“Putting Social to Work: How to Rapidly Grow Your Fans, Your Prestige and Your Business”


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Are you seeking a proven path to grow your business? Do you want to know how social media could build you a more profitable business? During this high-energy session,
Michael Stelzner (founder of one of the world’s largest blogs – Social Media Examiner) will share the strategy he used to attract more than 550,000 monthly readers and generate millions in revenue – all in less than two years. You’ll walk away with a new and exciting way to rapidly build a following that will fuel your business growth for years to come.

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“Putting Social to Work: How to Rapidly Grow Your Fans, Your Prestige and Your Business”

  1. 1. Putting Social to Work:How to Rapidly Grow YourFans, Your Prestige & Your Business Michael Stelzner Social Media Examiner @mike_stelzner • #cmworld #cmworld
  2. 2. What you’ll learn...• Why marketing must change• How to eliminate reliance on marketing channels• Step-by-step strategy for massive growth #cmworld
  3. 3. The road less traveled• There is no easy path• Success is hard work – But you already know that!• Social media is complicated – So many options – How does it all work? – Where do I focus? #cmworld
  4. 4. Marketing in the 1990s• Yellow pages (for local businesses)• Magazine ads• Radio spots• Newspapers• Direct mail• Public relations – Really means press relations #cmworld
  5. 5. Marketing in the 2000s• Web banner ads• Google pay-per-click• Email newsletters• White papers• Press on major websites• Direct press releases• Google news• Experimenting with blogs• Internet radio• YouTube #cmworld
  6. 6. Today• Print newspapers, yellow pages and magazines mostly dead• Public/press relations gone (along with press releases)• Internet music replaces radio• Email replaces direct mail• Web-based video replaces much of TV• Social networks become source of news and greatly reduce search engines #cmworld
  7. 7. How do you find customerstoday?•Two ways: – 1. You pay someone who has access to them • This is always how marketing worked • VERY costly • Always reliant on others – 2. You build your own audience • You become the publisher • Less costly, but still an investment • You become independent #cmworld
  8. 8. Content drives socialmedia #cmworld
  9. 9. Examples of publishers #cmworld
  10. 10. More examples #cmworld
  11. 11. Why become a publisher?• Lower marketing costs – Don’t pay big $ to others – Invest small amount in creating great content• More traffic – Each piece of content is a pull• Independence 1 week traffic on – No longer reliant on outsiders Social Media Examiner to bring you traffic• Rapidly build your business• Can sell ad space #cmworld
  12. 12. 4-step strategy to growth• Become a publisher – Create valuable content• Integrate social media – Make it easy to share• Build a community using existing social networks – Bring people together using popular networks• Build your own community – Own your turf #cmworld
  13. 13. Becoming a publisher: Firststeps•Determine who you want to reach•Ask them what they want to know – U s e d a t a t o #cmworld
  14. 14. Give your audience what theywant• Produce content your audience finds valuable – How to – Reviews – Tips• Recruit experts to help with your content – Craft posts – Conduct interviews #cmworld
  15. 15. Why work with outsideexperts?• They have extensive knowledge – Something your readers seek• They’ll often promote their content – Brings you new readers• Enhances credibility – Can create a movement (coopitition)• Attracts other experts – Power to peers!• Can lead to alliances #cmworld
  16. 16. How to recruit experts• Step into their shoes – Determine what they want – Make it easy to say yes• Typical desires: – Exposure to right audience – Promotion of new book/project – Recognition – Money• Don’t ask for anything in return (nor expect it) – Gift mentality #cmworld
  17. 17. What makes for great content• Highly relevant – Know your readers• Educational – Tell them how• Easy to digest – Conversational – Short paragraphs – Visuals #cmworld
  18. 18. What makes for great content•Visually appealing – Eye is path to mind•Conversation inviting – Ask for thoughts•Lacks sales angle #cmworld
  19. 19. Creating an editorialguide• Write up a guide for writers: – Original – Audience profile – Article length – Tips on writing • #cmworld
  20. 20. Types of content• How to articles – Share details – Show people• Expert interviews – On camera, via Skype or over phone – Ask questions your audience is interested in #cmworld
  21. 21. Types of content• Reviews – Books, products or services – Be honest• Case studies – Share success stories of others – Format: Challenge, solution, results #cmworld
  22. 22. Types of content• News stories – Can be tricky if you chase news – Do weekly wrap-ups • Can eliminate need for your readers to look elsewhere #cmworld
  23. 23. Integrating social• Make it easy for people to share your content• Few things to think about: – Most people never log out of social sites – If you make an action effortless, more people will take it #cmworld
  24. 24. Twitter integration• Tweet button – Typically highest social #s – Good for social proof – Built into iOS 5 – Place at top and bottom – Include suggested follow• Follow button – Grays out if following• https://twitter.com/about/resour ces/buttons #cmworld
  25. 25. Facebook integration• Facebook Like box – Major source of fan growth – Faces = powerful social proof• Facebook Like/Send button – Send allows targeted sharing• New verbs coming – Love, watched, own #cmworld
  26. 26. Facebook open graph protocol• Tell Facebook how you want content displayed – Control image, title, link, description – LinkedIn also uses it• Useful links – http://ogp.me/ – http://developers.facebook.com/ tools/lint/ #cmworld
  27. 27. Google+• Add badge to your page – Google connects your content for search benefits – https://developers.google.com/ +/plugins/badge/config• +1 button – Very similar to Facebook – Embed at bottom due to small network size – http://www.google.com/webmasters /+1/button/ #cmworld
  28. 28. LinkedIn • Many people connect Twitter & LinkedIn • Most popular shared items show up on LinkedIn Today – Large source of traffic for SME • https://developer.linkedin. com/plugins/share-button #cmworld
  29. 29. Share page #cmworld
  30. 30. Community building• Once you have faithful fans with common interest, bring them together – Surprised how fast it happened• Facebook is easiest platform – People spend time there – You gain insights on activity and fans #cmworld
  31. 31. Our Facebook strategy• Hired a community manager – Answer all questions• Break news on wall – Keep folks informed• Post third-party article daily• Post our daily article• Regularly ask questions• Fan of the week #cmworld
  32. 32. Building your own community• Networking Clubs – Facebook limits what you can do with fans – Hired developer – Upgraded servers• Gives fans a reason to come back• Creates more content on your site! #cmworld
  33. 33. Networking Clubs #cmworld
  34. 34. Enable discussion #cmworld
  35. 35. Summary• To become independent, become a publisher – Reduces marketing expenses – Generates more traffic – Allows you to build a business• Enable social sharing• Build a community – Start with free networks – Build your own as you grow #cmworld
  36. 36. Questions?To learn more:• SocialMediaExaminer.com – Facebook.com/smexaminer – Twitter: @mike_stelzner• Suggested reading – Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition #cmworld