogy injust a few days. Doesthat mean it was tooeasy for me?”
  • A chilling prophecy aboutthe future. 1984 presents astartling and haunting visionof the world, so powerfulthat it is completelyconvincing from start tofinish. A powerful novel, itshold on the imaginations ofmultiple generations ofreaders, or the resiliency ofits admonitions a legacy thatseems only to grow with thepassage of time.
  • “I hated this book!Well, not really. Imean, I loved it. It just made me think the whole time. I still can’t stop. Isn’t that awful?”
  • Three teens embarkupon a cross-countryjourney in order toescape from a societythat salvages bodyparts from childrenages thirteen toeighteen.
  • In a dark future, whenNorth America hassplit into two warringnations, fifteen-year-olds Day, a famouscriminal, and prodigyJune, the brilliantsoldier hired tocapture him, discoverthat they have acommon enemy.
  • Through twists andturns of fate, orphanedMary seeks knowledgeof life, love, andespecially what liesbeyond her walledvillage and thesurrounding forest,where dwell theUnconsecrated,aggressive flesh-eatingpeople who were oncedead.
  • In a distant future,eighteen-year-old Lughis kidnapped, and whilehis twin sister Saba andnine-year-old Emmi aretrailing him across bleakSandsea they arecaptured, too, andtaken to brutalHopetown, where Sabais forced to be a cagefighter until new friendshelp plan an escape.
  • The Huntress Duece isdrawn to her newpartner, Fade, amysterious boy who isnot afraid to break therules of the elders, andas she learns of theelders deceptions, sheand Fade push theenclave to test theirfaith and protectthemselves fromunexpected dangers.
  • In a future Manhattandevastated byenvironmentalcatastrophes andepidemics, sixteen-year-old Lucy survives aloneuntil vicious hounds targether and force her to joinAidan and his band, butsoon they learn that she isthe target of Sweepers,who kidnap and infectpeople with plague.
  • Amy, having been cryogenicallyfrozen and placed onboard aspaceship which was supposedto land on a distant planetthree hundred years in thefuture, is unplugged fifty yearstoo early and finds herselfstuck inside an enclosed worldruled by a tyrannical leaderand his rebellious teenage heirand confused about who totrust and why someone istrying to kill her.
  • Lena looks forward toreceiving thegovernment-mandatedcure that prevents thedelirium of love andleads to a safe,predictable, and happylife, until ninety-fivedays before hereighteenth birthday andher treatment, whenshe falls in love.
  • http://destiny/cataloging/servlet/presentbooklistform.do?listID=5878059