“How to Sell Your Content Marketing Investment to the VP of Sales”


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According to MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute, 66% of B2B
Marketers turn to content marketing as a key lead generation source. Lead
generation is just the tip of the iceberg—effective content marketing programs should be integrated into the entire revenue generation cycle. Making this level of investment in content marketing requires buy-in from the individuals leading your sales or business development function. Chris Corcoran, Cofounder and Managing Partner of memoryBlue, will outline why content marketing is such a critical contributor to the sales function and how to justify the content marketing investment to your VP of Sales or Chief Revenue Officer.

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  • Notes:  We recently surveyed over 1900 customers to uncover insight regarding B2B purchasing behavior.  The survey results were surprising:  On average (and with little variation among industries) customers will contact a Sales rep when they independently completed about 60% of the purchasing decision process.Source:  http://mlcwideangle.exbdblogs.com/2011/08/31/the-most-important-number-in-b2b-marketing/
  • Notes:  A great sales executive who cannot recruit does not exist.
  • Notes:  "The man who doesn't read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them" - Mark Twain
  • Whether in the sales cycle or on the recruiting trail.
  • “How to Sell Your Content Marketing Investment to the VP of Sales”

    1. 1. How to Sell Your ContentMarketing Investment to the VP of Sales Chris Corcoran | Mike Sweeney memoryBlue | Right Source Marketing @memoryBlueSales | @mjsweeney • #cmworld #cmworld
    2. 2. Content Marketing is Table Stakes for Top Organizations #cmworld
    3. 3. You’ve Earned a Seat at the Big Boy Table #cmworld
    4. 4. It Really Pays To Be #1… Source: Seth Godin, The Dip #cmworld
    5. 5. …But Can You Stay #1?The companies that made 1999′sFortune 500 list said goodbye to238 of their peers a mere 10 yearslater, a change of almost 50% fromthe 1999 Fortune 500 to the 2009Fortune 500. #cmworld
    6. 6. Opportunity Knocks #cmworld
    7. 7. The Most Important Number in B2B Sales and Marketing #cmworld
    8. 8. Setting Salespeople Up for Success #cmworld
    9. 9. How C-Level Executives Choose #cmworld
    10. 10. 12 Factors to Consider When Hiring a VP of Sales #1: The Ability to Recruit #cmworld
    11. 11. Using Content to Recruit • Increase your appeal to the best people for your organization • Push potential recruits to proactively apply for your openings • Familiarize candidates with what it means to be part of your organization #cmworld
    12. 12. How Top Talent Decides #cmworld
    13. 13. "The Decision" #cmworld
    14. 14. What Matters to Salespeople• Championship Potential• Quality of Teammates• Quality of Coach• Quality of Executives• Resources• Compensation #cmworld
    15. 15. What Matters: People vs. Products vs. Marketing “ In industries that rely on their sales force to generate revenue, people are four times more important in building customer loyalty, than the products or services themselves.” (Smith and Rutigliano) #cmworld
    16. 16. Solution Sales = 3x Bigger Gap #cmworld
    17. 17. Leveraging Content to Close Deals • Enable your sales team to effectively communicate the company’s value proposition • Improve sales reps’ knowledge of products, customer needs and competition • Increase sales team’s productivity • Reduce the cost of a sale #cmworld
    18. 18. Integrate Content Marketing into the Entire Revenue Generation Cycle Source: Patric C. Auner #cmworld
    19. 19. It’s Not Just Content, It’s Content Marketing "The company that doesnt use content to market has no advantage over the company that doesnt have content." #cmworld
    20. 20. Content Never Sleeps #cmworld
    21. 21. Let’s Talk! #cmworld