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Peles castle
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  • 1. Peles Castel
  • 2. History: Peles Castle is a castle in Sinaia, Romania, built between 1873 and 1914. It is considered one of the beautiful and finest in Romania and Europe. Peles Castle in Sinaia, the summer residence of the kings of Romania, was built at the wish of King Carol I of Romania (1866 - 1914). Peles Castle is one of the most important historic edifices in Romania, with unique character and is therefore historical and artistic value, one of the most important monuments of this kind in Europe second half of the nineteenth century. In 1883 has officially opened the Peles.
  • 3.  Castle has hosted many figures of the time, writers, musicians, and kings and queens. Even after his inauguration in 1883, Peles will be modified, extending the time. Reached its present form until 1914 (the year of death of King Charles I). The castle has 160 rooms and several entrances and staircases. The central tower measured no less than 66 feet tall. In addition Peles itself in the area were erected two smaller buildings, „Pelisor” and „Foisor”. Castle had very modern equipment for the time in which it was built. Castle was declared a museum in 1953.
  • 4. The most important rooms to visit are:
  • 5. Hall of Honor is great, with walnut paneling,wallpaper with reliefs and statues. Ceiling glass celldriven by an electric motor or a manual system wasan element of surprise to visitors of the king, whocould admire the serene sky summer nights.
  • 6. Royal Library attracts enthusiasts especially rarebooks with leather cover and gold embossedlettering. Even for those less familiar with the worldof books, there is an attraction: the secret door, apassageway behind a bookshelf, by which the kingcould escape into the various rooms of the Castle.
  • 7. Arms rooms, furnished in the period 1903 - 1906,hosting over 4,000 European and Asian parts of XIV- XVII centuries.
  • 8. Music hall became musical evenings salon to wishQueen Elizabeth.
  • 9. Florentine RoomMoorish HallThe theater has 60 seats and the royal box and atheater room with a small stage.Concert HallImperial SuiteHall CouncilsWork CabinetLivingroomTurkish LoungeRoyal bedroom
  • 10. This was a brief overview of the castle.Now I’ll tell you my opinion. If you ever will come in Romania Ithink this is one of the most beautiful places in Romania you haveto visit. I have the oportunity to go there with my colleagues andit was brilliant. If I ever will have this chance again I won’t miss it.When you firstly went on the way to the castle you have to go upin an alley. The view is amazing and all the things there have theirbeauty.When you came in the castel you have to put something on yourshoes to not dirty something.I’ll almost have been in all the rooms but not in all. Thosementioned at the most important rooms to visit are very beautifuland every room have it’s diferent style to be placed and I think allthe castel has all the types in the world.
  • 11.  All of the photoes from in or outside the castle are taken in the hollyday I was with my coleagues. Are real from there and you see now how beautiful can be.
  • 12.  I’ll be happy to hear from you that I convinced you that this is a place very beautiful to visit in our Romania and I hope you’ll realy do this.