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She’s the man review

  1. 1. The film centersaround teenagerViola Hastings whoenters her brothersschool in his place,pretending to bemale, in order to playwith the boys soccerteam.
  2. 2. Violas twin brother, Sebastian is supposed to enter Illyria as a new student, and sincehe is instead going to a contest in London with his fledgling band, Sebastian asks Violato cover for him by telling the school that he is sick and each of their parents (who aredivorced) thinks that he is staying with the other.At Illyria, Violas roommate is Duke Orsino a good-looking striker on the soccer team.Tryouts see Viola assigned to second string, much to her dismay. Meanwhile,"Sebastians" lab partner, Olivia develops a crush on him, which frustrates Duke, wholikes Olivia. In exchange for "Sebastians" help in getting Olivias attention, Duke agreesto put in extra soccer practice time with him. Coach Dinklage eventually moves"Sebastian" up to first string, and he is delighted.“Sebastian” is reminded, by a message from his mother, about the Junior Leaguecarnival that he and Viola promised to attend. Due to the fact that Duke’s mother isalso a part of the Junior League, he must go as well. “Sebastian” is forced to switchbetween herself (Viola) and Sebastian the whole time, while trying to avoid hermother Duke and Viola meet for the first time and exchange their kiss at the kissing booth.Duke realizes he might be crushing not only on Olivia, but on Viola as well.
  3. 3. The plot becomes complicated when the real Sebastian returns from Londona day early. When he arrives at Illyria, Olivia runs up and kisses him.Duke, seeing this, believes his roommate has betrayed him and after arguingwith "Sebastian" kicks him out. Viola stays in Eunices room andoversleeps, causing the real Sebastian to wind up on the field playing in whatshould be his sisters spot in the next days much-anticipated game againstCornwall.The real Sebastian being present instead, he proves himself to be male bypulling down his shorts and exposing his genitals off-screen. At half-time, Violaexplains the situation to Sebastian and they switch places again.Later on in the game Viola explains that she has been impersonating herbrother, finally convincing Duke and everyone else by showing themher breasts (again, off screen). The coach agrees to let Viola keep playinganyway, sternly informing the Cornwall coach that Illyria doesnt discriminatebased on gender and he calls out the coach for his sexist ways. Illyria wins thegame on a penalty kick when Viola scores a goal (after a save and then passfrom Duke) past her ex-boyfriend Justin.Everyone at Illyria celebrates their victory over Cornwall, except for Duke whois hurt at Violas deception. She invites Duke to her debutante ball. They meetin a garden and head to the Debutante ball, where they areintroduced, come on stage, and kiss. At the end of the film, Viola and Dukeare shown playing on the soccer team of Illyria a year later, both on the firststring. They are both laughing in practice and that is when the film ends.
  4. 4.  Amanda Bynes as Viola/Sebastian Hastings Channing Tatum as Duke Orsino Laura Ramsey as Olivia Lennox Vinnie Jones as Coach Dinklage James Kirk as Sebastian Hastings Emily Perkins as Eunice Bates
  5. 5. It’s a film for teens. It has comic parts andas well a love story. It presents very wellteenage madness. This film makes youlaugh.